21+ Cow Print Nails That’ll Make You Love This Viral Trend

Do you want to try the viral cow print nails trend? Check out our list of 21+ cow nails that you’ll fall in love with!

a hand with white nails with a minimal cow print design

Cow print has become more and more popular over the last couple of years and now this cute print has gone viral as a nail design. This look is so adorable and has such a youthful vibe to it.

Whether you’re new to this trend or cow print is a staple in your wardrobe, we’ve selected gorgeous nail designs that you have to try at home or during your next salon visit. 

Choosing a Cow Print Nail Design

When choosing a cow print design, you should consider what look you’re going for. There are ways to add cow print that will look subtle and elegant so you can have a playful manicure that can still be appropriate for different settings and events. Or you can use vivid colors and stand-out designs if you want something attention-grabbing. 

Cute Cow Print Nails

Starting off our list of cute cow print nails, we have some fantastic inspiration for cow print designs using polish on natural nails. 

French Tip Cow Nails

image of a hand with cow print French tip nails

We are in love with this trendy play on a classic look. The rich brown looks stunning over the white French tips, and the gold flakes on the ring finger add a touch of elegance.

The almond shape and glossy topcoat also add another layer of style to this manicure. 

Black Nails w/ Cow Accent + Gold Detail

black and gold nails with a white cow print accent nail

These short nails look gorgeous in this glossy dark nail polish. The black and white cow print and the glittery gold detail add flair to the manicure.

This look is perfect if you want to add a cow print design that accents your manicure. 

Gorgeous Blue Nails with Cow Accent

a hand with blue nails with black and white cow print accents

This is another option if you want a more subtle cow print design. The beautiful blue adds a vibrant pop of color that looks amazing paired with the black and white cow print. 

The combination of a blue and white cow print on one nail and marbled blue on another makes this nail design bold and eye-catching. 

Clear Coat Cow Nails

a hand with a clear and black cow print nail design

This next manicure is one of our favorites. The glossy clear coat shows off gorgeous natural nails and gives these nails a refined and elevated look.

These nails are also a refreshing change from the white base we usually see paired with cow print. 

Cow Print Acrylic Nails

Our next nails are for those who love acrylic nails and want to incorporate cow print into their next acrylic manicure. These gorgeous nails are perfect for a fun and vibrant look.

Cow Print Glitter French Tips

a hand with white nails with a black glitter cow print French tip

These beautiful acrylics have a clean and classic look. The shiny white base makes it perfect to pair with any style, and the black glittering cow print will show off your fun-loving personality.

The pairing of the smooth white and textured black glitter adds even more character to this manicure. 

Nude + Brown Cow Nails

nude and brown cow print nails

This next look is nothing short of stunning. A nude base is layered with wavy white shapes and various shades of brown cow print.

This manicure has a neutral look that makes it versatile and chic, but the design is still very fun and youthful. 

Long Nude, Black, + White Acrylic Nails

image of two hands with white, pink and black cow prints

We adore the alluring look of these long coffin nails. This design’s combination of nude, white, and black makes it stand out from the rest. 

We really love how some of the nude nails have a white cow print, and some have a black print, as it ties the whole manicure together for a clean and cohesive look. 

Square Nails w/ Gold + Cow Accents

a hand with white nails with a cow print and gold design detail

This next nail design is chic and classy. The glossy white acrylic nails are stunning with the black and brown cow print, while the gold accent lines give this manicure a high-class look. 

This design would look fabulous anywhere, from a girls’ night out to any formal event. 

Green Acrylic Nails w/ Cow Accent Nail

a hand with bold green nails and one cow print accent nail in black and white

If you want a bold look featuring cow print, this next manicure is for you. This green is so vivid and eye-catching and is an unexpected color to pair with the playful cow print, giving these nails a distinct look. 

We love that you can also adjust this look to fit your style, like painting two or three nails with the cow print or keeping it at just one. 

Nude Nails w/ Molten Gold Cow Print

a hand with beige matte nails with a molten gold accent and brown cow print design

If you’re a fan of neutral nails, this cow print design is a perfect way to mix things up while staying neutral. This gorgeous mocha shade is paired perfectly with the rich brown of the cow print. 

The accents of molten gold elevate the nails and make them even more stylish. This is a great style that can pair well with multiple looks. 

