My Honest Jenni Kayne Review

 Looking for genuine Jenni Kayne reviews? Read my comprehensive and unsponsored 2024 Jenni Kayne review before you buy to learn all about the quality, different pieces, and pros and cons. 

Christal wearing the Jenni Kayne cashmere cocoon cardigan in Oatmeal with white jeans and shearling slides

(wearing the cashmere cocoon cardigan in oatmeal, size xs)

Originally published on March 7, 2022, Updated November 22, 2023

My Honest Jenni Kayne Review

First things first, of the many Jenni Kayne reviews out there, this one is not sponsored. I do not work with, or for Jenni Kayne, and the thoughts are completely my own. Rather, I am a Reward Style publisher so the links in this post are affiliate links through Reward Style, not Jenni Kayne.

I started following Jenni Kayne several years ago and was introduced to refined and luxurious cashmere sweaters, earthy, neutral color palettes, and effortlessly chic outfits. Not surprisingly, I fell head over heels as Jenni Kayne spoke to my personal style: neutral, minimal, nature-inspired, and casual. 

Fast forward to almost 2024, I’ve amassed a nice little collection of Jenni Kayne clothing in my wardrobe. 

Are Jenni Kayne sweaters worth the money?

In my opinion, Jenni Kayne pieces are a worthwhile investment in your wardrobe. The cashmere sweaters are expensive, but they are made with high-quality, sustainable materials, and excellent craftsmanship. In my experience, the cashmere sweaters are incredibly soft and not itchy at all.

Additionally, the Jenni Kayne sweaters with a fabric blend are also very soft and luxurious. With the right care and laundering, the sweaters will last for years, even with frequent wear. 

Below you can read my Jenni Kayne reviews on each of the pieces I currently own, then I’ll get into the pros and cons of the brand as a whole! 

1. Cashmere Fisherman Hoodie

woman wearing a beige cashmere knit hoodie sweater from Jenni Kayne with white crinkle cotton shorts with shearling slides

(wearing the Cashmere Fisherman Hoodie in Oatmeal, size XS)

The Cashmere Fisherman Hoodie is one of my most worn Jenni Kayne pieces. It’s so soft, not itchy, versatile, and can easily elevate any casual outfit. It has a boxy fit and is oversized, so I sized down to an XS in this piece (I typically wear a medium in most brands when it comes to tops)

Christal wearing a black blazer over the Jenni kayne cashmere hoodie in oatmeal with blue jeans and beige sneakers

I love pairing this hoodie with comfy clothing like shorts, leggings, or joggers. But I also often dress it up with jeans or a skirt. It looks great under a blazer too! (see above)

2. Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan

Up close of a woman wearing an oatmeal oversized cashmere cardigan from Jenni Kayne with linen pants and sandals

(wearing the Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan in Oatmeal, size XS)

I now own a few of the Jenni Kayne Cashmere Cocoon cardigans and I can tell you, the hype you’ve likely read in other Jenni Kayne reviews is warranted! I wear this cardigan every week (and almost daily in the fall and winter months!).

The cardigan is incredibly soft, not itchy at all, perfectly oversized, versatile, and a big compliment-getter. When it comes to fit, I wear an XS and highly recommend sizing down 1-2 sizes as this cardigan is generously oversized!

Christal wearing an oatmeal oversized cashmere cardigan from Jenni Kayne with white linen pants and black sandals

Want more information? I wrote a separate Cocoon Cardigan Review that goes into great detail about this coveted piece!

3. Leopard Slip Skirt

Christal wearing a white t-shirt with the Jenni Kayne leopard slip skirt and brown suede boots

(wearing the Jenni Kayne leopard slip skirt in M)

Truth be told, I do not wear skirts often. But the Leopard Slip Skirt is the first one I grab for when I do! It’s easy to style, can be worn year-round, and is very lightweight and soft. I love how the fabric drapes and doesn’t cling to my body.

As for fit, this skirt fits true to size. I wear a medium, but I do have somewhat narrow hips, so you may need to size up if you have a curvier bottom half! 

4. Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater

Up close image of a woman wearing a dark stormy blue cashmere sweater from Jenni Kayne, off-white jeans, and shearling slippers

(wearing the Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater in Storm, size Small)

The Jenni Kayne Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater is a newer addition to my wardrobe and it should not be overlooked! It’s very soft, drapes beautifully, and is the epitome of cozy. 

I love the ribbed neckline and the side slits as they give the sweater an elevated feel over a basic crewneck. The “Storm” blue color is perfectly muted (I’m all about neutrals), and it goes great with my off-white jeans. 

