Best Van Cleef Dupe: 12+ Thrifty Necklace & Bracelet Look-alikes

Looking for a Van Cleef dupe that will easily elevate your style without breaking the bank? You’ll love our list of Van Cleef necklace dupes and Van Cleef bracelet dupes that are just as stylish but more affordable!

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An image board of Van Cleef jewelry dupes including necklaces and bracelets

The Best Van Cleef Dupe

Have you ever found yourself drooling over a stunning piece of Van Cleef jewelry, only to be brought back down to earth by the price tag? We know the feeling!

Van Cleef necklaces and bracelets are beyond gorgeous, and it makes sense that so many people would love to have one of this brand’s pieces in their jewelry collection. But since the prices for their iconic Vintage Alhambra jewelry range from a couple grand to over $100,000 (depending on the jewel and the design), it makes sense that these pieces are out of reach for most of us.

Luckily, there are some amazing Van Cleef jewelry look-alikes out there, and we’ve found the best VC jewelry dupes that will have you feeling like a million bucks (without spending it)!

Van Cleef Necklace Dupe List

These Van Cleef necklace dupes offer the same high-quality feel and look but at a fraction of the cost. We have four leaf clover necklace dupes and pendant necklace look-alikes that may just be your new favorite piece!

1. Lutiro Clover Pendant – Mother of Pearl

An image board of a Van Cleef pendant necklace dupe from Lutiro in pearl and gold

If you want to get the luxurious aesthetic that comes with the mother-of-pearl pendant necklace from Van Cleef, we have the perfect dupe for you!

The Clover Pendant in Mother of Pearl from Lutiro is a seriously stunning look-alike for the Van Cleef pendant. And at just $134, the Lutiro version is much more affordable than the almost $3,000 Van Cleef version.

While the Van Cleef pendant uses 18k yellow gold, the Lutiro dupe is made with high-quality sterling silver with 14k gold plating to give a similar look for a better price. Despite the difference in materials, the Lutiro dupe is still gorgeous and incredibly durable. 

Another difference is that the pendant on the Lutiro version is unattached to the chain. This means it can easily be transferred to a different chain, allowing you to choose a different length or style. 

And if you really want to treat yourself, you can get a matching set of gold and pearl clover earrings that are just as beautiful and affordable!

2. Lutiro Clover Pendant – Black Agate

An image board of a Van Cleef pendant necklace dupe from Lutiro in black and gold

If you prefer a darker and bolder look, opt for the Lutiro Clover Pendant in Black Agate. This Van Cleef dupe is as beautiful as the mother-of-pearl version but has an eye-catching contrast that can’t be beat.

Again, the Lutiro dupe is crafted from sterling silver with 14k gold plating, so you don’t have to sacrifice style or quality with this affordable alternative.

And luckily for us, you can snag a pair of matching black agate and gold clover earrings for this necklace as well. You can pair your Van Cleef necklace dupe and matching earrings for an all-over chic look, or mix and match them with different pieces to elevate your style!

3. The Lovery Mini Onyx Clover Necklace

An image board of a Van Cleef necklace dupe from Lovery in black and gold

Next up is a Van Cleef dupe that’s hard to tell apart from the original! This Mini Onyx Clover Necklace from Lovery has the same gorgeous black onyx and yellow gold design, featuring nine lucky clovers rather than the ten motifs that come on the Van Cleef necklace. 

Still, this necklace is the same length as the Van Cleef version, and it’s also adjustable so you can make it slightly longer, giving you a little more flexibility than the original. Plus, this beauty is just over $500, making it a much more budget-friendly option.

We should note that this dupe is 14k yellow gold rather than 18k. But not only does this make the look-alike more durable, it also means you can get the same look of a Van Cleef necklace while saving over $2,000!

4. Etsy 14k Gold Clover Charm Necklace

An image board of a Van Cleef pendant necklace dupe from Etsy in black and silver

Our next stunning Van Cleef dupe is handmade in Turkey with 14k gold. And this Gold Clover Charm Necklace from Etsy is the perfect way to treat yourself in 2023!

Something we love about this look-alike is that you have the ability to choose which chain length you want – with the options ranging from 15 to 20 inches. This is perfect for anyone who loves the look of the lucky clover necklace but prefers a longer chain.

This dupe will cost you somewhere from $200 to $300, depending on the chain length. And the hundreds of incredible reviews let us know that this Van Cleef dupe is definitely worth it!

5. Macy’s Bling Jewelry Clover Necklace

An image board of a dupe for a Van Cleef necklace from Macy's in black and gold

Macy’s has come through with one of the most affordable Van Cleef dupes – you can snag the Bling Clover Necklace for only $20!

We love the playful look of the multi-strand design, and it’s perfect for something with a youthful and fun-loving personality. This necklace uses yellow gold plated brass for a super affordable yet still sleek and stylish aesthetic. 

You can’t beat the classic black and gold design, but this dupe is also available with a white flower that has a similar look to the mother of pearl Van Cleef necklace. 

6. The Lovery Large Onyx Clover Necklace

An image board of a large Van Cleef necklace dupe from Lovery in black and gold

If you really want those four leaf clovers to stand out, opt for the Large Onyx Clover Necklace by Lovery. Like the mini Van Cleef dupe from Lovery, this necklace is made with black onyx and 14k yellow gold. But while the mini necklace has nine small clovers, this version has seven large ones. 

You’ll still get the same adjustable gold chain, but the larger clovers are better for a more attention-grabbing accessory! And this dupe will only set you back $700, which is a much more reasonable price compared to the Van Cleef version!

