26+ Whimsical Fairy Nails You Need To See

Looking for gorgeous fairy nails to kickstart spring in style? Get inspired with my list of fairy core nails that are trendy and totally *magical* in 2024!

collage of four hands with fairy nails and fairy nail designs with wings, starts, and more

Whimsical Fairy Core Nails

When it comes to trendy nails for springtime, nothing beats fairy nails! Drawing inspiration from nature, whimsy, and magical creatures – these nails are perfect for a season filled with blossoming flowers, growing plants, and sunny days. 

So, if you’ve hopped on the fairy core trend and are looking for chic, whimsical manicures to sport in 2024, you’ll love my list of fairy core nails below. Featuring pastel shades and earthy tones, natural nail art, and magical accents – this list has everything you need to elevate your look and welcome spring in a bold and playful way!

Green Chrome Fairy Nails

Long square nails with light green chrome tips, floral details, and fairy wing charms

I’m starting my list of whimsical nails with a two-in-one trend combo featuring chrome tips and fairy core nail details like florals and wing charms!

Shimmering Fairy Wing Mani

Long iridescent almond nails painted like butterfly wings

Simple but bold – who wouldn’t love a shimmering polish paired with fairy wing details?

Fairy Stickers

Long almond nails painted with shimmering pastel nail polish with fairy core nail stickers and pearl accents

Nail stickers instantly elevate any manicure, and these vintage style stickers paired with shimmering aura nails are the epitome of the fairy core aesthetic!

Matte Nails + Floral Art

Long almond nails with a matte light pink base and fairy core nail art featuring floral art and mushroom accents

Textured floral nail art with peek-a-boo mushroom details is one of my favorite fairy core nail designs on this list. 

Iridescent Almond Nails + Florals

Medium round nails with iridescent chrome polish and white floral details

I love how this adds a pop of color and shimmer while perfectly fitting the whimsical fairy core vibe. 

Fairy Core Meets Coquette

Long almond nails painted in a collage fairy core design

If you don’t know which “core” to choose – I suggest pairing two aesthetics together for a chic mani that’s full of feminine flair and whimsy. 

Pastel Green & Gold Sparkles

Medium round nude nails with gold sparkles and wing nail art with accents of light green polish

The fairy wing nail art here is so cute, and gold sparkles are the perfect accents for pastel green nail polish. 

Mushrooms + Fairy Wings

Short nude round nails painted in fairy core nail art including mushrooms and wings with gold foil accents

Teeny tiny mushrooms and gold foil details create a unique and totally stunning fairy core mani!

Silver Glitter Mani

Short squoval nails with silver glitter polish

I suggest a shimmering polish like this for something minimal but magical. And I love how this mani works well for a chic touch, even on short nails!

Purple & Blue Fairy Core Nails

Long round nails painted in shimmering pink and blue with fairy wing art

I love the iridescent look of these fairy wings. Blue and purple are a tried-and-true color pairing, but you can pair green and blue, pink and peach, or any other color combo here!

Vintage Mushroom Stickers

Short round nails painted in shimmering pink polish with white fairy core nail art on white polish

Vintage mushroom nail stickers add a whimsical feel to these simple nails – and you can never go wrong with a touch of glitter!

Wings, Florals + Gems

Long almond nails painted in shimmering gold polish with fairy core nail stickers and gems

If you love a glamorous mani, I recommend pairing crystals with floral and fairy nail stickers – like in the look above. 

Colorful Nails + Sparkles

Medium almond nails painted in shades of pink, green, blue, and nude with gold accents

Vibrant colors and gold accents are my top picks for whimsical nails that are bold and eye-catching. 

Peach + Purple Fairy Nails

Medium almond nails painted a soft peach color with pops of pink, purple, and orange with floral and fairy core details

In my opinion, these wing nail charms really elevate this mani. And the combination of peach, pink, and purple adds a cute and girly feel to these nails that I adore. 

Pink Whimsical Nails

Medium almond nails with pink, purple, and nude polish accented with clear heart gems, and iridescent flakes

If you ask me, shimmering polish, iridescent details, and heart accents are a winning combo for chic fairy nails. 

Iridescent Flakes on Pink Nails

Short pink round nails with iridescent foil accents

While these may not be the most obvious when it comes to fairy core nails, there’s no denying that they have a whimsical vibe!

Milky White Nails + Silver Accents

Short round nails with a shimmering white polish and silver nail accents

I think milky white nails are the perfect base for almost any aesthetic! Pops of color and silver nail art add that magical feel, while the soft white base makes this mani perfect for everyday wear. 

Shimmering Ombre + Butterfly Wings

Medium round nails painted in shimmering green and blue polish with black butterfly wing designs

I love a good ombre nail design – and you can easily add a fairy core feel to your ombre with a shimmering finish and fairy wing art. 

Whimsical Collage Nails

Short almond nails painted in shimmering pink, yellow, and white colors with silver fairy core nail art

Collage nails are definitely still cool, and these soft pastels and the whimsical nail art create such a playful fairy core nail design. 

Glittering Ombre Nails

Long round nails painted a shimmering ombre featuring purple, blue, and green

In my opinion, a sparkling topcoat is all this cool-toned ombre needs to have a whimsical aesthetic!

Pink Fairies & Green Waves

Long almond nails with 3D nail art, fairy silhouettes, and floral accents

I love the silhouette of the fairy here, and green 3D waves are sure to make a statement on these acrylic fairy nails!

Magical Pastel Nails

Long almond nails with shades of pink, green, and blue featuring gems, floral art, and fairy wing details

Fairy wings, florals, and gems – oh my! This gorgeous mani is perfect for anyone who wants a bold and youthful aesthetic. 

Fairy Wings in Pastels + Metallics

Long almond nails with pastel pink and blue polish and silver butterfly wing designs

While I love the classic black wing design, I recommend switching it up with pastel colors and contrasting glitter details for a softer but totally trendy look!

Feminine Fairy Core Nails

Short round nails with shimmering pastel shades and silver nail including bows, fairy wings, and other feminine details

If you’re looking for a manicure that’s equal parts whimsical and feminine, this playful pastel mani would be my top pick for you!

Whimsical Nails w/ Chunky Glitter

Short almond nails with nude polish topped with chunky glitter polish, floral accents, and dragonfly nail stickers

I think chunky glitter is a must for fairy nails that really stand out from the rest!

Chrome Wings + Floral Accents

Medium almond nails with glossy nude polish, green chrome butterfly wing accents, pastel floral art, and purple chrome tips

I love this pairing of wing accent nails with pastel florals. It’s so simple but creates a unique and vibrant mani! 

Earthy Green Wings

Long almond nails painted like green butterfly wings

Earthy green is a perfect shade for any fairy core mani, and in my opinion, these green fairy wing nails prove exactly that!


Whether you want collage nails, fairy wing nails, or floral accents – these fairy core nails will elevate your everyday spring outfits!


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