15+ Pink and Black Outfit Ideas That Prove This Combo Is Still Hot

Are you looking for stylish and trendy outfit inspiration? Check out our list of pink and black outfit ideas that will elevate your look!

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group of three women wearing black pants with bright pink sweaters and pink pumps

Chic + Modern Black and Pink Outfits

If you are searching for outfits that combine pink and black and don’t look like they are from 10 years ago, you’ve come to the right place! Pink and black is a bold combination but it can look chic and modern when done a certain way. 

We’ve scoured the fashion world for a modern take on this look that will inspire you to create your own elevated pink and black outfits!

Can you wear pink and black together?

Pink and black has been a long time combo for women, as these two colors can look so amazing when paired together. Black is chic and sophisticated, while pink adds a bright pop of color and a touch of femininity. 

This color combo is also versatile. You can make your outfit look edgy and bold or go for something soft and romantic. 

woman wearing a pink matching shorts and crop top with black leather jacket

Does light pink and black match?

The great thing about wearing these colors together is that you can use any shade of pink. Whether you love pastel pinks or brighter tones like fuchsia or magenta, black will always complement it. 

Light pink and black are a dreamy combo. Pastel shades of pink help to soften a look and add a sweet and feminine touch to any outfit. 

Modern Pink and Black Outfit Ideas

Whether you want a casual look, party outfit, or something in between, you can wear black and pink! Browse through the outfits below and choose your favorites. 

baby pink cardigan, mini skirt + tights.

beautiful black woman wearing a baby pink cardigan, black skirt, and pink ballet flats

get the look:

We love the romantic feel of this outfit. The soft and cozy cardigan paired with the pink ballet flats adds a charming touch, while the black tights make it sophisticated. 

To recreate this look, grab a black mini-skirt and pair it with a comfy, light pink sweater. You can use textured stockings like the ones pictured here, or you can use a regular pair of tights. Wearing flats that are the same shade as the top adds an extra pop of pink that really elevates the outfit. 

hot pink blazer, black top + jeans.

woman wearing a hot pink blazer with a black top and blue jeans with sneakers

get the look:

This outfit is both casual and chic, the perfect combo to wear while out with friends or even when running errands.  

Use a bright pink blazer over a tucked-in black tank or shirt. The light blue jeans complement the pink without taking attention away from the bold blazer. Pair this outfit with sneakers to keep it casual and comfy. 

knit pink dress, leather jacket + sneakers.

woman wearing a black leather jacket over a pink knit striped midi dress

get the look:

Our next look is a combo of feminine and edgy. We love how the elements of this outfit tie together for a casual vibe while still being incredibly stylish. 

Try a printed pink knit dress or midi skirt paired with a leather jacket to get this same look. You can use any pair of sneakers or swap them for a pair of black boots to add more edge to this outfit. 

light pink trousers, black blazer + heels.

woman wearing a black blazer and black top with light pink trousers and black pumps

get the look:


We love how elegant and stunning this next outfit is. This look is so chic and perfect to wear as a fun work outfit or even out to brunch with your friends. 

Pair a black blazer and top with a pair of pink dress pants, and use black heels to keep this outfit looking classy. Add other black accessories, such as the shoulder bag, to elevate the look even further. 

black blazer, skirt + pop of pink.

woman weeainrg a black blazer, black mini skirt, and black boots with a hot pink turtleneck sweater

get the look:

This outfit is so cute and trendy. The blazer makes the outfit look sophisticated, while the mini skirt and boots add a youthful feel to it. 

A matching blazer and skirt set is perfect for recreating this look. You can use a pink turtleneck sweater or another top with a high neckline to get that gorgeous pop of pink. Add knee-length or tall boots to give this outfit the same edgy and sexy look. 

hot pink blazer + matching athletic set.

woman wearing a hot pink blazer + matching sport set

get the look:

Next, we have this stunning outfit that takes a casual matching set and makes it chic and refined. We love the bold and bright pink used here, although you could easily swap it out for a different shade of pink. 

Use a matching black sport set to start this outfit off. You can use a set with shorter shorts like in the photo, or a pair of mid-thigh length shorts will also work. Add an oversized pink blazer and pink open-toed heels. 

pink slip dress + chunky black heels.

woman wearing a hot pink slip dress with black heeled sandals and a black purse

get the look:

We love this combo of the romantic and feminine slip dress with the chunky, edgy shoes. The thin shoulder straps and thigh-high slit add a sexy and flirty look to this outfit. 

