13+ Must-See Shoes Like Vans to Mix Up Your Sneaker Routine!

If you’re a fan of comfortable and stylish Vans sneakers, then you have to check out this list of 13+ shoes like Vans to switch up your sneaker routine!

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image of a mans legs wearing brown pants and black Vans sneakers

The Best Shoes Like Vans

If you are a big fan of Vans but are wondering if there are alternatives to try, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the fashion world for the best shoes like Vans that have a similar iconic style, and they are great quality too. 

We’ve also picked our favorite look-alike styles, and some are so similar you’ll have to do a double take! Read on to find out which new sneakers you’ll be adding to your rotation! 

Why are Vans so popular?

It’s easy to understand why Vans has become one of the most popular brands for shoes. Their high-quality skater-style shoes are hard to beat and have reached an iconic status. No to mention, they are relatively affordable compared to other designer sneaker brands. 

Even for people who don’t skate, Vans has a practical and classic style that works for anyone. They’re the perfect shoes for everyday wear. And, they have so many amazing colors and designs to choose from.

image of a row of 5 sneakers in rainbow colors

What shoe is similar to Vans?

There are a lot of shoes that are similar to brands including those from Cariuma, SeaVees, Madewell, Superga, All Saints, Kenzo, Converse, and more! Read about our top 13 choices for brands, and their best shoes that are like Vans.

While many of these brands have a broad selection of sneakers to choose from, we’ve picked out the styles we think you’ll like the best! 

1. Cariuma (The OCA Low & High)

image of a black canvas sneaker with a white sole

shop Cariuma: 

Cariuma sells skate shoes, slip-on, high tops, and more. Their OCA Low sneakers look very similar to the Old Skool shoes sold by Vans. And, the OCA High shoes have a similar look to Vans Ward high tops. 

Their sneakers are made with textured canvas with a thick white sole, giving it the same look and feel as Vans and at a similar price. While the brand doesn’t have as many options for patterned shoes, but do have a great selection of solid styles and colors. 

2. SeaVees (Baja Slip-On)

image of two black canvas sneakers with white soles

shop SeaVees: 

Seavees has tons of options for slip-on shoes and sneakers. With the same look as Vans, these shoes are available in tons of colors and patterns.

Their Baja Slip-On is thoughtfully designed with a contoured and extra cushy footbed. And, Seavees even added extra cushion in the heel as well. 

They also use linen canvas with a cooling design for extra breathability and comfort. Seavees sells amazing quality shoes at a great price. 

3. Madewell (Sidewalk Low-Top)

image of two pairs of canvas sneakers one in black and one in white

shop Madewell: 

Madewell sneakers are designed to be worn on-the-go so they’re made with lightweight material. The Sidewalk Low-Top Sneaker or Sidewalk High-Top is our top Madewell choice for shoes like Vans. 

They have shoes made of canvas or leather and designed with that classic look we love. Madewell sneakers are breathable and have super cushy and ultra-supportive Cloudlift insoles. 

Their sustainable shoes are made to last and have timeless look that will always be in style. 

4. Converse (Chuck Taylor & One Star Pro)

image of a pair of black converse high top sneakers with a star on the side and white sole

shop Converse: 

We couldn’t make a list of awesome shoe brands and not have Converse on it. Converse has a killer selection of shoes, from slip-on to classic high-top sneakers.

They are the main competitor for Vans when it comes to the variety of designs and colors available. The Chuck Taylor styles, Cons One Star Pro styles, and more, all have a similar vibe to Vans. 

We know that Converse sells great quality and durable shoes. And, we love that their shoes have a ton of character and allure. 

Are Converse the same as Vans?

Converse and Vans are not the same, they are two different companies. They are both some of the top brands for shoes, but they have slightly different styles.

Vans is well-known for having skater-style shoes, whereas Converse has more of a basketball-style shoe. 

5. Superga (Cotu Classic)

image of a pair of black lace-up canvas sneakers with a white chunky sole

shop Superga: 

Superga also has classic low-top shoes made from canvas or moleskin. The Cotu Classic are the perfect casual sneaker to add to your closet. 

They offer high-top shoes that come in a classic style, making them versatile and practical. Superga shoes have a soft cushioned footbed and a 1-inch platform as well. 

6. Stepny Workers Club (Dellow S-Strike)

image of a pair of canvas black sneakers with a white sole and a white s-strike design along the side

shop Stepny Workers Club: 

The Stepny Workers Club makes unisex sneakers and slip-on shoes with a distinct design. They make their shoes primarily from canvas and suede.

