18+ Stores Like Lucy In The Sky for Stunning Dresses & Apparel

Do you love the breathtaking dresses and clothes at Lucy in the Sky? Check out our list of 18+ stores like Lucy in the Sky for stunning apparel!

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woman wearing a pink mini dress with a black blazer over her shoulders, holding a white mini bag

Stores Like Lucy In The Sky

Lucy in the Sky is a clothing store that always has the latest trends in stock. This brand designs bold and dazzling clothes for young women, and we absolutely love the glamorous dresses and feminine apparel that we always find here. 

If this is one of your go-to stores for sexy and chic outfits, you need to check out these stores for even more stylish clothing. 

1. House of CB

woman wearing a matching cardigan and midi skirt set in white

House of CB sells trendy clothes that have a very similar look to Lucy in the Sky. This company uses feminine fabrics and prints, bold colors, and edgy designs to create clothing that we adore. 

While House of CB tends to be more expensive, it’s not by much. This e-commerce store is still very budget-friendly and ships internationally.

2. Reformation

woman wearing a black floral print silk dress

Reformation is well-known for having stunning boho-chic apparel. But this brand also carries dozens of clothing with the same glamorous aesthetic as Lucy in the Sky. 

You can easily find anything from dreamy floral tops to elegant silk maxi dresses, making Reformation a perfect place to find eye-catching pieces that you’ll love having in your closet.  

3. Meshki

woman wearing a colorblock white and taupe midi dress

Next, we have an online boutique that has had us captivated since its founding in 2013. Meshki uses flattering silhouettes and gorgeous details to create pieces we can’t get enough of. 

This fashion brand sells its vibrant and youthful apparel at an affordable price, so you can easily stock up for a night out on the town without breaking the bank. 

4. Lulus

woman wearing a long black silk dress with a black blazer

Next on this list of shops like Lucy in the Sky is Lulu’s. This fashion retailer has dozens of styles to choose from, ranging from adorable tops to sexy one-of-a-kind dresses. 

We love Lulu’s for having an incredible selection of apparel, all for an amazing price. And Lulu’s even offers free shipping on orders above $50 in the U.S.

5. Club L.

woman wearing a black maxi dress with cutout detail at the front

Club L. is an online clothing store based in London. Their beautiful designs range from fierce to flirty to romantic so you can find an outfit for any event. 

This brand does have a higher price point than Lucy in the Sky, but they use high-quality materials and timeless designs that make their apparel something you can use for years. 

6. Revolve

woman wearing a pink crop top, pink skirt, and pink blazer with a small white handbag

Revolve is one of our favorite stores to find unique designer pieces. They sell anything from stylish streetwear to breathtaking gowns. You can easily find styles with the same look as Lucy in the Sky. 

This company sells a wide range of brands and styles and has a wide range of prices to go with it. This makes Revolve a great choice for anyone who needs a fabulous new wardrobe piece, regardless of your budget. 

7. Boohoo

woman in a long sheer printed dress with black heeled sandals

This British e-commerce store has been stealing hearts since its founding in 2006. Even though Boohoo is one of the most affordable brands, they still manage to create clothes that have a high-class look. 

Like Lucy in the Sky, Boohoo designs apparel with sexy silhouettes and a playful look. If you love the look of the corset tops and bold party dresses at Lucy’s, you have to check out Boohoo for even more stunning pieces to add to your closet. 

8. Dynamite

woman in a purple glitter mini dress with silver glitter heels

Dynamite is another excellent alternative to Lucy in the Sky. The clothing here looks similar to Lucy’s, using full sequins and sexy cutouts to give off that youthful and playful vibe.

This fashion brand sells its apparel at a similar price point to Lucy in the Sky so that you can find new gorgeous pieces for the same great price. 

9. Pretty Little Thing

woman wearing a little black dress with ivory taffeta frill detail at the top

When it comes to websites like Lucy in the Sky, Pretty Little Thing is one of our top picks. This UK-based company ships worldwide and has tons of fashionable styles that are usually $75 or less. 

You can find popular designs like corsets or halter tops, stylish dresses, and trendy bottoms at PLT. This is also a great place to shop for gorgeous plus-sized clothing. 

10. ASOS

woman in a purple taffeta and silk mini dress

ASOS is another online store that carries dozens of third-party brands, as well as their own. This is a one-stop shop for all things chic, with a price to match any budget. 

