11+ Effortless Spring Outfits That Look Expensive…But Aren’t!

Looking for spring outfits that appear luxe… but aren’t? You’ll love this list of budget-friendly spring looks with an expensive vibe!

collage of four budget-friendly neutral spring outfits that look expensive

Budget-Friendly Spring Outfits With A Luxury Aesthetic

While we all wish we had an endless shopping budget, the truth is that most of us can’t afford to spend tons of money each year on clothing. Yet, we still want to attain that chic and expensive look. Thankfully, you don’t need to invest in luxury pieces or have an endless budget to achieve that luxurious “old money” aesthetic that’s so sought after this season. 

Casual Spring Outfit Ideas

Below, I’ve created some effortless outfit ideas and helpful style tips to inspire you how to look expensive on a budget in the spring months. Each piece is under $200 (most less than $100) and will instantly refresh your spring wardrobe. Get ready to look luxe for less!

Tank top, tailored shorts + cardigan

Outfit graphic of linen shorts, a white tank top, a navy sweater, sneakers, a baseball cap and brown accessories.

get the look:

Dressing expensive doesn’t have to actually be expensive. Enter this budget-friendly spring outfit idea. 

The combination of tailored shorts, a knit tank, and a cardigan looks effortlessly elevated. Give this outfit a sporty chic aesthetic with sleek neutral sneakers and a Ralph Lauren cap.

Cream jacket, trench coat + ballet flats

Outfit graphic of straight jeans, a white cardigan sweater, a black tank top, black ballet flats, a tan trench coat and black accessories.

get the look:

This is one of my favorite spring outfits that looks expensive on a budget. Jeans and a knit tank build the perfect base for layering. On days when it’s a little chilly, add an understated cream jacket and $130 cotton trench coat on top (or try this one for $50). Chanel look-alike ballet flats look so chic with a matching leather bag and belt.

For spring outerwear, look for an affordable but well-tailored coat made from a lightweight material. Trench coats, in particular, are perfectly breezy and always add an air of sophistication to your look.

Striped shirt, cardigan + gold jewelry

Outfit graphic of straight jeans, a blue stripped button down, a tan cardigan, sneakers and a baseball cap with brown and gold accessories.

get the look:

Whether you dress them up or down, a striped button-up shirt is a classic, versatile piece guaranteed to make your spring outfits look more luxe. If you don’t already have one (or a few) in your closet, you can easily find some affordable options at shops like H&M and Zara, as well as your local thrift store!

In this spring ensemble, I’ve styled it with quality high-waisted denim for a more casual vibe. Add a sophisticated touch with this affordable cashmere cardigan layered over the top or loosely thrown over your shoulders. Finish the look with clean white sneakers, dainty jewelry, and a belt to define your waist.

Shirt dress + sneakers

Outfit graphic of a midi white shirtdress with sneakers, a trench coat, a baseball cap and brown accessories.

get the look:

I’m obsessed with this “less is more” look. It has a preppy tennis club-approved aesthetic that is very old money

Keep it sporty with athletic sneakers and a chic baseball cap. Finish off the look with a camel trench, a sleek crossbody bag, and a fabulous pair of sunnies for a spring outfit you can wear on and off the court. More likely, this outfit is perfect for running errands, meeting friends for brunch, or checking out the farmer’s market.

Button-up shirt, denim + brown accessories

Outfit graphic of straight jeans, a blue stripped button down, a navy cardigan and brown accessories.

get the look:

An easy way to look expensive is to coordinate your outfit. Tonal outfits tend to look more luxurious than bright, colorful ones, so stick to neutrals like cream, beige, black, brown, and navy. 

I love how this spring outfit pulls in blues from the denim, button-up shirt, and cardigan to create a cohesive base. Brown accessories like these strappy leather sandals  raffia bucket bag, and $12 tortoiseshell shades tie everything together (and look way more pricey than they are!).

