14+ Brands Like Tory Burch For Mid-Range Luxury Bags + Apparel

If you love the gorgeous handbags and apparel at Tory Burch, check out these 14+ brands like Tory Burch for mid-range luxury fashion items!

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two women wearing floral dresses with patterned Tory Burch bags

What kind of style is Tory Burch?

Tory Burch is often described as a mix between preppy and boho chic. This fashion brand uses high-quality materials for its gorgeous apparel and accessories but keeps prices more affordable than other designer clothing brands.

Brands like Tory Burch

Below is our list of 14+ stores and brands like Tory Burch that have a similar preppy aesthetic and feminine vibe. Many of these brands offer clothing and accessories, but the focus here is on the bags! 

1. Michael Kors

woman wearing an all black outfit holding a monogram Michael Kors bag

Michael Kors has been creating stunning apparel and accessories since the 1980s. Like Tory Burch, this iconic brand sells affordable luxury clothing, and Michael Kors also has a great selection of handbags. 

This fashion retailer designs purses and totes that have a very similar look to Tory Burch, including exquisite details like gold-toned hardware and sleek silhouettes. These bags are also available for a similar price and have the same high-quality feel. 

2. Kate Spade

woman wearing a black and white gingham checkered dress and matching bag

Kate Spade is one of our top choices for brands similar to Tory Burch. This brand’s apparel has the same preppy aesthetic as Tory Burch, using vibrant patterns and bright colors. 

Kate Spade tends to have apparel with more of a feminine, playful vibe compared to Tory Burch. They also tend to have a slightly lower price point. The handbags at Kate Spade have a more romantic feel, as they tend to use softer colors and more feminine prints and details. 

3. Marc Jacobs

woman standing on a bed in a towel holding two colourful Marc Jacobs purses

Marc Jacobs has become a household name since he started his own brand in 1986. This brand uses classic designs and adds a posh flair to them. 

We love the playful details Marc Jacobs adds to his pieces. You can find anything from fringe to glitter, as well as clean and minimalist designs. They also sell their items for an affordable price, so you can expect to pay the same or less for one of these luxurious pieces. 

4. Coach

woman wearing a white blouse holding a Coach bag

Coach has been creating amazing products since its founding in 1941. They’re well-known for their gorgeous handbags, wallets, and other leather goods. 

These products have a beautiful and timeless design that has kept us coming back time and time again. While this brand is considered expensive, much of their apparel and purses fall into a pretty wide price range, with price tags varying from a couple hundred to a couple thousand. 

Which is more popular Tory Burch or Coach?

Tory Burch is a much newer brand than Coach, but has still become a primary competitor of this fashion label. Both companies are known for their mid-range prices and their high-quality products, and in terms of popularity, Coach is more well known. 

5. Ralph Lauren

two women wearing dark maroon dresses with maroon leather bags

This next mid-range luxury fashion brand offers excellent alternatives to Tory Burch products. Ralph Lauren designs high-end products with a modern and chic feel. 

They use classic silhouettes and add their own touch with patterned materials, soft fabrics like suede and shearling, and even hand-tooled leather details. The apparel has more of a romantic and feminine feel featuring flattering silhouettes and gorgeous designs. 

This brand sells products for the same general price as Tory Burch, although some items have a considerably higher cost. 

6. Rebecca Minkoff

woman wearing a camel trench coat holding a black Rebecca Minkoff bag

Next up, we have Rebecca Minkoff. This popular fashion label is still a young brand in the fashion world, as it was established in 2005. 

Rebecca Minkoff differs slightly from the preppy style of Tory Burch, and this brand has more of an edgy style. They use bold colors, metallics, fringe, and chunky rhinestones to create pieces that set them apart. 

While their style is slightly different, they have the same general vibe and prices. And Rebecca Minkoff also has some great alternatives to Tory Burch handbags. 

7. Ted Baker

woman wearing a water-colour print dress with a blue Ted Baker bag

Ted Baker is a fashion brand based in England that designs incredible apparel and handbags for women. 

This brand has a classic and formal style, although they introduce fun details and bold prints to add a youthful touch to their designs. The handbags have a timeless feel, made from high-quality leather and fabrics with elegant details that elevate the look of these purses. 

Ted Baker is also one of the more affordable options on this list, and they even carry handbags under $100. 

8. See by Chloe

woman wearing a colourful knit cardigan and a See By Chloe bag

See by Chloe is a French-based brand and sister company to another well-known fashion label, Chloe. This brand designs boho chic products that are trendy and youthful. 

