11+ Must-See Gucci Loafers Dupes & Mules Dupes for 2023

Looking for an affordable Gucci loafer dupe or a Gucci mules dupe? You need to see these incredible Gucci loafer dupes and mule dupes that will knock your socks off in 2023 (no pun intended!). 

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collage of black horsebit loafers, mules, and chunky lug-sole loafers that are dupes and look-alikes of the Gucci loafers and mules

Originally published April 2022, Updated May 2023

The Best 2023 Gucci Loafer Dupes & Mules Dupe

Gucci is an iconic brand but because of its popularity and iconic status the gorgeous designer shoes, bags, and clothing come at a high price. It’s no wonder people are constantly on the search for look-alikes that come in at a lower price point but still have that stunning Gucci vibe.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a pair of classic Gucci loafers but it just doesn’t fit the budget, don’t fret, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve scoured the fashion world for high-quality Gucci loafer dupes and Gucci mule dupes, and have come up with some fantastic options that are more budget-friendly. Oh, and we’ve also sourced a couple of great chunky Gucci loafers dupes as well!

Gucci Loafer Dupes List:

On this list, you’ll find loafers that are very similar to Gucci’s most popular loafers the Brixton loafer and Jordaan loafer. While none of these dupes look exactly the same (some come incredibly close!), they do have a very similar look and the overall Gucci vibe.

1. Sam Edelman Loraine Bit Loafer // $150-

*Best Rated*

The first Gucci loafer dupe on the list is the best-rated option! With over 700 reviews and an almost 5-star rating, the Sam Edelman Loraine Bit loafers are worth a look!

These leather loafers are comfortable, with a cushioned insole, and have a classic aesthetic very similar to the Gucci loafers. The horse-bit detail is sleek and more petite but has a very similar vibe.

At $150, these loafers are a great price! And they are well-made timeless shoes you’ll wear again and again. 

2. Lisa Vickey Zany Loafer // $69-

*Best Value*

The next dupe on the list is from Lisa Vickey. The Zany loafers are leather with a rubber sole and have simple black stitching. The metal horse-bit detail is reminiscent of the horse bit on the Gucci loafers, and the overall appearance is very similar.

Reviewers mention how soft the leather is, and that these loafers are very comfortable. While the hardware is more brassy than gold, these loafers are still a great alternative to the Gucci’s and are an excellent value at just under $70.

3. Poppy Barley Fraiche Loafer // $203-

*Best Quality*

One of our favorite Gucci loafer dupe options is this pair from the Canadian-owned brand Poppy Barley. These limited-edition loafers are sustainably and ethically made, high-quality, and buttery soft. 

Made with high-quality pebbled leather, these Gucci look-alike loafers are handcrafted in Mexico and made to last. And, while the shape is slightly different than the Gucci loafers, the gold horse-bit hardware gives a similar overall look and feel.

With over 300 reviews and a solid 5-star rating, these Poppy Barley loafers are the perfect designer alternative at an approachable price point. 

4. Coach Haley Loafer // $109-

*Top Seller*

Since we first created this list in 2022, the Coach Haley loafers have been the top seller. And for good reason! 

Still available in 2023, these leather loafers are made with a comfortable footbed, sleek style, and are touted as excellent “office loafers” by reviewers. With an overall elegant and timeless style, the Haley loafers are a great affordable alternative worth checking out!

5. BCBG Zeldi Loafer // $89-

The next dupe on the list comes from the brand BCBG. These black faux-leather loafers have a very similar overall look and minimalist style.

With memory foam cushioning, horse-bit accent, and simple stitching, at first glance, it’s hard to tell the difference! That being said, it is important to note that some reviewers mention that these loafers run a half-size larger, and have a cheaper appearance in general.

6. Steve Madden Carrine Loafer // $60-

*On Sale*
The of the Gucci loafer dupes on our list is this sleek option from Steve Madden. The Carrine loafer is made with a genuine leather upper and a synthetic sole. 
While the quality is not the same as the Gucci loafer (you get what you pay for), these loafers are a great price, and are currently on sale! 
There’s no doubt that with the right styling (check out our list of Gucci loafers outfits), you can easily achieve a high-end aesthetic on a budget with these look-alike loafers! 

