29+ Modern Fall Family Photo Outfits for Outdoor & Indoor Sessions

Looking for indoor or outdoor fall family photo outfits that are modern, chic, and stylish in 2024? Be inspired by these 29+ perfect fall family photoshoot outfit ideas that are anything but tacky!

collage of four family photos in the fall

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Indoor & Outdoor Fall Family Photo Outfits

With fall on the horizon, you might have family photos on your mind. Fall is such a perfect time of year to capture precious family photos that can be given in Christmas cards and cherished for years to come. 

In this post, I am sharing some of the best modern and chic indoor and outdoor fall family photo outfits. With these outfit ideas, you will be inspired as you decide what clothing to wear for the 2024 upcoming family photo session. 

And if you need ideas for colors or a color palette, I’ve got you covered! I’ve also enlisted professional photographer, Tracey Jazmin, to help share her top tips and tricks for the best family photos! 

image of fall color palette ideas for fall family photo outfits

For outdoor fall family photo outfits, I recommend neutral colors as the base of your looks, then add subtle pops of earthy colors for interest. You can go with solid colors and add subtly patterned prints. Below are some of my favorite fall color palettes to get you started:

  • ivory, tan, charcoal, and camel
  • forest green cream, brown, and tan
  • tan, ivory, camel, and navy blue
  • cream, rust, sage green, and tan
  • ivory, forest green, tan, and burnt orange
  • camel, burnt orange, ivory, and navy blue


image of a fall family photo session with a man, woman, and two children in neutral outfits and the mom in a long black maxi floral dress

What to wear for outdoor fall family photos?

When choosing outdoor fall family photo outfits, you definitely want to plan ahead and wear weather-appropriate clothing. And if your family photoshoot is going to take place in fall or winter, layers are a must-have, especially because photo sessions can last a couple of hours!

Below are the best pieces to wear during an outdoor fall family photoshoot for ultimate comfort and style:

  • Sweater dress
  • Long-sleeved maxi dress
  • Jeans
  • Leather pants
  • Midi skirt
  • Pleated trousers
  • Long-sleeved tee
  • Flowy blouse
  • Cardigan or sweater
  • Denim jacket
  • Leather jacket
  • Scarf
  • Beanie or wool fedora
  • Ankle or knee-high boots
  • Sneakers
  • Loafers or ballet flats

You can never go wrong with too many layers because you can always take some off as necessary. And if you opt for a pair of boots during your photo shoot, choose a pair with a thicker heel since pointed heels will be difficult to wear outside.

Outdoor Fall Family Photo Outfits List

Below are my favorite looks for a stunning outdoor family photo session. I love the mix of neutrals with subtle pops of earth tones and stunning fall-inspired prints and patterns. 

fall florals, tan, and denim.

image of a family with a mom, dad, and two young boys in a field in the fall, the mom in a floral dress, and the dad in a denim shirt, the boys in tan and ivory

get the look:

I love this family portrait with the mom in a lovely floral dress with fall colors and the dad in a denim button-up shirt and tan pants. The little ones are in ivory tops and a mix of denim and tan bottoms to tie the look together. 

You can never go wrong when mixing neutrals with subtle earthy colors for fall family photo outfits. You might also want to take a peek at my list of the best family photoshoot dresses that flatter!

feminine forest green + creams.

image of a family having an outdoor fall photoshoot wearing a mix of cream and forest green

get the look:

Forest green and cream is a fantastic color combo for a modern fall family photo shoot. The deep green color is stunning and perfect for outdoor photos, while the cream adds a beautiful contrast.

I also love that these shades are versatile and timeless, which is exactly what you want for a family photo session. The long dresses add a feminine flair, and you’ll be able to wear these pieces again and again throughout fall and winter!

