Capsule Wardrobe Winter Edition

If you are looking for inspiration  for winter outfits, this capsule wardrobe winter edition for 2022, is your answer. This elevated, effortless, and classic neutral capsule wardrobe will take you from day to night, and milder days to super chilly days in the winter months. 

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Elevated & Effortless Capsule Wardrobe Winter Edition

I’ve been doing the capsule wardrobe thing for several years now and I love how much it has rekindled my love for getting ready. There was a time when my closet was stuffed to the brim with clothes I didn’t love, didn’t wear often, and were not the greatest quality.

I would stare at my bursting closet and think “I have nothing to wear!”. It seemed so silly (and very much a first world problem I’ll fully acknowledge!) but I understand now that it was because I was overwhelmed by my closet and that led to frustration and decision anxiety every time I needed to get dressed.

Fast forward to the present day and I can truly say I love everything in my closet and love working with capsule wardrobes from season to season, especially my latest capsule wardrobe winter edition.


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How Do You Build a Capsule Wardrobe for Winter?

To create a capsule wardrobe for winter I suggest curating a small selection of clothes in separate categories listed below. Because winter is primarily a cold weather season (depending on where you live), layers are a must.

I recommend sticking with mainly neutrals then adding little pops of muted color like olive green, taupe, or blush. Patterns like subtle leopard, plaid, or stripes are a nice addition as well.

  • Outerwear

    • 1 parka
    • 1 casual and warm jacket (like a shirt jacket or fleece)
    • 1 dressier winter coat 
  • Sweaters 

    • 3 pullover knit sweaters (crewneck, turtleneck, etc.)
    • 1-2 knit cardigans (hip length or longer for added warmth)
    • 1 knit hoodie (vs. a cotton hoodie, the knit gives it an elevated vibe so it can be dressed up or down)
    • 1 sweater dress (midi length, any length of sleeve)
  • Tops

    • 2 t-shirts
    • 1-2 camisoles or sweater tanks
    • 1-2 long sleeve shirts (or bodysuit for an elevated look)
    • 1 button-up long-sleeve collared shirt (great for layering)
  • Bottoms

    • 2-3 pairs of jeans (blue, black, distressed)
    • 1-2 midi skirts (knit material is great for extra warmth)
    • 1 pair of modern cargo pants or dress pants (faux leather leggings can be a great addition too!)
  • Shoes

    • 1 pair winter-appropriate boots (I prefer insulated Chelsea boots)
    • 1 pair dressier booties (with slight heel for dressier occasions)
    • 1 pair felted/shearling moc-clogs (great for no to light snow weather)
    • Optional: 1 pair high heel booties
  • Accessories 

    • 2 warm wool beanies
    • 1 wool fedora hat (if hats are your thing)
    • 1-2 pairs of gloves
    • 1-2 warm wool scarves 
    • 1-2 pairs warm wool socks
    • 1 large leather tote bag
    • 1 clutch or smaller purse
    • 1 pair of sunglasses

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What’s NOT included in the winter capsule wardrobe?

In a capsule wardrobe I usually do not include the following:

  • undergarments (bras, panties, socks, etc.)
  • pyjamas
  • lounge wear (sweats, hoodies, etc.)
  • workout wear (leggings, sports bras, tank tops, etc.)

These items don’t necessarily need to change a whole lot from season to season and can be worn year round so are not included in the capsule.

Also, for every capsule wardrobe you make, aim to include items you can transfer from capsule to capsule, season to season. I have many items that I wear in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Less is more!

The Capsule Wardrobe Winter Edition

I just love the versatility of this winter capsule. There are SO many outfit combinations and you can dress up, dress down, or be somewhere in the middle.The neutral tones blend perfectly with pops of pattern, subtle hues of colour, and lots of creamy winter whites. There are so many layering options so you can bundle up or pair down as needed depending on the temperature, and no matter what items you combine you’ll feel chic, classy, and comfortable.

Here are the specific items in the capsule. I am a huge fan of Aritzia, as I love the neutral colors, quality knits, and minimal modern pieces they carry, so you’ll see I’ve included many Aritzia items. I’ve also added in other favourite brands including Everlane, Jenni Kayne, Zara, and Madewell. Some of these items are at a bit higher of a price point so I’ve provided some alternate options for the budget-minded.

Top Row: ivory knit sweater (alternate)/tan knit cardigan (alternate)/sage knit sweater/black turtleneck knit sweater/fleece lined plaid shirt jacket (alternate)

Middle Row: black sweater dress/ivory knit hoodie (alternate)/white button up shirt/black silk camisole/grey henley bodysuit/graphic t-shirt/black puffer coat (alternate)/tan wool coat (alternate)

Bottoms: beige knit midi skirt/leopard midi slip skirt (alternate)/distressed denim/black straight denim/white straight denim

Shoes: tan heeled Chelsea boots/black Chelsea boots/felted mule-clogs (alternate)

Accessories: grey wool beanie/olive wool beanie/wool fedora hat/sunglasses/wool scarf/wool socks/black tote bag (alternate)


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Capsule Wardrobe Winter Outfit Ideas

To show you just how far this seemingly small capsule wardrobe stretches, I’ve created 11 effortless looks that include casual and laid back to dressy and more formal.

