Genuine Jenni Kayne Cocoon Cardigan Review: The Pros & Cons To Know

Are you obsessed with the Jenni Kayne Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan and are wondering if you should take the plunge and get one? Read my honest 2023 Jenni Kayne Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan Review to get the full scoop on this coveted sweater! 

woman wearing a Jenni Kayne cashmere cocoon cardigan in oatmeal with a striped tank and ivory linen shorts

(wearing the Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan in Oatmeal size XS)

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Originally published April 2022, Updated June 2023

Honest Jenni Kayne Cocoon Cardigan Review

Right off the bat I want to disclose that this post is not sponsored or endorsed by Jenni Kayne. I don’t work with, or for Jenni Kayne and the thoughts are completely my own. I am a Reward Style publisher however so the links in this post are affiliate links through Reward Style.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the Jenni Kayne brand. You can read my full Jenni Kayne Review on the blog, but for this post I’m focusing specifically on the coveted Jenni Kayne cashmere cocoon cardigan.


I am lucky enough to now (as of 2023) own four of the Jenni Kayne cashmere cocoon cardigan sweaters (let’s not talk about my hubby’s opinion on that, lol!) so I have a lot to say about this particular piece.

Below I will cover the the pros and cons along with a few more things to consider if you are planning to invest in a Jenni Kayne cocoon cardigan of your own.

The Pros:

  • Soft and luxurious material
  • Gorgeous neutral color tones for outfit versatility
  • Beautiful and flattering fit

The Cons:

  • Sizing can be a challenge
  • Requires careful laundering and some up-keep
  • International shipping: cost, duties, and no returns

(the Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan in Oatmeal)

Pro #1: Soft and Luxurious Material

When I say wearing this cardigan feels like you are being wrapped in a cloud, I mean you-truly-feel-like-you-are-being-wrapped-in-a-literal-cloud!

The cashmere material is lightweight yet pillowy, so unbelievably soft, and very luxurious. Almost all of the Jenni Kayne cashmere cocoon cardigans are made from 100% cashmere except for the Taupe color which is made from 68% cashmere, 30% cotton, and 2% wool, and the cropped cocoon cardigan in Nutmeg, which is a 70% cashmere/30% wool blend. 

While the taupe cardigan is slightly less soft and a bit thicker (but not at all itchy), it does seems more durable and less susceptible to pilling. Plus, it is made with environmental sustainability in mind.

The Jenni Kayne cashmere cocoon cardigan is an investment piece but I do believe you get what you pay for – incredible quality.

The 100% cashmere cardigans are also made with cashmere that has been given the “Good Cashmere Standard Registration Certificate”, meaning the vendor upholds ethical standards with a focus on animal welfare.


shop the cardigan:

Pro #2: Gorgeous Neutral Colors for Versatility

The next pro in my Jenni Kayne cocoon cardigan review is color options. The reason I believe there’s no problem with owning three (or more) of these cardigans, is because they come in the most gorgeous array of neutral color tones that will compliment every outfit.

You can get the cashmere cocoon cardigan in:

Any one of these stunning hues will provide you with endless ways to wear the cocoon cardigan. And, when investing in a sweater like this, you will want to make sure you wear it a lot.

Trust me when I say you’ll find yourself in this cardigan multiple times a week.


shop the cardigan:

Pro #3: Beautiful and Flattering Fit

There is just something special about how the Jenni Kayne cashmere cocoon cardigan drapes when you wear it. The oversized, relaxed fit is elevated and classy and does not look sloppy in the slightest.

I love that this cardigan is perfect for layering over a blouse, t-shirt, tank top, or camisole, but it can also be worn buttoned-up with just a bra underneath.

Does Jenni Kayne run big?

In general I find the Jenni Kayne pieces do run big, yes. This includes the cashmere cocoon cardigan. Because many of the pieces are meant to have an oversized, slouchy fit, it’s suggested that you take one to two sizes down for a little less volume and a more narrow fit.

Of the three cocoon cardigans I own, the Oatmeal is an x-small, the Black and Taupe are a Small, and the Nutmeg cropped cardigan is an x-small. While my usual sizing in clothing is small-medium, the x-small cocoon cardigan fits me best and still has a pretty oversized fit! 


get the look:

How do you style a Jenni Kayne cocoon cardigan?

The beauty of the Jenni Kayne cocoon cardigan is that it is so versatile you can style it in so many ways. Here are some of my favourites:

  • with a pair of jeans, layered over a basic tank or t-shirt
  • buttoned-up with a bra underneath and a layered pendant necklace (the deep v-neck is super flattering)
  • worn over a slip dress or a midi skirt
  • layered over a button-up blouse and trousers
  • worn with sweatpants and the Jenni Kayne shearling moc-clogs

get the look:

I love the look above with the black cashmere cocoon cardigan, my favorite Madewell perfect vintage jeans, and the Jenni Kayne suede mules.

For a date night I’d swap the mules for heeled sandals or boots and wear the cardigan open layered over a feminine camisole.


get the look:

(pants are Zara, similar linked above)

I find that the taupe cardigan made with recycled cashmere (blended with wool) has a bit more of a “coastal grandma” vibe so I like to pair this one with cream color jeans and my shearling moc-clogs or these Vince sandals.

