Cute Mexico Vacation Outfit Ideas & Tips On What To Wear

Headed to Mexico? I’m here to help! As someone who’s traveled to Mexico multiple times, I’m going to share what to wear in Mexico resort destinations, along with Mexico vacation outfit ideas that are chic and practical!

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collage of four outfit ideas for a Mexico vacation

Originally published March 2022, Updated October 2023

What To Wear In Mexico on Vacation

Mexico is such a beautiful destination! I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Mexico multiple times including Cabo San Lucas and the Mayan Riviera.

And as you prepare for your vacation, I imagine you’ve dreamt up scenes of tanning under the sunny sky, taking in the sights, and tasting the delicious food with a margarita in hand.

While all that sounds great, its important to consider what type of clothes to pack. There are several things to consider including location, weather, and your itinerary. To help you along, I’m going to share what you can pack and wear on your Mexico vacation so you feel comfortable while still looking fabulous!

Let’s get into it!Collage of what to pack for a Mexican beach the guide:

What should I wear on vacation to Mexico?

Whether you’re headed to Cancun, Tulum, or Playa del Carmen, a suitcase filled with the right outfits will have you feeling confident and comfortable – two essentials every woman needs on vacation. Additionally, some regions of Mexico tend to have a more modest fashion, while touristy destinations will accept a typical summer wardrobe, so its important to consider your location!

Here’s a quick rundown of items that I recommend you pack for your beach trip:

    • Swimsuits

    • Swimsuit coverups

    • Tank tops and breathable t-shirts and blouses

    • Maxi skirts, rompers, or lightweight dresses

    • Lightweight shorts and pants

woman wearing an outfit on the beach with a white tank, white shorts, mesh bag, and beige cardigan
    • Light sweater or shawl 
    • Sandals or flip flops

    • Activewear 

    • Comfortable shoes or sneakers

Photos: @aurathelabel, @sivanayla

While your suitcase will mostly be filled with beachwear, you should also consider the weather. The temperature may drop in the evenings and depending on the time of your stay, simple beach cover-ups might not suffice. 

To avoid feeling cold at dinner, pack a lightweight jacket or a sweater to throw over your shoulders before heading out at night. It’s also a great idea to do a little tanning before your trip to develop a bronzed base tan and avoid burning! Try this DIY tanning bed cleaner while you’re at it! 

A women's legs, beach bag, sunglasses and sunhat laying on the sand.

What do you wear on the beach in Mexico?

If you’re planning to stay in a Mexican beach town, such as Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta, you can get away with a more casual, carefree style. 

Here’s what you’ll want to wear for daily trips to the beach:

    • Swimsuits: choose one-piece or two-piece swimsuits you feel confident in and fit comfortably. 

    • Oversized button up shirt or beach cover-up: when you’re planning your outfits stick to lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton that dry quickly and combat humidity.

    • Laidback, minimal pieces and neutral shades: these are easy to style for multiple occasions. Plus, versatile pieces can double as beachwear, meaning you’ll have more room for souvenirs and other essentials in your suitcase. 
    • Accessories: sunglasses, sun hat, tarnish-free jewelry (but nothing super expensive that you would be very upset about losing!)

Again, when it comes to the beach, you’ll want to opt for airy, breathable materials. Light cotton and linen fabrics are always the best choice, as they absorb sweat and will keep you cool to a certain degree.

Additionally, if you want to embrace Mexican culture, you can wear hand-woven fabrics or embroidered tops.

A woman in a black maxi dress leaning against a couch in a tropical destination.

What Should I Wear To a Resort In Mexico?

Most Mexican resorts won’t have a dress code, so you’re free to dress as you please; however, there will be locations where you should dress more formally, such as the bar or restaurant. Here are some ideas:

    • Dressier lightweight dresses or maxi skirts 
    • Neutral tank tops
    • Swimsuits with cover-ups
    • Flat or heeled sandals
    • Subtle, tarnish-free jewelry to add a little something extra 

Additionally, all-inclusive resorts likely have on-site activities, including swimming, various sports, and workout facilities. Make sure to consider your itinerary and plan your outfits accordingly. 

Woman in a white bikini top and white linen shorts with a straw beach bag.

More Staples and Accessories To Bring to Mexico

In addition to the proper clothing, you should also consider accessories and other staples. The following items are functional and fashionable, allowing you to enjoy your trip looking (and feeling) great.

Sunglasses: In a sunny climate like Mexico, sunglasses are a must. I recommend packing an inexpensive pair you don’t mind dirtying with sand or sunscreen smudges.

Sunscreen: Speaking of sunscreen smudges, sunscreen is an absolute must when you’re traveling to a sunny country. Try to find one with an SPF of at least 50 to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

Sun Hat: There is no such thing as too much sun protection. A large straw hat will shield your face from the sun while lounging in the sand or strolling on the boardwalk.

Beach Bag: Taking a versatile carry-all bag on your trip will serve you well in the long run. I recommend a crossbody beach bag, which allows you to carry your daily essentials while keeping your hands free. 

Woman wearing a black midid dress in a tropical destination.

Attire for Visiting Cathedrals in Mexico

If you plan to visit any of the cathedrals in Mexico, you should try to stray away from tank tops and short shorts. Instead, pack a pair of lightweight trousers or a maxi skirt to avoid wearing inappropriate attire.

