What To Wear To A Winery + Chic Wine Tasting Outfits

Headed to a vineyward in 2024 and need the perfect winery outfit? Learn exactly what to wear to a winery and wine tasting in spring, summer, and fall!

collage of four women wearing stylish outfits at a winery

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What To Wear To A Winery 101

There’s nothing quite like the hills of Tuscany, the Napa valley, or the lakeside of the Okanagan, along with other beautiful places referred to as “wine country”. If you are planning a trip to any of these destinations (or others), you are in for a big treat.

When visiting wineries you might want to tour the vineyards and learn about wine making, enjoy a wine tasting, or a delicious meal on the terrace. Whatever your plans, you’ll definitely want to make sure you are wearing the right winery outfit.

image of a woman in a floral midi dress with a sun hat holding a glass of wine at a winery

Things To Consider

When you are deciding on winery outfits, you’ll will want to consider a few important factors;

  • the season/weather – will it be hot, warm, cool, or rainy?
  • the type of winery – is it casual or more upscale?
  • the occasion – are you just visiting, or are you attending an event like a winery wedding?

For instance, if you are going to a winery in the summer you’ll want to wear lightweight breathable clothing that is stylish and flattering. If visiting a small boutique winery, you can wear a more casual outfit. On the other hand, if you are going to a high-end, upscale winery you’ll want to dress up for the occasion.

In the fall and winter it might be too cold for a dress, so you can opt for pants, ankle boots, and a nice sweater instead (see wear to a winery in the fall)!

Read on to get chic winery outfits, learn what to wear wine tasting, and see some wine tasing outfits too! 

Chic Winery Outfits To Copy

In the spring and the summer, we recommend going with light, airy clothing options that are minimal, chic, and comfortable. Unless you are going to a casual, small family-owned winery, you’ll find the overall vibe is often more upscale and people will dress slightly more formal. Here are some of our favorite winery outfits for 2024!

strapless top, trousers + sandals

woman wearing a black strapless top with white trousers and black sandals at a winery

get the look:

This winery outfit is chic, minimal, and has a refined feel. It’s perfect for wandering through the vineyards (flat shoes are the best choice if you’ll be “off-roading”), and sitting down for a post-wine-tour lunch.

Bring along a basket bag for your essentials, and extra room to pack a couple bottles of wine home with you! 

feminine midi dress.

woman wearing a black midi dress with a straw hat and sandals as a chic winery outfit

get the look:

A pretty midi dress is the perfect balance between casual and dressy. Therefore, it can be the perfect wine tasting outfit and be comfortable enough for a tour around the vineyard.

Style a midi dress with a pair of comfortable flat sandals for a casual winery trip. Or, dress it up with heeled sandals and a designer crossbody bag (hands free!) for a top-rated winery visit.

Go for classic black, or opt for a floral midi dress if you prefer a splash of color. 

flowy maxi dress.

two women at a winery wearing printed maxi slip dresses

get the look:

One of our favorite winery outfits is a pretty maxi dress. If you are headed to a luxury winery or a wedding at a winery in the summer, a maxi dress is the perfect go-to. It is light and airy enough for hot weather, but is formal and chic for a fancy occasion.

Go with a nice pair of comfortable heeled sandals (or ankle boots in the fall) and dainty accessories to elevate the look. Remember, less is more. Let the maxi dress be the statement piece and keep everything else to a minimum.

pleated shorts + tank top

woman wearing a black tank with long white pleated shorts and black kitten heel sandals at a winery

get the look:

When the weather is really warm and you plan to do everything from a wine tour, to tasting, to lunch, shorts and a blouse or tank top is a great combo. If you choose a pair of nice tailored shorts, such as paperbag shorts or linen shorts, you can dress up the outfit and still be appropriately dressed for an upscale winery.

Throw on a pair of comfortable heeled sandals, flat mules, or flat sandals, and bring along a brimmed woven hat for extra sun protection.

Midi skirt + tank top.

woman wearing a tan body suit with a brown silk slip skirt and tan sandals

get the look:

A midi skirt and a minimal tank top can look very classy and elevated for a casual day exploring wineries or a tasting at an upscale estate.

You can opt for a breezy linen skirt with a simple tank top for something lightweight and casual. On the other hand, you can go dressier with a silk midi slip skirt and camisole for a wine tasting followed by dinner.

casual winery outfit with denim

image of a woman standing on a sidewalk in front of flower bushes wearing a white blouse, blue jeans, and a woven hat

get the look:

Visiting a casual family-run winery, or a farm winery calls for a more casual outfit. Don’t be afraid to pair jeans with a cute top, and comfortable slides. 

We love this California-chic look that would be great for exploring the smaller wineries in Napa Valley!

co-ord set.

woman wearing a butter yellow silk pant set at a winery

get the look:

Butter yellow is the color of the season, so why not wear it to a winery in the form of a silky set like the one on Hannah above? If yellow isn’t your color, you can easily go with a subtle neutral co-ord set or one in a simple print. 

Either way, this classy combo is sure to look chic at your next spring or summer winery visit. 

Stylish Wine Tasting Outfits

When taking in a wine tasting, you’ll want to dress smart and comfortably. Many wineries have an upscale atmosphere so err on the side of caution and go with more tailored and polished pieces.

Take a look at our fave wine tasting outfits below! 

blouse + palazzo pants

woman wearing a colorful blouse with wide leg palazzo pants holding a glass of wine

get the look:

This look is elegant and fresh, making it perfect for a winery visit in the spring or summer. The heeled sandals and flowy pants make the outfit dressy enough for lunch or dinner at an estate winery.

