24+ Gorgeous Coral Peach Nails You’ll Love for 2024

Get ready for summer with this gorgeous shade of coral peach! I have 24+ coral peach nails, peach nails, coral peach ombre nails, & coral gel nails that are perfect to wear in 2024!

Pinterest collage of four hands with different coral peach nail designs

Originally published May 26, 2023 – Updated November 15, 2024

Gorgeous Coral Peach Nails

Summer is almost here, and as the weather warms up, I’m looking forward to manicures that include bold, vibrant colors and playful patterns!

There’s no doubt that coral peach is one of the best shades for this time of year. The blend of peachy orange tones with bright pink creates a daring and captivating color that’s sure to turn heads all season long. 

So if you’re looking for a bright and fun nail design to show off this gorgeous shade or a bold mani for days at the beach, I have the perfect nail inspiration for you. From simple and chic designs to bold nails with glitter and gold, I have nail designs on my list for any style and every occasion!

Cute Color Block Nails

A hand with short round nails painted in a color block design with coral peach polish and yellow polish

I’m starting my list of coral peach nail designs with a simple but bold manicure! If you ask me, coral peach and bright yellow scream summer, so these two shades are perfect for a summertime nail design that you can show off during a day at the pool or a night on the town. 

Nude Pink + Coral Peach Polish

A hand with short round nude nails painted with a coral peach polish featuring solid colored nails and half painted nails

Soft coral peach also looks stunning with a nude pink base. I love the combo of bare nails with painted nails and the color-blocked accent nails.

I recommend adding some sparkle with silver details or glitter if you want this mani to stand out even more, although it’s so stunning as is!

Coral Peach + White Waves

A hand with square nude pink nails painted in peach, coral peach, and white waves

Nude nails with white, peach, and coral swirls are simple but so beautiful. In my opinion, this nail design is definitely office-friendly but still playful enough to wear out to the beach this summer. 

Peach & Coral French Tips w/ Waves

A hand with short almond nails painted a milky white color with peach and coral peach French tips and a wave accent nail

Peachy coral French tips and wavy accents are another minimal manicure perfect for adding color and flair to your look. I think the nude pink base works so well with the other shades and helps them pop even more.

It also adds a subtle feminine touch to these nails that I can’t get enough of!

Is coral a good nail color?

Coral is an excellent color for nails! This shade is vibrant and playful, and has a warm and summery vibe, making it the perfect choice for beach vacations and pool parties! Plus, coral is so versatile – you can wear it with a classic French manicure or something more daring. 

I recommend pairing this shade with bold patterns, glitter, or gold accents for a fun beach day manicure. But if you want something more understated and sophisticated, opt for timeless French tips, a subtle ombre, or a classic solid-colored mani with this gorgeous shade. 

Coral Peach Ombre Nails w/ French Tip + Glitter

A hand with long square nails painted with coral peach polish, white French tips, and chunky pink and coral glitter

I love a good ombre nail design, and chunky glitter is another gorgeous way to add some flair to any manicure. I would love to sport these coral peach coffin nails on a day out on the town or at the beach – the glitter will shimmer in the sun, and this gorgeous shade will definitely stand out!

Speckled Coral Peach Nails

A hand with medium square nails painted coral peach with a glitter topcoat

If you’re looking for coral gel nails that are simple but still eye-catching, go for a speckled nail design like this. Coral peach is gorgeous and bright, and I think the speckled texture adds an alluring touch.

Abstract Coral Peach Nails w/ White Accents

A hand with short square nude pink nails with abstract spots of coral peach and peach polish, outlined in wavy white lines

In my experience, simple but chic is always a good way to go when it comes to having a beautiful manicure! Abstract spots of coral and peach look stunning as a subtle ombre across the nails, and white is the perfect color to add accent lines and make this nail design pop even more!

Blue Glitter + Coral Peach

A hand with long almond nails, two painted a coral peach nail color and three painted in chunky blue glitter

Blue and coral peach is a gorgeous color combo, and I love how the nail artist used blue glitter instead of regular polish to add a playful touch to this mani. These colors will have you summer-ready in no time, and this design is a must for a weekend getaway in 2024!

Classic Colorful Mani

A hand with short round nails painted a soft coral peach color

If you’re a fan of simple manicures, you can always come back to the classic painted nails. I love this shade for a classic mani since it’s feminine and vibrant, so you can keep it minimal without sacrificing style or that bright summer aesthetic!

Peachy Coral Polish w/ Gold Details

A hand with short square nails painted coral peach with a gold stripe on each fingernail

If you ask me, gold looks so amazing paired with coral peach nails, and this is an easy way to elevate your manicure. These warm colors are perfect for summer days, and the gold adds an elegant touch that makes this nail design work for both casual and formal events.

I would wear this to a summer wedding for something fun but sophisticated.

Bright Coral Peach & Silver Glitter

A hand with short round nails painted coral peach with one silver glitter accent nail

If you’re more of a silver girlie, don’t worry! Silver accents look just as incredible as gold with this vibrant shade.

I love how the warm tone of the coral peach paired with cool-toned silver glitter helps make this mani pop. This is a nail design that I would wear anywhere from a day of errand running to a night on the town. 

