Honest Jenni Kayne Review: The Pros & Cons You Need To Know

Smitten by the luxury California brand Jenni Kayne and looking for Jenni Kayne reviews? Read my honest (and unsponsored) Jenni Kayne review before you buy to learn about the quality, company, pros, and cons. 

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Flat lay of a flannel white sweater, jeans and cozy slippers.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

My Honest Jenni Kayne Review

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This isn’t one of the typical Jenni Kayne reviews because it’s not sponsored. I don’t work with, or for Jenni Kayne and the thoughts are completely my own. I am a Reward Style publisher so the links in this post are affiliate links through Reward Style, not Jenni Kayne.

Jenni Kayne first came on my radar a few years ago when my husband and I purchased a 70’s bungalow and embarked on a full renovation. I was on Pinterest looking for design inspiration and kept coming across serene, coastal-inspired California interiors that were airy, breezy, and so perfectly neutral.

Clothing and slippers stacked on a wooden bench and faux fur.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

It turned out that many of the images were Jenni Kayne designed interiors (the JK Lake House was a huge source of inspiration for me). I began following the brand on social media and was introduced to the sophisticated and luxurious cashmere sweaters, earthy, neutral colors, and effortlessly chic outfits. 

I fell even more in love as the whole brand really spoke my language in terms of what I defined as my personal style: neutral, minimal, nature-inspired, and casual. 

Photo of a woman's feet wearing cozy socks and slippers, taken from above.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

Over the last year and a bit I’ve gathered a small collection of wardrobe essentials and I’m excited to share my honest Jenni Kayne review with you. Below are the pros and cons and more things to consider if you are planning to invest in any Jenni Kayne products. 

I’ve also just recently posted a separate Jenni Kayne Cocoon Cardigan Review you can read as well!

The Pros:

  • Luxurious quality
  • Versatile and timeless pieces
  • Regular sales

The Cons:

  • Sizing inconsistencies
  • Costly international shipping & no returns
  • Lacking customer service & communication 
Clothing and slippers stacked on a wooden bench and faux fur.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

Pro #1: Luxurious Quality

Every Jenni Kayne piece I own feels luxurious. From the fabric and the construction, to the overall feel, you can tell the quality is stellar. 

I’ve only felt disappointed by a couple items I purchased but not for the quality (I’ll get to why under the cons!)

Flat lay. of a grey sweater, green linen pants and cozy slippers.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

Are Jenni Kayne Sweaters Worth The Money?

I can say with confidence that you get what you pay for when it comes to the Jenni Kayne knitwear. The cashmere sweaters in particular are pricey for the average person, but you are paying for quality pieces that will last for years to come (check out some great Jenni Kayne looks for less here).

Even the sweaters with a fabric blend (like the Everyday Sweater and Cabin Sweater) are soft and luxurious. 

Jenni Kayne pieces should be considered as an investment in your wardrobe. They will last a long time with the right care and laundering, and can be consigned on sites like The Real Real or Poshmark when you are ready to move on. 

Clothing stacked up on the end of a bed with white bedding.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

Where are Jenni Kayne Products Made?

Jenni Kayne products are made in multiple regions, the shoes are crafted in Italy, textiles in Peru, and other products like basic knits, candles, and ceramics are made locally in Los Angeles where the brand originated. 

Other pieces are made in China (according to the tags on my items), however Jenni Kayne does promise continued commitment to sustainable and ethical practices which you can read more about on the JK website here

Flat lay of a white sweater, animal print spaghetti strap dress and cozy slippers.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

Pro #2: Versatile and Timeless Pieces

One of the things I love most about Jenni Kayne pieces is that they can be worn in a variety of ways, for many different occasions. I’ve been slowly building capsule wardrobes over the years and many of the Jenni Kayne pieces can work from season to season. 

Woman wearing jeans, slippers and a cream colored sweater.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

(wearing an xs in the Cabin Sweater (fits very oversized, size down 1-2 sizes)

The look above is one of my go-to’s. I love wearing the Cabin Sweater with a pair of jeans and the Shearling-Lined Moc Clogs when I’m at home, or running errands, and I still feel polished and put-together. 

Woman wearing a cream sweater of an animal print spaghetti strap midi dress and cozy slippers.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

(wearing a small in the Leopard Slip Dress, fits slightly oversized, unless you have a bigger bust I recommend sizing down 1 size)

To dress it up I layer the Cabin Sweater over the Leopard Slip Dress and add some dainty jewelry. Or I love wearing the slip dress on its own in the summer, or with a leather or jean jacket on top. 

Everything from the coveted Jenni Kayne Cardigan to the iconic Mules can be worn in so many ways, again and again. And every look, I mean everything – down to the Playa Pajamas (which I love to sleep in!) will make you feel classy and chic. 