Tracey Jazmin, professional photographer, says “When you look back on the photos you will always remember how you felt, first and foremost. When choosing your outfits, stick to styles that you love and would where again. Going too far outside of your comfort zone can lead to focusing on how uncomfortable you felt rather than focusing on the moments and memories that were made, when you get your images back from your photographer.”

camel, plaid, & black.

image of a family having an outdoor fall photoshoot with a mom, dad, and small boy, all wearing neutral colors

get the look:

Camel is a gorgeous shade that’s perfect for fall! Pairing this color with elegant black creates a classic color combo, while the blazer outfits give these photos a modern feel!

The combo of light brown tones and bold black on Mom and Dad is lovely, and the plaid top on the little one adds a nice pop of color and an instant fall vibe to the photos.

florals and neutrals.

image of a mom in a black floral maxi dress twirling with three daughters in a grassy field in the fall

get the look:

Here is another example of how dark floral prints can work wonderfully with a mix of neutrals for fall family photo outfits. The mom and one daughter are in unique floral prints while the other two little ones are in all neutrals. 

If you overdo it with prints and patterns the outfits can overwhelm the photos, so always mix with solid neutrals for a cohesive look. 

fringed suede and shearling.

image of a family with a mom, dad, and baby in a field in the fall wearing brown suede fringe and black leather shearling jackets

get the look:

This family picture is out-of-this-world cute with mom and daughter in matching white dresses and brown suede fringed jackets. The dad has a masculine look with an edgy leather and shearling jacket, along with dark wash denim to keep the look balanced. 

The colors in the family outfits play off the fall colors in the background creating a dreamy photo that is pleasing to the eye. 

Tracey Jazmin, professional photographer, recommends that everyone tries on their outfits a few times before the session. This way you can see how things fit and how they make everyone feel. After all, feeling your best is always the highest priority when choosing outfits for a fall family photo session!

ivory and soft fall florals.

a family portrait featuring neutral outfits, floral prints, and dresses for the mom and girls

get the look:

While fall is an excellent time for dark tones, you can absolutely create a stunning family portrait featuring light neutrals and delicate floral prints.

I love the unified look with the cream and ivory pieces here, and the soft beige patterns on Mama and the kids help tie it all together as well. The dark tones on Dad and the son create a nice contrast to balance out all the bright tones.

This aesthetic is a great choice if you prefer brighter outfits or want to stand out against the darker, warm shades in the natural backdrop of an outdoor fall family photoshoot.

blush and green hues.

image of a mother and daughter in an apple orchard in the fall wearing neutral and dark pastel color outfits

get the look:

Cute, cute, cute! This mother-daughter outfit combo is so darling and I am here for it. The mom is in blush pink overalls with an earthy brown blazer and turtleneck sweater. And, the little girl looks so precious in a printed floral jacket and sage green skirt. 

This outfit combination is great for a family photography session apple-picking in the fall, and it shows how a mix of earthy colors can totally work.

coastal vibes.

image of a family with a dad, mom, and small child wearing neutral clothing and boots standing on the beach looking out to the water in the fall

If you are lucky enough to live on the coast you have to take advantage of the scenery for your fall family photoshoot! These outfits are laid-back and casual with a coastal vibe.

I love the little one in a knit sweater, leggings, and hunter boots, along with the mom in a long trench coat and ankle boots. The Dad is in jeans, classic brown shoes, and an earthy brown sweater which ties the fall look together. 

laid-back black and tan.

Image of a black family in the fall in the woods wearing black and camel color outfits

get the look:

Keep your fall family photo outfits uncomplicated with a look like this. Everyone is wearing black and the dad and boy are in camel color pants, a great tone for autumn. 

The daughter is in a polka-dot white and black top, and everyone wears black boots (and a pair of super cute black sneakers!)

Pro tip: Bring along a letter board for a fun addition to a few of your family photos, try one of these fall letter board quotes!

caramel and soft greens.

a fall family photo where the mom has a brown off the shoulder dress while the family wears cream and soft greens

get the look:

I’m obsessed with how perfect this fall color palette is! The pops of cream paired with soft greens and caramel shades have the warm and earthy feel of autumn, but they also have a fun, colorful aesthetic. 

