7 Hottest Summer Nail Trends for 2024 You Can’t Miss

Are you looking for the top summer nail trends in 2024? You have to see my list of the hottest designs for summer nails that will dominate this season!

collage of four hands with summer nail trend designs including butter yellow, green chrome, cherry nail art, and 3d mermaid art

7 Hottest Summer Nail Trends for 2024

Summer is fast approaching, and this season is the perfect time to add bright colors and fun designs to your daily looks! If you’re looking for the top summer nail trends in 2024, you’ve come to the right place. 

Below are the top trends we can expect to see this summer. So scroll down to find the trend (or trends) you’ll be rocking in summer 2024!

1. Butter Yellow

Butter yellow is already a hot color in 2024 as one of the top pastels to wear this spring! And there are no signs of slowing when it comes to this bright, golden shade, so the butter nails trend is poised to be huge this summer.

I love this shade as a vibrant addition to any ensemble. It’s a great pick for beach days and tropical getaways and pairs well with any aesthetic. I recommend butter-yellow Frenchies with a chrome finish for an elegant look. Alternatively, you can opt for floral designs, gem accents, and swirling details for a playful summer vibe. 

2. 3D Art & Accents

Next on this list of summer nail trends are 3D accents and nail art. Cosmo and Elle have named puffy nail art and 3D decals as nail trends to expect this summer, respectively.

We’ve already seen a rise in these three-dimensional designs, with charm details, pearl accents, crystal embellishments, and 3D art becoming more and more popular over the last few months. Now, these bold details will dominate the nail world in summer 2024. Whether you love fairy core, mermaid-inspired nails, cute coquette, or timeless designs – 3D details are perfect for upgrading your mani!

3. Green Chrome

As Bustle puts it, “green chrome nails are slowly but surely taking over.

Green has always been a summer shade, from emerald to kiwi to lime green! Since this season is associated with nature, growth, and abundance – it makes sense why all shades of green are fitting for a summer mani. But this year, a chrome finish will add a bold and modern feel to this color. 

And green chrome can be taken in any direction, making it perfectly versatile. I think brighter shades of green are great for a fun summer outfit, while soft or deep shades of green will add an elevated feel to your looks. Plus, you can choose a simple design (like a classic mani or timeless French tips) or play around with floral nail art, swirl details, or ocean-inspired accents for a bolder aesthetic.  

4. Milky Neutrals

For timeless, trendy, simple nails – neutral milky manicures are the way to go this summer. Milky neutrals have recently been spotted on some of the most iconic women in fashion, meaning this already popular nail aesthetic will be the top choice for minimal and on-trend nails. 

Some neutral shades we should expect to see include nude or nude pink, peach, white, cream, beige, and greige. I love pairing milky neutrals with elegant ensembles to achieve the ever-popular old-money aesthetic. Still, I recommend adding gold foil, gem details, or subtle French tips to spice this design up for a playful summer look. 

5. Pearly Finishes

Summer is the season for ocean-inspired looks – which is why pearly finishes on manicures will be having a moment in summer 2024!

If you ask me, this summer nail trend is the perfect mix of elegant, bold, and playful. A pearly finish is so stunning and refined, and it definitely adds a mermaidcore vibe to any summer outfit.

I love the swirl details we see in pearly nail designs, but you can also keep it clean and simple with a shimmering white pearl manicure, like the one pictured to the right. This minimal mermaidcore look is a must-try for a summer wedding or special event. While the designs with color and fun accents are great for pool days!

6. Cherry Nail Art

Fruit nail art and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. But in 2024, cherries will be the fruit to flaunt!

Dainty but vibrant red cherries add some serious feminine charm to any outfit, so I suggest choosing a mani like this for a summer BBQ, a pool day with friends, or a beach date with your SO. 

And while cherry nail art is always classic, I love the modern and glamorous twist by opting for red gem details instead of nail polish. 

7. Dripped French Tips

Dripped French tips are dripping in elegance and style. According to Cosmo, dripping Frenchies are the modern and trendy spin on this old classic, and anything from bright metallics to bold rainbow shades will be perfect for summer. 

I recommend opting for neutrals or metallic tones for an elevated look that can pair with any summer ensemble. But vibrant shades are a great choice to add a splash of color or as a playful mani for a summer event. 

Whether you choose green chrome or milky neutral nails, these nail trends will have you summer-ready and in style in 2024!


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