Cartier Love Bracelet Dupe: 10+ *Stunning* Options You’ll Love

 Looking for the best Cartier Love Bracelet dupe? See 10+ stunning, affordable, and highly-rated Cartier bracelet dupe options that create a chic Cartier aesthetic.

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Finding the Best Cartier Love Bracelet Dupe

4. Kate Spade Set-In-Stone Bangle // $48

Next, this beautiful bangle bracelet from well-known designer Kate Spade has a great look that is very similar to the Cartier Love bracelet. It is made with 12k gold plated metal or 12k rose-gold plated metal, so you can choose which color you like best. 

On the other hand, if you prefer silver, you can go with that option too! The bracelet is set with crystals and has a beautiful sheen. Stack with other bracelets for a stunning designer aesthetic. 


image of a 14k gold bangle bracelet with cubic zirconia

Etsy has tons of excellent Cartier Love bracelet dupes, including some straight-up replicas down to the Cartier insignia on the inside of the bracelet! This one we liked in particular because it is made of 14k solid gold, from a highly-rated shop based in Turkey.

The bracelet is stunning and simple, set with cubic zirconia crystals, and it would make an excellent gift. If you want solid gold, but don’t want to pay thousands, this bracelet is a great choice! 


The next Cartier bracelet dupe is from an independent retailer on the Walmart website, Aria Jeweler. Why get just one, when you can get two?!

The bracelets come as a set of two, making them great for stacking. Additionally, they are made with 14K gold plated over sterling silver, so they are of great quality.

The bangles also come set with sparkling crystals and would make a great gift for someone who loves the Cartier aesthetic. 


Cartier Love Bracelet Dupe with Screwdriver

image of a gold bangle bracelet with a circular design and gold screwdriver

7. DHgate Love Screw Bracelet // $10

DHgate is a haven for designer dupes. So, it’s no surprise we found a cute Cartier dupe bracelet here that comes with a screwdriver. 

Made with gold-toned stainless steel, this bracelet has the same Cartier-inspired circle design. And, it is a great bracelet option for those who have sensitive skin. 

We love that this Cartier bracelet dupe has 17 five-star reviews, making it worth checking out!


The next Cartier bracelet dupe comes from another Etsy store, and it has the Cartier insignia on the inside as well as a screwdriver that comes with the bracelet. 

The bracelet is made with gold-plated stainless steel, and it is hypoallergenic and will not tarnish. The seller, SeyreJewelryStore, has a five-star rating, and reviewers are very pleased with the bracelet!


More Cartier Love Bracelet Dupes

image of a Tory Burch gold bangle bracelet set with crystals

9. Tory Burch Miller Stud Hinge Bracelet // $178

This lovely bangle bracelet from designer Tory Burch is adorned with small Tory Burch logo medallions that have a similar look to the Cartier love bracelet circle design. 

If you love designer pieces but can’t afford a Cartier piece, this is a great alternative. The bracelet is made with gold-toned stainless steel and is both durable and elegant. 


The next Cartier bracelet dupe is another from Tory Burch, which mimics the Cartier Love U bracelet, which is a cuff rather than a bangle. This bracelet is adorned with Tory Burch logo medallions and is made with gold-toned stainless steel. 

This is a pretty designer bracelet at a much more affordable price point and definitely has a Cartier aesthetic. Again, if you prefer designer pieces, the Tory Burch bracelet is a great option for you!


B.Tiff New York is a small business that launched in 1999 and makes beautiful tension-set jewelry for everyday wear. The love bracelet dupe is gold-plated surgical stainless steel and is both durable and hypoallergenic. 

Additionally, it is extra shiny and set with large stones. Stack it with your other favorite bracelets for a stunning aesthetic.

This is also a great choice if you prefer to shop with small businesses over big ones!

image of a womans arm with a Cartier bracelet and other designer jewelry

If you are considering buying a real Cartier bracelet but are still on the fence, learn about more budget-friendly options and how you can purchase a bracelet secondhand.

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