The fit is oversized, so I went with a small in this sweater. If you prefer the longer, oversized look of this style, I’d recommend sticking with your usual size or you can go down one size for a slightly slimmer fit. 

5. Cropped Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan

woman wearing a brown cashmere knit cardigan from Jenni Kayne with a leopard midi slip skirt and shearling slides

(wearing the cropped cashmere cocoon cardigan in Nutmeg, size xs, leopard slip skirt in medium, and shearling slides)

The cropped version of the Jenni Kayne Cocoon Cardigan is a great choice if you don’t love the longer, baggy look of the original. It has a boxier fit and the bottom hem sits right at my hip bones. 

The color of the cropped cardigan I am wearing above is a seasonal shade that is no longer available called Nutmeg. But the cardigan is available still in Undyed Stone, Ivory, Oatmeal, Black, and Charcoal. 

Just like the regular cocoon cardigan, this version is very soft, not itchy, and can be worn in so many ways. It has an oversized fit so I opted for an XS, and I recommend sizing down 1-2 sizes. 

6. Cashmere Overcoat

(wearing the Cashmere Overcoat in Camel, size Medium)

I nearly screamed with excitement when I came across the Jenni Kayne Cashmere Overcoat, new with tags, on Poshmark. I immediately made it mine and have never looked back! Unfortunately, Jenni Kayne didn’t restock the camel color this season, but it is still available in Olive (which is just as gorgeous and versatile, in my opinion).

The coat is so soft and stunning in person, fits beautifully, and is very versatile. It is very substantial in weight and gives a lot of warmth. I also love that the belt is not attached to the coat, so it can be worn without it and no belt loops show.

In terms of fit, the coat is slightly oversized, but I went with the medium as I wanted to be able to layer it over sweaters. It also runs quite long – so if you are shorter in height, you may need to have the coat hemmed. Overall, this coat is very much worth the investment!

Jenni Kayne Review: Footwear

image of an overhead view of four pairs of Jenni Kayne shoes including brown boots, suede tan boots, shearling slides, and leopard mules

(pictured: Pony Hair Mule in Cheetah, Shearling Slide, Canyon Boot in Stone, and Suede Chelsea Boot in Dark Sand (heeled version no longer available))

Not many Jenni Kayne reviews cover the brand’s footwear line, so I thought I’d add a section on this. Here’s my scoop on the pairs I’ve walked miles in. 

1. Pony Hair Mule

image of the Jenni Kayne pony hair mules in cheetah print

(my Jenni Kayne Cheetah Pony Hair Mules in size 38)

These stunning Pony Hair Mules are comfortable, timeless, and well-made. I went with a 38 (my true size) and found they fit slightly narrow. So if you have wide feet I recommend sizing up.

The sole is smooth so they can be slippery on tile floors, but you could easily add a grip to the bottom. 

2. Canyon Boot

I recently sold my Oiled Leather Canyon Boots on Poshmark only because I also have the Canyon Boot in Suede and I found I wasn’t wearing the Oiled Leather often enough (and I strive to be a wardrobe minimalist!). That being said, these boots are incredibly comfortable, sturdy, and versatile. They fit true to size (mine are size 38) and are great for cooler weather. 

3. Shearling Slide Sandal

woman wearing a beige cashmere knit oversized cardigan from Jenni Kayne with an ivory ribbed tank top, jeans, and shearling slides

(wearing the Shearling Slide Sandal in Natural)

I absolutely love my Shearling Slide Sandals! They are unique, comfortable, and perfect for around the house. They do have a wider fit, so if your feet are narrow, I recommend you size down. My feet are on the wider side, so I stuck with size 38 and found them to be a little roomy. 

4. Suede Chelsea Boot

These boots are so gorgeous and timeless. Unfortunately, Jenni Kayne no longer carries the heeled version that I own but still has the flat version of the Chelsea boot. They fit true to size and go with so many outfits. 

One thing to note is that the light suede color can get dirty easily, so I highly recommend using a suede protector spray. 

5. Shearling Lined Moc Clog

Photo of a woman's feet wearing cozy socks and slippers, taken from above.

(wearing the Shearling Lined Moc-Clog in Natural, size 38)

Another one of my faves, the Shearling Moc Clogs from Jenni Kayne are like an elevated Birkenstock. I love the minimalist look of them and they are warm and comfortable. They fit true to size and bonus – can be worn indoors and outdoors! 

I wear mine all the time around the house and when hanging outside in the backyard or on the deck. 

Jenni Kayne Pros & Cons

Below is a deeper look into the Jenni Kayne brand, and what I consider to be the pros and cons based on my personal experience. 