The handbags from See by Chloe are made with neutral tones and high-end leather, with pastel hues and delicate details thrown in to create a luxurious and stylish product. 

This company keeps its prices about the same as Tory Burch, so this is a go-to brand if you prefer a more laid-back and playful style. 

9. Cuyana

two women wearing neutral dresses with neutral leather tote bags

If you’re a fan of simple, minimalist styles, then Cuyana is the brand for you. This brand uses clean and sleek designs to create beautiful and elegant pieces.

You can find timeless silhouettes and neutral or muted tones in most of the pieces in this brand’s collection. Cuyana adds subtle details that add a dreamy touch to their products, offering gorgeous and delicate designs with a minimal look. 

They use high-quality materials in each product, so they will last for years to come, and they generally have the same price point as Tory Burch. 

10. Calvin Klein

woman wearing a white tank and blue jeans with a black Calvin Klein bag

This brand is well-known and well-loved worldwide. Calvin Klein has been creating stunning pieces since 1968. 

Calvin Klein is definitely another one of the more affordable brands on this list, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality because of it. Both their apparel and handbags have clean and elegant designs that give off an effortless style. And like Cuyana, they use plenty of neutral and muted colors in their products for a versatile look. 

11. Mulberry

woman leaning back in a chair wearing all black holding a red Mulberry bag

Mulberry is a British brand that has gorgeous handbags and other accessories. This brand uses high-quality materials and craftsmanship to design its incredible pieces. 

While this company keeps its designs clean and simple, you can find many bold and bright colors or fun patterns on their handbags. Mulberry also carries a limited selection of apparel, mainly chic outerwear featuring quilted textured and neutral tones. 

Mulberry tends to have higher prices for mid-range luxury brands, so they are a little more expensive than Tory Burch.

12. DKNY

woman wearing a light blue button-up shirt with a large black leather tote

Next on our list of fabulous brands like Tory Burch is DKNY. Founded in New York, this brand has an excellent range of clothing and styles, from classic and chic to bold and edgy. 

The handbags from DKNY have a similar look to Tory Burch, and you can find many of the same designs, like totes, crossbody, and shoulder bags. The price range is also similar to Tory Burch, although they usually have more accessible prices.

13. Ganni

woman wearing a bright knit striped sweater vest and pink jeans with a black handbag

Ganni is a fashion brand based in Denmark, with styles featuring contemporary, modern designs and playful details. 

This brand draws inspiration from the Scandinavian style, and its stunning apparel and handbags reflect that. Some of their products have a more laid-back feel, while others have a more fun and trendy vibe. 

You can easily find tons of minimal leather-made handbags that resemble the style of Tory Burch, but this brand also has many unique designs of its own. Most of their products are reasonably priced but still of fantastic quality. 

14. Longchamp

woman wearing a cream sweater, ivory pants, and brown shoes with a Longchamp canvas and brown leather crossbody bag

Longchamp is a French fashion brand that designs unique and gorgeous apparel and handbags. Their clothing is thoughtfully designed, and each piece has a feminine and flirty feel. 

The handbags from this brand have a luxury look and feel, are made with high-end material, and are available in classic or bold styles. Longchamp sells its products in the same price range as Tory Burch. 

15. Frances Valentine

woman wearing an ivory embroidered cardigan with a yellow shoulder bag and blue corduroy pants

This next fashion label was founded in 2015 by Kate Spade and Elyce Arons. Like Kate Spade, Frances Valentine uses bright colors and bold prints to create vibrant, fun, and chic clothing.  

Their purses also have a playful feel, though they tend to stick with more classic designs that have the same look as Tory Burch. Some of these leather totes and handbags have stylish designs like glossy or metallic exteriors and gold chain details. Others have sleek and minimal designs for a chic and versatile option. 

This brand also has the same price point as Tory Burch, so you can expect to pay similar prices for their stunning products. 

Is Tory Burch considered luxury?

Tory Burch is considered a mid-range luxury brand. This fashion label isn’t on the same level as Chanel or Gucci, but it still offers top-quality clothing, and many of the items will set you a pretty penny. 

Which Tory Burch alternative is best?

Out of all the amazing brands similar to Tory Burch, the best alternative will depend on your individual style and preferences. 

If you love logo print handbags from Tory Burch, then Coach, DKNY, or Michael Kors are the perfect options for you. If you’re looking for something a bit more vibrant and bold, check out Frances Valentine, Rebecca Minkoff, or See by Chloe. 

No matter what you’re looking for, these high-end brands will have dozens of options to choose from!


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