29+ Stunning Mother’s Day Nail Designs You’ll Love

Are you looking for stunning Mother’s Day nails to treat yourself to this year? You’ll love this list of gorgeous Mother’s Day nail designs that will make this year’s holiday extra special!

collage of four hands with mother's day nail designs

Mother’s Day Nail Designs

Mother’s Day is a special day of the year when we can look forward to homemade gifts and some extra love from our little ones. It’s also a great time to treat yourself to a little TLC and spend a day getting a massage or a mani-pedi.

If you need ideas for a chic nail design to get this Mother’s Day, then look no further. Whether you prefer simple and timeless or bold and trendy, I have sourced tons of gorgeous manicures to inspire you down below!

Stunning Mothers Day Nails To Try

Scroll on through these stunning manicures from my favorite nail artist influencers to help you choose a perfect Mother’s Day design. 

Pink + White Gradient French Tips

A hand with medium length almond nails featuring gradient pink to white French tips

Pink is the color of love, so it’s perfectly fitting to sport this color on a day like Mother’s Day. Timeless French tips pair well with a trendy gradient design, making this manicure the perfect blend of classic and modern. 

Milky Nails + Glitter

A hand with short square nails with a milky white base and silver glitter accents along the bottom

Keep it simple and classy with these milky nails (a very popular nail trend in 2024) with chunky glitter at the cuticles. You’re a mama that shines so your nails deserve some sparkle too! 

Matte Coffin Nails w/ Gold French Tips

A hand with nude pink matte coffin nails featuring slanted gold French tips

Who doesn’t love an elegant and regal design like this? The matte nude nails make the gold French tips pop even more, so this is perfect if you want an elevated and eye-catching manicure this Mother’s Day.

Baby Blue Nails w/ Heart Detail

A hand with medium length almond nails with baby blue nail polish and multiple designs including French tips, solid-colored nails, and a solid nail with a negative space heart

Are you a boy mom? Baby blue is always a gorgeous nail color and this nail design is perfect if you’re looking for something in honor of your little fellas. The combination of solid-colored nails and French tips is chic and playful, and I love the subtle heart detail. 

Pastel Gradient Nails

A hand with long square nails featuring a pastel gradient nail design

Pastels always look stunning, and this gradient pastel nail design is perfect as a fun look for moms. This design is simple but still eye-catching, and you can rock this manicure on any nail shape or length for a minimal and chic look. 

Love In Chrome

image of a hand with almond nude pink nails with silver "love" text in cursive

There’s nothing like a mother’s love. Let that love shine through your mani with this simple and stunning design. The nude pink nails create a simple and classic base with subtle chrome details; a pretty heart and the word “love”

This would be my top choice for Mother’s Day!

Pink French Tips + Red Hearts

A hand with medium length square nails with pink French tips and tiny red hearts

Pink French tips are a sweet take on this classic design, and the tiny heart accents are perfect for showing off all the love felt on Mother’s Day. If you want a bolder design, you can add more hearts or go for classic white French tips for a brighter look. 

Pink & Green French Tips w/ Wave Accents

A hand with medium-length nude almond nails with pink and green French tips and white, pink, and green wavy accents

This manicure is perfect for younger moms who want a fun and youthful nail design. Pink and green are gorgeous together, and the wave accents are bold and trendy. You can rock this look with other shades if pink and green aren’t your top choice, and glitter or gold accents would elevate this nail design even more. 

Mauve For Mama

image of a hand with mauve pink nails and floral accents

I love this mix of dark and light mauve pink and floral details. The manicure is so feminine and pretty with a minimal overall design. 

Classic French Mani

A hand with long white French tipped almond nails and a light pink base

French tips are a timeless and classic design for a reason, so you can’t go wrong getting a gorgeous French manicure for Mother’s Day. I love the soft pink shade on these nails, although you can opt for a warm nude tone as well. 

Pink Ombre Nails

A hand with medium almond nails featuring a light pink to red ombre

Gorgeous pink shades are perfect for Mother’s Day, and an ombre nail design will always be a fashionable design. I love the blend from nude pink to fuchsia, although you can go from blush pink to red or white to pink for a similar look.

Soft Pink Almond Nails

A hand with solid-colored light pink almond nails

Speaking of sporting pink nail polish on Mother’s Day, a classic mani with this soft pink is a simple yet stunning choice for Mothers Day nails. This gorgeous shade will add a bright pop of color to your looks, and you can rock this color on anything from round to stiletto nails. 

Roses For Mom

image of a hand with a pink manicure with roses and the word "mom"

This rose-filled Mother’s Day manicure is so sweet! I love the simple white “mom” text mixed with the pops of color from the rosettes. 

Pink Almond Nails w/ White + Gold Accents

A hand with medium length nude almond nails with white wavy lines, gold wavy lines, and tiny white hearts

Glossy pastel pink looks stunning with crisp white and gold accents. I adore the tiny heart details here, and the wavy accent lines make this manicure look so alluring.

If you want a sweet and simple design with eye-catching details, this is the nail design for you!

