8+ Chanel Dupes That Won’t Break The Bank in 2024

Do you love the chic Chanel aesthetic but want the look for less? You’ll love my list of 8+ Chanel dupes (including Chanel flap bag dupe options) for 2024 that are of great quality, similar in appearance and style, and won’t break the bank!

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Originally published June 5, 2022, Updated November 23, 2023

My Search for The Best Chanel Dupes

Ah, Coco Chanel, the woman who brought us the iconic brand – those interlocking C’s that are so prominent and classic.

Owning a chic and authentic Chanel bag is a goal held by many, myself included. But, for most, that goal is out of reach – and I get it – since a genuine Chanel bag can easily cost upwards of $5,000 to $15,000.

If you’ve been dreaming of owning a Chanel bag but can’t justify spending that much on one accessory, don’t fret! I’ve done the research to find the best affordable Chanel dupes in 2024… and I didn’t come out empty-handed!

The Chanel Bag Dupes:

To make this easier, I’ve sorted my dupes list into three sections – flap bags, bucket bags, and totes. And while none of these dupes look exactly the same or have those iconic interlocking C’s (that would be a big no-no), they’ll still give you the designer look you want for a fraction of the price!

Chanel Flap Bag Dupe List:

1. Charles & Keith Black Quilted Chain Bag

An image of a quilted Chanel bag dupe by Charles & Keith

First up on my list of designer look-alikes is a Chanel flap bag dupe that is just as chic and sophisticated as the original, in my opinion!

This sleek Black Cressida Chain Bag from Charles & Keith has the iconic quilted texture that Chanel is so well-known for, along with gorgeous gold details. This bag is large enough to carry all your daily essentials, and I love that it has a removable and adjustable chain strap – who doesn’t love versatility? 

Something I noticed while researching this bag is that is it made from faux leather. Hence the lower price of $86. But in my opinion, this dupe still has a high-quality look and feel for an unbeatable price! 

2. Rebecca Minkoff Chevron Quilted Bag

An image of a Chanel crossbody bag dupe from Rebecca Minkoff

Next on my list is a great option from Rebecca Minkoff – the Chevron Crossbody Bag.

This stylish bag is made with quilted leather and has a silvertone metal and leather crossbody strap. These details give this bag the same chic vibe as a Chanel handbag, in my opinion. 

I love the luxurious and stylish aesthetic of this Rebecca Minkoff bag and that it can be used as a clutch or a crossbody bag. Coming in at just under $350, this look-alike is a much cheaper alternative that will instantly elevate your everyday looks!

3. Etsy Genuine Leather Double Flap Chain Bag

An image of a quilted Chanel bag dupe from Etsy

I am in love with this next dupe that comes from a highly-rated purse and bag shop on Etsy! I’m always extra careful with shops on Etsy to make sure they are legitimate and have a ton of reviews before recommending them! 

This $150 Double Flap Genuine Leather Bag has a gorgeous design that mimics the same luxury aesthetic as Chanel handbags. With a woven black leather and gold chain shoulder strap and a quilted leather body, this bag has the classic look I want.

Another bonus – this bag is available in four different sizes, and you can choose what color you want for both the exterior and interior of the bag! 

4. Etsy Suede Quilted Shoulder Bag

image of four quilted suede bags that are dupes of the Chanel suede flap bag

I have found yet another gorgeous Chanel dupe bag that comes from Etsy. This Suede Shoulder Bag has an all-over quilted design on genuine suede calfskin with shimmering gold details. 

The gold chain strap is interwoven with a suede strap and can be adjusted to be a crossbody or top handle length – again, I love the versatility here. 

And of course, I can’t forget to mention the positive ratings! You can browse through the images from happy customers in the reviews – one customer says Always the best quality and most beautiful bags! This is my second purchase from Virsa bags and I know I will be purchasing again and again!

5. Simons Small Quilted Leather Flap Bag

An image of a black quilted Chanel bag dupe from Simons

Simons is a local store that I shop at regularly. While it is Canadian-based, US customers can shop at Simons online!

This store carries a lovely Small Quilted Leather Flap Bag, which is the last Chanel flap bag dupe on my list. This chic handbag has the same vibe as a Chanel purse, except it costs only $99!

I love that this gorgeous bag is made in Italy and has an authentic leather exterior. The gold hardware and adjustable chain-and-leather strap are the perfect Chanel-inspired details, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. 

Chanel Bucket Bag Dupes:

If you’ve wanted to snag a luxurious bucket bag to add to your wardrobe, my list of Chanel bag dupes below is for you!

1. Amazon Quilted Bucket Crossbody Bag

An image of a quilted bucket bag Chanel dupe from Amazon

If you want a chic look-alike for the Chanel bucket bag, this Quilted Bucket Crossbody Bag from Amazon is a must-see! This Chanel bucket bag dupe has a  diamond quilting which gives it a Chanel vibe and luxurious look, without the hefty price tag.

While this bag is made from faux leather, it does have a gold chain and leather strap for easy carrying. I also appreciate that the crossbody strap is adjustable so you can carry it as a crossbody or shoulder bag.

And one more thing I love about this bag is the drawstring closure on top, providing extra security for all your valuables and daily essentials!

2. Charles & Keith Drawstring Bucket Bag

An image of a Chanel bucket bag dupe from Charles & Keith

Back to Charles & Keith… I’ve found this lovely Drawstring Bucket Bag which is a great Chanel dupe, in my opinion!

The bucket bag is made with high-quality faux leather and has subtle gold details along with a gorgeous embellished top handle. And, like many of the others on my list, this bag has a detachable and adjustable strap to turn it from handbag to crossbody.

Chanel Quilted Tote Bag Dupes:

These lovely Chanel tote dupes are an easy way to upgrade your style without breaking the bank!

1. Amazon Quilted Tote Bag

An image of a black quilted Chanel tote dupe from Amazon

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a gorgeous Chanel tote bag but can’t get past the price tag, I have a great dupe for you. This Quilted Tote Bag from Amazon is a stylish purse with a similar vibe as the Chanel tote bag – and it’s only $40!

If you are on a tight budget, I highly recommend checking out this tote with quilted black faux leather and woven chain straps. It’s a very convincing look-alike, in my opinion.

When it comes to reviews, this bag has over 1,000 ratings, and customers say they like the appearance, quality, and pockets of the handbag. They also mention that it looks like an expensive bag, and that the handles seem strong and the material is sturdy and durable! 

2. Etsy Quilted Leather Tote Bag

An image of a quilted Chanel tote bag dupe from Etsy

The last Chanel tote bag dupe on my list is absolutely stunning and has been a bestseller in this article over the last year prior to my most recent update. The Quilted Leather Tote from the Etsy shop “HandmadeItalianBags” has the same classic look as the Chanel version, except it costs under $200!

I love that this tote is made with genuine leather and how the quilted texture and gold details give it a luxury aesthetic. I also appreciate how versatile this dupe is as it comes with two removable leather top handles –  a leather and chain shoulder strap and a detachable leather crossbody strap.

This Chanel alternative comes in various colors and has metal feet to protect the bottom from scratches. In my opinion, this dupe truly has it all, and for a much more reasonable price!

More Chanel Dupes To Peek At

If you’re like me and love all things Chanel, you’ll likely love the other incredible dupes I’ve found recently.

First, you’ll want to see my list of Chanel Dad Sandal look-alikes. And don’t miss my list of gorgeous Chanel slingback dupes.

I hope you have enjoyed my list of Chanel dupe bags to help you find the perfect new handbag. Why not take advantage of these prices and treat yourself to one of each? The more the merrier!


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