10+ Affordable French Clothing Brands Like Sezane for Parisian-Inspired Style

Looking to shop some affordable French clothing brands to get that stunning Parisian vibe? You’ll love my list of stores and brands like Sezane that are more friendly to the wallet than the French luxury brands we all know about! 

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Affordable French Clothing Brands Like Sézane

Sézane has been paving the way for chic, effortless French girl staples for over a decade. It’s one of my favorite brands for timeless classics and high-quality fabrics at a reasonable price point. Specifically, you’ll find the coveted Gaspard Cardigan and vintage-inspired Claude Bag in my closet. 

If you’re a big fan of Sézane like me (or love dressing like a chic Parisian), you’ll love my list of affordable French clothing brands like Sezane and stores like Sezane! These labels go beyond clichéd French pieces to deliver classic, everyday styles French girls are actually wearing. 

My Fave Stores Like Sézane

While many French clothing brands are “luxury” and come with a costly price tag (i.e., Chanel, Dior, Hermes), the brands on my list are much more affordable but still give you that expensive look. While they’re not “cheap,” these affordable French clothing brands have a similar price point to Sézane.

Now, let’s get into my favorite stores like Sezane!

1. BA&SH

Woman wearing a wine colored dress with a Burgundy handbag.

BA&SH Paris is the first on my list of affordable French clothing brands like Sezane. The brand carries beautiful feminine pieces and I often see a lot of tweed, florals, and knitwear in the BA&SH collections. 

This French favorite carries items with a wide price range, so you can find prices similar to Sézane, as well as more expensive items.

2. Isabel Marant Étoile

Woman wearing a light wash denim shorts, a white blouse and a pink and cream shacket.
@Isabel Marant Etoile

Isabel Marant is one of the most iconic Parisian fashion designers, creating minimalist bohemian French styles that are effortlessly elevated. Of course, along with these stunning luxury designs comes the luxury price tag. That’s why I recommend checking out Isabel Marant Étoile

The Étoile collection is a more affordable line but still maintains that chic vibe I love so much about Isabel Marant. This collection is more expensive than Sézane, but it is a good option for those who want to invest in designer without spending thousands. 

3. Saint James

Woman wearing white pants with black clogs and a black sweater.

Another one of my favorite brands like Sezane is Saint James. This French fashion retailer has been creating simple yet elegant wardrobe staples since 1889. The brand boasts a gorgeous selection of seasonal styles, sustainable fabrics, and classic tailoring, with many of its pieces having a Sézane vibe at a comparable price point. 

In my opinion, they’re also the best brand to buy your striped shirts from. Yes, the striped shirt is a bit of a cliché, but it is a hallmark of French style, and Saint James just so happens to create the perfect Breton top in a variety of colors and silhouettes.

4. Veja

Woman wearing denim wide leg jeans with brown Veja sneakers and a long plaid coat.

Looking for effortlessly chic sneakers? You can’t go wrong with Veja. This French footwear company has been creating it-girl sneakers since 2004. Their sneakers are also sustainable, as they’re produced in ethical factories and are made from ecological materials like organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles.

Are sneakers a part of Parisian style? Yes! Both Sézane and Veja create some of the most popular sneaker styles you’ll see in Paris at a very similar price point. For a chic décontracté look, French women will style their Veja sneakers with a trench coat or blazer to elevate the everyday shoe.

5. Rouje

Woman wearing a denim midi skirt with tall brown boots and a white embroidered cardigan.

If you like the fresh and feminine style of Sézane, then you’ll love Rouje. I think this is perhaps the most similar store to Sézane. Rouje’s designs are all about confidence and finding joy when getting dressed. Their pieces are created by women for women at their studio in Paris before heading out to the rest of the world.

Many of the knits and jeans have a similar style, with denim jeans hovering around $125 at Sézane and $185 at Rouje. I like to think of Sezane as having a chic older sister vibe, while Rouje is sexier and flirtier while still maintaining that classy Parisian aesthetic I love so much.

