15 Stores Like Pretty Little Thing For Next-Level Aesthetic

Looking for stores like PTL? If Pretty Little Thing is your go-to for fabulous new clothing and accessories, then you need to see our list of 15 stores like Pretty Little Thing for next-level looks!

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Shops Like Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is a much-loved fashion label known for having chic and edgy fashion at an affordable price. This e-commerce store has thousands of apparel, accessories, and footwear. 

Pretty Little Thing designs anything from streetwear to swimwear to stunning dresses. They have bold and flirty clothing that we love to see and wear! If you are looking for stores like PTL, you’ve come to the right place. 

What is similar to Pretty Little Thing?

There are quite a few amazing stores that have a similar aesthetic to Pretty Little Thing including ASOS, Lulus, Missguided, Meshki, Express, Princess Polly, Showpo, Dynamite, and more. You can find stylish clothing, figure-hugging dresses, chic shoes, and accessories at all of these retailers and stay on budget too!

Below you can read more about our 15 best selections for online stores like PTL and shops like Pretty Little Thing.

1. Revolve

Woman wearing a white sweater midid dress.

First on the list of stores like PTL is Revolve, an e-commerce fashion brand that has a variety of brands and styles available. They ship to several countries worldwide. 

This online fashion retailer sells clothing and accessories at varying prices, ranging from low to high. You’ll see a ton of styles here, from casual and minimal to glamorous and bold.  

Whether you need something chic and classy or a statement dress for your next party, Revolve will have something for you



ASOS is a brand that almost needs no introduction. This online fashion brand has been gaining popularity since it was founded in 2000. 

ASOS sells luxury apparel that is sophisticated yet flirty. This brand uses gorgeous colors and classic designs to create clothing and accessories that you’ll want to own. 

This store sells its own brand of clothing as well as hundreds of other brands. So you’ll always be able to find a range of styles and prices.

Is ASOS better than Pretty Little Thing?

ASOS and Pretty Little Thing are competitors in the fashion world. ASOS tends to have more classic silhouettes while Pretty Little Thing has more of a youthful aesthetic. 

These stores are different in several ways. PLT is also less expensive than ASOS and is ideal for those on a budget.  

3. Lulus

Woman wearing a black silk romper.

Lulu’s is one of the best places to check out if you’re looking for shops like Pretty Little Thing. Lulus is another online retailer that ships to countries worldwide. 

Although, they also recently opened a brick-and-mortar store called The Outlet in California where they’re based. 

This brand has a similar look to PLT. They use classy silhouettes and deep, rich colors to make luxurious clothing and accessories.

You can also expect to pay prices similar to those at Pretty Little Thing since they’re in the same price range.

4. Fashion Nova

Woman wearing a white blazer dress.

Here’s another great alternative to Pretty Little Thing. Fashion Nova is an e-commerce store that ships internationally and is very popular in the U.S. 

Fashion Nova is also in the same price range as PLT. Fashion Nova has incredible designs for incredible prices, and you can even get free shipping on orders over $75. 

Fashion Nova sells form-fitting clothing with sexy details, and they also use fun colors and prints. This brand has the same youthful vibe as PLT, and you can’t help but want some of those gorgeous dresses. 

5. NA-KD

Woman wearing a black skirt, white top and black blazer with tall boots.

At NA-KD, their mission is to create uniquely beautiful fashion that uplifts and inspires women. This online fashion retailer was founded in 2015 and has taken the fashion world by storm ever since. 

NA-KD has thousands of items to choose from including dresses, sleepwear, swimwear, and even lingerie. The apparel is sleek and simple but still very beautiful. NA-KD carries a lot of items in neutral tones and classic cuts. This brand’s clothing gives off the impression of effortless style. 

We also love that NA-KD makes eco-friendly choices by using recycled materials and selling “pre-loved” clothing.  

6. Urban Outfitters

Woman wearing a tight white mini dress.

Urban Outfitters is a major fashion retailer that sells trendy apparel for young women and men.  

One thing we love about Urban Outfitters is their variety and range. They sell dozens of brands, including their own. So they have a huge selection of apparel, accessories, and footwear to choose from. 

Shop here for everything from casual wear to swimwear to vintage pieces. UO even has a section for lifestyle, beauty, and gifts so you can shop here when you need outfit ideas or gift ideas. 

Having so many brands available means they also have a wide price range, so there are cute clothes for you to find no matter your budget. 

7. H&M

woman wearing a black midi dress with puff sleeves.

H&M is a fashion label that sells chic and trendy clothing for a fantastic price. You can find so many different styles here, such as sleepwear, suits and dresses, swimwear, as well as amazing accessories and footwear. 