In my opinion, what makes this color combination work so well is the combination of classic neutrals (black, ivory, and cream) with a muted fall-inspired palette (the shades of brown and green). These hues pair together so flawlessly, creating a cohesive look that works perfectly for this season!

black, brown, and ivory.

image of a family in a sunflower field, the mom wearing a black maxi sundress, the dad in a brown jacket and dark pants, and the baby in an ivory jumper

get the look:

The family outfits in this photo are perfection. I love the tiered midi dress on the mom paired with black boots for an edgy vibe. The dad is in a black shirt and jeans with a brown button-down. 

The little one looks super cute in an ivory jumper with sage green accents. The black and earthy tones work so well together against the yellow pops of the sunflower field in the background. 

burnt orange and creamy neutrals.

image of a black family in a fall photoshoot wearing orange and cream color clothing

get the look:

If you love brighter colors, burnt orange is a great option for your fall family photo outfits, in my opinion. In this family picture, the orange blends perfectly with the cream and ivory tones, along with the tan pants on the dad. 

Because orange is more of a bold choice, it’s best combined with subtle neutrals. I also love how the family is wearing warm knit sweaters and the mom is in a long sleeve midi dress, perfect for autumn weather. 

cozy grey knits + mist blue.

image of a man, woman, and small child in sweaters and pants sitting in front of a cabin for fall family photos

get the look:

This cozy fall family photo definitely has Pacific Northwest vibes. I love the chunky knit sweaters, tan pants, and touches of blue.

Leather boots are always a great option for the guys, and if you want to wear cozy, casual clothing… go for it! These are your family photos after all, so they should reflect the true personality of your little family!

light denim and knit pieces.

fall family photos for a family of three wearing denim jeans, denim overalls, long-sleeved tops and knit pieces

get the look:

Denim is perfect for a cozy and casual vibe during family photos! I love how the parents here paired soft neutrals like beige and mocha with the light denim for an effortless look. And dressing Baby in warm knit pieces is always a great choice in autumn. 

Overall, these outfits have a laid-back but undeniable fall aesthetic that’s perfect for early autumn or to create simple, cozy, and fun-loving memories. 

modern country vibes.

image of a family with a man, woman, toddler, and baby against a wooden fence in a field wearing neutral clothing and the man is in a cowboy hat

get the look:

This Idaho family knows how to dress for perfect fall photos. I love the neutral browns and tan mixed with denim. The look has a country vibe but still feels elevated. 

The mom is in a pretty knit midi sweater dress and the dad wears a shearling patterned jacket. The sneakers on the boys keep the look casual and approachable. Two thumbs up from us! 

perfect in plaid.

an image of a mother and daughter walking on a road with fallen leaves wearing plaid clothing and jeans

get the look:

Plaid is always an excellent choice in the fall, especially in brown and neutral tones. I love the mother-daughter look here with plaid jackets and denim which keeps the look laid-back and relaxed. 

For another parent or other siblings, I recommend sticking with tan or camel and denim. Because the plaid should be an accent, it’s best to only have one or two people wearing it, and everyone else in neutrals. 

light, airy, and earthy.

image of a family with a man, woman, and two young boys standing in a wheat field wearing ivory and brown earth tone clothing

get the look:

Often fall family photos can be darker and moody with fall colors. But, if you prefer a light and airy vibe to your family photos, this picture is great for outfit inspiration. 

The mom is in an ivory dress and brown booties, while the two boys are in beige and brown. The dad is in a brown button-up shirt and tan pants, adding some contrast to the lighter colors. 

black, leather, and camel.

image of a family with a man, woman, and small child sitting on a sidewalk in front of a brick building in the fall wearing black, tan, and denim

get the look:

If you like the idea of an urban setting for outdoor fall family photos, this outfit combination is a great option. I love the look of black leather, camel, and denim against the city backdrop. 

The mom is in a chic black dress with lug boots, and the dad looks great in jeans and a camel sweater. The little boy looks incredibly cute in a leather jacket, jeans, and sneakers. 

