27+ Stunning Burnt Orange Nails with a Cozy Vibe

Searching for a gorgeous nail color with a cozy vibe for 2024? You’ll love this list of 27+ burnt orange nails including burnt orange nails with glitter, fall burnt orange nail designs, and more!

collage of four hands with burnt orange nail designs

Stunning Burnt Orange Nails

Have you been on the hunt for a chic nail color with warm and cozy vibes? Well, we have the perfect shade for you!

Burnt orange is a stunning color with an undeniable cozy feel and a seriously sophisticated aesthetic. And with fall only a few months away, there’s no better time to start planning for some gorgeous autumn-inspired nail designs. 

This bold shade is a must if you want to make a statement or add a pop of color to your fall wardrobe. And we’ve found stunning nail design ideas featuring this vibrant shade. So whether you’re looking for burnt orange nails with glitter or fall burnt orange nail designs, we have a look below to inspire your next manicure!

Burnt Orange Nails Design List

These manicures are so gorgeous. Not only will they add a touch of warmth to your everyday outfits, but they’ll also add a sophisticated feel that will have you looking refined everywhere you go!

Marbled Burnt Orange + Gold Details

a hand with short round nails with a marbled burnt orange design and gold borders

Marbled manis are always a good choice, and this elegant shade looks stunning blended with rich shades of brown. The gold accents add another refined touch and make this nail design perfect for a family dinner this fall. 

Simple Burnt Orange Frenchies

short nude almond nails with burnt orange French tips

For a classy and minimal manicure – is there a better choice than timeless French tips? We love the clean and modern look of almond-shaped Frenchies, and this gorgeous burnt orange polish is perfect for everyday autumn outfits. 

Brown + Orange Nail Design w/ White Accents

a hand with long coffin nails featuring burnt orange and brown marbled designs with white borders and French tip accent nails

If you’re looking for a unique nail design that will turn heads, this burnt orange and brown manicure is a must! We love that the white accents add a beautiful brightness that balances these dark shades without taking away from the warm aesthetic. And, of course, the French tip accent nails have a classic vibe that pairs well with this bold and modern design. 

Autumn Asymmetrical Frenchies

a hand with long round nails painted a nude base with burnt orange and red asymmetrical French tips

Two-toned French tips are a simple but chic design that works with any color! This minimal mani definitely makes us excited for pumpkin patches and hot chocolate, but you can rock this look year-round for a classic and elegant look. 

What does orange nail polish mean?

Orange nail polish represents warmth, fearlessness, passion, and fun! This daring nail color is perfect for someone who wants to show off their bright, bubbly, and confident personality.

Matte Burnt Orange Nails + Gold Flake Accents

a hand with medium-length coffin nails painted a matte burnt orange shade with nude accent nails with gold foil

A matte finish and gold flakes are both easy ways to upgrade any manicure and give it a refined aesthetic. This nail design is simple enough to wear with everyday looks yet will still work for a formal event. 

Fall-Inspired Gradient French Tips

a hand with short round nails painted a glossy nude base with gradient brown, orange, and burnt orange French tips

Burnt orange is perfect for this fall-inspired gradient design! The different shades are gorgeous and rich and work well together for an alluring manicure. This is a great choice for anyone who wants a subtle pop of color. 

Autumn Collage Nails

short almond collage nails with burnt orange, cream, and brown polish featuring floral designs, plaid, and animal print

Collage nails are an excellent way to add some spice to your looks – and this color combo couldn’t be more perfect for fall. Cream, brown, and burnt orange are the ultimate autumn color pairing, while the pops of pink add a cute, girly touch. 

Dark Orange & Green w/ Floral Nail Art

a hand with short square nails painted in matte dark green and burnt orange with a nude accent nail featuring both shades and black floral line art

Dark green and burnt orange are an excellent color pairing, and the matte finish adds another layer of elegance to this manicure. The floral art accent nail is a playful addition and keeps this simple manicure looking trendy and chic!

Abstract Burnt Orange + Dainty Floral Art

a hand with short white nails featuring an abstract burnt orange splotch and black floral art

White is a perfect color to pair with this shade of orange because it helps it pop so much more! The sheer, abstract burnt orange polish gives this a modern and edgy feel, while the dainty flower art adds a feminine touch that we love. 

