Best Chanel Dad Sandals Dupe: 8+ Must-See Look-alikes

Searching for chic sandals that have a designer look without the designer price tag? You need to see our list of Chanel Dad Sandals Dupes and Chanel Sandals Dupes for shoes that will elevate your style without breaking the bank!

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Image board of several Chanel sandal dupes in white, black, and tweed

The Best Chanel Sandals Dupes & Look-alikes

Chanel released their iconic Dad Sandals in 2019, and since then, these shoes have taken the fashion world by storm. You may have seen them all over Instagram and maybe even on the feet of your fave celebrities. These chunky, retro-inspired sandals have become a staple for fashionistas everywhere, and they’re the perfect combination of comfort and style. 

But while we adore these designer sandals, we know they come with a hefty price tag, and not everyone can justify spending so much on one pair of shoes. That’s why we’ve searched the internet for the best Chanel Dad Sandal dupes, so you can get the same designer look for less! W

hether you’re searching for that classic quilted leather or the trendy tweed, we’ve got you covered with our top Chanel Dad Sandal dupes below.

Chanel Dad Sandals Dupe List

We’re starting off our list of Chanel dupe sandals with sleek leather look-a-likes and chunky tweed sandals that have a luxury feel. 

Dupe #1: Kurt Geiger Orson Sandals //$175

Image board of a black quilted Chanel sandal dupe by Kurt Geiger

The first Chanel dad sandals dupe is from Kurt Geiger, a brand well-known for having unique and high-quality designs. 

The Orson Sandals definitely have that trendy look we’re going for. They have an all-over quilted texture, giving them a seriously lavish look and an extra comfy feel. 

Made with faux leather, the sandals are more affordable without taking away from the high-end look. And we love the addition of the Eagle head in antiqued silver for a gorgeous and eye-catching detail. 

These sandals are one of the best Chanel Dad Sandals dupes, costing only $175. You can add these to your wardrobe to elevate any outfit without going over budget!

Dupe #2: Alohas Hook-Loop Black Leather Sandals //$190

Image board of a black quilted Chanel sandal dupe by Alohas

Next on our list, the Alohas hook-loop sandals offer the same chic, comfortable style as the Chanel Dad Sandals. With quilted black leather straps and metallic hook loops, these sandals are the perfect addition to any summer outfit – they’ll work with anything from jeans to linen shorts to a breezy sundress. 

And we love that these sandals are made with sustainable leather, giving them the same designer feel and aesthetic of the Chanel shoes while being eco-friendly and at a more reasonable price point. 

Plus, with the platform design and supportive insoles, you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort. These sandals are a must for chic outfits that will have you feeling and looking incredible!

Dupe #3: Alohas Hook-Loop White Leather Sandals //$190

Image board of an ivory quilted Chanel sandal dupe by Alohas

Alohas also makes real leather sandals in quilted ivory!

Not only do these shoes capture the same iconic chunky silhouettes of the Chanel Dad Sandals, but the creamy white leather gives them a luxurious and sophisticated feel that’s hard to beat (especially for this price!)

Since these sandals are made with soft, sustainably sourced leather and a cushioned footbed, they have a supportive feel and stylish look that will make you want to wear them day after day. 

Dupe #4: Alohas Hook-Loop Tweed Sandals //$190

Image board of a tweed Chanel sandal dupe by Alohas

If you’ve been dreaming about the tweed Chanel Dad Sandals but have yet to grab a pair, don’t worry! The Alohas Tweed Sandals are here to save you (and your wallet) some stress. 

These dupes have the same platform sole and woven fabric straps that give off the effortlessly chic vibe of the Chanel sandals. We love the gorgeous texture and pattern of the black and white tweed, and these sandals are so versatile, so you can easily dress them up or down. 

But don’t be fooled by the incredible price! The Alohas Tweed Sandals are handcrafted in Spain from locally sourced, sustainable, and high-end polyester. This material makes these shoes more affordable as well as durable, making them a worthwhile investment.

Are Chanel dad sandals still in style?

Yes, Chanel Dad Sandals are still in style! The Dad sandals made a big comeback in 2019 and the trend is still going strong in 2023. Not only do these shoes pair perfectly with on-trend vintage-inspired looks, they also have a chic and timeless design that will stand the test of time. 