7. Jankuo 14k Gold Clover Necklace

An image board of a Van Cleef necklace dupe from Jankuo in alternating black and gold

The 14k Gold Clover Necklace from Jankuo is a great alternative to a Van Cleef necklace. It’s beautifully crafted with 14k yellow gold-plated brass and cubic zirconia for a necklace that’s both beautiful and durable.

This look-alike is perfect for dressing up everyday outfits or as a statement necklace for a special event. Either way, it’s perfect for achieving the same luxurious look as a Van Cleef necklace without breaking the bank!

8. Jankuo Mother Of Pearl Pendant Necklace

An image board of a Van Cleef pendant necklace dupe from Jankuo in pearl and gold

Jankuo also has a Mother of Pearl Pendant dupe that will set you back less than $100.

This stunning Van Cleef dupe necklace is also 14k gold plated and features a lovely mother of pearl four leaf clover pendant that will look gorgeous with any outfit.

The Jankuo dupe is slightly longer than the Van Cleef version, and it also comes with a two-inch extender to make the chain even longer if you want.

9. Ego Multi-flower Detail Necklace

An image board of a Van Cleef necklace dupe from Ego in black and gold

And our last Van Cleef necklace dupe is the most affordable option on this list!

The Multi-Flower Detail Necklace from Ego has the same iconic black and gold clover design as a Van Cleef piece but for less than $20. And despite its low cost, this look-alike is stunning and perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to any ensemble.

This dupe comes in a variety of colors, but you can’t go wrong with the timeless look of the black gold four leaf clover design!

Van Cleef Bracelet Dupe List

If you’re looking for a dupe of the gorgeous lucky clover Van Cleef bracelets, we’ve got tons of options for you too. Below are some of the best Van Cleef dupe bracelets – and all for an amazing price!

1. Etsy 14k Gold Three White Clover Bracelet

An image board of a Van Cleef bracelet dupe from Etsy in pearl and gold

The Three White Clover Bracelet from Etsy is a stunning 14K solid gold piece featuring three delicate white clovers on a rolo chain.

The simple design of this bracelet makes it easy to pair with any look, whether you’re going for a casual or formal aesthetic. And we love that this dupe only costs a fraction of the price of a Van Cleef clover bracelet but is still handcrafted with real gold. So you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a beautiful, more affordable Van Cleef alternative.

You can also choose from a variety of chain lengths to get the perfect fit!

2. Lovery Large Onyx Clover Bracelet

An image board of a Van Cleef bracelet dupe from Lovery in black and gold

Next on our list of Van Cleef dupe bracelets, we have the Large Onyx Clover Bracelet from Lovery.

This exquisite bracelet has five black onyx clovers surrounded by 14k yellow gold. It has the same delicate and elegant aesthetic as the Van Cleef bracelet, and it’s also made with premium materials that can withstand daily wear.

This piece is a fantastic look-alike, costing less than $500 rather than $4,000, like the Van Cleef version!

3. Jankuo 14k Gold Onyx Clover Bracelet

An image board of a Van Cleef bracelet dupe from Jankuo in black and gold

Jankuo has another spot on our list with their 14k Gold Onyx Clover Bracelet.

As the name suggests, this dupe uses 14k gold plating over brass pieces and has the same stunning black onyx inside each flower. We love the contrast between the black onyx and the bright yellow gold, giving this bracelet the iconic look of the Van Cleef version.

The bracelet chain is the same length as the original and even comes with a two-inch extender so you can get the exact fit you want.

4. Lutiro Three Clover Bracelet in Black Agate

An image board of a black and silver Van Cleef bracelet dupe from Lutiro

If you love the look of sleek black clovers but prefer silver over gold, this next Van Cleef bracelet dupe is for you.

The Three Clover Bracelet in Black Agate from Lutiro is a stunning sterling silver bracelet with three black agate clovers. This look-alike even has cubic zirconia detailing around each clover for a high-end look at a budget price!

This dupe costs less than $150, which is a fantastic price for such a gorgeous bracelet.

5. Etsy Four Leaf Clover Bracelet

An image board of a Van Cleef bracelet dupe from Etsy in black and gold

And last but certainly not least, we have the Four Leaf Clover Bracelet from Etsy. This playful piece features black four leaf clovers with 18k yellow-gold detailing and chain, making it perfect for anyone who wants a designer look for less.

Plus, the reviews from customers speak for themselves – the amazing quality, aesthetic, and durability of this bracelet dupe make it worth every penny!


Why is Van Cleef so expensive?

Van Cleef is an expensive brand for a number of reasons including:

  1. Van Cleef is a luxury brand designing high-end jewelry that has adorned celebrities, influencers, and even royalty!
  2. Van Cleef uses superior precious metals and gemstones, including 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, and in some pieces, diamonds.
  3. The necklaces and bracelets from Van Cleef are handmade, which increases the price point.

The combination of these factors are the reason for the high price of Van Cleef jewelry. 

Are Van Cleef necklaces worth it?

The answer to whether Van Cleef necklaces are worth it is a resounding yesVan Cleef & Arpels is a designer brand known for using high-quality gold, silver, and jewels, along with their incredible craftsmanship. So if you can afford one of these pieces, it’s definitely worth the money you’d spend.

However, not everyone can drop thousands on a necklace, no matter how stunning it is. So, while each piece is definitely worth the price, you can get the same luxurious look for less with one of the gorgeous dupes on this list!


There are so many great alternatives to Van Cleef necklaces and bracelets. From delicate gold chains to black onyx stones to mother-of-pearl clovers, there’s a dupe that will easily suit your style and budget. We hope this list of Van Cleef dupes has been helpful and you’ve found the perfect accessory to elevate your wardrobe in 2024!


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