6. Claudie Pierlot

Woman wearing a white eyelet dress while eating breakfast outside of a cafe.

Like all the best French fashion brands, every piece at Claudie Pierlot – from their trousers to jackets to knit cardigans – is timeless and can be passed down from generation to generation.  

Similar to Sézane, Claudie Pierlot’s collection is full of cool French favorites that can be dressed up or down, including versatile (yet chic) footwear, relaxed tailoring, and cozy knitwear. They carry a wide selection of clothing, with more casual items to wear day-to-day and elegant pieces perfect for workwear or an evening out.

You can definitely find items in the same price range as Sezane, though they sell some more expensive pieces as well.

7. Marie Marot

Woman wearing jeans with plaid patches and a white blouse.

Marie Marot is another one of my favorite stores like Sézane. Inspired by men’s shirts, this French fashion brand creates timeless shirts that can be worn day and night and mixed and matched with everything else in your closet. French fashion is all about owning simple yet quality clothing, and I recommend Marie Marot for some of these key pieces. 

Sezane does carry some similar long-sleeved shirts, like the Tomboy Shirt ($110) and the Max Shirt ($125), at nearly the same price as Marie Marot’s, which hover around $115. Marie Marot doesn’t have as wide a selection of clothing as Sézane, but if you’re shopping for a classic button-up shirt, it’s one of the best affordable French clothing brands to browse.

8. Musier Paris

Woman wearing white pants with a white t-shirt and a white sweater.

Musier Paris is another affordable French clothing brand like Sezane. You’ll find classic silhouettes that never go out of style, recognizable French staples with unique details, and comfortable pieces you’ll want to wear all day (or night). 

Musier Paris carries pieces like chic coats and jackets, suede and leather accessories, and everyday tops at a price similar to Sezane, with many items around $150 or less. This is also a great place to shop if you are looking for evening wear, party dresses, or on-trend pieces like halter-style tops and low-rise trousers.

9. Vanessa Bruno

Woman wearing a denim jumpsuit with black flats.

Next up, we have Vanessa Bruno. This French clothing brand embodies effortless sophistication. Her designs are made for modern women, combining comfort with romance to create a wearable and timeless Parisian style.

Similar to stores like Sezane, Vanessa Bruno carries all of the French staples you want in your wardrobe, including denim jeans, shirts, and midi skirts; flowy blouses; and tailored blazers. The designs have an elegant everyday appeal that’s just as suitable to wear to work as a café on the weekend. 

Vanessa Bruno sells her beautiful designs for a price similar to Sézane’s, although some heavier pieces like coats and sweaters are marked at a higher cost. 

10. A.P.C.

Multi-color purses laid out on a concrete floor.

Another one of the best brands like Sezane is A.P.C. This French label is a self-proclaimed minimalist brand: They design stylish and casual looks inspired by everyday life. You won’t find extravagant, over-the-top clothes at A.P.C. Instead, you’ll discover elegant and essential pieces to fill out your closet.

Both Sézane and A.P.C. offer a great selection of French-inspired pieces with a high-end feel at a reasonable price. In addition to luxe knits, Parisian style shoes, and everyday tees, A.P.C. is best known for its stylish selection of denim.

A couple more options…

11.Maison KitsuneInspired by Paris and Tokyo fashion, Maison Kitsune’s pieces are daring yet timeless. The brand reinvents classic silhouettes and plays with color and pattern.

12. MajeAnother on my list of stores like Sezane, Maje has feminine collections with a little more glitz and glam! And at a reasonable price point. 


Final Words

I hope you loved my list of French clothing brands like Sezane!

Sézane is an amazing, affordable French clothing brand with chic and feminine pieces you’ll want to keep in your wardrobe forever. If you love shopping Sézane but want to branch out, these stores carry timeless Parisian styles at a similar price point, so you can’t go wrong with adding any of these effortless stores like Sezane to your wardrobe. 


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