Coral Peach Nails + Matte Flowers

A hand with long square nails painted with coral peach polish and two matte pink nails with coral peach flower art and gold accents

Allure magazine listed 3D nail art as one of the best trends of 2023. As they said, “It brings nail art to life because it adds dimension and texture.” I definitely agree and I don’t see this trend going away anytime soon, so expect to see more 3D designs like the one above in 2024!

This blend of peach and coral is perfect for lovely 3D floral art like this. And I love the combo of matte pink nails with glossy coral peach. The gold accents in the flowers are another chic touch, and I recommend adding gold details to the glossy nails for a bolder look. 

Coral Peach Ombre Nails

A hand with long round nails painted in a nude and coral peach ombre

In my opinion, this lovely pinky peach hue is so perfect for a summer ombre. The blend of coral peach and glossy nude is elegant but still bright and colorful, making it a perfect mani for anywhere from the office to the beach!

Yellow + Coral Peach w/ Floral Art

A hand with medium round nails painted with white polish with yellow and coral peach flowers, and two accent nails painted in solid colors

Coral peach and golden yellow are so gorgeous together, especially in floral nail art like this. I love the pops of blue for a vibrant touch, and the solid-colored yellow accent nails make for an alluring manicure. 

Matte Peach Coral Nails w/ Zebra Print

A hand with short square nails painted a nude coral peach color and two accent nails with white and black zebra stripes

I love seeing a vivid shade paired with a classic black-and-white zebra print! In my experience, black and white are perfect for balancing out a bold color – but the animal print still matches the daring aesthetic of this shade. 

I suggest sticking to the matte finish for a sophisticated look or go for gloss if you want a playful mani!

Coral Peach + Nude Nails w/ Floral Accents

A hand with long almond nails painted a coral peach color with two floral art accent nails

I think we all can agree that flowers and summer go hand in hand, and coral peach is the perfect color to complement a lovely floral nail design like this. I love the addition of the dark green leaves for a bit of contrast against the bright colors, and you can easily add some gold accents if you prefer a sparkling manicure!

Peachy Coral Nail Polish & White Daisies

A hand with long almond nails painted with a coral peach nail polish and with accent nails featuring white flowers

I think long almond nails are always the perfect canvas for gorgeous daisies, and the white flowers look stunning with the coral peach background. If you want a more intricate design, I recommend adding white waves to the solid-colored nails, or you can leave it as is for something simple but summer-ready!

Pineapples, Coral Peach + White Accents

A hand with long coral peach, almond nails featuring different designs such as white polka dots, white stripes, and pineapple nail art

Speaking of summer-ready, I can’t get over how cute this nail design above is! According to In Style magazine, fruit nails “are bright, fun, and creative – in other words, inherently summer.” And I couldn’t have said it better myself. 

So it goes without saying that this manicure with pineapple nail art has the perfect summer vibes! I adore the combo of white polka dots and stripes; it makes this nail design so playful and pairs perfectly with such a vibrant shade like coral peach!

Gold Glitter + Coral Peach Nails

A hand with short almond nails painted with coral peach polish and two gold glitter accent nails

Pink and gold glitter is absolutely stunning when paired with this rich pinky peach shade! I love how this design is so simple but would work well with any outfit. It’s warm, bold, and definitely fun – which is everything you could want in a summer nail design. 

Classic Frenchies + Coral Peach Flowers

A hand with medium almond nails painted with white French tips and two coral peach accent flowers with gold gems

You can also use coral peach to upgrade a simple and timeless French manicure. If you ask me, nude pink is the perfect base color to make both the white French tips and the coral peach flowers stand out, while the gold gem accents are the perfect finishing touch!

Coral Peach Zebra Stripes

A hand with short round nails painted in a zebra print with coral peach and pastel green nail polish

Coral peach is a perfect shade for bright, neon zebra print. Animal print is bold and fun, making this nail art perfect for such a bright shade. I would definitely rock this nail design during a day trip to the pool or my favorite beach!

Coral Peach French Mani w/ Wave Accents & Heart Detail

A hand with medium nude almond nails painted in coral peach French tips with white and coral peach wave accent nails with a heart detail

Since coral peach has a strong pink undertone, this hue is an excellent choice for a feminine and flirty nail design like this. I love how the French tips and wave accents keep it classy, while heart details add a romantic feel that I just adore. 

I recommend choosing a manicure like this for a date night at your favorite beachside restaurant!

Peach + Coral Acrylic Nails w/ Grapefruit Nail Art

A hand with long almond nails painted a nude pink with peach and coral peach French tips and grapefruit nails art

Peach and coral are gorgeous when paired together, and these shades are also perfect to pair with cute grapefruit nail art. I think the long nails are perfect for big and bold nail art like this.

If you want to add another playful touch, I suggest going for gold glitter accents. 

Pastel Pink + Peachy Coral French Tips

A hand with medium almond nails painted with pink and coral peach French tips

I love the way that soft pink and peachy coral complement each other in these coral gel nails. This color pairing is a match made in color heaven – it’s cute and feminine and perfect for a bright but elegant nail design.

In my experience, a manicure like this is a great way to add some color to your everyday looks while keeping it simple.

It’s always fun to add such a vivid and rich color to your nails – whether you prefer simple nail designs or bold and intricate ones! This shade is a must if you want an eye-catching, playful, and feminine shade for summer in 2024.


I hope this list of gorgeous coral peach nails has been helpful and that you’ve found the perfect inspiration for your next trip to the nail salon!


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