26+ Trendy Senior Picture Outfits for Summer & Fall 2024

Wondering what to wear for senior pictures? You’ll love this list of casual options, senior picture dresses, and accessory ideas. There’s both summer and fall senior picture outfits to inspire you!

collage of four senior pictures with college women wearing stylish outfits

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The Perfect Senior Picture Outfits

Senior pictures create the perfect opportunity to capture and commemorate this time in your life and should be styled to represent you and your personality. This is why choosing the right senior portraits outfits is so important. 

There are several things to consider when deciding what to wear for senior pictures and I am here to help inspire you! I’ve also enlisted professional photographer, Tracey Jazmin, to share her top tips and tricks to get the best photos! 

What should I wear to my senior pictures?

Below are some tips to help you decide what to wear for your senior pictures so they turn out authentic and beautiful:

  • Choose an outfit that represents your personal style – if you love casual style, and jeans make up the majority of your wardrobe, don’t force yourself into a flowy dress that might feel awkward or uncomfortable. Instead, throw on a new pair of jeans you love and style them with a dressier top.
  • Make sure your clothing is in excellent shape – clothes that are stretched out or faded from wear can stick out like a sore thumb in photos so it’s best to choose items that are new or gently worn – and this gives you an excuse to go shopping!
  • Keep it minimal – avoid wearing lots of layers or accessories as this can end up looking bulky in pictures and take away from you. Opt for dainty accessories, and only a few of them, and unless the weather is cold, leave the extra layers at home.

Tracey Jazmin, professional photographer, says “Narrowing down your outfits to those that make you feel your most authentic is key. Also, it’s helpful to have different iterations of the same outfit so you and your photographer can assess which aligns with you and the setting best.”

Senior Portraits Outfits Inspiration

Below (and the few above!) are some of my favorite outfits for senior pictures. I have separated them into categories to help you find the perfect look for your senior photos: jeans and a feminine top, creamy neutrals, pretty floral dresses, and outfits with a fedora.

jeans + peasant-style top.


get the look:

Unless you want to, you do not have to wear a formal dress for senior pictures. If you love a great pair of jeans, throw those on and pair them with a pretty top and some dainty accessories for a cute and casual look that represents your laid-back style.

When it comes to senior portraits outfits, I love a feminine-casual vibe. This outfit with a white peasant-style blouse paired with vintage-wash boyfriend jeans is casual but still pretty and goes great with brown ankle booties.

white denim + black crop top.


get the look:

Next up, white denim jeans pair perfectly with a simple long-sleeve crop top for a summery, stylish look. Strappy black sandals with a wedge heel and gold croissant earrings complete the look and dress it up a little.

When choosing senior portraits outfits for the summer, I recommend you opt for light colors or light fabrics so you don’t get hot and sweaty during your photoshoot!

colorful button-up + jeans.


get the look:

This look is a total vibe.

I love the black combat boots paired with the light-wash denim and a pop of color in the shirt. If you aren’t all about neutrals, consider adding a colorful or floral patterned shirt paired with the jeans.

Fall Senior Picture Outfits

Below are some of my favorite fall senior picture outfits that work for the cooler season. 

jeans, black blouse + boots. 


get the look:

This is a gorgeous look for senior photos taken in the fall. The vintage wash straight-leg denim looks so good with black booties and a black leather belt. And, the slightly cropped puff-sleeve black top is classy and trendy.

Finish the look with a layered pendant necklace. When it comes to fall senior picture outfits, I recommend wearing darker, moodier colors to complement the changing colors of the season. 

midi skirt + knit sweater.


get the look:

Another idea for fall senior picture outfits is a midi skirt and sweater. I love the wide-brim wool fedora with the chunky cropped black knit sweater and midi skirt.

Pair the skirt with neutral suede ankle booties and croissant earrings to bring the whole outfit together.

cozy wrap dress.


get the look:

A cozy and flattering sweater dress with a wrap style looks beautiful in the photo above. The neutral tone compliments the treed background and all the fall colors, making this another one of our favorite fall senior picture outfits. 

Pair a sweater dress with suede ankle boots and some dainty jewelry, for a look that is classy and memorable for a senior who is all about being fashionable.

shirt jacket + combat boots.

young woman wearing a beige shirt jacket with light blue jeans and black boots for Senior pictures

get the look:

When it comes to fall outfits for senior pictures, don’t be afraid to add on cozy layers. A fleece or wool shirt jacket is a trendy piece that works great over a t-shirt and vintage-wash jeans. 

I love the addition of lace-up combat boots to give this outfit an edgy vibe. If you are all about fall fashion and pumpkin spice lattes, this look is probably for you!

cropped tee + midi skirt

young woman wearing a black cropped t-shirt with a black and red patterned midi skirt and combat boots for senior pictures

get the look:

The last on the list of fall outfits for senior pictures is another cute ensemble with a midi skirt. I love how the darker colors work perfectly for the fall season, and the combat boots add edge to the feminine skirt. 

The cropped t-shirt gives a youthful vibe, and you can easily throw on a denim jacket if the weather is a little chilly during your photoshoot! 

Creamy neutrals.

