How To Get Expensive-Looking Fall Aesthetic Outfits On A Budget

Are you wondering how to look expensive on a budget? Get a luxe aesthetic for fall and winter (without over-spending) by following these straight-forward tips and tricks!

collage of four women wearing expensive-looking fall outfits

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Fall Dressing To Look Expensive (On a Budget!)

Fall is one of the best seasons of the year! The leaves are changing, the weather is cool enough for layering, and we’re drinking pumpkin spice lattes on repeat. Not to mention all the cute and cozy fall staples you’ve been waiting all summer to finally wear.

To get your autumn wardrobe ready for the new season, I’m sharing my must-know tips on how to create the chicest and most stylish fall aesthetic outfits—all on a budget! No need to splurge on pricey boots and expensive coats, I’m showing how you can achieve the expensive look for less. 

Follow These Tips:

In search of cute fall outfits for women? Read on for outfit ideas and expert style tips on how to look expensive on a budget.

1. Wear a Long Coat

shop long coats:

As the weather cools down, outerwear is essential for both warmth and style. If there’s one outerwear piece you buy or pull out of your closet this season that will make you look expensive, it’s a long coat. A long wool or trench coat never fails to elevate an autumnal outfit.

This versatile piece of outerwear can be thrown on over virtually any ensemble. Wear it with jeans and a sweater for a cozy look, with a dress for a date night outfit, or with a button-down and trousers for a classy look fit for the office. A long coat even makes loungewear look luxe!

woman wearing a long brown trench coat with jeans and black heels

A lightweight trench coat is ideal for warmer fall weather while a wool coat is the perfect heavy-duty layer you can transition into winter. H&M and Mango have great options for less (I am wearing this affordable black coat from Mango above), but you could also search your local vintage shops or sites like The Real Real for some budget-friendly finds.

2. Try Camel & Cream 

get the looks for less:

If you want your fall aesthetic outfits to look luxurious, follow the “less is more” mentality. Instead of wearing tons of plaid or traditional fall colors like mustard and olive green, opt for less clashing colors like camel and cream. This expensive-looking color combo is stunning in the fall (and can be worn well into winter, too).

Neutrals are always classy in my opinion! And this specific combination has a “quiet luxury” vibe that is so timeless.

Pair tailored cream trousers with a coordinating off-white knit for a fall look. Adding a long camel coat is the cherry on top of this luxe-for-less look. Monochrome outfits look effortlessly elevated, but you can also wear cream and camel with pops of black, like faux leather trousers and trendy sneakers, for a casual-cool ensemble.

3. Opt for Luxe-Looking Fabrics

budget-friendly knits:

Choosing quality fabrics is key to looking expensive on a budget. For fall, dressing in natural fabrics like cotton, cashmere, silk, wool, denim, etc., will look the most luxe. It’s true natural fabrics tend to cost more than polyester or nylon, but there are tons of affordable options out there. 

Quince is by far my favorite place to shop for luxe-looking garments and affordable cashmere options. H&M also has some great wool and cashmere blends that look way more expensive than they are.

woman wearing an expensive-looking fall outfit with a long coat, turtleneck, black leggings, and black loafers

Sweaters will be the most reached-for item in your fall wardrobe, so make sure they’re looking fresh! Learn how to wash your knits by hand and buy a fabric shaver on Amazon to keep your sweaters looking their best.

Pro tip: Extend your sweater’s wear time by wearing a t-shirt underneath to prevent sweat, oil, and deodorant buildup. This is especially important for delicate fabrics like cashmere.

4. Add Some Leather

budget-friendly leather:

Leather is a fall fashion staple—so obviously, it has a spot on this list of expensive-looking fall aesthetic outfits for women!

Adding in leather – whether that’s in the form of a jacket, belt, boots, or blazer – easily elevates a basic outfit. You can find some fabulous vintage 100% leather pieces second-hand, but I always head to Quince for stylish and affordable genuine leather options. For a more budget-friendly buy, go for vegan or faux leather that looks genuine (Mango has some great pieces right now to browse)

woman wearing a fall outfit with a black turtleneck and leather midi skirt with heels

I love wearing this leather jacket in the fall because it gives any outfit a cool-girl vibe. A dark, all-black look like @linhniller wears is perfect for a night out, or a leather skirt like @anastasia_sovah. I love a softer vibe for the daytime. I’m wearing a monochromatic cream outfit but made it feel more “fall” with touches of leather accessories like Mary-Jane flats and a black belt.

