What To Wear On A Hiking Date In Any Season

Find out exactly what to wear on a hiking date (for a girl) in every season so you’re comfortable and looking your best at the same time.


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Originally published Jan 11 2022, Updated June 19 2023

What should I wear on a hiking date?

Going on a first date (or even on a first few dates) can be so exciting – and a bit nerve-wracking. If you’ve made plans with someone who makes your heart flutter and now you’re left wondering what to wear on a hiking date… you’ve come to the right place!

What to wear depends on the current season you’re in and your own level of comfortability, but there are definitely some key things to consider and outfit guidelines that everyone can follow. Luckily for you, we have a list of some of the essential pieces to wear and bring along with you on a hike, so that you can choose a cute and flattering hiking outfit no matter what weather you’ll be in! 

Whether your hiking date will be on a cool fall afternoon or a warm spring day surrounded by gorgeous new blooms, you’ll absolutely be ready to rock your date with the tips and outfit inspiration we’ve laid out in this style guide on what to wear on a hiking date girl edition!


We’ll get into the details below but here are the main areas we will cover:

  • Proper footwear
  • Tops and bottoms
  • Layers for variable weather
  • A great backpack and other accessories

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Is going on a hike a good first date?

Hiking dates can be a ton of fun and can really help put nerves at ease while you are in the fresh air, walking and talking at the same time. Even if you are a beginner hiker or not at the greatest fitness level, you can choose an easy hike and stop to chat and rest often.

In our opinion, hiking dates aren’t as much about the actual hike as they are about getting to know your date and working together to accomplish a fun activity! Here’s 10 more reasons why a hiking date is a great idea from Otterbee Outdoors.

What shoes should you wear on a hiking date?

When it comes footwear there are a lot of options to choose from. Depending on the season you might opt to go with a pair of sturdy hiking boots, or you might be better off with a great pair of hiking sandals.

  • Hiking boots For fall, winter, spring, or summer, you can go with hiking boots that have good traction and are comfortable. Because you might encounter wet areas you’ll want to make sure your boots are waterproof or water resistant.
  • Running shoes with traction If conditions are dry and you aren’t going on a difficult hike, or you don’t already own a pair of hiking boots and don’t want to buy a pair, you can also wear a comfortable pair of running shoes that have good traction – a slip injury on a date wouldn’t be the best.
  • Hiking sandalsIf you think you’ll be too hot in hiking boots or runners, you can slip into a pair of comfortable hiking sandals.

shop hiking shoes:

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Best Tops and Bottoms for a Hiking Date

Clothing options are plenty when it comes to what to wear on a hiking date for a girl. You can keep it simple with a pair of leggings and a comfortable t-shirt or tank top, or go with a pair of joggers and a long-sleeve thermal shirt.


Pro Tip: Stay within your personal style and choose items that you feel comfortable and confident in. Avoid buying a bunch of brand new clothing you aren’t used to. On a hiking date you want to be focusing on your date and the beautiful scenery…not adjusting uncomfortable clothing!

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Here are some ideas depending on the season, listed from warmer weather to cooler weather:






@Lynzy and co  






shop tops & bottoms:

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Adding in Layers

When it comes to hiking, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry! It’s not uncommon for temperatures to change throughout the day or with elevation. You might have to put on an extra layer as you hike higher, or on the other hand you might need to remove a layer if you are working up a good sweat. And trust us – you do not want to spend half of your date shivering or sweating due to lack of preparation!

So bringing along layers on your hike is always a great idea and you can add or remove a layer as needed depending on the weather. It’s definitely much better to have them and not need them.

If you’re worried about having to carry around different layers, don’t stress! You can always tie long sleeves, button-ups, and jackets around your waist for easy carrying – plus, we have plenty of chic yet lightweight pieces that can easily be stored in your bag listed below!


