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Planning a vacation in 2024 and need to know what to wear while traveling? I’ve got you covered with 17+ comfy airport outfits and travel outfits that are the perfect blend of chic and comfy, in any season!

collage of a woman wearing four different comfy airport outfits with black pants

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Originally published March 7, 2023 – Updated November 23, 2023

Creating Chic Travel Outfits

Who doesn’t love going on vacation and traveling to a new destination? I know I definitely do!

But while I love exploring new places, I also know that travel days can be pretty hectic! It’s important to be prepared with comfortable outfits you can easily spend the day in while navigating airports or sitting in rental cars. 

If you’re in need of fashionable and functional travel outfits, you’ll love my looks below. I have airport outfits for every style and season, so whether you’re traveling to a tropical paradise or a winter wonderland, you’ll be set!

denim jacket + a puffer vest

A woman at the airport wearing black leggings, a white tee, a blue denim jacket, and a black puffer vest with adidas samba sneakers and a black crossbody bag

get the look:

Layers are a must if you’re traveling in the fall or winter! I love starting my travel ensemble with basics like my Lululemon Align leggings and oversized Jil Sander tee (more affordable option here), then layering as needed.

Above, I added my Madewell denim jacket and Quince puffer vest to keep me warm and cozy both on and off the plane!

leggings+ a bomber jacket

A woman at the airport wearing black leggings, a white graphic tee, a grey jacket, and black sneakers

get the look:

An oversized tee and black leggings are the start of my airport outfit here as well, but this time, I’m staying warm with a sleek and modern bomber jacket.

I recommend choosing an outfit like this when it’s a little warmer out. The jacket is perfect for staying warm in a cold airport but can easily be removed as needed. And, these New Balance 574 sneakers are so comfortable!

linen pants + a denim jacket

A woman at the airport wearing black linen pants, a white tee, a denim jacket, white and grey sneakers, with a tan leather crossbody

get the look:

Drawstring linen pants are an absolute essential in my spring and summer wardrobe! They are so comfortable and easy to wear during a travel day, and the denim jacket is stylish and adds a layer of warmth – airplane AC is always so intense!

I love this Quince phone crossbody for convenience (it fits a passport too). And I always recommend wearing sneakers or other comfy footwear when traveling – bonus points if your shoes can be easily slipped off and on when going through security! 

wool coat + Ugg slippers

A woman at the airport wearing black leggings, a grey crewneck sweatshirt, a brown wool coat, and Ugg slippers

get the look:

Looking for the ultimate cozy travel outfit?

Leggings and Ugg Tasman slippers are definitely my go-to for comfort in the cooler months (the Uggs have been selling out constantly, so here’s a perfect high-quality Tasman dupe). And a long wool camel coat is not only chic but also perfect for layering – it doubles as a blanket on the plane!

I also love this long knitted coatigan from Mango as a great travel piece. 

travel in neutrals

A woman at the airport wearing black linen pants and a white tee with a black sweater draped over her shoulders, grey and white sneakers, and a black crossbody bag

get the look:

I love simple, neutral outfits because they always look effortless and stylish. A plain white tee and black linen drawstring pants are ultra-comfy but still have a chic, put-together aesthetic.

This outfit is great for summer traveling, but I always bring a sweater with me so I don’t get too cold on the plane.

bomber jacket + joggers

A woman at the airport wearing black joggers, a grey crewneck sweatshirt, a great jacket, white and grey sneakers, with a baseball cap and a black crossbody bag

get the look:

This is another cold-weather travel outfit that I love! Lululemon fleece joggers and a crewneck sweatshirt are great base layers and the bomber jacket adds an extra cozy feel. 

And if you ask me, this ensemble has a laid-back, sporty feel, making adidas Samba sneakers and a baseball cap the perfect finishing touch!