But, the pants ensemble is also casual enough for a relaxed wine tour at a boutique winery.  Not to mention, palazzo pants are very versatile and work for all kinds of occasions.

full skirt + tank top.

woman wearing a black tank top, tan belt, and full white cotton maxi skirt with brown sandals

get the look:

This stunning winery-appropriate outfit has old money vibes, and we love it!

Pair a full skirt (a big summer 2024 trend), with a basic ribbed tank top and brown slide sandals. Add a lightweight knit tied around your shoulders and you’ll be ready for an estate winery tasting (just be careful when sipping the red wine with the white skirt!)

ribbed sweater dress.

image of a woman wearing a brown sweater dress and sunglasses

get the look:

For a wine tasting on a cooler day or evening, try a ribbed sweater dress. Pair the dress with kitten heel sandals, or try ankle boots. Add a leather or suede jacket for an extra layer in the early spring or fall. 

When it comes to wine tasting outfits, we love a sweater dress with a wrap style or a body con style, as they are both chic and flattering!

elevated in jeans.

woman wearing a cream vest over a knit t-shirt with jeans, and white ankle boots at a wine tasting

get the look:

For a casual trip to the winery, try a wine tasting outfit with jeans, and elevate the look with ankle boots and a nice knit top. We love this casual-chic outfit that would be perfect for a wine tasting in the fall. 

Make this outfit work for spring or summer by losing the vest and swapping the boots for simple heeled sandals. 

country girl.

woman wearing a puff sleeve white mini dress with cowboy boots at a winery

get the look:

Mosey up to the wine tasting bar in this cute puff-sleeve white mini dress and a pair of cowboy boots. The cowgirl-vibe is a big trend and works perfectly for a summer trip to a casual winery. 

What To Wear To a Winery Wedding

A wedding at a winery is a perfect opportunity to get all dolled up. As a matter of fact, most wineries that host weddings are on the luxury side of the spectrum and have a beautiful estate to explore.

Below are some great winery outfit ideas for a stunning vineyard wedding:

satin slip dress.

image of a woman in a dark blush satin dress sitting at a table drinking a glass of wine

get the look:

Next on the list of wedding winery outfits, a satin slip dress is classy, chic, and definitely sexy. Simply put, paired with simple heels, and touches of  jewelry, this is a perfect outfit to wear to an upscale estate winery wedding.

Opt for black for a classic look, or add a little splash of color with it and go with a pretty pastel hue like the dress on Julia above.

little black dress.

woman at a winery wearing a black midi dress with metallic heels

get the look:

You can truly never go wrong with a little black dress, and a winery outfit is no exception . Especially if you are attending a winery wedding. A classic black midi dress in a linen, satin, or knit fabric can be a perfect go-to for a wedding that at an estate winery. 

Pair it with some neutral sandal heels and dainty accessories and you’ll be good to go!

What Not To Wear To A Winery

Now that we’ve given you a full range of outfit ideas and what to wear, let’s quickly cover what not to wear to a winery, whether its a small laid-back farm winery or a fancy estate winery.

  • Flip flops. Not only are flip flops overly casual, they are also not very sturdy and don’t make the best walking shoe if you are heading on a wine tour.
  • Sneakers. In general sneakers are a bit too casual for a winery. Although some people will still wear them, we suggest leaving them at home and going with a dressier shoe option.
  • Pumps with pointy heels. As mentioned earlier, pumps with pointed heels can easily get stuck in the grass or ground when walking around the vineyard. Choose shoes with a block heel or wedge heel instead.
  • Athletic wear. This includes leggings, joggers, sweatpants, hoodies, and other items you’d wear to work out or lounge in. They are too casual and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb at the winery wearing this style of clothing.
  • Optional: A handheld bag/purse. When it comes to a bag or purse you’ll want something with a long strap to wear over your shoulder or as a crossbody. In short, you’ll be holding a wine glass for much of the time, going with something hands-free is ideal!
woman wearing a black dress at a winery

Winery Outfit FAQ’s

Below are a couple of commonly asked questions about winery attire to help you along your way!

What shoes do you wear to a winery?

When visiting a winery you can wear sandals, mules, loafers, ballet flats, boots, and certain types of heels. But, you’ll want to consider a few things when deciding on the right pair.

  • If you are going on a wine tour through the vineyards you will want to make sure you have flat or block-heeled footwear. Avoid high, pointy heels as they can get stuck in the ground as you walk.
  • Wine tours tend to be quite long, and you’ll be standing most of the time, so prioritize comfort!

Additionally, we recommend you avoid sneakers and flip flops as they are both often too casual for a winery setting.

woman at a winery wearing a tan fedora, black dress, and black cowboy boots

Is it okay to wear jeans to a winery?

It depends! You can easily wear jeans to a casual winery, especially a farm winery that grows crops alongside grapes. Many wineries are very laid-back and do not have a dress code. So it’s not unusual to see the owners wearing overalls or work-wear as they are in and out of the fields.

On the other hand, estate wineries, or those with an upscale or high-end atmosphere, may have a dress code that doesn’t allow jeans. Therefore, it’s best to check if there is a dress code ahead of time to be on the safe side.

If you are really set on wearing jeans to a fancier winery, go for a dark wash or black jeans without any rips, as they have a dressier look than light wash or distressed jeans.


We hope you have enjoyed this very thorough post on what to wear to a winery! No matter what time of year you are planning, where you will go (there’s even great wineries in Ohio!), or what kind of winery you’ll tour, you can be confident with winery outfit ideas and wine tasting outfits that are classy, elevated, and chic.


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