We also really appreciate how inclusive H&M is. They sell clothing and accessories for men, women, and children, along with selling plus size and maternity items. 

If you haven’t checked out H&M already, you’ve got to visit them in-store or on their website to see all the stylish looks they have.

8. House of CB

Woman wearing a tan mini dress with tan bomber jacket.

This next fashion brand on our list of stores like Pretty Little Thing is known for its figure-hugging apparel. House of CB sells dresses, tops, and more that are both stunning and sexy. 

House of CB designs clothes made with high-quality materials such as vegan leather and satin. The brand uses soft feminine colors and subtle details to create clothing that is alluring and glamorous. 

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that they have their own line of wedding gowns. 

This fashion retailer sells mostly online but they do have a few stores in the UK. House of CB is a bit more expensive than PLT but once you see their clothing, you’ll understand why. 

9. Missguided

Woman wearing a white two piece skirt set and a green blazer.

Another great option on our list of stores like PLT is Missguided, a UK-based fashion label that we adore. This e-commerce store has a similar look to PLT and ships internationally. 

Missguided sells trendy and bold clothing and accessories for teens and young women. They use playful patterns and feminine silhouettes to create their gorgeous pieces. 

If you’re looking for a place with the latest styles at an amazing price then Missguided is for you. 

10. Boohoo

Woman wearing a tight, black mini dress.

Next on the list of stores like PTL is Boohoo, a British fashion brand that has had us captivated since it’s founding in 2006. This brand sells clothing and accessories for both young men and women. 

Boohoo has an amazing selection of trendy streetwear and casual wear. You’re also sure to find stylish jumpers and dresses for any occasion. 

Boohoo designs clothing with vibrant colors and zesty patterns that you’ll love to wear. Additionally, Boohoo prices are on the lower end and they ship to countries around the globe. 

Is Pretty Little Thing the same as Boohoo?

Pretty Little Things is a sister company to Boohoo. Both brands are owned by the parent company Boohoo Group plc. 

Although they do have similar styles and cater to the same demographic, there are still a few differences between the brands and the clothing they sell.

11. Meshki

Women wearing black maxi dresses.

Founded in 2013 in Sydney, Meshki has become a popular online fashion store. This brand was started by two university students with a passion for fashion and has since turned into a huge fashion label that ships its clothing internationally.

Meshki has apparel that is fresh and playful, using bright colors, materials like satin and lace, and sexy silhouettes in their designs. These clothes are perfect for a night out on the town and this makes Meshki a must on our list of stores like PTL.

12. Princess Polly

Woman wearing a satin midi dress and heels.

Princess Polly is an online fashion boutique that has all the latest fashion trends. This brand is another one that is very budget-friendly. 

If you’re looking for flattering tops, trendy dresses, and an amazing selection of shoes, then Princess Polly should be the next website you visit. 

This brand has apparel that is cute, flirty, and youthful similarly to Pretty Little Thing.

13. Showpo

Woman wearing a black lace mini dress with a scalloped hem.

An Australian e-commerce fashion store with an amazing selection of apparel available, Showpo has beautiful and high-quality clothing for an affordable price making it a must on our list of stores like PTL.

Showpo sells clothing in trendy styles that also have a relaxed and boho vibe. Their unique styles set them apart and put them a cut above the rest. 

You can choose clothing that is neutral toned or vibrantly colored, patterned or textured, detailed or simple. 

14. Express

Woman wearing a faux leather midi dress.

Next up on the list of stores like Pretty Little Thing is Express, a very popular fashion brand that can be visited in person and online. Express sells a great selection of items, for both men and women and they even have items for maternity and wedding wear.

This store sells clothing with elegance and style. The cuts are flattering while the pattern and designs will add flair to your outfit. 

Express is a great place to find sophisticated style at a great price. 

15. Dynamite

Woman wearing a tight, black midi dress.

Lastly, on the list of stores like Pretty Little Thing is Dynamite. It is one of our favorite places to find modern and chic apparel. 

This online fashion retailer is similar to Pretty Little Thing because it also offers stunning apparel at mid-range pricing.

Another bonus, Dynamite offers free shipping on orders that are $60 and up. Whether you prefer classic styles or playful ones, Dynamite has hundreds of clothing and accessories to choose from, and you’ll be able to stock up on work attire, special occasion outfits, or everyday basics!


If you’re a fan of the stylish apparel at Pretty Little Thing, then you’ll love these fashion brands on our list. Check these stores out to find more apparel and accessories that are gorgeous and fashionable!

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