A Colorful Capsule Wardrobe You’ll Love!

This pretty, fun, and chic mini colorful capsule wardrobe is comfy and casual, but perfect for adding a pop of color into your life, while maintaining versatility.

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A Mini Colorful Capsule Wardrobe

This simple and fun mini colorful capsule wardrobe is casual and comfy yet elevated so you feel chic and stylish while going out and about, working from home, or even hanging out with little ones.

The pieces, while colorful, are still great for layering, can be mixed and matched, and add color to your style without being overwhelming.

I personally love neutrals so creating this capsule pushed me out of my comfort zone but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Also, because I had to stay true to my natural instincts, I chose to stick with more muted colors rather than bold colors. If you are into bold colors, just make adjustments accordingly when creating your own colorful capsule wardrobe!

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Tips for a Cohesive Colorful Capsule:


What you need to consider when it comes to a colorful capsule wardrobe, is adding the right pops of color to create a connected look as opposed to a rainbow that’s exploded (my 4 year old daughter would be all over that, lol!).

While some people do love to throw on tons of color and combine all kinds of patterns (no judgement here!), in general, most people prefer colorful outfits to still have a cohesive look.

Here are some tips to achieve cohesiveness in a colorful capsule wardrobe:


  1. Stick to mostly solid colors – mixing too many patterns will make it hard to create multiple outfit combinations in your capsule. 
  2. Include basic staples like blue jeans and a denim jacket – these can easily be combined with colors for a cohesive look.
  3. Include some neutrals – even though it’s a colorful capsule you want some neutrals to balance the color and really make them pop. Plus you’ll get more outfit combinations from the capsule.
  4. Add in a few patterned pops of color – include a couple striped pieces and some printed pieces like floral or animal print to add interest. 
  5. Go with what you love – don’t try to force yourself into a capsule wardrobe that isn’t totally you. If you love muted colors, that’s colorful enough. If you love bold colors, go bold! The more items you absolutely love in your capsule, the more wear you will ultimately get out of it. 
  6. Invest in less – rather than fill your capsule with lower priced/lower quality items, invest in a smaller amount of high quality items that will last (and that you can re-sell!). 

striped sweater // mauve sweater // floral dress // green sweater // pink slip skirt // white jeans // blue jeans // ivory cashmere cardigan // denim jacket // nude woven mules // green glove boots // blush heels // white sneakers // leather tote bag // pink crossbody bag

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe Checklist:


For a mini colorful capsule I recommend including the key pieces below that will give you versatility and also many different combinations.


These items will change slightly as the seasons change – in the winter you’ll need warmer pieces so you may opt for a sweater dress rather than a summer dress. You’ll also swap out the denim jacket for a warm wool coat and so on.

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6 Colorful Capsule Outfit Ideas

floral dress //  denim jacket // nude woven mules // pink crossbody bag

Outfit 1:

The dress is the focal point in this simple, casual outfit combination and the purse adds that extra pop of color.

The mules and denim jacket bring in subtle colors that don’t overpower the look.

striped sweater // white jeans // denim jacket //  green glove boots // leather tote bag 

Outfit 2:

This cute and casual outfit is elevated with a gorgeous high quality sweater that has perfect touches of colour and the boots bring in another beautiful shade of blue.

The neutral tote keeps the focus on the sweater and the denim jacket ties the look together.


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mauve sweater // floral dress // white sneakers // leather tote bag 

Outfit 3:

Perfect for running errands or hanging out with friends, this simple look combines the floral dress layered with a colored sweater that compliments the dress for extra warmth.

The white sneakers keep the look casual and let the dress and sweater shine.

striped sweater // blue jeans // white sneakers  // pink crossbody bag

Outfit 4:

Distressed denim pairs perfectly with the striped rainbow sweater that has a casual yet chic appeal.

The purse adds another little pop of color and the sneakers are a perfect compliment to the look.

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 pink slip skirt // ivory cashmere cardigan //  blush heels // leather tote bag

Outfit 5:

Dressed up for an evening out or a relaxed event, this look has just the right amounts of color combined with beautiful luxurious neutrals.

 green sweater // blue jeans // nude woven mules // leather tote bag

Outfit 6:

This is a great look if you like color but not too much of it. The green sweater is the focal point and the distressed denim and neutral accessories compliment the green.

You could also easily go for a bolder colored sweater with this look like fiery red or emerald green.

Outfit 7:

The perfect combination of class and casual, the pink slip skirt and mauve sweater compliment each other and the pink purse adds extra playfulness.

The sneakers and denim jacket keep the look casual and comfortable. Want a dressier look? Swap the sneakers for nude heels and the denim jacket for a wool overcoat.

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When creating a colorful wardrobe capsule, it’s a good idea to learn about different color palettes to help you on your way. Whether you want a Kate Middleton color palette or something more bold, it’s just a google search away! 


Budget Friendly Options:

While the pieces in this mini colorful capsule wardrobe are mostly investment pieces, you can create the look with budget friendly pieces as well! 

Here are some options and every piece is under $120.

Which outfit did you like the best? Tell me about it in the comments and be sure to pin the photo below!

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