Effortless + Chic Winter Capsule Wardrobe for Winter 2022/2023

If you are looking for inspiration for winter outfits, this winter capsule wardrobe edition for the 2022/2023 winter season, is your answer. This elevated, effortless, and classic neutral capsule wardrobe will take you from day to night, and from milder days to super chilly days in the winter months. 

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image of a winter capsule wardrobe for 2022/2023 with neutral, modern, minimalist clothing style

This post was recently updated to reflect the 2022/2023 season!

Elevated & Effortless Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2022

If you are new to capsule wardrobes or have been using them for years, you’ll love this winter capsule wardrobe for the 2022/2023 winter season. 

It’s the most annoying thing to stare at a bursting closet and think “I have nothing to wear!”. Does this sound familiar? A curated and thoughtful capsule wardrobe is a fantastic solution to eliminating closet overwhelm, frustration, and decision anxiety every time you  need to get dressed.

This minimalist winter capsule wardrobe is a perfect way to declutter and streamline your wardrobe for the chilly season. Let’s get into it, shall we? 

collage of outfits created from a neutral, minimal winter capsule wardrobe for 2022/2023 season


What’s NOT included in the winter capsule wardrobe?

These following items don’t necessarily change a whole lot from season to season and can be worn all year round. Therefore we have not included these in the capsule.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t mix them with the items in your capsule to create even more outfit combinations! 

  • undergarments (bras, panties, socks, etc.)
  • pajamas
  • loungewear (sweats, hoodies, etc.)
  • workout wear (leggings, sports bras, tank tops, etc.)
image of a woman in a grey toque, black quilted jacket, white pants, and black lug boots

Your 2022/2023 winter season wardrobe should consist of warm outerwear including a parka and wool coat, cozy knits for layering, basic t-shirts and long sleeve tops, jeans, leather pants, utility pants, boots, a toque, and practical accessories like a tote bag and sunglasses. 

With just a small selection of neutral, minimal pieces, you’ll be able to create endless winter outfits to last you all season long!



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