Cream, Burnt Orange + Brown French Tips w/ Heart Details

a hand with long round nails painted in cream, burnt orange, and brown French tips with a heart accent nail

The combo of cream, brown, and burnt orange definitely gives off autumn vibes, although this gradient French tip design will work in any season. We adore the heart details on the accent nails – it’s cute and playful and perfect for adding a youthful feel to this manicure. 

Classic Fall Mani

short squoval burnt orange nails

If you love this shade as much as we do, a simple statement manicure like the one above is perfect for you this fall! Whether you’re going to a pumpkin patch, planning a spooky movie night, or going out on the town – this timeless nail design will make a fantastic autumn outfit accessory.

Burnt Orange w/ Black & White Patterned Nails

a hand with short square nails painted with solid colored burnt orange, white nails with black grids, and black nails with a white line pattern

Burnt orange is such an elegant shade, and pairing it with black and white allows this gorgeous color to be the star. The grid and line pattern designs give this mani a daring look, but the neutral and muted colors make this nail design perfect for anything from work to a night out!

Glossy Nude Pink, Burnt Orange + Gold Flakes

a hand with medium-length almond nails painted a nude pink and burnt orange ovals with gold flakes in the center

If you’re looking for a nail design that’s chic, modern, and feminine, these glossy nude pink nails with burnt orange and gold flakes are an excellent choice. The light pink is bright and fresh, while the burnt orange and gold details add a stylish and elegant aesthetic to this manicure. 

Dark Orange + Colorful Florals

a hand with short round nails painted solid-colored burnt orange and nude glossy accent nails with colorful floral nail art

Even though burnt orange tends to have a cool-weather vibe, you can still use this color for a spring or summertime mani by adding vibrantly colored floral nail art. This nail design is bright and cheery, making it a must for anyone who wants to show off their bubbly and playful personality!

Classic Manicure w/ Burnt Orange Polish

a hand with medium round nails painted with a burnt orange polish and gloss finish

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – you really can’t go wrong with a simple and classic manicure! This color is so stunning, and opting for solid-colored nails with this chic shade will leave you with a mani that is bold, alluring, and elegant. 

These are the perfect nails for a fall winery visit!

Burnt Orange Tips + Plaid Details

long nude almond nails with a plaid design over burnt orange tips

Plaid definitely adds fall vibes to any ensemble, so pairing an autumn-inspired shade like burnt orange with this classic pattern is simple yet so stunning. We adore how nude and burnt orange create the perfect base and work flawlessly with the palette and pattern in this design.

Orange, Cream & Brown Nails w/ French Tips

A hand with burnt orange, dark brown, and cream solid-colored nails plus two accent nails with French tips

We have another lovely nail design with this color combo because they just work so well together! The cream nail polish adds a beautiful contrast to the richer, darker shades, while the burnt orange adds a vibrant touch to the manicure. 

Burnt Orange Nails with Glitter

If you prefer a manicure that has a bit of a glamorous vibe, these burnt orange nails with glitter are for you! These nail designs are perfect if you want to have an autumn-inspired look with an eye-catching sparkle. 

Glittery Dark Orange + Nude Nails

a hand with glittery burnt orange polish with accent nails featuring half polish and half glossy nude

Sparkly burnt orange has such a regal feel, and we love the accent nails with glossy nude to break up this rich color a bit. You can wear this to Sunday brunch, to work, or save it for a get-together this holiday season!

Burnt Orange Polish w/ Shimmering Finish

a hand with medium length nails painted burnt orange with a shimmering finish

Shimmering burnt orange and sparkling accent nails are simple but have a classic and timeless look that will work with any outfit and for any season! This is a must for anyone who loves minimal manicures that still have a daring vibe. 

Getting senior pictures taken this fall? Try these nails as part of your fall senior picture outfit!

Glitter Burnt Orange Nails

a hand with medium length glittery burnt orange polish

A glitter topcoat is an easy way to elevate any manicure, and the sparkle on these nails will absolutely have you turning heads. You can add chunky glitter to change up this look or keep it exactly how it is for a chic and classic nail design. 