Neutral Toned Manicure w/ Cow Accent

neutral nails with taupe, white, and a cow print accent nail

Another pick for lovers of neutral tones, this manicure is so beautiful and elegant. The muted matte brown is an excellent color to pair with the classic white and black cow print.

The pop of gold on the ring finger looks incredible. We also love the addition of a gold ring to really elevate this look. 

Deep Brown Matte Cow Nails

hand with a dark matte brown nail color and two nails with a cow print accent

Next up, this unique nail design uses a deep brown to create this dreamy look. We are in love with the matte finish that gives these nails a chic look.

The dark matte brown is also used on the cow print and ties the whole look together. This is a great option to use as a fall or winter nail. 

Almond Cow Print Acrylic Nails

hand with a minimal black and white cow print design on the nails

When it comes to a design as cute as cow print, you really can’t go wrong with an all-over look like this. The almond-shaped acrylics are classic and look amazing when paired with this trendy nail design.

This manicure would also look great with a brown print instead of black. 

Pink Cow Print Nails

Cow print nails are bubbly and playful all on their own. But these designs paired with shades of pink adds a gorgeous and feminine touch to these nails that we can’t get enough of. 

Pink and Gold Cow Cloud Nails

hand with pink nails with clouds in a white and black cow print

These pink cow print nails are so charming and cute. This manicure features fantastic nail art that looks like a cotton candy sky filled with fluffy cow print clouds. 

This design is truly one of a kind, and the gold star accents make this look pop even more. 

Pink Acrylic Nails with Cow Print Details

image of a hand with square pink nails with minimal cow print accents

This next manicure is so fun. The two shades of pink add depth to these nails, and the cow print is subtle but still stands out.

If you’re looking for a playful summer nail using cow print, this is the perfect look for you. 

Long Pink Cow Print Acrylic Nails

hand with white and baby pink cow print design on the nails

Next on our list is this pinkish nude and white cow print look. We can’t get over the soft and dreamy aesthetic of this manicure. 

The sleek look of the white pairs so well with the soft tone of the pink, giving these nails a romantic vibe. We love this playful, feminine twist on the cow print trend. 

Long Bright Pink Cow Manicure

image of a hand with neon pink nails with minimal cow print accents

Changing it up from the soft pinks, we have this bright pink nail design. This vivid shade of pink is so gorgeous and makes this another great choice for summer nails. 

You can easily change up this look by adding more cow print or changing which fingers have the cow print accents.  

Pink + Gold Nails

nude nails with a molten gold cow print design

This next cow print manicure is simply breathtaking. This pastel pink is the perfect base color for the shimmering gold cow print designs on these nails. 

This manicure takes a trendy design and turns it into a sophisticated look that can be worn anywhere and with any outfit.  

Ombre Pink + Brown Cow Print Nails

image of a hand with an ombre pink and brown cow print detail

This manicure is perfect for someone who wants a bold and trendy style. The dark magenta looks amazing with the other brown shades used on these nails.

Ombre is always in style and works so well with the cow print to create a beautiful and eye-catching design. 

Short Baby Pink + Cow Print Nails

bubblegum pink nails with a white and black accent nail with a cow print design

The baby pink nail polish complements this manicure’s black and white cow print pattern. The pink background for the black cow print on the pinky finger is a cute and playful detail that we love.  

The short nails and bright polish give this an overall clean look that would look great both in the office or out on date night.

Pastel Pink w/ Cow + Gold Accents

image of a hand with baby pink nails with minimal cow print accents

Last on our list is this light pink and cow print nail design that is so stunning. The light shade of pink makes this manicure easy to pair with different styles, and the playful cow print accents add a youthful feel. We also love the gold glitter accent that keeps this manicure looking chic. 

Does cow print go with everything?

Cow print is a design that does pair well with many styles. Because cow print is typically black or brown with white, it is a neutral design that will complement any look.

Alternatively, cow print can come in bolder colors like pink, blue, and green which makes it harder to match with other items. So, the best option is to stick with a neutral cow print. 

This trendy design can look subtle, classy, vibrant, or playful, depending on the colors and unique designs used. No matter what look you’re going for these ideas provide the perfect inspo for a cow print manicure that will suit your style. 

Why You Need To Try This Trend

Cow print nails are so stylish and versatile. This trendy design can be paired with any color and can be done in so many different ways, making it the perfect choice to match any season, outfit, or look.

This popular design will truly take any look to the next level!


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