5. Polish Your Footwear

budget-friendly footwear:

My next tip for looking expensive on a budget this autumn doesn’t require buying anything new, but I encourage you to shop your closet!

Investing in high-quality, classic shoes means you’ll be able to re-wear old styles season after season—but preventing them from looking dingy and well-worn requires a bit of TLC. Keeping your fall footwear (like boots, loafers, and flats) clean and polished will help you look more put-together, even when your shoes are a couple years old! 

Fall weather is notorious for mud and leaves, which can leave your footwear looking a little worse for wear. Simply give them a quick wipe before heading out and voila! Good as new. Stubborn stains, spots, and scuff marks might require a little more effort, but quick routine maintenance is totally worth it.

6. Accessorize Wisely

Close up image of a woman wearing black pants, a white sweater and a black jacket over her shoulders.

budget-friendly accessories:

Chic accessories will upgrade just about any fall outfit. Whether you’re rocking a knit dress or jeans and a sweater, a cool belt or handbag will elevate your entire ensemble.

For an expensive-looking outfit, stick to accessories in neutral shades like black, cream, camel, or brown that you’ll be able to pair with any outfit. When it comes to bags, choose classic and minimal styles that feel modern yet timeless—like this designer-inspired brown suede bag!

woman wearing a fall outfit with a long black coat, black jeans, and tan ballet flats

Pro tip: In the cooler half of the year, add a wool-blend scarf to give your outfit an expensive vibe (and another cozy layer). You can also try tying a cashmere-blend sweater over your shoulders to achieve that carefree ‘rich girl’ aesthetic.

More Luxe For Less Tips:

When it comes to looking expensive on a budget, i’s all in the details! Complete your outfit with these extra tips that will give you a luxe aesthetic, without breaking the bank.

1. Keep Hair Clean & Sleek

Woman taking a selfie in the mirror showing off her new blonde blowout and color.

They say your hair is the most important accessory you’ll ever wear. And when it comes to building an expensive-looking fall outfit, I have to agree! The right (or wrong) hairstyle has the power to make or break your entire look. 

While messy beach waves were great in the summer, for fall, I recommend sticking to clean, polished hairstyles that complement you and your outfit! I love the look of a fresh blowout, but a sleek bun or bouncy curls are also gorgeous. 

2. Wear Minimalist Jewelry

Close up image of a woman wearing a white cardigan with gold jewelry.

affordable jewelry:

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories! Lean on chic, minimalist jewelry to help your fall outfits look more expensive than they are. Keep your eye out for delicate, timeless pieces you can wear over and over again. There are some amazing affordable options at Quince, Mango, and even Amazon.   

Be selective here: If you’re wearing a sweater with a plunging neckline, opt for a matching necklace and bracelet like @fakerstrom did here. If you’re going for a denim-on-denim look, chunky dome earrings and a statement ring would look so cool. One or two pieces will elevate your overall look, while too many clashing accessories can overpower it.

3. Don’t Forget Your Nails

Close up image of a woman's freshly painted red nails and gold jewelry.

Similarly to having well-styled hair, a good manicure can make you feel like a million bucks. Not only does a fresh, clean-looking mani make you feel good, but it makes your outfits look better, too. A win-win! So whether you prefer to book a salon appointment or do a DIY mani at home, don’t forget to schedule this self-care time.

When it comes down to the hard part (aka picking your nail color), shades of nude, baby pink, ivory, and sheer polishes look luxurious any time of the year—fall included. But personally, I can’t stop obsessing over cherry red nails for fall. SO chic!

4. Avoid Wrinkles

My final tip for looking expensive (on a budget) this fall is to avoid wrinkles! Keeping your outfits wrinkle-free is one of the easiest ways to look posh and put-together. Take the time to steam or iron your clothing before heading out—I promise it doesn’t take too long and is so worth it.

Also, be sure to store clothing like sweaters and coats properly to avoid hard-to-get-out wrinkles that can detract from your overall look.


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