23+ Seriously Perfect Halloween Costume Ideas for Besties

Looking for cute halloween costume ideas for best friends, duos, groups, or couples? You’ll love this list of costume inspiration for 2024!

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Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for Besties

Halloween is one of my all-time favorite holidays. The spooky night is always a blast, especially when you’re able to share the fun with your besties! 

That’s why I’ve gathered a list of perfect Halloween costume ideas for best friends. From dynamic duos (like Cher and Dionne from Clueless) to cute group costume ideas that will have you winning best dressed at all your Halloween parties, these Insta-worthy costume ideas are easy to nail (or DIY).

Best Friend Halloween Costumes

Grab your ghoul-friends and read on for the best BFF costumes for women to try in 2024!

Pageant Queens

Two women dressed up as pageant queens on Halloween.

create the look:

A formal dress, bedazzled tiara, and simple gold jewelry are all you need to win pageant queen this year. I love this costume idea for best friends who want to wear something fun and unexpected. Plus, it’s a good excuse to get all dolled up!

Don’t forget a sash that clearly lets everyone know who the queen is. 

Buzz and Woody

Two women dressed up as Woody and Buzz Lightyear for Halloween.

create the look:

This Halloween, take inspo from the ultimate bestie duo – Woody and Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story Movies.  

For Buzz, you’ll need to invest in a cute Buzz suit from a costume store or DIY the costume with a green and white swimsuit and silver boots. Woody’s outfit is full-on Western! So go all out with cowboy boots, a yellow plaid top, a cowboy hat, and a big gold belt buckle. 

Black and White Swans

Two women dressed up as ballerinas from Black Swan on Halloween.

create the look:

Embrace your inner ballerina with this Halloween costume inspired by Natalie Portman’s Black Swan. You and your bestie, as the black and white swan from the movie, are sure to receive a standing ovation. All you need to nail the look is a pretty tutu and a slicked-back ballerina bun!

Daphne and Velma

Two women dress up as Velma and Daphne from Scooby Doo on Halloween.

create the look:

If your Halloween night is full of mysteries, then there’s no better duo costume than Daphne and Velma. Stick to Daphne’s signature purple and green ensemble and Velma’s love for orange. 

Bonus points for wearing wigs! Though this is also perfect if one of you is a redhead and the other is a brunette.  

Dorothy & Glinda

Two women dressed up as Dorothy and Glenda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz on Halloween.

create the look:

Dorothy is one of the best Halloween costumes of all time with her blue gingham dress and ruby red slippers. Have your bestie go as Glinda the Good Witch for a wickedly good time. All she’ll need is a tulle pink dress, glittery tights, and a crystal crown.

Austin Powers and Vanessa Kensington

Two women dressed up as Austin Powers and Vanessa Kensington on Halloween.

create the look:

Yeah baby! Recreate this couple costume with your bestie by having one of you dress up as the quirky Austin Powers and the other as Vanessa Kensington. 

For Powers, his signature blue velvet suit makes for a groovy get-up. Vanessa’s most iconic outfit from the movie is a silver mini dress and matching go-go boots, which is easy to recreate with any mod 60s-inspired dress. 

Mob Wives

Two women dressed up as mob wives on Halloween.

create the look:

The Mob Wife trend was huge in 2024, so why not channel this aesthetic for Halloween? Mob wives are all about exuding confidence and glamor—hence the oversized fur coats and pearl jewelry. Go all out with this one. 

Glinda and Elphaba

Two women dressed up as Glinda and Elphaba from Wicked on Halloween.

create the look:

Costumes from the Wizard of Oz are always a classic but feel especially timely with the release of Wicked coming out soon. A billowy black dress, broom, and hat are key to nailing Elphaba’s look, while Glinda takes a girly approach with a pretty pink dress, tiara, and magic wand.

Mario and Luigi

Two women dressed up as Maria and Luigi on Halloween.

create the look:

Grab your best friend or sister and pair up as these Nintendo icons. I love these coordinating sparkly tops, but don’t feel pressured to buy a brand-new outfit here! Any red and green ensemble will work as long as you’ve got on their signature Mario and Luigi hats.


Two women dressed up as vampires on Halloween.

create the look:

Cement your forever friendship by dressing up as vampires! 

This costume idea is fang-tastic for women who want to be a little spooky. You can dress sultry in all-black or get a Victorian-inspired dress in luxurious fabrics like lace and velvet; just be sure to pop on a set of vampire fangs and white contact lenses for a bloody good costume.


Two women dressed up as M&Ms on Halloween.

create the look:

If you want an easy and affordable Halloween costume for you and your best friend, dress up as this famous sweet treat! Get the linked t-shirts from Amazon above, or DIY the costume by painting (or sewing) a large ‘m’ on a plain t-shirt—just make sure the t-shirt is the color of an M&M. Then repeat on your bestie’s shirt. 