Woman wearing gauzy white lounge wear.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

(wearing the Playa Set in medium – fits larger, I recommend sizing down one size)

Pro #3: Regular Sales

I’ve been following Jenni Kayne on IG and subscribed to the email newsletter for a few years now so I am often notified of sales and promotions. 

How Often Does Jenni Kayne Have Sales?

While Jenni Kayne doesn’t have a specific sale section on the website, flash sales do happen quite often. Also, you can save right away when you sign up on the website, and get 15% off your first order. 

There is always a big flash sale around holidays –  Labor Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. and Jenni Kayne also has quite a few sales throughout the year around the beginning or end of seasons on specific items – 20% off items like sweaters, shoes, and outerwear. 

Looking back at my emails from Jenni Kayne, there’s typically a sale of some sort every other month, so don’t fret if you can’t quite justify the products full price – just sign up to the newsletter and wait on a sale (or check out these Jenni Kayne dupes).


Cozy slippers laying on a jute rug.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

(wearing the Shearling-Lined Moc Clogs, runs smaller, if you are a half size or have wider feet, size up one size)

Jenni Kayne Review… the Cons

While there aren’t many cons on this list, there are a few. These don’t have anything to do with the quality of Jenni Kayne items but rather some specific things I’ve noticed that can be a bit of a hassle when trying to find your perfect Jenni Kayne pieces. 

Woman wearing jeans, slippers and a plaid flannel.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

(wearing the O’Keeffe Overshirt in small, fits slightly oversized, size down 1 size)

Con #1: Sizing Inconsistencies

Jenni Kayne items have a decent amount of variance in sizing. Because many items fit oversized, and some do not, it’s hard to know exactly what size will be your perfect size without trying on in person. 

I had the Summer Dress, but the medium was too large so I sold it on Poshmark (see next con on the list). The fabric was amazing though so I’ll be getting a size small for this summer season. 

Does Jenni Kayne Run Small?

Generally no. Most of the sweaters, cardigans, and dresses actually run larger and are intended for a more oversized fit. The shoes are the only item I have found that run smaller. 

I typically wear a small or medium in most brands (I am 5’6” and around 135lbs with an athletic body shape – broad shoulders and narrower hips). With Jenni Kayne I have found I need to size down to a S or even XS in most items. 

As a general rule, if any item under the description is listed as “slightly oversized fit” I will size down 2 sizes to an XS, and if it says it “fits true to size”, I’ll size down to a small. 

My cabin sweater is an XS and as you can see in the images earlier, it still has a very drapey and oversized fit. From reading reviews the Cocoon Cardigan is the same and you should size down 1 to 2 sizes from your normal size. 

Woman wearing jeans, slippers and a plaid flannel.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

(wearing the O’Keeffe Overshirt in medium, for a more oversized fit)

Con #2: Costly International Shipping & No Returns

Now let’s talk shipping. If you are in the US you will get the benefit of free ground shipping, and I believe returns are also free. I am located in Canada so this is where things are a little different for me, and brings me to the next con. 

Does Jenni Kayne Ship To Canada?

Yes! Jenni Kayne does ship to Canada and many other international locations which is great as they didn’t always. Unfortunately, shipping to Canada costs $30 USD per order, and there are no international returns

So if you are a fellow Canadian, you will have to pay around $40 CAD (based on the current exchange rate) to ship your order and you’ll want to make sure it’s exactly what you want because there will be no returning it.

Woman wearing an animal print t-shirt dress and black Birkenstock sandals.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

(wearing the Leopard T-Shirt dress in size small, fits slightly looser, size down for a more snug fit)

Con #3: Customer Service & Communication

The last con on the list hopefully won’t be a con for much longer. From what I’ve read, Jenni Kayne has grown a lot over the years due to the CEO, Julia Hunter, who took the reins in 2014 and catapulted Jenni Kayne’s growth as a brand.

Unfortunately this growth has come with growing pains and customer service is not as great as it should be (according to many social media reviews)

While I haven’t had to deal with customer service myself directly, I have reached out on social media and typically receive a response half the time so it’s hit or miss. 

My hope is that in the future they grow the customer service team to match the demand and bring this area of the business up to the same standard as the products. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend investing in at least a couple Jenni Kayne pieces. They are beautiful, timeless, and very well-made. 

I am very happy to have stumbled across this California brand that is the epitome of laid-back luxury (or as my husband likes to refer to it “rich hippie style”, lol!)

As a company, Jenni Kayne continues to work on their commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, all while bringing more effortless style and beautiful inspiration into the world… what’s not to love?

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Flat lay of a flannel white sweater, jeans and cozy slippers.
Photo: @styleyouroccasion

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