19+ Old Money Nails That Are Giving “Quiet Luxury”

If you love the old money aesthetic, you need to see these old money nails that are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit! I’ve got everything from classy nude nails to elegant red manis to elevated designs in the list below. 

collage of four hands with old money nails including clean neutral manicures, classic red, and french tips

Stunning Old Money Nails

Within the last year, fashion icons like Sofia Richie and Princess Diana have become major sources of inspiration for the old money aesthetic, and I’m here for it!

If you’re looking to create old money nails for yourself, there are some key elements to include. Clear polish, clean cuticles, timeless French tips, and minimal details are all perfect for creating a quiet luxury look. However, there’s room for color with this aesthetic – classic colors like deep red are perfect for old money nails, and other rich, jewel tones also work.

Whether you’re going for a rich, sultry red nail design or a simple yet refined nude mani, the old money-inspired nails below will inspire your next manicure!

Au Naturel

Natural nails are my top choice for classic, sophisticated nails – and these designs below are perfect if you want a simple old money nail design. 

Short Nude Nails

A hand with short squoval nails painted a glossy nude with white half moon details

This mani is perfect for that clean girl aesthetic, and this minimal design works for an everyday quiet luxury vibe!

Nude Pink Mani

A hand with short milky pink nails

I love how the soft nude pink here adds a feminine touch to this classic old money nail design. 

Classic Clean Manicure

A hand with short almond nails painted a milky white

Clear nail polish and clean cuticles are key to achieving the old money look, so this simple manicure is perfect for a refined aesthetic. 

Natural Nails

A hand with short nude nails

If you want to stick with a classic design, I recommend going for timeless natural nails like the ones above.

Old Money Reds

Red is a classic choice for old money nails, so if you want a quiet luxury look with a pop of color – the manicures here are for you!

Burgundy Beauties

A hand with short squoval nails painted a burgundy red

Burgundy is probably my favorite shade when it comes to classy dark reds, and there’s no doubt this color has a timeless and sophisticated feel. 

Crimson Manicure

A hand with medium almond nails painted a bright crimson red

If you prefer something brighter, a vibrant crimson red like the one pictured here is my top recommendation. 

Wine Red

A hand with short round nails painted a dark red color

If you ask me, a deep wine red like this one has the perfect quiet luxury vibe. 

Cherry Red Polish

A hand with short round nails painted with a cherry red polish

Cherry red is a must if you want your nail design to stand out a bit more. I love this for a classy date night nail design. 

Elevated Details

Adding simple yet elevated details is an easy way to give your mani a luxurious feel and create old money-inspired nails. 

Pearly Chrome

A hand with medium white chrome almond nails

A pearly chrome finish is modern but still has the timeless, elegant feel of old money nails. 

Pearl Frenchies

A hand with medium light pink almond nails with pearly white tips

You can also opt for pearly white polish to upgrade a classic and refined nail design like French tips. 

White Polish & Silver Flakes

A hand with short round nails painted a white polish and two accent nails with silver flakes

White nail polish is my go-to for a clean girl aesthetic, and the silver flake details easily add that old money vibe. 

French Tips

Is there any nail design that’s more classic and sophisticated than a French manicure? The designs below definitely scream old money!

Soft Pink Nails w/ White Tips

A hand with short round pastel pink nails with white tips

Light pink polish and almond-shaped French tips are perfect for adding feminine flair to this timeless design. 

Classic French Manicure

A hand with short square nails painted with nude polish, white tips, and a glossy finish

If you ask me, you can never go wrong with the simple and classic look of white tips on nude square nails. 

Frenchies + Crystals

A hand with medium nude almond nails with white tips and crystal details

You can transform a simple French mani with jewel accents for something modern and luxurious. 

Natural Frenchie Vibes

A hand with medium glossy almond nails with white tips

I love this combination of French tips with a natural mani for the ultimate clean girl and old money aesthetic!

White Tips on Square Nails

A hand with medium light pink square nails with white tips and a glossy finish

Go for a soft pink base instead of nude polish to soften a classic French manicure.

Pointed Tips & Gem Details

A hand with long almond nails painted with pointed white tips and a crystal accent nail

Pointed Frenchies and crystal accents create a sophisticated and alluring mani perfect for elevating your everyday outfits!

Milky Hues

I love the soft look of milky nails, and you can rock this design with different shades to nail the old money aesthetic. 

Milky Pink Mani

A hand with short soft nude pink nails

Milky pink nails are perfect for a refined manicure that adds a touch of color to your ensembles!

Milky White Nails

A hand with medium almond nails painted a milky white

I think a milky white finish adds a modern twist to classic clean girl nails. 

Soft Pink Jelly Mani

A hand with medium almond nails painted a soft milky pink

This shade is a must to add a subtle girly feel to your old money nails! These would make stunning birthday nails too.

Beige Nails w/ Milky Finish

A hand with short square nails painted a glossy soft beige

A milky light beige is my first pick if you want light, neutral nails without choosing classic white polish.

Old money nails are the perfect accessory for an elegant and timeless look. I hope you enjoyed these beautiful old money aesthetic nails as much as I did and have a new mani to rock in 2024!


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