From Workout to Lounging: My Honest NEIWAI Review

Are you looking for an honest NEIWAI Review? Or do you want some activewear outfit inspo? Learn about this luxurious activewear brand and get honest insight on some of the pieces!

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Christal wearing a brown Neiwai tank top with matching brown Neiwai leggings and white sneakers and an ivory knit Neiwai sweater over her shoulders with a coffee cup in hand

This post was made in partnership with NEIWAI and contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

My Honest NEIWAI Review

I was introduced to NEIWAI recently and am excited to share my honest review!

First, a little bit about the brand.

NEIWAI was founded in 2012 and the name means “inside and outside”They strive to create styles that are made to live in and move seamlessly with your body throughout the day. 

With a primary focus on lingerie, loungewear, and activewear, Neiwai’s line of products has a luxurious feel (and I mean “buttery soft” fabrics – more on that later!). Meaning you’ll want to wear them day in and day out

Close up flat lay view of a Neiwai knit ivory sweater and dark brown activewear tank top

My Wardrobe Non-Negotiables

As a mom of two, entrepreneur, and active individual, I am often on the move. So it’s a non-negotiable for me that my wardrobe consists of pieces that are stylish while being comfortable and practical. Ones that I can easily wear from school drop-off to working out, to work, to lounging at the end of the day. 

Long gone are the days I will put up with being uncomfortable all day for the sake of a fashion statement!

I also opt for neutral pieces 99% of the time as they are versatile and timeless. 

Luckily, the NEIWAI pieces I’ve had the chance to try, test, and move in, have surpassed these requirements! As you read on in this Neiwai review, I’m outlining each piece and my thoughts on them. 

Christal wearing a brown Neiwai tank top with matching brown Neiwai leggings and white sneakers

Mousse Light Support High Waist Leggings

When I first pulled these out of the package, I instantly noticed how soft and silky the fabric was. The first word that came to mind was “buttery”.

I’ve been buying the same popular brand of leggings for a long time so I have high expectations when it comes to anything new. The NEIWAI Mousse Light Support Leggings are clearly well made, incredibly soft, and feel like a second skin when I’m wearing them. 

I also love the chocolate plum color which is a warm brown with just a hint of deep purple. This color is very timeless and exudes “quiet luxury”. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of these leggings and think they would make an excellent gift for the holidays.

Overhead view of Christal wearing a brown Neiwai tank top with matching brown Neiwai leggings and white sneakers

Mousse Cropped Sports Tank

Once I had decided that I wanted to try the NEIWAI Mousse leggings, I knew I needed to pair them with a matching top. 

Matching sets always look more elevated, in my opinion, and the Mousse Cropped Sports Tank is the perfect top to pair with the leggings. It has a gorgeous high neckline for extra coverage and is made of the same buttery soft fabric. I also love the stitching details along the sides that have a slimming effect. 

Knitted Box Sweater

The last piece in my NEIWAI Review is the Knitted Box Sweater in White (40% off right now!). It immediately caught my eye when I was browsing the website and I knew it would pair perfectly with the Mousse set. 

It’s lightweight, very soft, and warm (but not too hot!). The sweater is a bit fuzzy due to the fabric blend, and it does shed. But I think the overall shedding will lessen with wear. Also, the sweater’s nylon, mohair, and wool fabric blend is not itchy against my sensitive skin. 

Like the leggings (and tank top), I think this beautifully knit sweater would also make a great gift this holiday season. 

Christal wearing a brown Neiwai tank top with matching brown Neiwai leggings and white sneakers and an ivory knit Neiwai sweater over her shoulders

get the look:

Final Thoughts

Overall, based on my first experience with the brand, my NEIWAI Review is a positive one. 

I’m looking forward to trying more pieces. In fact, I have my eye on the *very highly rated* Barely Zero Collection and more of the Mousse Active line (I’ll be adding this piece to my holiday wishlist)

I would happily recommend these pieces to friends and family looking for fairly priced activewear and loungewear made for everyday living. 


If you’d like to try NEIWAI pieces for yourself (or as a gift for someone special), be sure to use my code SYO20 for 20% OFF your first purchase (until 12/31).



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