Style with biker shorts or leggings and cute sneakers. Bonus points if you bring M&Ms to the party!


Two women dressed up as cowgirls on Halloween.

create the look:

If you’re not sure what to wear this Halloween season, you can’t go wrong with a flirty cowgirl costume. Easy to recreate and incorporate your unique style, the look can be made with a cute mini skirt, crop top, and suede vest. Accessorize with cowboy boots, a Western hat, and a bandana. 


Two women dressed up as princesses on Halloween.

create the look:

Who doesn’t want to feel as pretty as a princess? This classic Halloween costume is always a crowd pleaser—and so much fun to do with your best friends. I love this costume idea because you can do it with your bestie or a group of girls.

You can make this look your own with any style dress (as long as it’s Princess-esc). A princess never leaves the house without her accessories! Style it with long gloves, sling-back heels, and a chic tiara for a royally good outfit.

Disco Cowgirls

Two women dressed up as disco cowgirls on halloween.

create the look:

Another direction you could take this Halloween is disco cowgirls. This retro version of a classic costume is so much fun. Throw on your favorite party dress with a pair of cowboy boots, and get ready to dance the night away!


Two women dressed up as Barbie on Halloween.

create the look:

Come on Barbie, let’s go party! The Barbiecore aesthetic is one of the easiest (and cutest) Halloween costumes for you and your bestie to recreate this year. The best part? There are endless directions to go in, as long as you wear pink! 

Take inspo from the hit movie or give a nod to the famous doll with a pink mini skirt and Barbie logo tank.

Cher and Dionne

Two women dressed as Cher and Dionne from Clueless.

create the look:

Ugh, as if you’ll find a more fashionable duo to channel this Halloween. Dress up as your fave besties from Clueless for an instantly iconic costume. There are tons of memorable looks to pull from, but this plaid moment is the most recognizable.


Two women dressed up as Superman on Halloween.

create the look:

Embrace your inner superhero with this Superwoman costume idea. This cute and empowering costume will have you and your bestie flyin’ high all night long. Pair it with a cape and red lipstick for a knockout look.

Rosie the Riveter

Two women dressed up as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween.

create the look:

This costume idea is all about girl power. And what’s stronger than female friendship? Nothing!

If you and your bestie need a last-minute costume, Rosie the Riveter is perfect and can be put together with pieces you already have in your closet. Grab your favorite jeans and pair them with a denim top in a similar shade of blue. Tie your hair up in a cute loose updo. In the poster, Rosie has on a red headband with white polka dots, but if you don’t have one, any red bandana will do the job.

Renaissance Girls

Two women dressed up as Renaissance girls on Halloween.

create the look:

Look like you’ve stepped out of a Renaissance painting with this Halloween costume. Billowy, romantic pieces reminiscent of another time period are key for achieving this look. Think Victorian-inspired corsets, puff-sleeve dresses, and flower crowns. Keep your makeup minimal and glowy, and style your hair in long, loose waves.

Cute Group Halloween Costumes

If you are celebrating halloween with a group of besties, try these super cute group costume ideas below!

Disney Princesses

Four women dressed up as Disney Princesses on Halloween.

create the look:

If you and your friends love Disney, why not dress up as your favorite princesses? While some looks like Jasmine and Ariel might require a trip to the Halloween store, you can add your own twist to other princesses like Belle and Aurora. Just be sure to wear the princess’ signature color!


Three women dressed up as colorful fairies on Halloween.

create the look:

If you’ve got two friends, show them this next costume idea! This trio Halloween costume is perfect for besties who want to feel whimsical and ethereal this spooky season. 

I love the coordinating sparkly sets in this inspo complete with magical fairy wings. Take it up a notch with glittery eyeshadow or face jewels for a pixie-perfect outfit.

80s Aerobics Girls

Three women dressed as 80s aerobics girls for Halloween.

create the look:

Work it, girls! This is one of my favorite last-minute group costume ideas that’s so cute (and comfy too)

To complete this 80s-inspired outfit, wear a colorful pair of leggings with a contrasting one-piece swimsuit on top. Add some leg warmers, chunky sneakers, and sweatbands to finish it off. As for hair and makeup, keep your makeup minimal and your hair as big and curly as possible.

F1 Pit Crew

Three women dressed up as race car pit crew on Halloween.

create the look:

This F1 Pit Crew costume idea is comin’ in hot. Grab your girls and sport matching speed racer jumpsuits. Accessorizing is easy—just throw on a red lip and some white Converse, and you’re good to go!

Spice Girls

Five women dressed up as the Spice Girls on Halloween.

create the look:

If your friend group is full of distinct personalities, there’s no better costume than the Spice Girls. Whether you want to be Posh, Sporty, Scary, Ginger, or Baby, dressing up as your designated Spice Girl is surprisingly easy! Odds are, you probably already have some of the items you need in your closet.


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