Best Celine Bag Dupe: 10+ Affordable Top Quality Look-alikes

Looking for the perfect Celine bag dupe in 2024? Check out these stunning dupe Celine bag options (Celine box bag dupe) that’ll make you do a second take!

collage of Celine box bag dupes and look-alikes in black and neutral colors

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Originally published April 1, 2023 – Updated Dec 6, 2023

The Search For The Best Celine Bag Dupe

Celine, the name that is on every fashion it-girls lips. I have dreamt of owning a Celine bag for a couple of years now, but have yet to take the plunge. While I do believe these bags are a worthwhile investment, the sticker shock can be intense! Genuine Celine bags can easily cost upwards of $2,000 to $5,000!

If you are looking for a more affordable bag with a Celine vibe, you’re in luck! I’ve scoured the fashion world for the best Celine dupes, and have come up with some really fantastic options that are a lot more budget-friendly.

Celine Box Bag Dupe: 10 Stunning Options

The bags I found range from $100 to $600, are made with leather, and are very similar in appearance to the Celine box bag. I have also found a great belt bag dupe that you can check out too. Read on to discover my top dupe Celine bags for 2024!

1. Ordicle Brown Calfskin Leather Box Bag

image comparing two brown leather box bags that look similar

The first dupe on the list is one of my favorites! Ordicle is a store based in New York, and it also has an Etsy shop that sells stunning Korean-style clothing and accessories. Their Brown Calfskin Leather Box Bag is a spitting image of the Celine teen box bag. 

The outer leather is genuine calfskin leather with a “liege” finish, giving it a slightly textured surface that is more durable and scratch-resistant than smooth calfskin. The interior of the bag is microfibre leather. 

It’s hard to believe this dupe is just $100 (the small size is $85)! It also has rave reviews from happy customers who have given the bag 5-star ratings. And a big bonus – you can view images of the bag IRL (in real life) on many of the reviews. 

2. MerakiLeatherStudio Italian Smooth Box Bag

image comparing two black leather box bags that look very similar

The next dupe Celine bag on my list is also from Etsy. This stunning Smooth Italian Leather Box Bag from seller MerakiLeatherStudio. Like the previous option, this bag is a spitting image of the Celine box bag and it comes in two sizes, small and medium. It comes in Black, Burgundy, Brown, Off-White, Green and Beige.

The bag is made with genuine Italian leather with a smooth finish and gold hardware. I love that it can be worn crossbody, as a shoulder bag, or as an oversized clutch when the adjustable strap is removed.

One reviewer mentioned that she had visited the Celine boutique multiple times to check out the Celine box bag and in terms of quality, with this dupe bag you cannot see or feel the difference!

3. KaraLeatherStudio Leather Minimal Box Bag

image comparing two brown leather box bags with gold clasps that look very similar

Another one of my favorite options for 2024 is this stunning Genuine Leather Minimal Box Bag from Etsy seller KaraLeatherStudio. It is made of hard-structured genuine cowhide Italian leather with gold hardware. 

I love that this bag also has an adjustable strap so that it can be carried crossbody, as a shoulder bag, or as an oversized clutch. This feature makes it versatile and suitable for so many different outfits and occasions, in my opinion. 

The leather is smooth and the bag comes in multiple colors including taupe, burgundy, toffee, black, beige, white, red, yellow, and blue. Bonus points – the reviews are fantastic and there are multiple customers who purchased one bag, and immediately bought another when they saw the quality in person!

4. A.P.C. Small Grace Bag in Black

image comparing two black leather box bags with gold clasps that look similar

The brand A.P.C. is another French luxury clothing brand with a focus on minimal and timeless fashion. In my opinion, A.P.C.’s Grace Bag is a great alternative to the Celine box bag as it has a very similar look but comes in at less than 1/4 of the price

While the price is higher than the Etsy dupes, this leather bag is from a luxury designer brand name and is of impeccable quality. The shape and size are very similar to the small Celine box bag, as well as the placement of the gold hardware. 

If you have a slightly bigger budget to spend in 2024 (but not thousands), I think this Celine bag look-alike should definitely be a contender for you! 

5. A.P.C. Small Grace Bag in Cappucino

image comparing two brown leather box bags with gold clasps that look similar

I had to include the cappuccino colorway of the A.P.C. Grace Bag on my list as it’s equally as beautiful as the black. This gorgeous neutral tone is very versatile and would look excellent with many different outfits. 