The Dellow and Varden sneakers both have an S-strike design that is very similar to the Old Skool design. They may even make you do a double take!

Additionally, Stepny’s canvas is a cotton blend with minimal processing, and the canvas has a unique look. The suede shoes have a velvety appearance and a retro vibe.

Most of their shoes have neutral tones but you can also find some in rich colors. 

7. Adidas (Daily 3.0 Eco)

image of a black lace-up skateboarding sneaker with a white sole

shop Adidas: 

Adidas is a well-known brand that sells apparel and shoes for active lifestyles. There are many styles available including some great Vans alternatives like the Daily 3.0 Eco Skateboarding sneaker. 

With Adidas you can always count on high-quality slip-on shoes in neutral colors at a great price. You can also find many sneakers that look similar to Vans within their mountain biking section. 

8. HUGO (Low-Top Trainers)

image of a pair of black canvas lace-up low top sneakers with a thick white sole

shop Hugo: 

HUGO has designer shoes in dozens of styles, colors, and patterns. You can find canvas slip-on shoes in vibrant colors like red and blue. 

They also sell low-top sneakers that have the same look as Vans. HUGO shoes tend to be on the expensive side. This is because they use high-quality materials like leather and canvas. So the high cost is due to the durability of their sneakers. 

9. Kenzo (Kenzoschool Trainers)

image of a pair of black lace up canvas sneakers with a white sole with tiger graphics on the sole

shop Kenzo: 

This next brand creates high-end footwear that makes a statement. Kenzo designs styles such as high-tops, low-tops, and boots. 

They use premium leather and canvas to make their shoes, so they’re made to last.

Kenzo shoes have a classic design with subtle details that add character. Most of them come with military-inspired dog tags that give the shoes an extra edge. Kenzo’s shoes even have texture and patterns on the soles for an extra cool feel. 

10. Toms (Baja Slip-On)

image of a simple black slip on canvas sneaker with a white sole

shop Toms: 

When looking for breathable and causal slip-on shoes, Toms is one of the best brands to explore. 

Their Baja Slip-On has the same look as Vans and they’re super comfortable. Toms has plenty of neutral tones for a versatile look. But you can also find wild colors and patterns to fit your personality. 

11. ALLSAINTS (Mem Low Top Sneakers)

image of a pair of black canvas shoes with a lace up detail and white sole


The next on the list of shoes like Vans is the Mem Low Top style from ALLSAINTS. The brand makes top-quality shoes with a bit of a sophisticated feel. You can find a wide selection of boots, high-tops, and low-tops.

This company uses suede, canvas, and leather to create shoes with beautiful textures. Most of the shoes are in neutral colors so they’ll go with any outfit. 

12. Lugz (Clipper Slip-On Sneaker)

image of a black slip on canvas sneakers with a chunky white sole bottom

shop Lugz: 

Lugz has a great line of footwear, including slip-on shoes like Vans but at a lower price.

 These are the perfect shoes to use as everyday wear, although they can be dressed up as well. Lugs shoes are made from lightweight canvas and come in several colors. 

13. Veja (Nova Canvas Low Top)


black canvas sneakers with a white V design on the side and a white sole

shop Veja: 

The French-founded, Brazilian-made shoe brand Veja has been taking the fashion world by storm over the past few years, and they show no signs of stopping. 

The low-top canvas styles have a similar look to Vans which is why they made the list. They also carry high-top canvas styles as well.

Veja shoes are well-made, durable, and super popular. Definitely worth checking out if you want to add some new kicks to your rotation. 

14. Etiko (Women’s Slip Ons)

image of womens black canvas slip on shoes with a white sole

For the women looking through this list, Etiko is an Australian brand that makes stylish and sustainable shoes for women, and clothing for men and women. Their slip on shoe designs are similar to Vans and have that skater-style we’re looking for. 

They have classic slip-on shoes in grey and black, as well as high-top and low-top sneakers. Their shoes are slightly more expensive because they’re vegan, organic, and ethically made.

Where can I find shoes like Vans?

Vans is an amazing brand for shoes but there are many other companies that have the same cool vibe as them including Converse, Adidas, Allsaints, Lugz, Seavees, Cariuma, Superga, Madewell, and Stepney Workers Club.

Whether you’re looking for a sustainable brand or just checking other options, you can find a great new pair of sneakers from the brands listed here. If you want to learn more about sneakers, check out this article on the difference between Hoka and Skecher shoes.


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