13+ Simple Outfits With Light Blue Jeans For Men 

Wondering how to style a light blue jeans outfit? I’m here to help! Check out this list of modern and simple outfits with light blue jeans for men that you will want to copy! 

collage of a man wearing four different outfits with light blue jeans

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Originally published June 12, 2022 – Updated November 7, 2023

How To Wear Light Blue Jeans

Light wash denim is tried and true, and luckily the trend isn’t going anywhere. As The Zoe Report puts it, “The coolness and ease of the late ‘90s are one of the key drivers for denim at the moment,” and since light-wash and faded jeans were a big trend during this time period, light blue jeans are also a hot trend right now!

So if you own a pair of mens light blue jeans and aren’t exactly sure how to style them in a modern way for 2024, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll break down what colors and clothing goes with light blue jeans, how to style them for different seasons, and how not to wear them.

And to give you the outfit inspiration you need, I’ve even recruited my husband as my model to help show you how versatile and stylish light blue jeans are.

So, grab that pair of light wash denim and go through your closet so I can help you create a modern and masculine look that works. 

What colours go with light blue jeans?

While jeans are versatile, light blue jeans can clash with certain colors, particularly neon tones. Simply put, it’s best to stick to neutrals and subtle hues. The best colors include:

  • White
  • Ivory/Cream
  • Black
  • Grey (light or dark)
  • Tan
  • Camel
  • Brown
  • Navy
  • Dark green (earthy tones like moss) 
  • Red (maroon or crimson look great)

While you can wear blue with light blue jeans, it’s more cohesive to choose a darker tone of blue and not the same shade as the jeans, which can look a bit off. The exception here is blue denim on denim, which you’ll see in the outfits list below. 

image of an outfit flat lay with a navy blue polka dot button up t-shirt, light blue jeans, and white Converse high top sneakers

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Simple Outfits With Light Blue Jeans

My husband, Justin, and I have put together 13+ excellent light blue jeans outfit ideas to show you just how easy it is to style this denim wash and how versatile they can be. From running errands to meeting friends for drinks, to date night, or a semi-formal gathering, light blue jeans can be your go-to. 

1. White t-shirt & sneakers

image of a man standing in front of a white fence wearing a white t-shirt and light blue jeans with white sneakers

get the look:

I love that this casual outfit idea is perfect for every day living. From coffee shops to catching a movie, my husband wears this simple, neutral style again and again. In short, you can never go wrong with pairing a white t-shirt with light wash jeans. And I recommend you throw on a classic watch and sunglasses to complete the look. 

2. Grey sweatshirt + high tops

image of a man with brown hair standing against a dark blue garage door wearing a grey sweater, light blue jeans, and white sneakers

get the look:

For a cooler day, I suggest putting on a grey sweatshirt or grey knit crewneck with your light blue jeans. I also love how Justin finished the outfit with a casual pair of high top sneakers. For added warmth, go for a beanie or throw on your favorite ball cap. 

And when in doubt, grey is a perfect shade to pair with these jeans. Any shade of grey goes well with light blue jeans whether its light grey, medium grey, or dark charcoal grey. 

3. Black sweater + boots

image of a man from the neck down standing against a wood cabinet wearing a black sweater, light blue jeans, and brown boots

get the look:

A nice black sweater looks great in the cooler months with a pair of black or brown leather boots. It creates the “sandwich” effect, which balances the light jeans between two dark anchors; the sweater and the shoes. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with this effect when you’re going for a casual yet stylish look. 

I think this outfit is perfect to wear to date night, casual gatherings, or running errands. 

4. Black hoodie + wool coat

collage graphic of a mens outfit with black hoodie, dark grey wool coat, light blue jeans, and dark grey boots

get the look:

If you ask me, pairing casual pieces with a high-end piece is one of the easiest ways to achieve a fresh and modern look. This outfit is great for fall and the upcoming winter season, since the hoodie, boots, and coat will keep you warm. 

I think this outfit could be an easy go-to for a brunch date with family or to grab a warm latte with a friend. 

5. Camel coat + boots

image of a man from the shoulders down wearing a long wool camel coat, black shirt, light blue jeans, and brown boots

get the look:

Justin was able to quickly dress up a pair of light wash jeans with a camel color wool coat and a pair of dressier boots (or go casual with classic white sneakers).

Light wash denim naturally tends to look quite casual so combining then with dressier items like a collared shirt, wool coat, or blazer can instantly elevate the look. I recommend going for an outfit like this for a cold-weather date night. 

6. Green vest + flannel

image of a man leaning against a black fence wearing a white and black flannel shirt, green vest, light blue jeans, and Blundstone boots

get the look:

If you prefer a more rugged look, I recommend going with a green or neutral color vest over top a plaid flannel button up shirt. This light blue jeans outfit is great for cooler days and looks awesome with either a pair of boots or casual sneakers.

I also suggest you add a beanie for an extra layer of warmth, and you’ll be ready for the day.

7. Green shacket + low-top sneakers

collage graphic of a mens outfit with green overshirt, white t-shirt, light blue jeans, and green and white Nike sneakers

get the look:

I love the look of this muted green shacket, it’s a great shade to wear in cooler months, although this hue can really be worn year-round. This outfit is casual yet stylish and masculine, making it a top choice if you plan to meet the guys at your favorite bar. 

Don’t forget the little accessories, like the sleek leather belt and classic watch for that elevated look. 