Here are some layering options:


shop layers:

photos: @Duluth Pack, @United By Blue

Don’t Forget a Backpack & Accessories

Bringing along a backpack or even a fanny-pack (or more modernly called a “belt bag”… they can actually look good!) is a must. You’ll need a place to store extra layers and any accessories you might choose to bring on your hiking date listed below:

  • Water bottle (insulated so your water stays cold)
  • Cell phone (make sure it’s fully charged)
  • Snacks (granola bars, nuts, fruit, etc.)
  • Hat (especially if it’s a hot day) 
  • Beanie (for cooler fall or winter weather)
  • Gloves (for cooler fall or winter weather)
  • Wool socks (thin and lightweight or thicker depending on weather)
  • Sunglasses
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen 
  • FitBit or Apple Watch (to wear)


shop backpacks & accessories:

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Hiking Outfit Ideas For Each Season

Now that we’ve covered the pieces you should wear on your hike, let’s talk about how to put them together to make a chic and date-worthy outfit! We have some gorgeous hiking outfit ideas below to show you how to combine your hiking clothes and gear to create a cute and stylish look. 

These outfit image boards are organized by season, so you can easily find a look that will work for the weather you’ll be in and you can see what kind of pieces and layers you may need. 

Spring Hiking Date Outfit

outfit collage for what to wear on a hiking date in the the spring with an anorak jacket, thermal top, leggings, hiking boots, and belt bag

get the look:

Wondering what to wear on a hiking date for a girl in the spring months? We’ve got you covered!

Spring is such a lovely time to get out and explore – the warm weather is always welcome although rainy days become more common as well. Start off with light layers like leggings, a sports bra, and a lightweight Henley but make sure to bring a water-resistant jacket to keep you warm and dry if you need it!

Summer Hiking Date Outfit

outfit collage for what to wear on a hiking date in the the summer with a light t-shirt, sports bra, spandex shorts, hiking sandals, hat, and backpack

get the look:

The season of sun and fun is a great time for a hike, but you definitely want to wear breathable pieces that are fitting for this weather. Biking or running shorts are a great piece to wear in the summertime, and you can pair them with a cute sports bra, a cotton tee, and strappy hiking sandals to keep it simple but chic! 

Fall Hiking Date Outfit

outfit collage for what to wear on a hiking date in the the fall with a fleece jacket, thermal top, leggings, hiking boots, wool socks and knit toque

get the look:

Next, when it comes to what to wear on a hiking date for a girl in the fall, you want to add some thicker pieces and more layers! Opt for warm joggers and a Henley as your base, then add a fleece jacket, a beanie, and cool-weather hiking boots to keep yourself comfy as you walk. 

Winter Hiking Date Outfit

outfit collage for what to wear on a hiking date in the the winter with a down puffer jacket, thermal pullover, leggings, hiking boots, wool socks, thermal gloves, and toque

get the look:

Of course, you want to be a bit more bundled up in the winter, so don’t skimp on the layers and choose pieces made from thick materials like fleece and wool. Thermal leggings and a fleece pullover are great base layers before adding a puffed vest or jacket. Choose hiking boots that are made for winter, and don’t forget to pack gloves and a beanie!

What Not To Wear On A Hiking Date

While you likely know that a dress and high heels isn’t suitable for a hiking date, there might be some other pieces you haven’t considered. Here’s what I recommend avoiding for the sake of comfort and practicality.

  • Jeans or denim shorts – they aren’t the most comfortable, aren’t sweat-wicking, and if you happen to get wet from an accidental slip in a puddle they don’t dry easily.
  • Flat sneakers, slip on sandals, or flip flops – proper footwear is key when going on a hike, otherwise there’s a chance you could fall and hurt yourself.
  • New shoes or clothes you haven’t ‘broken in’ – as I mentioned before, the more comfortable you are the better, adjusting clothes and dealing with blisters can definitely put a damper on a hiking date!

@Lauren Kay Sims 

You’re all set!

Remember, dates are meant to be fun and care-free and a time to get to know the person you’re with. Don’t over-stress about your outfit – choose what you feel most comfortable and like yourself in and you’ll have a great time!

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