12+ Red Boots Outfit Ideas That Will Have You Smitten

Are you looking to add a pair of gorgeous red boots to your wardrobe? Check out our list of 12+ red boots outfit ideas that you’ll want to try!

woman wearing an ivory cardigan sweater with blue jeans and red leather ankle boots

Red Boots, A Wardrobe Must

Red boots are a bold outfit choice, but can look so incredible when done the right way. If you are looking for chic and modern red boots outfit ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve scoured the fashion world for the best outfits with red boots from our favorite style influencers and we know you’ll love them too. Whether you have a formal event to attend, a concert, or just want to sport some red boots any day of the week, there’s an outfit here for you. 

What can you wear red boots with?

Like a pair of black boots, red boots can be worn with almost any outfit, including midi or mini dresses, denim and leather skirts, all styles of jeans, shorts, and so much more. The key is to match red boots with neutral clothing or other red pieces for a cohesive look that is both timeless and elevated. 

Red boots can easily be paired with pieces from current fashion trends to create a look that is edgy, modern, and gorgeous. Additionally, they can be worn for a fun summer look, or they can add a gorgeous pop of color to any fall or winter outfit. 

Check out our favorite red boots outfit ideas below!

Red Cowboy Boots Outfit

Cowboy boots are totally having a moment. We are seeing them at fashion weeks around the world, on our favorite celebs, and on every day people to want to add a little something to their outfits. 

Red cowboy boots are no exception, below are our favourite ways to style them. 

button-down shirt dress + red cowboy boots

woman wearing an oversized white button-up shirt with red cowboy boots and a black YSL purse

get the look:

This first outfit pairs casual cowboy boots with modern pieces for a stunning look. We love the simple look of the oversized button-up with these red boots. The white shirt is a great choice to pair with these shoes, but you could also go for a black shirt if you want a darker look or even navy for something more colorful. 

The black purse also helps to elevate this outfit and make it more modern. You can add a black belt around the waist for a cinched look and tie more black into the outfit as well. 

mom jeans, basic tank + red cowboy boots

woman wearing a white tank top, blue jeans, and red cowboy boots

get the look:

Blue jeans and cowboy boots are a perfect combo for spending the day exploring a busy downtown spot. This outfit is definitely a simple but chic look, and we love how well the light wash of these jeans pairs with the deep red of the boots. 

You can use any white tank to recreate this look, and you can go for a darker pair of blue jeans as well. The nude-toned clutch also adds a chic touch to this minimal look. 

summery dress + red western boots

woman wearing a long white tank dress with red cowboy boots

get the look:

This is the perfect outfit for a summer country concert, festival, or a casual Saturday with friends. We love the simple and sweet white summer dress with floral pattern against the pop of the red cowboy boots. 

Dainty gold jewelry and a red shoulder bag completes the outfit and keeps it looking simple and cohesive. 

Modern Red Boots Outfit Ideas

If cowboy boots aren’t your thing, not to worry. Below are even more red boots outfit ideas that have a chic, timeless, and modern appeal. 

black midi dress, belt + ankle boots

black woman wearing a body-con black button-front midi dress with red ankle boots

get the look:

This look has a more trendy feel to it with the sleek black dress and patent leather red ankle boots. We love the playful touch of the off-the-shoulder look here. This stylish dress and boots combo is an excellent choice for your next date night. 

The button-up sweater dress is so cute, but you can use any black long-sleeved midi dress for this outfit. Add on the red boots, black belt, and a chic shoulder bag to finish off this look. 

What color dress goes with red boots?

Red boots look best with a neutral dress such as black, white, ivory, beige, tan, or grey. You can also pair red boots with a red or multicolor dress that has red accents. The red in the dress will complement the red boots and create a bold look. 

That being said, if you love to mix and match bright colors, you can also pair red boots with cooler tones including blue and purple, as well as pink for a fun and flirty look. 

jeans, long-sleeve tee + boots

woman wearing a graphic sweatshirt with jeans and red leather ankle boots

get the look:

Even though this outfit has a super laid-back feel, it is still incredibly stylish and has an edgy look that makes it perfect for your next concert outfit. 

The graphic tee paired with the red leather boots and sunglasses gives this whole outfit a rock-and-roll vibe that we love. The wash of the jeans adds a vintage feel to the look as well. 

Grab your favorite graphic sweatshirt and a pair of red ankle boots for this street-style look. If you aren’t sure about this pairing, learn more about how to wear ankle boots with jeans!  

shiny red boots, graphic sweatshirt + camel coat

woman wearing a long camel coat over a graphic sweatshirt with black jeans and shiny red leather ankle boots

get the look:

Here’s another look using a graphic sweatshirt, although the long camel coat and pointed ankle boots give this outfit a high-end feel. This cool look is a great outfit to wear for a casual lunch date. 

The black tee and jeans pair perfectly with the red boots, especially since this pair has a touch of black on the sides. The long camel coat adds a chic touch that elevates the outfit and gives it more of a classy feel.  

We love tan and camel tones against red! 

