31+ It-Girl Halloween Costumes We’re Obsessing Over

Searching for cute Halloween costumes to wear in 2024? This list of costume ideas for women has classic, cute, and sexy ensembles – so there’s a Halloween costume to inspire you no matter what you’re looking for!

collage of four women wearing cute halloween costumes

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Fashionable Halloween Costumes You’ll Love

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I know I’m not alone! Maybe you love the costumes, the candy, or the haunted houses – but there’s no denying that this holiday is always a fun time!

Whether you’re getting a jump start on your costume in 2024 or looking for easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas, this list has the inspiration you need. Below are 31+ cute Halloween costumes that are fun, stylish, and perfect for Halloween in 2024!

Betty Boop

a woman dressed as betty boop

create the look:

I love this cute costume as a night-out look. 

Betty Boop is well known for her red strapless mini dress, the single garter on her leg, chunky gold earrings and bracelets, and (of course) her short hair with stunning finger waves. Classic pumps and red lips are the final touches for this costume idea, but don’t forget a sleek red or black handbag during a night on the town. 

Wonder Woman

a woman dressed as wonder woman

create the look:

Wonder Woman is an OG it-girl, so obviously, she has a spot on this list of Halloween costumes for women. Whether your plans include an office party, a night of bar hopping, or a solo adventure – a classic costume idea like this is a fantastic pick!

Lara Croft

a woman dressed as lara croft from tombraider

create the look:

I love the tough and edgy but feminine look Lara Croft has. 

I also love that you can buy or DIY this costume. If you choose to DIY, the fake gun and weapon harnesses will be easy to find online. The other pieces can be bought separately or taken from your closet and paired together to create this ensemble. 


a woman dressed as cleopatra

create the look:

When it comes to beautiful women who inspire cute Halloween costumes – Cleopatra is at the top of the list. 

I am obsessed with the costume above. It’s bold, beautiful, and unique! However, if you prefer something modest, you’ll have no problem finding a Cleopatra costume that’s as stunning but with more coverage. 


a woman dressed as a deer

create the look:

If you ask me, a deer is perfect for a cute Halloween costume! 

You can find a deer mini dress or jumpsuit costume online, but a brown bodysuit like the one above is the way to go if you want a sultry vibe. Antlers and simple face makeup easily complete this outfit, but I love the addition of a floral crown for an ultra-feminine touch. 


a woman dressed as a hippie

create the look:

I recommend a hippie costume for something fun and laid-back!

Spirit Halloween, Amazon, and Etsy always have hippie costumes and accessories stocked. But if you want to try your hand at a homemade version of this look, opt for pieces like bell bottoms, fringed tops, oversized earrings, colorful prints, floral crowns, and those classic round sunnies. 


a woman dressed as a cheetah

create the look:

Let your wild side out with a costume like this one. 

In my opinion, this timeless costume is one we can always rely on! I am in love with the jumpsuit here for the all-over cheetah print, but you can also choose a dress or bodysuit. Cat ears are essential here, and the simple face paint can be created with any black or brown cream-based makeup you have on hand. 

Aerobics Instructor

a woman dressed as an aerobics girl

create the look:

What better time than Halloween to rock a fun, vibrant look like this? A brightly patterned leotard is the perfect starting point for this, and a headband and leg warmer set complete the costume. Aim for pieces in neon colors to really nail the aesthetic here!

If you know it will be cold out or want more coverage, layer bright leggings under the leotard. 

Coquette Cupid

a woman dressed as cupid

create the look:

The next costume idea is one of my favorites! It’s cute, it’s girly, it’s fun – what’s not to love about it?

This DIY costume has such an effortless and elegant aesthetic – and luckily, it’s not hard to recreate the look! Find a romantic, soft pink mini or midi dress and pair it with dainty white wings. A bow with heart-shaped arrows is the perfect addition to this costume, and the floral hair accessories are a sweet touch, too. 

I also recommend adding heart-shaped earrings, bracelets, or necklaces to this costume for an elevated aesthetic. 

Black Swan

a woman dressed as a black swan

create the look:

I love how this costume has a darker vibe but is still feminine and gorgeous! 

All-black is obviously the way to go here, and a corset top, tulle mini skirt, ballet shoes, and long gloves are the main components for this monochromatic costume. The tiara is so cute, although black feather hair clips are a great alternative. 

20s Flapper

a woman dressed as a 20s flapper girl

create the look:

Whether you’re going to a Roaring 20s-themed Halloween party or just looking for a stunning, timeless costume, this is an excellent choice. I would recommend buying this costume, and there are plenty of options online so you can find a look that fits your desired aesthetic. 

Disco Cowgirl

a woman dressed as a disco cowgirl

create the look:

If you love standing out from the crowd, this bright and bold Halloween costume is the perfect option for you. 

Embrace your inner cowgirl with classic Daisy Dukes, a cowgirl hat, and boots! Of course, metallic pieces, fringe details, and shimmering accents like crystals, glitter, and sequins are essential for the disco part here. The pink top is perfect for breaking up the metallic-on-metallic look while keeping it girly and fun!


a woman dressed as a ghostbuster

create the look:

You really can’t go wrong with a costume from a classic Halloween movie like Ghostbusters. This would also be perfect for a last-minute costume. Pair the jumpsuit with combat boots or Chelsea boots for an easy, finished look.  

