31+ Simple & Spooky Halloween Nails We’re Dying Over

Searching for bloody good Halloween nails to elevate your look in fall 2024? Find the inspiration you’re looking for in this list of  Halloween nail ideas that has everything from cute and simple to stunningly spooky holiday manicures!

collage of four images of hands with simple Halloween nail designs

Chic & Simple Halloween Nails for 2024

When it comes to dressing up – there’s no better time for it than Halloween!

Halloween night is meant for throwing on a cute (or scary) costume and having a blast with friends, family, or both! And whether you plan to take your kids out for some good old-fashioned trick or treating, or you’re spending a night on the town at the ghoul-est Halloween parties, holiday-inspired nails are perfect for adding flair to your ensemble!

To help you out, I’ve curated a list of cute and trendy Halloween nail designs – so scroll down to find the inspo you need to complete your Halloween look in 2024!

Black Cats Frenchies

long nude pink almond nails with black cat tips

Add a spooky twist to classic black Frenchies with black cat nail art and glowing silver eyes!

White Tips, Bats + Gold Details

long nude almond nails with white tips, gold star details, and black bats and moons

I love this for simple but chic Halloween nails – plus, this design is fantastic for both Halloween night and everyday outfits this fall. 

Mystical Lavender & Black Nails

short nude almond nails with wavy pastel purple and black tips, featuring stars, moons, and snake nail art

I recommend choosing a design like the one above for cute, feminine Halloween nails. 

Dipping Pink Nails w/ Hearts

long nude almond nails with pink dripping tips and heart accents

Transforming timeless French tips into dripping blood nail art is an easy way to create a spooky aesthetic. 

Black + Silver Spiders

short nude almond nails with black and silver spiders

Teeny tiny spiders are a must for a subtle but scary vibe, and I love that these nails are easy to DIY if you’re a beginner nail artist!

Vampire Ombre Mani

medium almond nails with a sparkly red and black ombre

Vampy ombre nails are my top pick for moody and festive nails this October. 

Skull Stiletto Nails

long black stiletto nails with a 3D skull and nail piercings

Give simple black nails a bold, edgy Halloween makeover with skull charms and pierced detailing!

Jack-O’Lantern Nails

short orange nails with pumpkin face accent nails

This is another design I recommend if you’re doing your own nails! Cute and classic orange jack-o’lanterns are perfect for elevating short nails this October. 

Skeletons, Spiders + Bats – Oh My!

long nude almond nails with black and orange tips and Halloween nail art featuring skeletons, spiders, and bats

This design has the perfect combo of spooky nail art! It’s my top choice for the girly who wants the ultimate Halloween manicure in 2024.

Scream-Worthy Halloween Nails

long black and white nails with Halloween nail art like Ghostface, spider webs, and bones

There’s no shortage of iconic horror villains to inspire your Halloween looks, and Ghostface is one of the best! If Scream is one of your favorite horror films, the Halloween nails above are my top choice for you. 

Pink, Black + White Halloween Nails

short nude almond nails with white, black, and pink polish featuring spiders, ghosts, pumpkins, and webs

You can’t go wrong with simple Halloween nail art and pops of pink to add some cute feminine flair. 

Bloody French Tips on Black Nails

long black almond nails with glittering red dripping tips

If you ask me, glittering red “blood” is the perfect finishing touch on these long black almond nails! I love these for a fun Halloween party look in 2024. 

Moon & Star Mani

long black almond nails with gold glitter stars and moons

Your Halloween nails don’t have to be horror-inspired! Instead, you can opt for an adorable witchy nail design like this. 

Pink Nails w/ Ghost Art

short pink round nails with white ghost nail art

Don’t be scared to rock pink nails this Halloween! Simply add some holiday-inspired nail art and you’ll have a vibrant, ghoulish mani.

Blood Red Polish w/ Dripping Details

long nude almond nails with dark red tips, solid accent nails, and a dripping tip accent nail

I think this nail design is an excellent choice for subtle but hauntingly good Halloween nails in 2024. 

Beetlejuice Vibes

long almond nails with white and black striped nail art

If you consider yourself to be strange and unusual – Beetlejuice-inspired nails are the way to go for this holiday!

Pink Pumpkins

long matte pink almond nails with dark pink stripes and black pumpkin faces

Pink pumpkins with carved-out faces are my top recommendation for bright and bold Halloween nails!

Floral Ghosts + Checkerboard Accents

long almond nails featuring brown nail polish, ghost nail art, and checkerboard details

If you’re not a fan of the classic orange, purple, and green during Halloween – don’t stress! You can add an eerie feel to your neutral collage nails with ghost art.

Vampire Aura Nails + Silver Art

long red and black aura almond nails with silver Halloween nail art

Vampire-style aura nails are perfect for Halloween, and I think the contrasting silver spider web art is so stunning!

Tombstone Manicure

long speckled neutral almond nails with tombstone nail art

Add a spine-chilling accent to your neutral speckled nails with tombstone text!

Gold + Purple Ghost Nails

long glittering gold and purple polish on black almond nails featuring ghost nail art

I think orange and purple glitter quickly give these acrylic nails a spooky vibe, while ghoulish art adds that undeniable Halloween feel!

Black Nails w/ Skulls + Gems

long black almond nails with a skeleton face accent nails, shiny 3D dots, and chain and gem details

Elegant and eerie – who knew skulls and glittering gems were the perfect pairing for chic Halloween nails?

Shimmering Green Tips & Stitch Details

short nude almond nails with shimmering green tips and black stitched borders

Go for Frankenstein glam with shimmering green tips and classic spooky stitch details!

Spooky Collage Nails

medium nude pink almond nails with pumpkin tips, ghost art, spider webs, and checkerboard details

I adore these cute Halloween nails – the youthful vibe makes this nail design perfect for a Halloween night out in 2024!

Peek-a-Boo Bats

short glossy nude nails with peek-a-boo bat art

Peek-a-boo black bats are one of my favorite ways to upgrade short square nails and give them a festive feel!

Gold Foil + Ghost Tips

long nude pink almond nails with gold foil and white ghost tips

Nude pink acrylic nails and gold foil details can quickly be transformed into Halloween nails with cute ghost nail art.

Bloody Frenchies

long nude almond nails with blood red tips

Whether you love bone-chilling Halloween manicures or you need blood-covered nails for your costume, the nail design above is a scary good choice!

Skull Stickers + Black Polish

long nude almond nails with black accent nails, black tips, and skull nail stickers

Nail stickers are a great way to add spooky details to your manicure. I suggest using them to give a classic nail design some Halloween flair!

Halloween Character Nails

long square nails with collage Halloween nail art

Monsters, skeletons, pumpkins, and ghouls are iconic Halloween creatures – and this combo of character art is an excellent choice for cute and simple holiday nails. 

Silver Nails w/ Black Tips

long silver velvet stiletto nails with black tips

While I love Halloween nail art, simple shimmering silver polish with pointy black tips is ideal for an understated and chic nail design this October. 

Swirling Spooky Nails

long nude almond nails with swirling black tips and mystical nail art

I think swirling black tips with white Halloween nail art has the perfect balance of cute and spooky.

Sparkling Silver Spider Webs

medium nude round nails with silver glitter spider webs

Web-covered nude nails are so simple but perfect for Halloween. I love the shimmer from silver glitter nail polish, but you can opt for classic black, playful pink, or chilling blood-red!


Getting a festive manicure is such a perfect way to elevate your Halloween costume and add some fun to your everyday fall outfits. I hope you’ve loved this list of Halloween nails as much as me and that you have the inspo you need for Halloween 2024!


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