White French Tips + Flowers

A hand with long almond nails with white French tips and accent nails with white flowers

Beautiful bouquets are a popular gift given on Mother’s Day, so a nail design with floral details is so fitting. Pink and white are a timeless color combo and make this manicure look refined and chic, while the flower nail art is a playful touch. 

Minimal Baby Blue

image of a hand with light blue and white floral details and french tips

If you are celebrating your first Mother’s Day with a baby boy, this manicure is for you! I love the simple baby blue details and subtle white flowers. It’s feminine and perfect for a new boy mama. 

White + Black Waves

A hand with long nude almond nails featuring thick white wavy lines and thin black wavy lines

Line details and waves are one of our favorite ways to accent a manicure, and the combo of thick white waves and dainty black lines is so stunning. If you’re looking for a manicure that has neutral tones but still has an attention-grabbing design, this look is meant for you!

Baby Pink & Florals

image of a hand with light pink polish and floral nail art

For the new mom with a baby girl, these nails are just perfect! I love the baby pink color and the offset floral details. And the gold dust adds a touch of elegance to these sweet Mother’s Day nails. 

Short Nails w/ Floral Nail Art

A hand with short square nails with a light pink polish and intricate floral art

Even though short nails are popular to prevent chipping, it doesn’t mean that your nails can’t still be bold and eye-catching. Short nails can still look gorgeous when you add stunning floral nail decals.

Soft pink is the perfect base color for this design, and the intricate floral art is so breathtaking. 

Black & White French Tips w/ Line Details

Two hands with almond nails featuring black French tips and white accent lines on one hand and white French tips with black accent lines on the other

I am in love with the eye-popping contrast of the black and white nail polish here. French tips and line details are perfect for a minimal manicure, but the contrasting colors add a bold and modern feel to this nail design. This look is definitely for the mom who prefers classic designs with a little flair. 

Glittering “MAMA” Nails

A hand with glittering almond nails with pink and yellow text spelling mama across each nail

If you want to show off your pride in being a mother, add ” MAMA ” to your Mother’s Day manicure. You can start with a shimmering base like the one here, or use your favorite shade as a base color. Either way, these adorable nails couldn’t be more perfect as Mothers Day nails!

Stiletto Nails w/ Pearl Accents

A hand with medium length nude stiletto nails with pearl accents

Nude nails with pearl accents are chic and elegant, a perfect manicure to treat yourself to this year. If you don’t like having stiletto nails, don’t worry! This gorgeous design would look fantastic on long or short nails and any nail shape. 

MAMA & Florals

image of a hand with white nail polish and floral art with the word MAMA on the nails

Looking for another idea with the word “mama”? These nails are pretty and simple with a pop of white and black text. The simple floral details and touches of gold make this mani sparkle! 

Matte Nude Nails w/ White Flowers + Gold Accents

A hand with long matte pink square nails with white floral art and gold accents

Long matte nails always have such a refined look, and the gold flake accents add to that aesthetic even more. The white floral nail art is fun and youthful, giving these nails the perfect balance of polished yet playful. 

Pink Nails w/ Floral Accents

A hand with glossy pink almond nails and light pink matte accent nails with floral art

The shades of pink here are gorgeous colors to use in Mothers Day nails, and the simple floral accents definitely fit the mom vibes. I love the combo of matte and glossy finishes, and they elevate this manicure even more. 

Light Pink Nails w/ Metallic Pink Flakes

A hand with medium length square nails featuring a light pink polish and magenta colored metallic flakes

Soft pink nails with vibrant magenta accents are bold and gorgeous. The metallic flakes definitely add a trendy and youthful vibe, making this another look that’s perfect for a young mom. 

Pink & Purple Waves

image of a hand with light pink and purple abstract wavy designs

I love this cute nail design for Mother’s Day. It’s modern and fresh but still has a feminine appeal. You can easily swap the purple and pink for other colors that feel more you if pink and purple aren’t your top choice! 

Glitter Coffin Nails

A hand with coffin nails featuring a light pink nail polish and iridescent glitter

Glitter is an easy way to add a fun and chic touch to any manicure. If you want a simple look that still shows off your fun-loving side, iridescent glitter on coffin nails is definitely the way to go. Or you can rock this design on square, almond, or round nails if you prefer. 

Nude Almond Nails w/ Gold Accents

A hand with medium length almond nails featuring a glossy nude base and gold teardrop shaped accents

Last but definitely not least on our list of Mother’s Day nail designs is this stunning and simple manicure. The gold accents add a luxury vibe to this manicure, and they’re gorgeous enough to completely transform these simple nude nails into a breathtaking nail design.

If you want a more colorful look, try using soft pink or pastel purple as the base color before adding the gold details. 

Glitter French Tips w/ Flowers

image of a hand with pink floral nail art and glitter french tips

Give yourself some glitter on Mother’s Day with these pretty glitter frenchies. The floral details add another feminine touch and you can easily swap out the pink color to one of your choice. 


Mother’s Day is a fantastic time to enjoy the love from your family and shower yourself with some extra care and attention! Treating yourself to a manicure is a perfect way to spend this day, so go for a bright and vibrant design, or choose something simple and classic.

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