7 Summer 2024 Fashion Trends We Are 100% Here For

Keeping an eye out for the top summer trends in 2024? I’ve got you covered with this list of summer fashion trends that will have you looking flawless this season!

collage of four women wearing summer outfits featuring the hottest summer trends for 2024 - stripes, butter yellow ,sky blue, and white dresses

7 Hottest Summer Fashion Trends for 2024

Warm summer days call for a shift in our wardrobe – any coats, cardigans, or heavy clothes left over from transitional spring can finally be stored away as shorts, tanks, and sundresses dominate! And as we make those final wardrobe changes in anticipation of the incoming hot weather, it’s also a perfect time to get ahead of the hottest summer fashion trends.  

If you’ve been searching for the newest summer trends, look no further! I’ve done the research and found the on-trend colors, details, silhouettes, and more that we can all expect to see plenty of in summer 2024.

Scroll on to see what made the list and get inspiration for all your cute summer OOTDs! 

1. Butter Yellow

(@syd_anastasia_, @monikh, @sasha.mei)

If you’re like me, you weren’t surprised to see this one on the list! Butter yellow has been all over my social media lately, as this shade has become more and more popular.

This color is perfect if you want to invite some sunshine into your life (a must in the summertime), but it also moonlights as a neutral shade that pairs flawlessly with both light and dark tones. I adore the matching sets above for a bright and minimal summer outfit, but there are plenty of ways to add pops of this vibrant shade to your looks. 

Wear a butter yellow top with classic blue jean shorts, pair a butter yellow purse with a little white dress, or add a butter yellow blazer as the finishing touch to a chic outfit. 

2. Floral Details

(@carolinadidonna, @darjabarannik, @lateciat)

Florals for summer hardly seem like a new trend, but this fashion element has a fresh and modern look in 2024. Roses, in particular, will be making headlines this summer, but you can’t go wrong with any floral embellishment or pattern. And according to Elle, any bold look with flowers will be a hit – so think 3D florals, large floral prints, and vibrant colors. 

I think dresses and flowers are a match made in fashion heaven, but you can incorporate this trend in dozens of ways. A 3D floral blouse, floral printed midi skirts, and even florals on accessories like purses and shoes will be perfect for summer 2024. 

3. Soft White Dresses

(@style.your.occasion, @dawn.tan, @stepholejn)

Most of us associate summer with bright colors, but in 2024, soft white dresses will be a hot fashion pick. This trend is simple, sophisticated, and very versatile so you can rock this look whether you prefer casual or formal, short or long, and daring or minimal. 

For this, I recommend avoiding stark white and opting for softer shades like ivory and eggshell instead. I also think that neutral accessories work best for this trend, so you can look chic and put-together while allowing the white dress to be the star of the outfit. 

4. Sporty Chic

(@jessalizzi, @pollyvsayer, @cheriedari)

Sporty chic is back – and in a big way! 

I love the effortless vibe that comes with the country club aesthetic, and it’s a great style for warm summer months. Tennis skirts, polo tees, sneakers, baseball caps, sweatshirts, and sweatsuit bottoms can easily be mixed and matched for a laid-back but still polished look.

This is another trend that works well with a neutral color palette, although pastels would be cute as well. Don’t forget to add dainty gold jewelry and a sleek handbag as the finishing touches to your sporty chic outfit. 

5. High Contrast Stripes

(@style.your.occasion, @alexandra_sage, @evatormy)

In my opinion, Marinière stripes instantly add a beach-day vibe to any outfit! And according to Elle magazine, they’re here to stay in the summer of 2024. The classic blue and white stripes are perfect for days spent relaxing by the ocean or pool. But really, any high-contrast colors will work for this summer fashion trend.

Editor-in-chief Christal creates an effortlessly elevated yet laid-back ensemble with a timeless striped sweater, and I also love the look of a blue striped button-up as a beach cover-up. Still, you can choose a striped dress, skirt, blazer, and more to rock this trend.

6. Sky Blue

(@irinarabary, @sarahtey_, @carolinewilliamswood)

Another pastel shade that’s making waves in summer fashion is sky blue! This pretty pastel is fresh, calm, and youthfuland what could be more fitting for a summer fashion trend? 

A monochromatic outfit is always a hit (if you ask me), like the two-piece sky-blue set above (here’s a great set with shorts and a button-up). Alternatively, a light blue dress is girly, playful, and effortless. Or you can stick with a sky-blue tank, blouse, or t-shirt for something you can easily pair with other pieces all summer long! 

7. Sheer Skirts

(@carolinewilliamswood, @mvikyt, @laurajung)

And finally, sheer skirts will be a daring but undeniably chic trend we’ll see in summer 2024!

A simple sheer skirt is a stunning pick for this trend, but you can play around with lace or sheer skirts with a pattern (floral, stripes, etc.). And while I love classic white here, don’t be afraid to mix things up with a colorful skirt. No matter what you choose, this stylish piece will transform your outfit into a youthful, bold, and feminine ensemble. Plus, it’s perfect for a beach day cover-up or poolside look. 

For a more modest aesthetic, I recommend layering sheer skirts, choosing an oversized top for extra coverage, or wearing shorts underneath. 


I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the top fashion trends for summer 2024! Whether you try one or all of these trends, your outfits are sure to turn heads all season. 


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