Opt for more modest fashion when visiting any religious buildings or cultural centers. 

More Mexico Vacation Outfit Ideas To Copy

I love combining fashion with practicality. When it comes to hot destinations like Mexico, I want to be comfortable while looking chic and modern.

Below are six elevated, stylish, and effortless outfits I’d recommend for your Mexican vacation that are airy, breathable, and will keep you feeling cool and avoid overheating.

For the pool.

Collage of what to wear to the pool on a trip to Mexico.

get the look:

When it comes to what to wear in Mexico at the pool, a light and airy outfit with a swimsuit and cover up top and pants is perfect. Plus this look can easily double as a breezy outfit for breakfast, brunch, or lunch… poolside margaritas anyone?

When visiting the pools in Mexico its always a good idea to bring along a light cover up as the temperatures can get very hot and the sun is strong. A light cover up for when you are out of the pool, lounging on a chair will ensure you don’t end up with a nasty sun burn. 

I love this white linen pant and top set, and for extra coverage you could swap the tank for a long-sleeve linen shirt. 

At the beach.

Collage of what to wear at the beach on a trip to Mexico.

get the look:

A simple black bikini with a light long-sleeve linen cover-up and airy shorts is perfect for the beach in Mexico. You’ll get added sun protection, yet still feel cool and breezy in the linen fabric.

Be sure to bring along a sun hat to protect the top of your head, and pack your favorite book for a relaxing read while listening to the waves. I’ve made the mistake of forgetting a hat and ended up with a pretty burnt scalp on past Mexico vacations! 

Shopping the markets.

Collage of an outfit to wear shopping on a trip to Mexico.

get the look:

One of my favorite things to do in Mexico is browse around the little towns and markets, finding treasures and trinkets. There are so many great places to explore outside of the resorts in Mexico (Cozumel is a must see if you are in the Mayan Riviera!).

This look features a lightweight, pretty dress (that you could easily wear over a swimsuit), along with a pair of comfortable sandals, some dainty accessories. Comfortable walking shoes are key for exploring, so stick with a pair of sandals you’ve broken in. 

Also a nice basket tote is perfect for bringing along if you plan to buy some handcrafted Mexican pieces. Again, on a sunny day, it’s best to pack along a sun hat just to be safe. 

Exploring ancient ruins.

Collage of what to wear exploring the ruins on a trip to Mexico.

get the look:

If you love to soak up history and explore attractions, opt for a stylish linen shorts and tank combo when heading out for a day of cultural immersion. This outfit will keep you cool and comfortable, while remaining conservative enough for historical attractions.

You could also swap the shorts for lightweight linen trousers if you prefer a little more coverage or plan on visiting cathedrals. Additionally, you’ll want to wear comfortable sandals and bring along a crossbody bag (the perfect hands-free option) to tote sunscreen, snacks, and other necessities. 

Pack along a baseball cap or sun hat and enjoy! I especially recommend checking out the Mayan ruins if you are in the Tulum area. 

Resort dinner.

Collage of an outfit to wear out to dinner on a trip to Mexico.

get the look:

One of my favorite things to do in Mexico is eat. I love Mexican cuisine and when I go to a dinner at the resort I want to feel comfortable and not restricted in tight clothing. Opt for an elevated, but still comfortable, lightweight black dress with strappy sandals, and gold jewelry. 

This outfit is perfect for a fine dining resort dinner followed by a (barefoot) walk on the beach or drinks in a lounge. Bring along a light cardigan or shawl if it is going to get cooler once the sun goes down.

Beach wedding guest.

Collage of a wedding guest dress outfit to wear in Mexico.

get the look:

If you are lucky enough to be going to Mexico for a wedding, here is a gorgeous outfit that’s light, breathable, and eye-catching. The simple floral wrap dress is the perfect combination of elevated and effortless, and is dressy while not being too warm or fussy. 

Bock heeled sandals are a great choice if you’ll be on hard ground, but if the wedding is right on the beach, opt for flat sandals. 

What do people wear on vacation in Mexico?

Most people on vacation in Mexico will wear comfortable and breathable clothing suitable for the hotter climate. However, since the temperatures can range based on the time of year, time of day, and region you’re in, it’s a good idea to bring a variety of pieces.

Classic pieces are a great choice since you can create a variety of outfits with them. Think pants, shorts, midi or maxi skirts, lightweight tank tops, and dresses. Opt for linen or cotton blends since these natural fabrics will keep you cool during hot days, but make sure to bring lightweight sweaters or cardigans as well.

If you plan to spend most of your time lounging on the beach, go for casual summer clothing. However, if you plan to explore the city and visit local restaurants and shops, aim to bring some formal pieces with you.

While many people think Mexico is the perfect place to rock a bikini top and daisy dukes, that’s not the case. Women in Mexico tend to dress conservatively, so keep that in mind when planning your Mexico capsule wardrobe.


I’ve always enjoyed my trips to Mexico and have found the people, food, and environment to be so wonderful. If you have a Mexico vacation on your horizon, consider yourself lucky!

I hope you have enjoyed these tips on what to wear to Mexico and the curated Mexico vacation outfit ideas to inspire you. Which look was your favorite?

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Collage of what to pack for a Mexican beach vacation.


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