Wind-Up Doll

a woman dressed as a wind up doll

create the look:

Slightly spooky but still cute and stylish – this costume idea is perfect for trick or treating, a house party, or anything in between. 

Any white eyelet or lace dress will do here. The essential details are the doll-like face makeup and the wind-up key, which can be made with household objects and gold spray paint.

Freddy Kruger

a woman dressed as freddy kruger

create the look:

Freddy Kruger is a classic horror villain, and his outfit is easy to re-imagine into a sexy Halloween costume for women!

The striped top is a must here, as are the fedora and claws. I adore the mini skirt and sheer black tights here, but some alternatives are black denim shorts, jeans, or leggings.

Princess Diaries

a woman dressed as mia from princess diaries

create the look:

Who doesn’t love The Princess Diaries? Dress up as the Princess of Genovia with a strapless white gown, combat boots, and long white gloves!  Of course, don’t forget the tiara and headphones (and sunglasses if you’ll be wearing this out during the day). 

Mob Wife

a woman dressed as a mob wife

create the look:

Mob wife is one of the most recent aesthetics we’ve seen in 2024, so this look is one of my top suggestions for an on-trend Halloween costume. Going big and bold is the key to achieving this aesthetic – so think animal prints, lace, fur coats, red and black bodycon dresses, and big jewelry. 


a woman dressed as cher from clueless

create the look:

Do you think I’d make a list of cute Halloween costume ideas and leave Cher Horowitz off? As if! 

It’s easy to find Cher’s iconic yellow plaid matching set, so all you’ll need to complete the look is over-the-knee white stockings and white or black block-heeled pumps.


a woman dressed as barbie

create the look:

Not only is Barbie a nostalgic toy for many of us, but the classic character made her way back into our hearts in 2023 after the hit Barbie film. Her roller skating outfit is one of my favorite looks from the movie, and it definitely makes for an easy but fun Halloween costume!

Sexy Bo Peep

a woman dressed as a sexy bo peep

create the look:

Put a sexy twist on Little Bo Peep with a lacy corset top, a mini skirt, and bow-embellished sheer stockings! The hair bow and pearl necklace are fantastic additions, but I think a shepherd’s staff would take this costume to the next level!

Sandra Dee

a woman dressed as sandra dee from grease

create the look:

I think we’ve all wanted to rock Sandra Dee’s bad girl look at one point or another – and Halloween is a perfect time to do so! 

I suggest buying this costume to ensure the look is just right. And for any non-blondes – don’t worry! Sandra Dee wigs can be found on Amazon for an affordable price.

Stylish Witch

a woman dressed as a stylish witch

create the look:

The days of ugly witches are done – beautiful and stylish witches are taking over in 2024! Pair trendy black pieces with colorful stockings, and finish the look with a classic witch’s hat and gorgeous jewelry.


a woman dressed as a mermaid

create the look:

I love this simple but sexy mermaid costume! A seashell top and scale-covered skirt are all you need for this look, but I recommend finishing the costume with beachy waves and ocean-inspired jewelry and accessories.


a woman dressed as spiderman

create the look:

Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes of all time, and a suit like the one above can be found online for an easy costume pick. You can also opt for a Spider-Girl or Ghost Spider costume.

Princess Leia

a woman dressed as princess leia from star wars

create the look:

Princess Leia has more than one iconic look in Star Wars, but this one has to be my favorite! It’s simple, beautiful, and perfect for a group, family, or couples outfit! 

Sailor Moon

a woman dressed as sailor moon

create the look:

Something I love about Sailor-Moon-inspired costumes is how many options there are. 

Whether you want to be Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, or Sailor Mercury, you can definitely find a costume that fits your aesthetic! This is another one I recommend if you’re looking for a group costume with friends.


a woman dressed as cinderella

create the look:

Of course, Cinderella deserves a spot on this list of cute Halloween costumes!

I love the silver heels here instead of a plastic clear shoe. A headband, white gloves, and the black choker are gorgeous and perfectly complete this royally cute look!


a woman dressed as an angel

create the look:

Here’s another costume that’s easy to put together and works as a last-minute idea!

You can pair any white pieces together for this look, but I love the silky skirt and other feminine pieces for this costume. Then, add some angel wings, and you’ll be ready to go for Halloween.

Space Cowgirl

a woman dressed as a space cowgirl

create the look:

If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world Halloween costume idea – a space cowgirl is totally worth considering! For this one, you can put together a playful and bold Western-inspired outfit, adding metallic pieces and a futuristic faux laser gun for the space vibes. 


a woman dressed as a ballerina

create the look:

A ballerina is simple and timeless when it comes to cute Halloween costumes. I’m obsessed with pink for that classic, feminine ballerina aesthetic, but you can also choose white and nude-toned pieces.


a woman dressed as princess belle from beauty and the beast

create the look:

I am in love with the modern look of Belle’s dress here – it’s perfect for a night of walking and dancing! The details here are perfect, although I’d swap the rose for a rose-embellished handbag for a night out in this costume.


a woman dressed as a fairy

create the look:

And last but not least is a stunning, whimsical fairy costume.

The pastel outfit and butterflies instantly add a fairy vibe, and florals or a flower crown would also be great here. Of course, no fairy costume would be complete without wings!


Dressing up for Halloween is one of the best parts of the holiday! I hope this list of cute Halloween costumes for women helps you find the perfect outfit to wear in October 2024.

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