Do red boots go with blue jeans?

Yes! Red boots pair perfectly with blue jeans. These two are a match made in heaven because you can use any shade of blue jeans to complement a pair of red boots. This combo is great for a casual, country feel or can even be dressed up to create a chic, high-fashion outfit. 

straight-leg jeans, red boots + black blazer

woman wearing a black blazer over a black polo sweater with blue jeans and red ankle boots

get the look:

Ankle boots and a blazer are always an amazing combo. This outfit has a polished and sophisticated feel that we love, although the jeans add a laid-back vibe that makes the look so versatile. You can wear this sleek outfit to your next brunch date to show off your chic style. 

The high-waisted jeans create a gorgeous silhouette and pair well with the red ankle boots. We love the black polo sweater and blazer, but you can also use a dark blue blazer for a bolder and more colorful look. 

skinny jeans, mariner sweater + knee-high boots

woman wearing a striped navy blue sweater with blue jeans and knee-high red boots

get the look:

Next up is another chic red boots outfit with a Parisian vibe. This blue and red ensemble is so cute and perfect for a casual coffee date on a chilly day. 

The deep tone of the knee-high boots is so gorgeous, and these boots add a high-fashion feel to a cozy and minimal outfit.  We love the addition of the red shoulder bag and how the color perfectly matches the boots.

You can also easily swap the sweater to change up this look and better match your personal style. 

floral dress, denim jacket + knee-high boots

woman wearing an oversized denim jacket over a floral black and red dress with leather knee-high red boots

get the look:

A gorgeous floral dress with pops of red and an oversized denim jacket is a go-to pairing for something casual yet stylish and feminine. The red boots take this classic fashion pairing and add a bold vibe that we are in love with. 

We also love the thigh-high slit of this dress and how the red tones match the boots. You could also use a long dress in different colors to create a softer or more neutral-toned look.

The oversized jacket gives this outfit an edgy and relaxed feel, and makes this look perfect for a day of shopping with friends.

polka-dot midi dress + ankle boots

woman wearing a black and white polka-dot midi dress with red leather ankle boots

get the look:

We love how simple this look is and how easy it is to recreate. This outfit is classy, chic, and a must for your next house party. Alternatively, you could also wear this outfit to the office. It’s really versatile!

The polka dot print on the dress has a playful feel to it, while the v-neck and slit add a touch of sexiness. Even though this dress uses simple colors and patterns, these subtle details make it a perfect pair for the vibrant red boots. 

denim mini skirt, basic tee + ankle boots

woman sitting in a chair wearing a white t-shirt with a denim mini skirt and pointed red ankle boots

get the look:

A mini skirt is perfect to pair with boots, and the tee on top adds a laid-back vibe that makes this ideal for your next day trip out of town. 

We love the classic look of the white tee and denim, but the red boots and chic shoulder bag make this timeless pairing look modern and bold. You could also trade the jean skirt for a pair of shorts, and don’t forget the stylish sunglasses to complete this look. 

floral mini dress, turtleneck + boots

woman wearing a black and red floral mini dress with red leather ankle boots

get the look:

We absolutely adore the vintage vibes of this floral dress. The orange, red, and blue tones in the dress are perfect with the red boots. This look is a fantastic choice for grabbing a coffee and hitting some antique shops.

Grab a long-sleeve black turtleneck to start off this outfit, and layer on a gorgeous mini floral dress. You can add your red boots and grab a cute and feminine purse like the one pictured to complete this stunning look. 

turtleneck, blazer + white denim

Jeanette Madsen wears earrings, a black turtleneck pullover, a black oversized blazer jacket, white pants, red leather boots, a black bag with polka dots

get the look:

Next up is our favorite red boots outfit on the list.

This is a modern look that would be amazing anywhere from dinner and cocktails to checking out the newest art gallery.  The neutral tones of the outfit really highlight the beautiful red color of these boots, and this outfit would be great for a chic winter look. 

Make sure to roll those white jeans up to showcase the stunning red boots, then layer on the black turtleneck and blazer. We also love the addition of the detailed clutch, or you can use a purse with a chain strap for a similar look. 

leather skirt, long-sleeve tee + boots

woman wearing a light brown ribbed long-sleeve shirt with a leather mini skirt and red suede ankle boots

get the look:

The last look is so stunning. We love the light brown sweater with these gorgeous red boots, and the leather mini skirt adds an edgy feel to the outfit. This look definitely has an autumn vibe and would be perfect to wear when the season begins to change. 

Start off with a light brown sweater, or go for a dusty rose or cream-colored top if you want something that is still warm-toned but has a softer and more feminine feel. Add the leather skirt and red boots, and finish this look with a chic handbag and sunglasses. 

What style of red boots is best?

Red boots have a classic look that can be made modern and trendy regardless of which style you have. The best style for you is the one that you’ll feel the most confident in and will work with your wardrobe. 

Use these outfits for inspiration to find the shoes that match your personal style, and you can start creating bold and gorgeous outfits with a vibrant pair of red boots. 


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