Vest top, high-waisted jeans + sandals

Outfit graphic of straight jeans, a white vest top, brown sandals and brown accessories.

get the look:

Here’s another example of a spring outfit that looks expensive on a budget. All you need for this look is a linen vest top—I love this one from Mango that’s less than $70—and a pair of vintage-inspired jeans. For expensive-looking jeans, opt for timeless washes and silhouettes and avoid any overly distressed styles. 

Don’t forget tonal accessories in a neutral shade you can style with anything and everything!

Striped sweater + trousers

Outfit graphic of white trousers, a black and white stripped cardigan brown sandals and brown accessories.

get the look:

A striped knit always makes your spring outfit look more sophisticated, no matter how much you spend on it. This $50 cashmere knit is excellent, or try these cotton knits from J.Crew (it’s $45 – currently on 50% off!) and Quince ($50).

 I’d pair my striped knit with cream trousers, a raffia bucket bag, and minimalist accessories for a classic old-money aesthetic.

Dressy Spring Looks

If you love the quiet luxury vibe or just want to look classy for a dressy occasion (and still stay on budget) you’ll adore the looks below!

Pleated trousers + sling-back heels

Outfit graphic of black trousers, a black and white stripped sweater, black and tan Mary Jane heels, a tan trench coat and black accessories.

get the look:

For dressier spring outfit ideas that look more expensive than they are, I recommend getting some staple pieces like these $30 pleated trousers and Chanel-inspired sling-back heels

Trousers tailored in all the right places are naturally more elevated than jeans, which are great for wearing to work or nicer events. Sling-back heels look exceptionally sharp paired with trousers and are comfortable for all-day wear. 

Slip skirt, knit tank + heeled sandals

Outfit graphic of a champagne colored slip skirt, a black tank top, a black cardigan, black block heels, and black accessories.

get the look:

Adding luxe fabrics like silk or satin is another easy way to look more expensive. I love doing this with an affordable silk slip skirt for less than $80, which adds a flirty and feminine touch to my spring outfits. If you aren’t into skirts, a silky top, trousers, or dress would achieve the same effect. And you don’t have to splurge to do this! 

There are so many great satin pieces (which are more budget friendly) on the market that look just as glossy and luxe as actual silk, like this satin skirt from H&M. I’d complement my slip skirt with a chic knit tank, timeless tweed jacket, and cute heeled sandals. 

Pleated pants, tank + lady jacket

Outfit graphic of white trousers, a black tank top, a black cardigan, black and tan mary jane heels and black accessories.

get the look:

Pleated pants, knit tank, and lady jacket are a stunning spring combination perfect for the office, a dinner date, or anytime you want to exude a ‘rich girl’ vibe. 

Instead of slouchy totes, anchor your luxury-for-less look with a structured bag like this one from Quince. This classic shape always looks really expensive even when it’s not. 

Tailored shorts + heeled sandals

Outfit graphic of linen shorts, a black tank top, a black cardigan, black block sandals and black accessories.

get the look:

When the weather heats up, stick to tailored shorts for a more expensive-looking outfit. One way to style tailored shorts in spring and summer is with a knit tank and sandals. A chic jacket, like this one from Mango, adds a sophisticated layer on breezy days.

To further elevate the look, I recommend adding a classic black belt and coordinating accessories to pull everything together.

Shirt dress, sweater + ballet flats

Outfit graphic of a midi white shirtdress, a black and white stripped cardigan, black ballet flats and black and gold accessories.

get the look:

Paring down your outfits to one or two beautiful shades (like this black and cream moment) instantly elevates it. Recreate this by adding a striped sweater to a simple shirt dress, completing the look with ballet flats and a chic handbag to make the outfit feel more luxe.  

As for accessories, opt for minimal gold or silver jewelry like this stunning $50 watch and earrings rather than a big necklace or tons of rings.


I hope you have enjoyed this selection of expensive-looking Spring outfits that can be worn for all kinds of occasions. Remember, you can always adapt these looks to match your budget and personal style!


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