Use any midi-length pink slip dress for this look. You can wear a dress in any shade of pink, but we love the fun and vibrant shade used here. Add chunky heels or boots to add that edgy touch, and the addition of other black accessories really helps to balance the whole outfit. 

pink lounge set, long coat + boots.

woman wearing a matching pink sweatsuit with a black wool coat and black boots

get the look:

This outfit is perfect for a fun look that will also keep you cozy and warm. If you need a go-to outfit for those winter days spent running errands, then this look is for you. 

Start with the pink sweatpants and a flowy, comfy pink top. Add a long, black coat for an extra layer of both warmth and style. The black boots add a little rock-and-roll vibe to the outfit and really complete the look. 

baby pink blazer, romper + sneakers.

woman wearing a baby pink blazer with black shorts and trainer sneakers

get the look:

Another casual but stylish look is this romper and blazer combo. We adore this pastel shade of pink that adds a softness to the look. 

Black jumpsuits are having a moment right now and make a perfect base for the outfit. Add the light pink oversized blazer and roll up the sleeves to mimic this laid-back look.

The chunky sneakers add to this outfit’s casual feel, and we love that they have little pops of pink on them as well.  

casual pink shorts + black bodysuit.

black woman wearing a black tank top and light pink shorts

get the look:

Next, we have a perfect black and pink outfit for summer. This look has a cozy feel but still manages to look cute and chic. 

Start off with a strappy black tank top or bodysuit and add a pair of high-waisted baby pink shorts. Use a casual shoulder bag like the one pictured to keep it simple but stylish.

You can also use sneakers for a relaxed look or add a pair of low-rise heels to class it up. 

pink button-up shirt + leather pants.

plus size woman wearing a pink button-up shirt with black pants

get the look:

This gorgeous outfit is simple but still so chic. The leather pants add a fierce vibe to the look that we love.  

Use a pink, long-sleeved button-up shirt to start this outfit off. Add a pair of comfy black leather pants and tuck the top in for an elevated look. The gold jewelry adds a sophisticated touch as well. 

cozy pink sweater, leather pants + boots.

woman wearing a hot pink knit sweater with black leather pants and black boots

get the look:

Here we have another chic outfit using black leather pants.  This casual outfit is perfect for fall or winter and stylish enough to wear to a house party or even while out and about the city. 

Grab a pair of ankle-length black leather pants as the base of this outfit. Then add an oversized pink sweater and a pair of black boots. We love the pointed toe on these shoes, but any pair of boots will work for this look. 

pink knit cardigan + black jeans.

woman wearing an embroidered pink cardigan with black jeans

get the look:


This is probably the most casual look of all the black and pink outfits we have listed here. This look definitely has a refined feel that we are in love with. 

You can use any patterned pink cardigan and add a pair of black jeans to get this look. The white sneakers also complement the outfit and add to its relaxed and casual feel.  

cropped sweater, hot pink pants + heels.

woman wearing pink pants + black cropped sweater

get the look:

We love the playful and chic look of this next outfit. The vibrant shade of pink and the cropped sweater adds a fun and edgy vibe to the look. 

Start off with a similar pair of pants – long, flowy, and high-waisted in a gorgeous shade of pink. Add a cropped black sweater and an elegant pair of heels to complete this chic outfit. 

pink puffer jacket, black turtleneck + jeans.

woman wearing a black sweater with a hot pink puffer jacket and light blue jeans

get the look:

This outfit is another fashionable choice for a winter day. This look has a relaxed and cozy feel, but the jacket’s bold colors take this outfit to the next level. 

Grab a pair of light blue jeans and a solid black top to start with. Add on a similar-looking black and pink puffer jacket to stay warm and look great at the same time. You can also add casual slip-on style shoes for an overall comfy look. 

pink jeans + basic tee.

woman wearing hot pink jeans and a black top

get the look:

Our final look is one of our favorites. We love the flirty feel of the whole outfit, and even more, we love how easy it is to put together. 

Grab a pair of pink flared jeans and add a classic black tee to recreate this look. Don’t forget the fun accessories like the chunky heels and the playful pastel purse. 

Does black and pink look good?

Black and pink are a fashion color combo that will always look good together. No matter what shade of pink you prefer, black is a great choice to pair with it as the neutral tone complements the feminine hue. 

The key to looking fashionable in black and pink is to lean to minimal, modern cuts and styles of clothing like those in the photos above! So, which look will you recreate first?


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