Classic Chanel Backpack Dupe: 8+ Look-alikes You Need To See!

Looking for a Chanel backpack dupe? Whether you have a higher, moderate, or super low budget, there’s a look-a-like option here for you! 

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The Search for A Chanel Backpack Dupe


Aaah Chanel. The iconic brand…those interlocking C’s so prominent and classic.

The dream of owning a very trendy authentic Chanel backpack is held by many. But, for most the reality is out of reach because of the hefty price tag attached. A genuine Chanel backpack can easily cost upwards of $5,000 to $10,000, so they definitely aren’t very attainable.

But, don’t fret my friend! I’ve scoured the fashion world for a Chanel backpack dupe, and have come up with 9 fantastic options ranging from very budget-friendly to a bit of a splurge (but not nearly as much as a Chanel!).

During my search I actually found many really nice look-alikes by well-known brands like Michael Kors, DKNY, and Kate Spade, but all of them were out of stock everywhere, so I’ll be continuing to watch to update the post with more if they come available again.


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Classic Chanel Backpack// $6000 (previously owned)

The Look: Classic Chanel Backpack


This is likely what you are hoping to have if you are reading this post. A classic Chanel backpack in all it’s glory — but, either the budget doesn’t fit, or you can’t get your hands on one (they aren’t all that easy to come by!).

There are particular things about these backpacks that stick out to me that I tried to find in the dupes listed below. While none of the dupes look exactly like the Chanel backpack, they do share similar details and overall style.

  • Black lambskin leather 
  • Quilted 
  • Gold details
  • Chain straps
  • Flap top 


The Chanel Backpack Dupe List

1. Quilted Leather Backpack by Persaman New York //$149-


This Chanel backpack dupe by Persamen New York from Nordstrom is very similar in style with the flap top, chain and gold detailing, and quilting. But, it comes in at less than $150 (it’s currently 50% off!).

The exterior is genuine leather with a fabric interior and the straps are adjustable. It’s classy, sophisticated, and budget friendly!

2. Quilted Flap Backpack by SHEIN // $12-


Costing about as much as two specialty coffees, these backpack from Shein is seriously cheap. While I definitely can’t vouch for the quality, if you are on a super tight budget and just want that Chanel backpack vibe, this is one to check out.

The shape and look of this backpack are similar to the Chanel and it also has the quilting detail and gold color chain and closure. In terms of material, it’s all synthetic, but for the price you can’t expect more!

3. Ava Flap Backpack from Nine West // $89-


This Chanel backpack dupe doesn’t have as many “bells and whistles” and has a more minimal look, but with the black leather quilting, flap top, and touch of gold, it’s a lovely look-a-like.

While the website doesn’t stay if it is genuine leather or not, I am guessing it’s a faux leather due to the price. That being said, it’s a lovely little backpack and currently an additional 30% off too!

4. Small Interwoven Backpack by Liu Jo // $184-


This lovely little black backpack has that same quilting, flap top, and chain detail, but has an overall more minimal look. I love how soft it looks and it also has a gold tone logo plaque.

The material is faux leather, but given the price it’s a great piece for that chic Chanel-Inspired look.

5. Embossed Gancini Backpack by Salvatore Ferragamo // $1790-


This beautiful option is for a person who has a good chunk of cash to invest in a great backpack that has those Chanel vibes, but not quite enough for a authentic Chanel backpack.

This lovely backpack by Salvatore Ferragamo is designer quality, has quilting (embossed) detailing, gold accents and a chain, and it’s is genuine leather, made in Italy.

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6. Joe Monogram Matelassé Leather Backpack by Saint Laurent // $2490-

The most expensive option on this list, I had to include these gorgeous Saint Laurent backpack as it has all those lovely Chanel vibes and is a high end designer bag, but at around 1/3 of the price or less.

It is created with lambskin leather, made in Italy and a total showstopper.

7. Bloom Backpack by Kate Spade // $398-


While this backpack has a lot of differences from the Chanel backpack I still wanted to include it in the list as it has that lovely quilting – in a floral pattern, a touch of gold, and the chain detail.

Also, Kate Spade is a nice designer brand without the sticker shock of high end designers. It is made with genuine leather and still makes a great Chanel backpack dupe.

8. Quilted Mini Backpack by Popatu // $14-


Currently 50% off and already at a crazy good price this mini Chanel backpack dupe is so darn cute.

It’s marketed for girls but who’s to say a grown up can’t rock it too? With the quilting, flap top, gold accents, and chain it has all the makings of a great look-a-like.

9. Rhea Quilted Leather Backpack by Micheal Kors // $358-


Lastly, this quilted beauty by Michael Kors is an honourable mention, as it doesn’t have the same flap top or chain detailing but it is quilted and black with gold accents.

Plus in the designer bag category it’s a relatively affordable backpack and is well made with genuine leather.


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There you have it! Nine Chanel backpack dupes ranging very inexpensive to investment, but all still far less than a true Chanel and with very similar looks and style. Which one was your favorite? Tell me about it in the comments and be sure to pin the photo below to save this post for later!


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