Best Going Home Outfit For Mom: 9 Comfy Mom-Approved Looks

Are you expecting and looking for the perfect going home outfit for mom? I’m a mom of two and sharing my style guide for inspiration when it comes to the best postpartum going home from hospital outfit for mom!

An overhead view of a woman with a colorful striped knit wrap dress holding her newborn baby

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Choosing A Coming Home Outfit For Mom

When I had my daughter I wore a robe at the hospital and changed into loose fitting pants and a cozy sweater to go home in. While I never did snap a picture (learn from my mistake and make sure you do!), I have found some perfect, cozy outfits from my favorite style-savvy mommy influencers to inspire you.

What do you wear coming home from the hospital? 

When choosing your perfect coming home outfit, comfort is key! Go for loose-fitting items, something that you can easily nurse in, and clothing that is weather appropriate. Here are some of my favorite picks for a going home from hospital outfit for mom:

  • Nursing bra or nursing tank top
  • Long button-up shirt or shirt dress
  • Pull-on shorts or pants
  • Leggings or joggers
  • Wrap dress
  • Flowy maxi dress (nursing friendly)
  • Long cardigan, sweater, or light jacket
  • Clogs, mules, slides, or sneakers

Maternity clothes are also a great choice for a postpartum body since they’re comfy and made to stretch. In other words, you can continue to use your favorite maternity pieces after you’ve given birth!

9 Perfect Going Home Outfit For Mom Ideas

Whether you’re bringing home your bundle of joy in warm weather or cold, and no matter your style, I guarantee you’ll  love the looks below!

Black Midi Shirt Dress

A woman wearing a silky black midi length shirt dress and trainers pushing a stroller

get the look:

In my opinion, a shirt dress makes a fantastic mom coming home outfit because it’s comfortable and versatile. It is loose-fitting, making it easy to get on and off after giving birth.

You can choose a dress that is best for the weather you’ll be in when taking your newborn home – long-sleeved and thicker material for cool weather or short-sleeved and lightweight for warm days. I also recommend a shirt dress with buttons down the front for easy access if you plan to breastfeed.

Pull On Pants + Oversized Sweater

A woman holding her newborn wearing white pull-on pants, an oversized striped sweater, and sneakers

get the look:

This look is very similar to what I wore coming home from the hospital with my daughter. It consists of an oversized sweater and pull-on pants. I love mommy coming home outfit because it is roomy and easy to move around in.

I recommend you choose pull-on pants that are made with a soft and lightweight fabric during the summer, or something thicker like fleece if you’ll be in colder weather. And since pull-on pants have an elastic waistband, these bottoms will easily stretch to fit your changing body.

Flowy Dress

A woman wearing a red and pink floral flowy dress holding her baby

get the look:

Mommy coming home outfit ideas don’t have to be frumpy, and this dress option from Vanessa Breuer proves it! I think that you’ll feel beautiful and feminine when you bring your little babe home in a flowy floral dress. 

I recommend choosing a dress with a button-down front or a low neckline for easy access to breastfeed. And you can choose a maternity dress or one with an more oversized fit – this dress from Free People is a great option! 

One thing that I especially love about this outfit choice? You can keep this dress as a special keepsake that you can wear again!

Oversized Button Down & Shorts

A woman wearing an oversized blue and white striped button-up shirt with shorts and slide sandals while pushing a stroller

get the look:

This cozy and stylish combo makes a perfect mom coming home outfit! An oversized, loose fit will give you plenty of room to move around, and the buttons make this top breastfeeding-friendly. 

Shorts are great for staying cool and comfortable, although I recommend wearing linen, stretchy cotton, or spandex shorts that are easy to pull on. You can also easily wear sneakers, clogs, slides, or sandals with this outfit. 

This may even become your go-to cool mom outfit!

Knit Wrap Dress or Long Cardigan

A woman wearing a colorful striped knit wrap dress while holding her newborn baby

get the look:

Go for a knit wrap dress or long wrap cardigan if you want a soft and cozy outfit that is also chic and flattering. This option is adaptable, allows for easy nursing, and is made from breathable fabric that’s comfy for you and your baby, and can be extra handy for postpartum healing

I love that a wrap dress is designed to be a perfect fit for you, and you may find yourself reaching for it again and again since it can adjust to your changing body. A wrap dress or long wrap cardigan is a great piece to keep and reuse, especially if you plan to have more kiddos in the future. 

Cardigan and Joggers

A woman wearing beige joggers, a white tee, and a beige cardigan with white slip-on sneakers

get the look:

In my opinion, joggers and a cardigan are a perfect combo for a mommy coming home outfit. This outfit is comfy, effortlessly chic, and will also keep you warm if your baby is born in the fall or winter. 

You can find joggers with a drawstring waist so that you can adjust the fit as needed, and a button-up cardigan can easily be opened whenever your baby needs to nurse. You can also wear a nursing tank top underneath this outfit to make it even easier, which as I well know, is important for a new mom who is still getting the hang of it! 

Cotton Pajama Set

A woman wearing a matching green cotton pajama set while sitting and holding her newborn baby

get the look:

A cotton pajama set is definitely a perfect coming home outfit. This outfit is cozy and soft, and a matching set like this will have you looking put together while being completely comfortable. 

Pajamas are a fantastic choice since the relaxed fit is roomy and can be worn for weeks after, even as your body changes. The cotton will let your skin breathe and keep you cool even when wearing a long-sleeved set like this. And the natural fibers are safe for your baby to rest their head on. 

Fuzzy Teddy Terry Set

An overhead view of a woman wearing a beige terry set with her newborn baby resting on her

get the look:

If you want to be as comfy as your baby on their avocado crib mattress, you’ll want a Teddy terry outfit!

I think this is the perfect going home outfit because it’s so soft and lightweight. The breathable fabric is perfect for staying cool and is very comfortable. It is so soft that it will give your postpartum body some well-deserved TLC.

Plus, your newborn baby will love to snuggle with you when you’re in this velvety fabric! 

Comfortable Clogs

An overhead view of a woman wearing a sweater with light grey sweatpants and white clogs

get the look:

Last but not least, when it comes to a going home from the hospital outfit for mom – never forget about clogs! 

In my experience, clogs are an excellent footwear choice for a hospital outfit or going home outfit. These are the ultimate comfy shoes since they are lightweight, cushioned, and flexible. 

Clogs are also easy to walk around in, supportive, and roomy enough for swollen feet. You can also find them with an non-slip design, so you can safely wear them while in the hospital and even during labor.

Clogs are also great to wear during pregnancy, especially on hard floors like in the kitchen (hungry? Here’s a list of sandwiches to eat while pregnant or postpartum)

What should I wear during Labour?

When you’re in labor, you’ll want something that can keep you comfortable and cool while still providing easy access for nurses and doctors. Try to avoid anything with zippers, buttons, or snaps that make it difficult to take on or off.

A robe is a perfect option, or an oversized t-shirt with a nursing bra and loose-fitting pull-on shorts

If you don’t want to wear the hospital gown, there are tons of gorgeous birthing gowns that you can buy, and there are usually a variety of rich colors to choose from. Other pieces you can wear in labor are comfortable and supportive are nursing tank tops or a loose-fitting sleep dress


Having a baby is an incredible and life-changing experience – I would do it all over again if I could! It’s also the perfect time to treat yourself to a comfortable outfit you can wear when bringing your sweet baby home from the hospital.

As you can see, there are many options for a mommy coming home outfit that are roomy, cozy, and nursing friendly. I hope you’ve found my list helpful and have figured out the perfect going home outfit for you, mama!

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