I would wear it with a pair of vintage-wash jeans, a basic T-shirt, some dainty Mejuri jewelry and I am sure I’d look just as good as if I were wearing a real Celine!

6. MerakiLeatherStudio Saffiano Taupe Bag

image comparing two taupe leather box bags with gold clasps that look similar

I’m taking you back to the trusty MerakiLeatherStudio store from Etsy! Another option from the store is this textured Saffiano leather taupe dupe for the Celine box bag. I wanted to include it separately in the list to show how similar it looks to the Celine box bag in the taupe colorway. 

This bag also has a textured look versus the smooth, but it makes the bag more durable and matches the Celine box bags that come in the leige finish. This finish will not show scratches or marks nearly as much as the smooth leather, so it is worth considering if you plan to wear the bag often.

7. Demellier Vancouver Bag

image comparing two black leather box shoulder bags that look similar

Another stunning luxury Celine alternative, and very popular brand with fashion it-girls in 2024, is the Vancouver Bag from Demellier. While there are distinct differences between this bag and the Celine box bag, I do find the overall style and aesthetic to be similar. 

Demellier is a London-based luxury brand that specializes in beautifully handcrafted bags. In terms of craftsmanship and quality, you get what you pay for with Demellier. 

So if you want a luxury bag that comes in at less than $1,000 and has the same vibe as the Celine box bag, this is it! 

8. Frame Le Signature Bag

image comparing two black leather box bags with metal clasps that look similar

Next on my Celine bag dupe list is the Le Signature bag from the brand FRAME. It is on the pricier side, coming in at just under $500, but Frame is an upscale brand that is known for its high-end clothing and accessories.

The Le Signature Bag has a boxy shape, flap style, and gold hardware at the center giving it a Celine box bag vibe. While it has unique and distinct details, it makes a great budget-friendly alternative, in my opinion.

This bag also comes in a camel color in a smaller size which I also love. The look is casual, yet refined, and perfect for everyday wear.

*2024 update – this bag is currently sold out but I am keeping my eye on it and hoping for a restock soon! 

9. Charles & Keith Charlot Bag

image comparing two black leather box bags that look similar

At just $66, this next Celine bag dupe is a steal of a deal! The Charles & Keith Charlot Bag is made with faux leather and is at a much lower price, but it still has a beautiful design that mimics the Celine box bag, in my opinion. 

I think the shape and hardware give the bag a sophisticated feel, while the curved corners add a feminine touch. The bag comes in multiple colors including black, ivory, brown, navy, and taupe.

If you can’t spend more than $100, but still want a chic and stylish bag, I highly recommend this Charles & Keith option! 

10. Marks & Spencer Faux Leather Crossbody Bag

Image of a brown faux leather box bag in a camel color tone with a gold clasp in the center

Another affordable and excellent Celine bag dupe is this faux leather box bag from Marks & Spencer that had to be added to my list for 2024. While the black is sold out (bummer!), the bag is still available in this rich camel color

I love the white stitching detail and the brushed gold hardware, which is very reminiscent of the Celine box bag, in my opinion. And the bag has really positive reviews (over 370!).

At just $61, I think this bag is the perfect budget option that will still provide an elevated and polished appeal to any outfit. 

11. Sezane Milo Classic Bag

image of a black box bag with gold hardware clasp in the center

Lastly, on my list of Celine dupes is this stunning, high-quality bag from Sezane. The Milo bag is Italian-made with genuine leather and a cotton lining. Not only is it so timeless and chic, but it has a very similar overall look and style to the Celine box bag, in my opinion. 

This gorgeous bag comes in black, brown, python, and blue snake print, so it will fit many different styles. So many fashion influencers and celebrities love Sezane for the quality and chic Parisian-inspired style, myself included! So for $475 (a worthwhile investment) you can have your cake and eat it too!

a black Celine box bag sitting on a white marble cafe table with coffee cups on it

In my opinion, Celine bags are a true investment as they have a good resale value. When you purchase a Celine bag, you are investing in excellent craftsmanship and quality. Celine bags are pieces that will last you years to come! 

If a genuine Celine bag is in your budget, I truly believe it is worth making the investment. If the price isn’t in your budget, I say don’t overextend yourself! Instead, opt for one of the excellent dupe bags on my list so you can get the timeless Celine aesthetic…for less! 


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