Gucci Mules Dupe List:

The next look-alikes on our list are the Gucci Princetown Mules dupes. The mule version of the Brixton loafers comes in multiple colors and has an open back making them the perfect slip-on. They come at a price tag of $820, so you don’t save much by losing the back half of the shoe!

The Gucci mule dupe options below are beautiful and super versatile, but come at a much more affordable price with the Gucci vibe we love! 

1. Sam Edelman Linnie Mules // $140-

*Best Quality*

The first Gucci mules dupe is from Sam Edelman. The Linnie mules are well-rated and have over 230 reviews on Nordstrom.
These loafers are genuine leather with a rubber sole and have a brassy gold-tone horse-bit detail that creates a sleek and subtle vibe.

If you have a narrow foot, you may find these slightly wide, as reviewers mention they are a wider fit. Overall, for less than $150, these mules are worth checking out! 

2. Steve Madden Kandi Mules // $69-

*Best Value*

Next up, the Steve Madden Kandi mules are a lovely option at an excellent price point.

They are made with synthetic materials, hence the lower price tag, but still boast a timeless appearance and minimalistic style. The horse-bit hardware is bold and looks beautiful over a glossy black strap. 

With over 500 reviews, these Gucci mule dupes are definitely a contender on this list! 

3. Amazon Arqa Leather Mules // $54-

*Top Rated*

If you have the time, you’ll want to look through the 1,000+ reviews for these Amazon Arqa mules. They are made with 100% leather, have a classic design, and look strikingly similar to the Gucci Princetown mules. 

Even the horsebit hardware has a very similar shape, weight, and size. And, at just under $55, these Gucci mules dupes are super budget-friendly!

Gucci Fur-Lined Mules Dupe List:

The fur-lined mules from Gucci are another popular style that is perfect for the spring and fall seasons. They come in at just under $1,000 a pair. But, we have found an excellent dupe you can check out below!

Amazon Arqa Faux Fur Mules // $54-

The Arqa Fur-Lined Mules from Amazon have a similar look with black leather, horse-bit embellishment, and faux fur on the heel. 

While they are nowhere near the same quality as the Gucci originals (of course!), they are a great budget look-alike at just $50 that can be styled in many ways.

Looking at the 800+ 5-star ratings, you’ll see how many reviewers are pleased with these mules. In fact, one reviewer posted several pictures comparing these to her genuine Gucci mules, and the results are pretty incredible!

Gucci Lug-Sole Loafers Dupe List:

The lug sole style has been gaining tons of popularity over the past couple of years and this chunky version of the Gucci loafer has been seen on celebrities like Dakota Johnson. These loafers make a statement and cost around $1,100 a pair. 

Below are our top chunky Gucci loafer dupes!

1. Dwarves Horsebit Leather Loafer // $117-

The first of the chunky Gucci loafer dupes is this handmade option from Dwarves. These platform genuine leather loafers are very similar in overall style and appearance and have an anti-skid sole making them great for transitional weather.

One interesting feature to note is that the horse-bit detail is on a velcro attachment and can be switched out for another hardware detail that looks very similar to the Celine logo.

They are essentially two dupes in one!

2. Raye Sven Loafer // $206-

Lastly, on our extensive list of Gucci loafer dupes and Gucci mule dupes, is the Raye Sven loafer. These leather loafers have a rubber lug sole and gold-tone horse-bit hardware on the vamps. 

With a similar overall look and vibe to the Gucci loafers, these look-alikes are a perfect, well-made alternative for less than 1/4 of the price! What’s not to love?


There you have it! A handful of incredible Gucci loafer dupes and Gucci mule dupes that will definitely make you feel chic and stylish, even if you can’t get your hands on the real Gucci loafers…yet!

Be sure to pin the photo below to save this list for later and check out our other Look For Less/Designer Dupes posts below!


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