More Comfy Airport Outfits

I’ve stalked my favorite fashion influencer and have found even more comfy travel airports that are modern and chic. I think you’ll love them too!

trench coat + trousers

A woman ready to go to the airport wearing black pants, a classic trench coat, and converse sneakers

You don’t have to be traveling to France to dress like a Parisian while on vacation! 

A trench coat is a classic piece in French fashion, and with good reason. It’s lightweight, versatile, and oh-so chic – what more could you want for an airport outfit?

I recommend using a trench coat to layer over other pieces when traveling in cold weather or to stay dry while out and about on rainy days. A trench coat can also be used for a modern and refined look, making it perfect for any occasion!

matching sweat set

A woman ready for the airport wearing a grey matching sweat suit set, a trench coat, and trainers

get the look:

I think a matching sweatsuit set makes a perfect travel outfit because it’s comfortable and versatile. You can wear a sweatsuit set to stay warm while traveling in the fall or winter, and you can wear it as is or add layers if needed. 

And I love that you can double up on a matching set by using it to build other outfits during your trip. 

try (comfortable) denim

A woman at the airport with ripped blue jeans, white sneakers, and a white sweater

get the look:

Jeans are a must to bring along when traveling, and you can’t go wrong wearing it as part of your airport outfit, so long as your jeans are comfortable and not too snug

One thing I love about jeans is how easy they are to care for. Jeans can be worn days in a row before needing to be washed (especially in cold weather), so being a low-maintenance and versatile piece makes them great for traveling in my opinion. 

cozy shearling coat

A woman holding luggage wearing black leggings and a white coat with black Chanel boots and a pink beanie

get the look:

A warm coat will keep you ultra-comfy as you fly. And if you ask me, a shearling coat or shacket is a travel piece you can’t go wrong with! This piece will keep you warm even on the coldest days, and it’s also fashionable and versatile enough to wear with so many outfits. 

Such a chic and neutral-toned coat is a must if you’re traveling to or from somewhere chilly. And this coat will look great while keeping you cozy everywhere from the airplane to local cafes to must-see landmarks!

leggings + a denim jacket

A woman with luggage wearing black leggings and a grey hoodie with an oversized denim jacket and white sneakers

get the look:

If you want to know one of the best things to wear while traveling, look no further than a classic pair of leggings.

Comfortable and stretchy leggings are a perfect piece to wear, whether you’ll be walking through an airport or sitting on a plane. I suggest searching for a pair made of breathable material and one with pockets for easy access to your phone and other essentials. 

a long, cozy coat

A woman at the airport with olive green leggings, sweater, and baseball cap with a long white coat and white trainers

get the look:

If you plan on traveling in the fall or winter (or maybe your destination will have chilly weather), bringing a coat is a no-brainer. And I think a long coat like this is an easy way to add a stylish and modern aesthetic to your outfits.

A piece like this will keep you nice and cozy during a busy day of traveling, and you’re sure to use it when trying local cuisine or attending a wine tasting. I love that it adds an elegant touch to a simple outfit like this, so you know you can pair this with any look, both casual and refined.

What should I wear to an airport in the summertime?

If you’ll be spending time at the airport in the summer, you will want an outfit that is both comfortable and cool. Choose lightweight and breathable pieces such as:

  • Shorts
  • Short-sleeved tee or tank top
  • Lightweight leggings
  • Flowy dress
  • Midi or maxi skirt
  • Cotton button-up shirt
  • Linen blazer
  • Sandals or sneakers

Comfy Airport Outfits for Summer

There are tons of cute airport outfits that are perfect for hot summer days. I’ve got my favorite comfy airport outfits for summer below, so you don’t have to sweat it when packing or traveling!

a maxi dress

A woman at the airport with a flowing black floral maxi dress and chunky white sneakers

get the look:

What would the summer be without gorgeous flowy dresses to spend your days in? This breezy piece will keep you comfy and cool throughout your day, and it will definitely be comfortable to wear while sitting on a plane. 