Next up, I have found a few outfits that do neutrals right. The beauty of neutral clothes is that they won’t overshadow you in your photos. They also don’t compete with the background or environment and can be complementary to any scene.

the little white dress.


get the look:

For a senior photo session in June, July, or August, a light and flowy white summer dress is a great option. Pair it with some neutral strappy sandals, a fresh mani/pedi, and some dainty jewelry and you’ll be set.

ivory midi dress + fedora hat.


get the look:

This creamy neutral dress is classy and feminine with a flutter sleeve detail and buttons down the front. If you aren’t into a mini dress that shows off your legs, a midi or maxi length is a great option.

Gold hoop earrings and a couple of bracelets would totally compliment this look along with a pair of neutral heeled sandals.

Pretty floral Senior Picture Dresses

Another idea for what to wear for senior pictures is a floral dress. You can get away with floral patterns in pretty much any season it just depends on the pattern and style of the dress.

For fall outfits for senior pictures you can choose deeper, more moody colors, and in the spring and summer go with lighter ditsy floral patterns.

tiered floral mini dress.


get the look:

This tiered floral dress is fun and flirty and definitely shows that this senior has a bright and bold personality. Paired with the gold layered pendant necklace and a pair of strappy sandals, this look is seriously chic.

flowy floral maxi dress.


get the look:

Talk about a statement. This stunning floral maxi is a top pick for senior picture dresses. It shows off her artistic and creative side and would be perfect for a senior who is all about the arts.

Because the dress in this photo is a statement piece, I recommend keeping accessories to a minimum, and yes… going barefoot! 

ditsy floral shirt dress.


get the look:

This senior pictures outfit is so pretty!

Senior picture dresses with ditsy floral patterns are subtle and delicate. I love this look paired with strappy sandals or ankle booties and gold hoop earrings.

floral maxi wrap dress.


get the look:

This floral maxi dress with a kimono vibe is a stunner and one of our favorite senior picture dresses. I love the subtle colors and the long sleeves and think this would be great for a late summer or early fall senior photoshoot.

Pair it with some cute sandals or ankle booties and simple gold or silver jewelry.

floral two-piece skirt set.

young woman wearing a matching floral blouse and midi skirt set at the beach for senior pictures

get the look:

Another idea that’s a bit different than the senior picture dresses, this matching two-piece floral set is so pretty and feminine. I love the boho vibe it gives and the slightly sheer material which is really ethereal. 

Pair this look with flat sandals or mules and some simple gold jewelry. 

Add a fedora.

While I do recommend keeping accessories to a minimum, I LOVE the look of a neutral fedora to compliment an outfit. If you are a hat lover, don’t think you can’t rock one as part of your senior portraits outfits!


get the look:

The wool brown fedora hat compliments this senior’s outfit so well with the peasant-style ruffled blouse and light-wash denim. With a slight hipster vibe, the look is feminine and casual but still one of my favorite senior photo outfits on the list.


get the look:

If you live by a beach and can take advantage of the beautiful scenery and warm temperatures, consider a two-piece linen set like this one.  Add a cute fedora hat to give a slight hippie vibe.

Keep the accessories to a minimum and slide on a pair of dainty sandals (or go barefoot!).

More Outfits For Senior Portraits:

I’ve enjoyed adding to this extensive list of senior picture outfits for 2024. So here are even more stylish and trendy additions you’ll love!

go bright and bold.

young woman at a carnival wearing a bright pink romper with white boots for senior pictures

get the look:

If you love bright colors and making a statement, let your personality shine with a colorful dress or romper! 

I love the vibrant pink romper on this senior and the white western-style boots. The look goes perfectly with the carnival scene and shows off her fun and carefree personality. 

lime green + black.

young black woman wearing a green cropped off-the-shoulder top with baggy black jeans and sneakers for senior pictures

get the look:

Lime green and black is another excellent combo for senior picture outfits. The neutral black compliments the bright pop of color, and we love how the casual, baggy jeans contrast with the feminine top in this outfit. 

If you are a sneakers girl through and through, stick with sneakers for your senior pictures. Remember, you want your outfit to represent and reflect your personal style authentically. 

summery white pants + top.

Young woman standing in front of a blue door with a bouquet of flowers wearing a white matching pant set for senior pictures

get the look:

If you want a classy and fresh look for your senior photos, opt for a breezy pair of off-white pants and a matching crop top. Finish the outfit with nude-heeled sandals, and like the photo above, add a bouquet of fresh flowers as a pretty prop. 

pretty in purple.

Young woman wearing a purple satin mini dress with white heeled sandals for senior pictures

get the look:

Purple is such a pretty hue, and looks excellent on all skin tones. I love senior picture dresses with a feminine touch paired with white-heeled sandals. This gives a major flirty vibe. 

If you are a girly-girl and love pretty pastel colors, don’t be afraid to go glam for your senior photos! 

polka dots + denim.

young woman wearing a denim jacket over a black polka dot dress for senior pictures

get the look:

Last on our list of senior picture outfits, this simple combination is perfect for a laid-back, girl-next-door vibe. When it comes to senior picture dresses, I love the simple black polka-dot style paired with a cropped denim jacket. 

Add some sneakers to keep the outfit casual, or go for a pair of heeled sandals to dress up the look. In the fall, try black ankle boots and add a black fedora!

Tips To Rock Your Senior Portraits Outfits:

Now that you have tons of inspiration for 2023 senior photo outfits, below are some more tips and things you’ll want to know to get the best photos possible and have a great time!



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