  • Luxurious quality
  • Versatile and timeless pieces
  • Regular sales


  • Sizing inconsistencies
  • Costly international shipping & no returns

an up close image of three stacked knit cashmere cardigan sweaters in neutral colors

(pictured: Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan in Oatmeal, Taupe, and Black)

Pro #1: Luxurious Quality & Durability

There’s no doubt about it, every single Jenni Kayne piece I own feels luxurious. From the fabric to the construction to the overall feel, the quality is stellar. 

The cashmere sweaters feel like a cloud (read my cashmere cocoon cardigan review here). I’ve only been disappointed by a couple of the JK items I have owned, but not for the quality (I’ll get to why in the cons section!)

As for durability, the Jenni Kayne items I have owned for 2-3 years are still in excellent shape (aside from minor pilling, which is to be expected). Even with kids and pets, the pieces have held up well to regular, real-life wear. 

Side note: To remove pilling, I use a fabric depiller approximately once a month on my sweaters. 

woman wearing a beige cashmere knit hoodie sweater from Jenni Kayne with white crinkle cotton shorts

(wearing the Cashmere Fisherman Hoodie in Oatmeal, size xs, and the Playa Pajama Shorts (sold out))

Pro #2: Versatile and Timeless Pieces

Something I love most about Jenni Kayne is that the pieces can be styled in a variety of ways. I use capsule wardrobes throughout the year, and I can wear most of my JK pieces from season to season.

Jenni Kayne’s footwear selection is also fantastic. Every pair I own is notably comfortable (they haven’t needed any “breaking in”), and I receive compliments whenever I wear them!

Pro #3: Regular Sales

I’ve been subscribed to the Jenni Kayne newsletter for a few years now so I am often notified of sales and promotions, and their regularly occurring sales are a big pro in my books!

Jenni Kayne has flash sales every couple of months. There is often a 25% off sale around major holidays including Labor Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. And, the brand has other sales at the end of each season on specific items like sweaters, shoes, and outerwear.

Additionally, you can save right away when you sign up on the website, and get 15% off your first order. So don’t fret if you can’t quite justify the products at full price – simply join the newsletter and wait on a sale (or check out my list of Jenni Kayne look-alikes for less).

woman wearing a brown knit cashmere cardigan from Jenni Kayne and ivory linen shorts

(wearing the cropped cashmere cocoon cardigan in nutmeg xs)

Jenni Kayne Review: The Cons

While there aren’t many cons on this list, there are a few. These don’t have anything to do with the quality of Jenni Kayne’s items but rather specific things I’ve noticed that can be a downside when purchasing from this brand.

Con #1: Sizing Inconsistencies

Jenni Kayne items have a decent amount of variance in sizing and typically run big. Because many items fit oversized, and some do not, it’s hard to know exactly what size will be your perfect fit without trying it on in person. 

The footwear on the other hand runs true to size or 1/2 size smaller. It’s always a good idea to read the reviews on any particular item before buying as you will get a sense if the piece fits true to size or oversized.

As a general rule, if any item under the description is listed as “slightly oversized fit”, it’s best to size down 2 sizes, and if it says it “fits true to size”, size down 1 size. That is unless you prefer a very oversized fit, then stick with your true size.

Con #2: Costly International Shipping & No Returns

When it comes to shipping, US residents get the benefit of free ground shipping and free returns! On the other hand, I am Canadian so this brings me to the next con. 

As of 2021, Jenni Kayne does ship to Canada and many other international locations. Unfortunately, shipping to Canada costs $35 USD per order, are subject to additional duties, and there are no international returns.

Bottom line: If you are ordering Jenni Kayne from outside of the US, expect to pay quite a bit more than the sticker price. For this reason, I recommend browsing consignment sites like TheRealReal or Poshmark for Jenni Kayne pieces if you want to experience the quality/confirm sizing before making such a big investment.

Flat lay of a flannel white sweater, jeans and cozy slippers.

(pictures above, the Cabin Sweater in Ivory, the O’Keefe Shirt in Plaid, and Shearling-Lined Moc Clogs)

Overall, I highly recommend investing (direct or consignment) in at least a couple of Jenni Kayne pieces. They are beautiful, timeless, and very well-made. I am so pleased to have stumbled across this California brand that is the epitome of quiet luxury.

Of all the Jenni Kayne reviews out there, I hope you’ve found mine to be informative and insightful! I’d love for you to share it with your friends or family members who might still be on the fence! 


Are Jenni Kayne products just not in your budget? Check out 11+ Must-Have Jenni Kayne Dupes you’ll absolutely love! Also, don’t miss my Jenni Kayne Cocoon Cardigan Review and my Honest Cuyana Review.

image of a woman standing in front of a mirror wearing a taupe cardigan, ivory jeans, and black sandals


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