And in my opinion, a dress is a great piece to bring along on your vacation. You can style it casually as you travel or when checking out local spots at your destination, and it can easily be transformed into a chic date night look with a high-end handbag and some gold-toned jewelry. 

linen trousers + a tank

A woman holding luggage wearing pleated white pants, a striped tank top, and a sweater tied over her shoulders

get the look:

Next on the list of comfy airport outfits for summer are flowy, linen pants. These are another fantastic travel piece you can wear for any occasion, from laid-back to classy and refined. So whether you plan on exploring tourist hot spots or dining on gourmet cuisine, these pants will fit into your vacation looks effortlessly. 

I also think that crisp light-colored pants are perfect for a summer outfit, and the relaxed fit also makes them comfy enough for long travel days. They’ll fit easily into your luggage, and these lightweight trousers will definitely be a staple in your vacation wardrobe. 

oversized blazer + bike shorts

A woman with luggage wearing black running shorts, a white crop top, a camel blazer, and white trainers

get the look:

I know I’m not the only one who loves layering an oversized blazer over any outfit!

Adding a blazer to an outfit is a great way to elevate your look when it comes to comfy airport outfits for summer. A blazer instantly adds a stylish and modern vibe to any ensemble, so it’s a perfect styling piece to bring while traveling. 

oversized button-up

A woman holding luggage wearing black leggings and a black crop top with a white button-up and black sandals

get the look:

Cotton button-up shirts are a great way to feel comfortable and look chic in the summer. I suggest wearing this versatile piece over a crop top and black leggings, like in the outfit above, or keep it buttoned and tied in the front for a cute and casual aesthetic. 

A button-up shirt is also another perfectly versatile piece for an airport outfit. I love that you can wear it out for a fancy dinner, pair it with jeans for a casual look, or layer it over a bikini during a tropical vacation.

matching skirt + tank

A woman with a dark tan maxi skirt, matching top, a white blazer, and white sandals at the airport

get the look:

Go for maximum comfort and style in a stretchy, ribbed midi skirt and a matching top! A skirt and top set like this are lightweight and breezy but still offer plenty of coverage while traveling. 

You’ll also have a perfect piece to wear for anything from sightseeing to a night out. And, my favorite thing about a matching set is that it can be kept together or mixed and matched with other pieces in your travel wardrobe. So you’ll have plenty of outfit options to choose from while on vacation. 

bike shorts + hoodie

A woman with pink running shorts, hoodie, and baseball cap with white sneakers and a luggage set

get the look:

In my opinion, running shorts and a hoodie are great for casual and comfy airport outfits. The biking shorts are very travel-friendly since they’re easy to spend a whole day in and won’t take up much space in your bag. Plus, you can wear them as part of other laid-back outfits or if you plan to stay on top of your workout routine on your trip. 


How can I look classy while traveling?

By following a few key steps you can easily look classy and refined while travelling, and still be comfortable. These are my favorite tips on how to elevate a casual travel outfit:

  • Opt for mostly neutral pieces as they are versatile, timeless, and have an elevated appeal
  • Accessorize with subtle gold or silver jewelry
  • Upgrade your look with a chic handbag, sunglasses, a leather belt, or a scarf
  • Choose stylish shoes such as loafers, ballet flats, or leather slides
  • Go with sleek luggage that is in good condition

What is the most comfortable clothes to wear on a plane?

When your travel plans involve sitting on a plane, you need to prioritize comfort! Choose pieces that are loose or stretchy and something breathable. Here are my top picks for comfortable clothes to wear on a plane:

  • Sweater, sweatshirt, or hoodie
  • Leggings
  • Sweatpants or joggers
  • Pull-on trousers
  • Tee or tank top
  • Long coat or cardigan
  • Denim jacket
  • Shorts
  • Trainers
  • Slip-on shoes
  • Chunky sandals


Taking a vacation shouldn’t be stressful, even if your days are filled with travel, airplanes, and hotels. Use this style guide to make choosing travel outfits easy, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation from the moment it starts!


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