ASOS carries so many styles, from edgy casual wear to alluring dresses. You can find tons of looks like that at Lucy in the Sky and more. They also carry a great selection of plus-sized apparel, and they even offer maternity clothes as well.  

11. Showpo

woman in a long strapless black maxi gown

We love Showpo for its variety of stunning feminine apparel. From boho styles to romantic floral dresses to edgy fringe tops, Showpo is a great place to explore your style without going over budget. 

Like Lucy in the Sky, Showpo carries items that have vibrant colors, cool patterns, and sexy designs, giving off a fun-loving feel that is still incredibly stylish. 

12. Hello Molly

woman wearing a yellow silk halter mini dress with gold pumps

Hello Molly is next on our list, and one look at this brand’s gorgeous apparel will show you why. Stocked with shimmering tops, lace details, and form-fitting looks, Hello Molly is perfect for any Lucy in the Sky fan.  

Hello Molly is a great place to find looks similar to Lucy’s, and you can also expect to pay a similar price. 

13. Petal & Pup

a black woman wearing an orange and black knit maxi dress with cutout detail

Petal & Pup is an online fashion brand with chic and elegant pieces. This company knows how to take classic silhouettes to another level using gorgeous materials like satin and lace and adding subtle details like ruching, ruffles, and cutouts.

While the apparel here doesn’t have the same youthfulness as Lucy in the Sky, you can still find flattering and eye-catching items for any occasion. 

14. Princess Polly

woman wearing a silk ivory mini dress and black lug boots

Princess Polly is another fantastic brand to check out. This company carries cute dresses with the same look as Lucy in the Sky, with lace-up backs, wired cups, and other playful details. 

Princess Polly also tends to be in a similar price range as Lucy in the Sky. This e-commerce store is the perfect place to find the latest trends in both clothing and accessories. 

15. Storets

woman wearing a black mini dress with long puff sleeves and black chunky heel sandals

Storets is a unique brand in the fashion world, carrying distinct styles that have a refined but stunning look. 

Many of the designs here are vibrant and romantic, with a soft and youthful vibe that we love. The apparel at Storets takes trendy styles and elevates them to create looks that are on another level. 

16. Nasty Gal

woman in a strapless black mini dress with frill detail and feather appliqué heels

The next store on our list has an edgy rock and roll glam look that we are in love with. Nasty Gal is an online brand based out of Los Angeles, and it has that same effortless style seen there. 

This fashion brand designs clothing using vibrant colors, bold prints, and fabulous fringe, sequin, and fur accents. Nasty Gal has the same sexy and feminine look as Lucy in the Sky, with a bit more fierceness mixed in. 

17. H&M

group of women wearing sparkly and glittery party dresses

H&M is a popular brand known for carrying a wide selection of trendy apparel. Whether you’re looking for a dress for a girls’ night out or a special event, H&M is a perfect place to find a gorgeous new look. 

We love that H&M works hard to be a sustainable company, and this brand offers the same chic looks as Lucy in the Sky for a fantastic price. 

18. Missguided

woman wearing a black dress with collar and long sleeves with a black bag with gold chain strap

Missguided is a clothing brand that designs trendy clothes for young women. This is a great place to look for feminine dresses similar to Lucy in the Sky. 

This UK-based store has apparel that is fun and flirty or bold and glamorous. And this company is so affordable that you don’t have to pick which style you’d prefer because you can afford it all. 

19. Stelly

woman wearing a deep red maxi dress with slit at the leg

Stelly is an Australian brand that designs stunning apparel. This brand gives Lucy in the Sky a run for its money when it comes to sexy and chic clothes. 

The combination of rich colors, delicate floral prints, and flattering cuts that Stelly uses keep us coming back for more. This company sells very affordable clothing, and shipping is free for orders over $100 in Australia and most other countries, including Canada, the U.S., and the UK. 

Is there Lucy in the Sky stores?

Lucy in the Sky does not have any physical stores and instead functions as an online clothing store. But, shopping with this brand has been made easy since Lucy in the Sky ships internationally and offers free shipping in the U.S. for orders over $75.

Lucy in the Sky also offers free returns for customers in the U.S. 

Where is Lucy in the Sky clothing based?

Lucy in the Sky is based in Los Angeles, California. This women’s clothing brand takes inspiration from the vibrant fashion seen in LA, and many of its designs showcase this fun and effortless style. 

We hope you have enjoyed the stores on this list to find gorgeous dresses and apparel just like you’d find at Lucy in the Sky!


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