8. Dress shirt + blazer

image of a man sitting on a black Adirondack chair wearing a charcoal blazer, red plaid shirt, light blue jeans, and brown shoes

shop the look:

As I mentioned earlier, light blue jeans can be pretty casual so to get a dressier look you have to combine them with elevated pieces like collared shirts, blazers, or a nice coat. Justin has a laid-back vibe in the look above, but his outfit is still suitable to wear out to a classy event. 

For a semi-formal gathering or date night, I suggest you choose a dress shirt in a neutral or subtle color tone, and add a dark grey or navy blazer. Finish the look with a brown belt and a pair of brown dress shoes. 

9. Graphic tee + sneakers

collage graphic of a mens outfit with a graphic t-shirt, light blue jeans, and orange and white Nike sneakers

get the look:

Love to hit up local sports events with the guys? This outfit was made to wear anywhere from a Super Bowl party to your kid’s soccer game to an actual stadium game!

And if sports aren’t your thing, I recommend swapping the football shirt for another graphic tee, like your favorite band, TV show, or a vintage throwback top. Go for this look on warmer days for a casual and comfortable ensemble that’s still on-trend. 

10. Navy button-up shirt + sneakers

image of a man leaning against a white garage door wearing a navy blue button-up short sleeve shirt, light blue jeans, and white sneakers

shop the look:

I think the blue on blue works really well in this outfit because the light blue jeans and navy blue shirt create contrast (a light blue shirt on the other hand would look off). The white sneakers are neutral so they don’t compete with the blue, and the whole look is casual, yet elevated. 

Go with a white t-shirt under the button up for extra layering if you want to add depth to the look. And I suggest adding a nice watch to finish the outfit. 

11. Denim on denim

image of a man sitting on a brick planter wearing a denim jacket, black hoodie, light blue jeans, and white sneakers

shop the look:

The “Canadian tuxedo” isn’t really a fashion faux pas anymore. In fact, it’s actually a pretty trendy look, according to Vogue. Light wash denim and a similar toned light wash denim jacket works well with a pair of sneakers or casual shoes in this look above. 

You can also wear light blue jeans with a white, black, or dark blue denim jacket. Go with a neutral black, white, or grey shirt or hoodie underneath when doubling up on denim. And if you ask me, you should avoid a brightly coloured shirt, otherwise the outfit can go from trendy to tacky. 

12. Varsity jacket + boots

collage of a mens outfit with a brown bomber jacket, cream knit sweater, light blue jeans, brown boots, and a brown belt

get the look:

In case you haven’t heard, “Varsity jackets have been cool for going-on a century,” according to Ape to Gentleman

I love the old-school vibes here, and this is a great way to add a youthful and fun touch to your laid-back look. I recommend layering a neutral-colored sweater underneath during cooler months, and a classic white tee for spring or summer. And add the sleek boots, belt, and watch to elevate this outfit. 

13. Brown jacket + brown boots

image of a man standing against a black wall wearing a brown trucker jacket, black sweater, light blue jeans, and blundstone boots

shop the look:

Justin has another stylish look featuring the “sandwich effect”. Go with light blue jeans with a brown trucker jacket and a pair of brown boots or shoes. And I suggest wearing a neutral shirt under the jacket to keep the look minimal.

I love the brown here with the blue jeans – it is a great rugged neutral color that works really well with light-wash denim. It’s a casual look but still stylish. 

14. Classic white button-up shirt + brown shoes

image of a man sitting on a black Adirondack chair wearing a white button-up shirt, light blue jeans, and brown dress shoes

shop the look:

I love how this simple outfit can easily be a go-to for all kinds of occasions. You can never go wrong with a white button-up shirt, as it’s versatile and classic.

I recommend you fold up the sleeves on your shirt for a more casual look and add a pair of brown shoes.  Or, you can also go with sneakers for an outfit that’s even more laid back. If you want to add a layer, go with a crewneck sweater over top of the white button up shirt. This can dress up the look slightly for an evening out. 

image of an outfit flat lay with a plaid white and black flannel button up shirt, brown boots, and light blue jeans

How do you style light blue jeans in the fall?

In the fall months, I recommend you style light wash jeans with darker colors and warm layers. Try pairing your light blue denim with the following:

  1. Camel or charcoal color long wool coat and brown boots
  2. Black, grey, or white hoodie, a puffer vest, and sneakers
  3. Navy blazer, neutral button up shirt, brown belt, and brown shoes
  4. Black knit sweater and black boots or sneakers
  5. Dark green or grey flannel shirt and brown boots

Just aim to keep the tops you pair with your light blue jeans a neutral or subtle color. Fall colours are also great options; dark green, rust red, brown, tan, and burnt orange. 

image of a man leaning against a black garage door wearing a denim jacket, black hoodie, light blue jeans, and white sneakers

What jacket to wear with light blue jeans?

Choosing a jacket to wear with a light blue jeans outfit doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Stick with neutral color tones, or denim, and keep the look minimal and uncomplicated. Try any of the following:

image of a man walking down an alley wearing a brown jacket, light blue jeans, and brown boots

Final Notes

Putting together a light blue jeans outfit can be a simple process. I suggest you stick to mostly neutrals and subtle colors, go with brown, tan, black, or white shoes, and don’t overcomplicate the look. I think it’s best to keep the outfit itself simple and add high-end accessories to create that polished look. 

Light blue jeans are a great, versatile wardrobe staple that can be worn many different ways, as my hubby helped me showcase in this article. Don’t forget to save this style guide and sort through your closet and feel confident the next time you put on your best pair of light blue jeans. 


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