This is definitely one of my fave fall family photoshoot outfit ideas!

metallic brown and plaid.

image of a family with a man, woman, and two small children in a grassy field wearing brown, black, and ivory clothing

get the look:

This gorgeous family definitely knows how to pull off earthy color tones in the fall!

I love the metallic brown dress on the mom, which gives a slightly more formal feel to the photo. But, the jeans on the dad and the relaxed outfit on the little boy keeps the photo from feeling too formal or stuffy. 

western flair with gold accents.

a fall family portrait where the mom is wearing a striped white mini dress, gold cowgirl boots, and a wide-brimmed hat while the rest of the family is dressed in neutrals with pops of warm fall colors

get the look:

I cannot get over how gorgeous and fun these fall family photos are! The country aesthetic has definitely been on-trend in recent years, but this style also has a timeless feel that’s perfect for a family photoshoot.

The simple, feminine dresses of the mom and the daughter are a must for cute family photos, and I love the classic portrait attire for the father and son. The metallic boots really take these outfits up a notch, and if you want to, you can even dress the boys in classic brown or black cowboy boots to match the playful vibes here.

beanies and black.

image of a family in casual sweatshirts and beanies for a fall family photoshoot

get the look:

This family radiates cool vibes! I love this idea for fall family photo outfits with the boys in matching beanies and everyone in black and tan. 

The touch of burnt orange in the accessories adds the right pops of color to this fall family photo and I am here for it!

Indoor Fall Family Pictures Outfit Ideas

If you’ll be in a studio or at home for your fall family photo shoot, you can still get incredible photos. Below are my favorite looks for a memorable indoor family session.

fall florals, denim & browns.

image of an indoor fall family photoshoot with everyone wearing shades of brown, jeans, and mom in a mustard floral shirt

get the look:

Shades of brown are always an excellent choice for a fall family photoshoot outfit- this color is a versatile neutral that pairs well with other colors and is also perfect for autumn.

I love the floral details for a soft, feminine feel, while the rugged denim offers a lovely contrast that balances the aesthetic. Plus, brown and beige tones look stunning with vibrant blue denim, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort or a timeless look!

casual in the kitchen.

image of a family of five in a white kitchen looking out the window wearing jeans and casual neutral tops

get the look:

Fall family photos do not have to be outdoors, especially if the weather isn’t cooperating. Bring the shoot indoors with a laid-back, cozy-at-home vibe and put everyone in denim and casual tops.

I love the casual vibe of these fall family photoshoot outfit ideas and with the color tones. I definitely think it could work for autumn! 

beige, blue, and florals.

image of a family of three sitting on a velvet brown sofa in a loft wearing neutral tones and the mom in a floral blue and ivory dress

get the look:

If you have access to a funky loft studio like this one, it’s definitely worth taking advantage of for your fall family photos. I love the relaxed look of this family and the outfits are on point. 

The mom is in a subtle patchwork floral dress (see our list of plus size Thanksgiving outfit ideas!), while the dad wears a beige shirt and jeans. The little one looks extra cute in a sage green jumpsuit and light brown leather booties. 

laid-back denim and white shoes.

image of a family with a woman, man, and baby against a white wall for a family photoshoot, wearing jeans and casual tops

get the look:

All you need is a white space to get the perfect minimalist fall family photos. I love this laid-back look with the mom and dad in vintage-wash jeans, white shoes, and casual tops. 

The little bambino is in a cute neutral knit jumper. The outfits are cool, casual, and perfect for a family who doesn’t want any fuss.

black knits & shades of brown.

image of a family in a studio in front of a silk backdrop in black outfits with a toddler wearing a brown shirt and pants

get the look:

Lastly on my list of fall family photoshoot outfit ideas, I have one more studio shoot to show you just how nice indoor photos can look in the fall. This family looks great in black outfits and the baby in a monochromatic brown ensemble. 

The outfits are perfect for the fall season and have a chic and elevated vibe. Perfection!

family having an outdoor fall photoshoot wearing neutrals, green, and burnt orange

What should you not wear for fall pictures?

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