The taupe cardigan also looks great with black denim or draped over the Jenni Kayne Leopard Slip Dress.


Below I’m wearing the cropped cocoon cardigan in Nutmeg, and as you can see it has a shorter, boxier fit. I love wearing this with the Jenni Kayne leopard slip skirt and the shearling slides (a JK bestseller!)

The cropped cocoon cardigan also comes in oatmeal, black, and ivory

woman wearing a brown cashmere knit cardigan from Jenni Kayne with a leopard midi slip skirt and shearling slides

(wearing the Cropped Cocoon Cardigan in Nutmeg size xs, Leopard Slip Skirt, and Shearling Slides)

Jenni Kayne Cocoon Cardigan Review: The Cons

This part of the Jenni Kayne cashmere cocoon cardigan review is going to be short and sweet because honestly, I don’t have many negative things to say about this incredible sweater!  That being said, there are a few things to consider before buying.

Con #3: Sizing Can Be A Challenge

As mentioned previously, the cocoon cardigan is intended to have a very oversized fit. If you love big and baggy, it’s likely you’ll want to take your usual size. But if you find you need a little more structure, I highly recommend sizing down at least one size. 

Because of the fit of the cocoon cardigan, I recommended you try before you buy. Or, order a couple different sizes online and keep the size that fits you best (so long as you are in the US – see con #3!)

For reference, I am 5’6 and 135-140lbs with an athletic build, and I typically wear a medium in most clothing. But my best cocoon cardigan size is x-small! 

woman wearing a brown knit cashmere cardigan from Jenni Kayne and ivory linen shorts

(wearing the Cropped Cocoon Cardigan in Nutmeg size xs)

Con #2: Requires Careful Laundering & Up-keep

Due to the nature of the sweater and the delicate material, the Jenni Kayne cashmere cocoon cardigan is dry clean only.  This sweater should come absolutely nowhere near your washing machine unless you want to cry yourself into a puddle of tears.

Because of this, it is important to consider if dry-cleaning the cardigan on occasion is realistic for you.

Also, along with dry-cleaning, the cardigan does naturally pill over time. While I don’t find this to be a big deal (I actually find de-pilling my sweaters incredibly satisfying), you will want to consider this up-keep as well.

It is recommended you use a sweater stone, cashmere comb, or a fabric shaver (very gently!) to keep your cashmere cardigan looking fresh and new with wear.

a stack of clothing on a wishbone chair including two Jenni Kayne cocoon cardigans, jeans, and a pair of shearling mules

Con #3: International Shipping: cost, duties, and returns

This is specific to all Canadian (or international) readers. While Jenni Kayne does ship internationally, the cost is $30 USD, and additional duties should be expected.

Because the cocoon cardigan is manufactured in China it is subject to duties, which can end up being costly. The catch is that not every package gets checked by border officers, and if the country of origin isn’t explicitly stated on the box, you may not actually get charged. It’s hit or miss, so be prepared.

Does Jenni Kayne Have free returns?

Jenni Kayne does offer free returns for those in the US, but for Canada there are no returns and all sales are final. So, it is important to order wisely and be sure you are getting exactly what you want as there will be no returning.


Budget-Friendly Options & The Best Jenni Kayne Cocoon Cardigan Dupe

After reading through my Jenni Kayne cocoon cardigan review, you may still feel you can’t justify the price. Not to worry! I have three great budget-friendly options for you.

  • Buy second-hand: Keep a close eye on second-hand retailers like Poshmark, eBay, and The Real Real for Jenni Kayne cocoon cardigans that are gently used. The sweaters tend to go fast, but many I have seen are in like-new condition.


  • Sign-up for 15% off or watch for regular sales: When you visit the Jenni Kayne website, if you scroll down to the very bottom you’ll see a space to join the mailing list and get 15% off your first purchase. That’s almost $70 USD off the cashmere cocoon cardigan! Jenni Kayne also has regular sales on holidays like Labor Day, Black Friday, etc. where the cardigan can be 20-25% off!


  • Get a Jenni Kayne cocoon cardigan dupe instead: A while back I wrote about 8+ Must-Have Jenni Kayne Dupes, and in my research for this post I came across a seriously good cocoon cardigan dupe.

The Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater by Quince is made with 100% cashmere and looks incredibly similar. It also has over 800 5-star reviews! We have actually compared the two cardigans side-by-side here at Style Your Occasion, and aside from slightly less intricate stitching, and smaller sizing, they are nearly identical! A Jenni Kayne XSmall cashmere cocoon cardigan is the same as the Small size in the Quince cardigan. 

shop the dupe:

Quince Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater

a stack of clothing on a chair including two Jenni Kayne cocoon cardigans, jeans, and a pair of shearling mules

Final Notes:

I hope this Jenni Kayne cashmere cocoon cardigan review has helped you decide if this coveted, investment cardigan is for you! I can assure you, with the proper care, the cardigan will last years to come. And, you’ll feel like a million bucks in it wear, after wear, after wear.

Next on my own Jenni Kayne wish list is the iconic Cashmere Fisherman Sweater, another perfect wardrobe staple.

If you have any specific questions about the cashmere cocoon cardigan feel free to send me an email at [email protected].

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