Fall Burnt Orange Nail Designs

Burnt orange has serious fall vibes on its own, but you can add another layer of autumn aesthetic with these fall burnt orange nail designs! These manis are perfect to pair with pumpkin-spiced lattes and your favorite cozy sweater. 

Burnt Orange w/ Green & White Nail Art

a hand with medium squoval nails painted a burnt orange with leaf nail art and two solid-colored accent nails in white and dark green

Burnt orange and leaf nail art gives off serious fall vibes, so this manicure is a perfect choice for autumn in 2024! You can rock this nail design during your trip to a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard. Either way, everyone will know you’re definitely ready for fall with this stylish mani. 

Burnt Orange Polish w/ Mountain Inspired Nail Art

a hand with medium length almond nails painted in solid-colored brown and burnt orange with accent nails featuring mountain inspired nail art

We love a beautiful nature-inspired manicure – and this mountain-themed nail design definitely doesn’t disappoint! This nail art, paired with the warm, dark colors, reminds us of sunsets behind mountains on a cool fall evening and makes us all the more ready for those relaxing autumn nights. 

Is orange a fall nail color?

Orange is definitely a fall nail color.

This warm-toned shade has serious autumn vibes, making this color a must for this time of year. Whether you want to rock pumpkin nail art or you prefer a simple burnt orange manicure, you can’t go wrong adding any shade of orange to your fall-inspired mani!

Tortoise Shell w/ Orange Nails + Plaid Accents

a hand with medium stiletto nails featuring multiple designs including solid colored burnt orange nails, black and brown tortoise shell nails, and black, white, and orange plaid nails

Plaid instantly gives off a cool-weather vibe, so this pattern is a top choice for an autumn manicure. The tortoise shell is a chic and trendy touch, and the colors in this print look stunning paired with burnt orange. 

Dark Orange w/ Botanical Art + Gold

a hand with long almond nails painted in glossy burnt orange and matte pink with black botanical art and gold details

We love the combo of glossy and matte nails in this manicure. It’s bold and eye-catching, which matches the vibes of burnt orange perfectly. The gold has a regal feel, and botanical nail art definitely works for autumn nails!

Textured Burnt Orange French Tips

a hand with long stiletto nails painted a nude base with textured, wavy matte burnt orange French tips

Textured French tips have become a staple in fall and winter manicures. We love how they resemble cozy cashmere sweaters, and this mani has us ready for warm drinks and delicious treats! The wave details add a modern feel to the nail design, making these nails a must for 2024 – maybe as part of the perfect fall date night outfit?

Glossy Nude Nails w/ Metallic Orange Flakes

a hand with short square nude nails with burnt orange metallic flakes

Metallic flakes are a gorgeous addition to any nail design and look stunning year-round. But these copper and burnt orange flakes definitely evoke the feeling of changing colors and falling leaves, making this manicure perfect for this time of year!

Beige, Brown & Orange Nails w/ Flowers

a hand with burnt orange, beige, and brown solid-colored nails plus one cream accent nail with floral art

Beige and brown are gorgeous neutrals that look fantastic with burnt orange and add to the fall vibes of this shade. And while floral art is usually a spring and summer design, these dark, rich shades remind us of the orange and red chrysanthemums that pop up each year in autumn!

Burnt Orange, White Scalloped Frenchies + Floral Art

a hand with medium almond nails painted in solid-colored burnt orange and white French tipped accent nails with floral nail art

These flowers also add a fall aesthetic to this manicure, and this floral art paired with burnt orange instantly gives off a cozy, cool-weather vibe! The scalloped white Frenchies add a pop of brightness and a feminine, romantic feel that makes this nail design so unique. 

Dark Orange w/ Leaf Nail Art + Shimmering Polish

a hand with short nails painted in shimmering burnt orange, glossy brown, and glossy white polish with leaf nail art

This dark orange and shimmering copper polish is another color combo perfect for fall. Black leaf art is fantastic for a cold-weather mani, and we love the abstract details for a fun yet chic nail design!

Burnt orange is a seriously gorgeous shade that can easily elevate your style! And, of course, this color is a must for chic autumn nails. Whether you like short and simple nails or sparkly and glamorous designs, you can’t go wrong with adding this beautiful shade to your fall-inspired manicures. 


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