12+ Stores Like Hollister + Why You Need To Check Them Out!

Are you a fan of the Hollister brand? Check out this list of 12+ stores like Hollister that are definitely worth visiting in-person or online!

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image of a group of teenagers dancing along the sidewalk in trendy clothing

What makes Hollister different from other stores?

One thing that separates Hollister from competing brands like the ones listed below, is that they focus on a younger demographic including young teens and high school-aged kids. Simply put, Hollister’s clothes aren’t for “old folks”

Another aspect that makes Hollister different is the casual aspect of their clothing. Compared to brands like J.Crew or Abercrombie, they don’t offer clothing that’s overly dressy or fit for formal occasions.

The brand is all about clothing with a relaxed and laid-back appeal that’s California-inspired for the “global teen consumer”

2. American Eagle ($-$$)

Next on the list of stores similar to Hollister is American Eagle, a fashion retailer that sells both clothing and accessories. American Eagle Outfitters has been around since 1977 and shows no signs of stopping.

It made the list as it carries American-lifestyle-inspired clothing for teens and young adults including denim, graphic t-shirts, casual dresses, outerwear, and swimwear. 

What are the differences between Hollister and American Eagle?

One specific thing that sets American Eagle apart from Hollister is AE’s commitment to showcasing models who are untouched and “real”. Especially within their separate underwear and swimwear line, Aerie. Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of the American Eagle brand. 

Another difference is the demographic. Hollister focuses on the teen consumer aged 14-18, while American Eagle offers a range of products suited for teenagers and young adults. 

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Honorable mention:

To complete this list we thought we’d add one more store that is similar to Hollister in some aspects and different in others. But, still definitely worth mentioning! 

image of a teenage girl wearing a floral dress and matching floral pattern shoes sitting crouched in front of blue lockers

Aritzia ($$+)

Aritzia is actually a Canadian fashion retailer for women that was founded in 1984. While they do not carry men’s clothing, Aritzia sells a variety of lifestyle apparel in their retail stores in both Canada and the United States (and online)

The store carries multiple brands exclusive to Aritzia including Sunday Best which has a youthful appeal similar to that of Hollister. The styles include jeans, cute dresses, graphic t-shirts, and athleisure wear that is popular among teens. 

In short, if you haven’t checked out Artizia yet, you should! 


In summary, there are a lot of stores like Hollister that are definitely worth visiting in-person or online! If you’ve been a die-hard Hollister fan for a long while, it’s time to spread your wings and check out some alternative brands with rave reviews for on-trend, fashionable looks. 

Which will you visit first?

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