7 Chic Spring Nail Trends You Need To Try in 2024

Want to stay on top of spring nail trends in 2024? You need to check out this list of spring nails that are chic, effortless, and totally in style!

collage of four hands with nail designs that represent 2024 spring trends including blue porcelain art, clean girl nails, chrome, and pastels

7 Hottest Spring Nail Trends for 2024

Spring is upon us – and this change in season brings with it a change in nail trends! Staying on top of ever-changing nail trends can be challenging, so I’m here to help. 

I’ve done the research and found the hottest 2024 nail trends that we’ll see plenty of this spring. Below, there’s a look for any style, so whether you prefer color or neutrals, bold or simple – there’s an aesthetic on this list of spring nail trends that is perfect for you and your vibe!

1. Chrome Pastels

Elle magazine knows that chrome nails have been popular in the fashion world, and they predict that “This trend will definitely dip into Spring/Summer.” I couldn’t agree more – and I totally expect to see this metallic finish paired with gorgeous pastel shades this spring!

Since pastels are somewhat of a staple in any spring manicure, adding a chrome finish to these manicures will give these classic shades a chic and modern upgrade. If you love timeless nails, I suggest a solid-colored mani with a chrome top coat. Alternatively, if you want something bold and playful, don’t be afraid to add this shimmering finish over ombres, French tips, pastel florals and waves, and more in 2024!

2. Glazed Blue Porcelain

I have to say, this spring nail trend is probably my favorite. As Allure puts it, porcelain nails are “effortlessly elegant, timeless, and loved by so many cultures.” I adore the bold but classic look of these designs, and the combination of rich blue and crisp white is perfect for a bright, alluring mani this spring!

This style is a must-try if you want something vibrant and unique. And I love that you can customize the nail art to fit your style and aesthetic even more – butterflies and florals are classic, feminine spring designs, although you can stick with classic prints, too. Either way, you’re sure to turn heads with a mani like this one. 

3. Balletcore

According to Harper’s Bazaar, balletcore will be a dominating aesthetic when it comes to 2024 nail trends! And that honestly comes as no surprise, considering how coquette nails have also been topping the list of popular nail aesthetics, and these two styles tend to have a similar vibe.

Still, while coquettecore draws inspiration from all things romantic, girly, and vintage, balletcore is very specifically tied to the world of (you guessed it) ballet! Soft shades of pink, cream, nude, and ivory are a must for this aesthetic – and accents like lace, bows, ribbons, and pearls will complete any balletcore mani. 

4. Natural Nude Nails

This is another nail trend that Elle foresees in our future! Natural nude nails will definitely be having a moment this spring as an emphasis on nail health and minimal manicures takes a front-row seat in fashion. 

And when it comes to natural nails, you may think they need to look bare – but you can actually go with a variety of nail polish shades and aesthetics to achieve this look. Take inspo from the designs above – a soft nude pink, a milky white finish, or a glossy top coat over well-manicured nails will be perfect for this trend!

5. Waves + Swirls

Waves and swirls are an easy way to play around with bright color combos – and this playful design is perfect for an effortless yet casual manicure! 

I love the pairing of pastels with swirls, and you’ll definitely be on-trend with a mani like this. A gradient or multi-color design is perfect for a fun spring event, or you can choose a monochromatic mani for something chic and elegant. And if you want to add a pop of fun, I suggest adding glitter or metallic foil to your swirling nail design.

6. Barely There French Tip

The ‘Barely There French’ (or ‘Skinny French’ as Elle calls it) is an on-trend nail design that’s truly perfect for any spring occasion! And you can always opt for the classic white tips, but I love the idea of playing with nail colors here. 

Pastel gradient tips are a must for holiday get-togethers or other fun events this spring. And metallic tips would look stunning during a night out on the town. Whether you go for simple or statement, this modern French manicure will definitely be a fashion-forward accessory to any spring look in 2024!

7. Retro Florals

And last but obviously not least, on this list of spring nail trends are retro floral nails. Vintage-inspired florals can easily be worn year-round, but they work exceptionally well in the springtime. And since retro aesthetics are currently in, you’ll definitely be on top of your fashion game with this nail art!

My favorite thing about floral nail art is that it can be incorporated into any nail design, like on the negative space mani above, paired with classic white tips, accenting waves, or on their own as the star of the show!


These stunning spring nail trends are perfect for showing off your fashionable side and adding a springtime vibe to your ensembles! So, choose your favorite design (or combine a couple) to create the ultimate spring nail trend aesthetic in 2024.


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