7 Fall Nail Trends for 2024 Everyone Will Be Showing Off

If you’re looking for the top fall nail trends in 2024, you’ll love this list of the hottest fall nails to help inspire you this autumn!

collage of four hands with fall nail designs that are trending for 2024 including silver metallic, cherry red, nude nails, and bow details

Hottest Fall Nail Trends for 2024

If you ask me, fall is one of the best seasons for fashion and beauty. I always look forward to the transition from bright summer shades to muted and elegant autumn hues, along with the shift towards timeless and classic designs. 

If you want to get ahead on some of the top fall nail trends to expect in 2024, you’ve landed in the right corner of the internet! Below are the trendy colors and designs that will be everywhere this autumn. So scroll down to see what made the list and get inspired for all your fall nails in 2024!

1. Cherry Red

(@byeleanorohara, @cori_oliva, Pinterest)

Red is always a fantastic color to wear in the fall, but in 2024, cherry red, in particular, will be making headlines

Cherry red is dark enough to be considered a fall shade but not quite as dark as other autumn hues – such as wine red or burgundy. This means it will give your outfit that moody fall vibe while still adding a gorgeous pop of color!

If you want a simple and refined aesthetic, try the classic look of a solid-colored mani or opt for cherry red Frenchies. Want something a little bolder? I recommend pairing this stunning shade with fall leaf nail art, a vampy ombre, or a shimmering finish. 

2. Gold Details

(@nailsbylauren.o, @vdw.nails, @amberjhnails)

Gold details are one of my favorite ways to upgrade any manicure – so if you’re anything like me, you’ll be happy to hear about this fall nail trend!

Something that I love about gold is how versatile it is. It’s the perfect addition to any manicure, whether you’re pairing it with other warm autumn tones, timeless neutrals, or milky white. 

Gold nail polish and foil details are always excellent choices here but if you want your gold-dipped mani to stand out even more, try incorporating 3D gold accents or charms for a bold look!

3. Embellishments

(@brushedbyb_, @sweetandsavvynails, @vdw.nails)

Speaking of 3D details, adding embellishments to your fall nails is another top trend in autumn 2024! In particular, any embellishment that adds color and shine to your manicure will add a stylish touch.

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to 3D embellishments, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding something to fit your vibe.

Start your nails off with a base design that matches the aesthetic you’re going for – a nude polish or simple ombre for a timeless look and a colorful shade or glittering basecoat for something playful. Then, just add your chosen embellishments to finish the manicure. Gold charms and pearl details are a must for a chic and sophisticated aesthetic, while gems can be added to any manicure. 

4. Classic Black

(@avrnailswatches, @lou_nails_addict, @nailslolalita)

The dark, gothic vibes that black nails offer are ideal for the fall season, especially in October as we all gear up for Halloween – so it’s not surprising that black nail polish is one of the top anticipated fall nail trends in 2024

Whether you love short nails, long nails, or a length in between – black nail polish is perfect for an eye-catching yet elegant vibe in autumn. The nail ideas above serve as amazing inspo, and I especially love the ombre look for something simple but bold. Still, you can’t go wrong with a glazed finish or French tips for a classic and stunning look! 

5. Disco-Inspired Metallics

(@brunalimals, @nailsbymichy81, @mrw.nail)

A unique, fun, and cute nail design that I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of in autumn 2024 is the disco nail!

These holographic, silver nails are an elevated design featuring the magnetic nail technique that’s become popular over the last few years. The iridescent shimmer we see in the manicures above is reminiscent of disco days, making them a fantastic choice for a night out look or even for more intimate events between friends and family. 

I personally can’t get over how gorgeous the velvety finish is on the nails to the right, but the chrome finish is always a beautiful touch as well. If you want to give this trend a try but still want a subtle, classy look, I suggest disco nail Frenchies for something understated but playful. 

6. Mannequin Manicures

(@popacrii, @strn_nao, @maribrahim22)

Next on the list of fall nail trends to watch out for in 2024 – mannequin nails!

Simple and refined – mannequin nails are perfect for an elevated and polished look, and they’re ideal if you want another part of your look (your makeup, outfit, accessories, etc.) to be the star.

Nude tones are definitely welcome here for a subtle and timeless aesthetic, but feminine shades will be popular for this trend as well. Look for soft nude pinks, muted mauves, and dusty rose to nail this look. 

7. Bow Nails

(unknown, @tipsy.nailz, @thenaillologist)

And the last of our fall nail trends are chic and stylish bow nails. 

Bow nails are nothing new, as coquette-inspired manicures and outfits have been featured in the looks of celebrities and influencers alike. But we can all expect this trend to continue through autumn. 

However, this design does differ slightly from the coquette trend we’ve seen. While coquette focuses on maximalist-inspired feminine and vintage details, bow nails are the soft and simple version. Dainty bow nail art or a bow charm accent nail is perfect here, although you can still rock a more complex design like the lace-up nail art featured above. 


I love the fall nail trends that will be taking over in 2024 as we slowly transition from summer to autumn. Whether you like bold, shimmering designs, classic dark fall manis, or timeless minimalist nails – this list of fall nails has an aesthetic that will be perfect for you this autumn!


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