The Best Gucci Dupe List: Belt, Bag, Shoes + More

Are you a fan of Gucci designs but can’t get past the price? You need to see my Gucci dupe list with gorgeous pieces that won’t break the bank. Whether you want a look-alike for bags, shoes, or belts – I have the perfect dupe for you!

An image board of Gucci dupes and look-alikes

Originally published May 25, 2022 – Updated December 12, 2023

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2024 Gucci Dupe List

Have you ever found yourself drooling over a Gucci handbag or pair of shoes, only to look at the price tag and be brought back down to Earth? Me too, my friend. 

While I love Gucci and all of its stunning designs, there’s no doubt that owning a piece from this brand comes at a high cost! But don’t worry – I’m here to help. I have found some seriously stunning designer dupes that won’t break the bank – including dupes for Gucci bags, belts, and shoes. 

Dupe #1: Gucci Jackie 1961 Dupe //$76-

An image board of a Gucci Jackie 1961 bag look-alike

If you’ve been searching for a stylish and affordable designer dupe, look no further than the Cesia Metallic Accent Shoulder Bag by Charles and Keith. I think this chic shoulder bag is the perfect alternative for the Gucci Jackie 1961!

The Cesia bag has the same half-moon shape and sleek design as the Jackie bag, with a sophisticated look perfect for any occasion. Plus, this Gucci dupe has gold hardware on the front to match the iconic look of the Jackie bag. 

While the Gucci version is made from genuine leather, the Cesia is made from faux leather – which helps to make it much more affordable. This dupe also lacks the attachable crossbody strap that the Jackie comes with, but since the Gucci bag costs about $3,000 while the Cesia is only $76, that’s an easy miss to deal with, in my opinion!

I love the Cesia bag as it’s perfect for adding that chic, luxury look to your outfits for a fraction of the price.

Dupe #2: Gucci Canvas 1955 Horsebit Dupe //$69-

image of a brown canvas bag with brown leather trim and a gold buckle detail

The Gucci Canvas 1955 Horsebit is one of my favorite Gucci pieces, and I’m so happy to have a dupe for this gorgeous handbag on my list!

I found an look-alike for this purse from Mango – the jacquard bag with buckle. I think this dupe is a fantastic alternative to the Gucci Canvas bag, featuring the same patterned beige canvas body with brown trim.

Unlike the Gucci version, the Jacquard bag uses faux leather for the trim. It also has a gold buckle hardware on the front flap closure to mimic the golden horse-bit on the Gucci bag.

Coming in at only $69, this dupe is a great alternative if you’ve been dreaming of owning the 1955 Horsebit from Gucci. If you prefer something other than the printed canvas and want the sleek look of all leather, this brown faux leather alternative has a clean and minimal design that still features gold details for a similar lavish look.

Dupe #3: Gucci Dionysus Dupe//$35

An image board of a Gucci Dionysus bag look-alike

If you’ve been eyeing the gorgeous Dionysus bag from Gucci for a while, you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve found a dupe for that too!

This Crossbody Shoulder Chain Purse from Amazon is a perfect look-alike. I love that this dupe has incredibly high reviews from thousands of buyers, and at only $35, it’s an incredible deal!

Even though this look-alike is made from artificial leather, reviewers say how much it looks and feels like the real deal. I also think the crocodile pattern texture adds a high-end feel that the Dionysus is known for.

Dupe #4: Gucci Marmont Dupe//$45-

an image board of the Gucci marmont bag dupe

Oh, the Gucci Marmont bag! We all know how drool-worthy this designer piece is, but let’s be honest – it’s not exactly budget-friendly. That’s where The Drop Koko Chain Bag comes in. In my opinion, it’s the perfect dupe for the Gucci Marmont and is only $45!

The Koko bag has that same sophisticated and timeless look as the Marmont – a classic silhouette, front flap closure, and a gorgeous chain strap. It is made from black faux leather and has a quilted texture with the same designer feel as the Marmont.

And even though the Koko bag doesn’t have the designer logo, I’m confident that this look-alike will add a luxurious touch to any outfit. 

Dupe #5: Gucci Belt Dupe //$22-

An image board of a Gucci belt dupe

While I love a good designer accessory, I don’t always love the price! Gucci’s black leather belt with the gold double G logo is gorgeous and can quickly elevate any look. But luckily, you don’t have to spend a couple hundred to get that luxury aesthetic.

I found this this Gucci belt dupe from Amazon, which is a fantastic look-alike for a much more affordable price! It’s made with vegan leather and has a double O closure with a similar look as the Gucci version.

Plus, I love that this Gucci belt dupe has so many different designs to choose from. You can opt for a black snakeskin belt with gold rings, a black belt with silver hardware, or try one of the belts with textured rings for a unique look.

Dupe #6: Gucci Web Sneakers Dupe //$130-

An image board of a Gucci wed sneakers look-alike

I think the Gucci Web Sneakers have such an iconic look – so, of course, I had to include a dupe for this one!

The stunning white leather and chunky sole are some of the defining features of this Gucci shoe, along with the colorful stripes on each side. The dupe I have found is this pair of Tommy Hilfiger sneakers, which have the a designer look like the Gucci sneakers – and for the much lower price of just $130.

This Tommy dupe has an authentic white leather exterior, giving their version a gorgeous high-end look. And the gold, red, and black braided stripes on the side have a similar look to the well-known green and red Gucci stripes. These shoes also have a gold accent on the heel, giving them a similar vibe to the Web sneakers.

Dupe #7: Gucci Brixton Loafers Dupe //$150-

An image board of a Gucci brixton loafers dupe

And last on my list of Gucci dupes is the Brixton loafer look-alike. Sam Edelman has blessed us with the Loraine Bit Loafer – a Gucci Brixton dupe with the same lovely design that costs less than half the price of the Gucci ones!

I noticed that both the Loraine and Brixton feature a classic loafer silhouette with signature metallic details on the front. The Loraine’s gold hardware has a minimal design compared to the Gucci loafer, which features braided black leather and the iconic gold GG logo. 

The Loraine shoe also comes in a variety of colors, such as brown, cognac, tan, and even navy. So if you’re looking to add a loafer with a designer feel to your wardrobe, this Gucci dupe is definitely the way to go!

I you are looking for more Gucci loafer and mule dupes, you need to see this list our editor-in-chief put together as well. 


While I am always a fan of the stunning pieces from Gucci, I am confident that you can find chic and luxurious accessories for a more affordable price. So whether you’re here for the Gucci bag dupes or the sneaker dupe, you can treat yourself to these stunning look-alikes without breaking the bank!


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An image board of Gucci dupes and look-alikes


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