6 Amazing Hermes Sandal Dupes: A Très Chic Look…For Less!

Looking for affordable Hermes sandal dupes? Check out six incredible look-alikes for the iconic Hermes sandals and super stylish ways to wear them. 

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The Search for The Best Hermes Sandal Dupes

Hermes is another high-end iconic brand. From the incredible (and outrageously pricey) Birkin handbags, to the gorgeous footwear, and delicate scarves, it’s no wonder people are constantly on the search for look-alikes that come in at a lower price point.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a pair of classic Hermes sandals but it just doesn’t fit the budget, don’t fret, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve scoured the fashion world for high quality Hermes sandal dupes, and have come up with some seriously fantastic options that are definitely more budget-friendly.


One of the most iconic footwear items from Hermes is the classic Oran Sandal. These gorgeous leather slides have been seen on so many fashion influencers and celebrities. Coming in at a price tag around $650 (or more), they are definitely an investment.

You can purchase the sandals new on the Hermes website or buy gently used on websites like TheRealReal or Fashionphile.

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The Italian made leather slide with a sleek H cut-out design are distinguishable and noteworthy. We’ve scoured the footwear world and have found five suitable dupes with very similar features and an overall look that we think you’ll love.

image of a woman sitting on a bench with only her shoulders down showing, wearing a white button up, jeans, and brown sandals
@Style Your Occasion wearing the Steve Madden dupes

The Hermes Sandal Dupes List:


Dupe #1: GM Smith Cut-Out Slides // $60

At a small fraction of the price, these Goodnight Maracroon dupes look incredibly similar to the Hermes Oran sandals with the same “H” cut-out design, stitching, shape, and appearance.

They are made with faux leather (no surprise as the price is very affordable), but have nothing but 5-star reviews. While they definitely aren’t made in Italy, they are gorgeous budget-friendly slides that give off that chic Hermes vibe.

view down image of a woman wearing jeans and brown sandals
@Style Your Occasion wearing the Steve Madden dupes

image of a white leather sandal with an H cut out design on the top

Dupe #2: Steve Madden Hadyn Slides // $80

The next look-alikes on the list are the Steve Madden Hadyn Slides. They are made with a genuine leather upper and leather lining with a rubber outsole.

The cut-out H design is similar too the Hermes sandals, and they have the stitching detail which gives them a chic minimal look. They come in multiple colours including brown and black and a crocodile texture, making a great low-cost alternative.


image of a pair of brown leather sandals with a cut-out shape on the top

Dupe #3: Dune Loupe Sandals // $100

Next on the Hermes sandal dupes list is this surprisingly good dupe from Dune London. These slides are made with a genuine leather upper, come in a variety of colours and have a similar cut-out design.

They also have the stitching around the design and are a highly-rated sandal. They do have a slightly higher heel than the Hermes Oran sandals but we love the look of a little heel to add some flair, don’t you agree? 

an image of two brown leather sandals with a cut out design on the top

Dupe #4: Sam Edelman Bay Slides // $100

These lovely little slides from Sam Edelman are a great look-alike of the Hermes sandal without being a complete copy. They have a similar cut-out design and the stitching detail and are made with a leather upper and comfortable padded footbed.

They have a minimalist style and are super versatile, come in the brown or white, and also come in a slightly chunkier style with a thicker footbed. These sandals are also often seen on fashion bloggers and influencers.

image of a woman standing on a sidewalk wearing a minimal jeans and white shirt outfit and Hermes sandals

image of a brown leather sandal with an H cut-out shape on the top

Dupe #5: Tuckernuck Leather Alibi Sandals//$155

These pretty leather sandals by Tuckernuck are another fantastic dupe on this list! They are made in a cognac genuine leather with similar white stitching and H cut-out detail as the Hermes sandals.

A Tuckernuck exclusive, they are one of Tnuck’s best-selling shoes and are a great addition to any summer outfit, be it shorts and a tank top, jeans and a t-shirt, or a simple sundress.


image of a brown leather sandal with an H cut-out shape on the top

Dupe #6: Etsy Women’s Greek Sandals // $140

The last dupe on this list is a surprising one we found on Etsy. The sandals are serious dupes (logo and everything) that pretty much look exactly like a true Hermes.

The shop originates in Turkey and has made only a handful of sales and has zero reviews. So, it’s tricky to know how legitimate they are. That being said, the shop is still running with the sales made, so if it were not legit we imagine Etsy would have already closed the shop.

It might be worth waiting until more sales have been made or reviews have been published, but those dupes sure are tempting! You can also check out this Etsy store with some good Hermes sandal dupes as well.


There you have it! A handful of incredible Hemres sandal dupes that will definitely make you feel chic and stylish, even if you can’t get your hands on the real Hermes sandals…yet!

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