I’d love to know which look is your favourite, so take a peek through and tell me in the comments section what your top three choices would be!


black turtleneck knit sweater/distressed denim/black Chelsea boots/grey wool beanie/tan wool coat/sunglasses/black tote bag

1. Casual and elevated black and tan.

This combination is perfect for a day out and about running errands or to a casual lunch or dinner. The black keeps the look sleek with the sophisticated wool coat.




ivory knit sweater/leopard midi slip skirt/tan heeled Chelsea boots/wool scarf/wool fedora hat/sunglasses/black tote bag

2. Warm soft neutrals and a pop of leopard.

I love this look, it’s chic, modern, and super feminine. The warm cozy knit sweater pairs so well with the midi leopard skirt and the dressier Chelsea booties with a small heel tie it together.

The fedora and scarf bring in even more warmth keep the soft neutral palette.



ivory knit sweater/distressed denim/fleece lined plaid shirt jacket/felted mule-clogs/sunglasses/black tote bag

3. Casual denim, plaid, and cozy clogs.

Dropping off your little on at pre-school? Perfect outfit. Headed to the grocery store? Perfect outfit. Meeting a friend for coffee? Perfect outfit.

I think I could wear this combo multiple times a week. It’s cozy, laid back, and still stylish. A winter in Cali vibe.


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black silk camisole/beige knit midi skirt/tan heeled Chelsea boots/wool scarf/tan wool coat/sunglasses/black tote bag

4. Dressy and chic, silk and wool.

This outfit is perfect for a dressier evening out, dinner party, or even a holiday event. The knit skirt pairs wonderfully with the feminine camisole top and the boots are dressy but still provide necessary warmth.

You could always swap the boots out for a high heel for a formal event, then toss on some simple jewelry and the wool coat completes the look.



sage knit sweater/white straight denim/felted mule-clogs/wool scarf/grey wool beanie/black puffer coat/sunglasses/black tote bag

5. Light neutrals, pops of black, and a muted winter green.

This fresh and fun outfit is great for running errands or heading out for a coffee. The warm and cozy knits, felted mules, and puffer jacket will keep you toasty without looking frumpy.




black straight denim/graphic t-shirt/tan knit cardigan/tan heeled Chelsea boots/sunglasses/black tote bag

6. A warm take on hip and edgy.

Whether you are heading out for a winter wine tasting (BC and Cali friends I’m looking at you!), off to dinner out with friends, or spending the afternoon hanging out at a cafe, this winter look is edgy but still warm and cozy.



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ivory knit hoodie/beige knit midi skirt/felted mule-clogs/sunglasses/black tote bag

7. Monochromatic winter coziness.

Hello cozy. This lovely blend of creams and ivory with a subtle pop of black is a perfect winter outfit. Knits on knits, the warm hoodie and wool blend skirt are a perfect combo and look great with the felted mules.

This is a great outfit for a relaxing day doing whatever it is your heart desires!




black turtleneck knit sweater/white straight denim/black Chelsea boots/wool socks/olive wool beanie/black puffer coat/sunglasses/black tote bag

8. Smart and sophisticated black and white.

I love the contrast of black and white in this simple and chic winter capsule wardrobe look. The knit sweater, wool socks, and beanie are perfect for that added warmth and the light coloured denim bring interest to the ensemble.




white button up shirt/distressed denim/tan heeled Chelsea boots/wool scarf/tan knit cardigan/sunglasses/black tote bag

9. Elevated casual, combining denim and a crisp white button up.

I love how this look is casual yet “put together”. The layering of the white button up with the knit cardigan is sophisticated but approachable and is rounded out with the casual distressed denim and dressier heeled Chelsea boots. Great for any non-formal occasion in the winter.


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black sweater dress/fleece lined plaid shirt jacket/tan heeled Chelsea boots/wool scarf/sunglasses/black tote bag

10. Cozy and dressy…with a touch of plaid.

This look is an unexpected combination but it totally works. The feminine and classy sweater dress paired with the Chelsea boots looks dressier, but the plaid overcoat brings warmth and a bit of a laid back vibe.

Bring this outfit from day to night by swapping out the plaid shirt jacket for a leather jacket or the camel coloured wool coat in the capsule.



ivory knit hoodie/grey henley bodysuit/distressed denim/black Chelsea boots/wool socks/sunglasses/black tote bag

11. Cozy layers and distressed denim.

This would be an ultimate “road trip to the mountains” outfit. Casual, comfortable, and perfect for stops along the way. Remove or add a layers as needed depending on the temperature, and enjoy this effortless laid-back look.



I hope you have been inspired by this Capsule Wardrobe Winter Edition. Which outfit combination was your favorite? Tell me in the comments and be sure to pin the photo below to save this post for later. 

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