So, you can’t go wrong with grabbing a pair of these must-have sandals and rocking them all summer (or all year) long!

Dupe #5: Steve Madden Mona Tweed Sandals //$90

Image board of a tweed Chanel sandal dupe by Steve Madden

Next up, the Steve Madden Mona Tweed Sandals are another perfect dupe Chanel dad sandals dupe.

The Mona Tweed Sandals have the same chunky soles and thick straps that the Chanel version is known for. Plus, this dupe has a molded footbed for ultimate comfort. The black vegan leather, colorful tweed, and gold hardware have a unique, trendy aesthetic that instantly elevates any look!

Something else that really sets the Mona Tweed Sandals apart is the price. While the Chanel Dad Sandals will set you back over $1,000, these Steve Madden shoes are a fraction of that – so you can easily get the same chic look without breaking the bank. 

Dupe #6: Steve Madden Mona Leather Sandals //$90

Image board of a black and gold Chanel sandal dupe by Steve Madden

Of course, if you’re a fan of the black leather Chanel sandals, Steve Madden still has something for you, and at the same fantastic price!

You can grab a pair of Mona Sandals in black leather to get the same high-end look as the Chanel Dad Sandals. These shoes offer the same appeal as their tweed counterpart – thick soles with thick straps and gorgeous gold-toned hardware for an elevated look. 

And the black leather sandals are just as practical as they are chic. Adjustable straps with a cushioned and supportive insole make this dupe perfect for being on your feet. Plus, you can take these sleek, stylish sandals from day to night in no time!

Dupe #7: Vagabond Erin Sandals //$130

Image board of a black Chanel sandal dupe by Vagabond

If you want to add a luxury feel to your summer wardrobe, the Erin Sandals from Vagabond is a fantastic Chanel sandal dupe. 

Coming in at only $130, the Vagabond Erin Sandals give us that same designer look without going over budget. With classic black leather, a polished aesthetic, and the same platform design as the Chanel shoes, you can’t go wrong with adding these sandals to your shoe collection. 

You can adjust the leather straps for a perfect fit, and the cushioned sole provides enough support to wear these sandals all day! And while they lack the designer logo and metal hardware, that actually makes them perfect for anyone who prefers a clean and minimalist look. 

Whether you opt for these leather sandals in bold black or timeless white, they will definitely add a causal chic vibe to any outfit. 

Dupe #8: Journee Debby Platform Sandals //$60

Image board of a white quilted Chanel sandal dupe by Journee

Journee is another brand with an amazing Chanel dad sandals dupe – the Debby Sandals!

We love the bright cream color, and the quilted high-quality vegan leather adds the luxury feel we’re going for. Plus, these shoes have the same level of durability and comfort as the Chanel Dad Sandals without costing an entire paycheck!

The chunky sole has plenty of cushion, and the soft faux leather footbed is just as supportive. The thick straps have a hook and loop design that is not only trendy but ensures you’ll have the best and most comfortable fit. 

These sandals will last through countless summer adventures, so they’re definitely a worthwhile purchase. And fortunately for us, they’re also one of the most affordable options on this list!

Dupe #9: Missguided Faux Leather Espadrille //$53

Image board of a black quilted Chanel sandal dupe by Missguided

Looking for affordable sandals that have a luxurious design and a boho-chic aesthetic? The Espadrille Sandals by Missguided are everything you’ve been searching for!

These shoes have a stylish combo of quilted faux leather straps with a chunky woven rope midsole. This pairing creates an ultra-trendy design that’s perfect for summertime. 

The woven platform sole gives the sandals a relaxed vibe, but you can easily dress them up for a dinner date or a night on the town. And we can’t forget to mention that this dupe is much easier on the wallet compared to the coveted Chanel sandals. 

Bonus Chanel Dupe Sandals

The sandals below aren’t in the dad style, but still a great look-alike to the Chanel quilted slide sandals, so we’ve included them in our list!

Dupe #10: Goodnight Macaroon Judy Quilted Sandals //$66

Image board of a black quilted Chanel sandal dupe by Goodnight Macaroon

The Judy Sandals from Goodnight Macaroon have the same stunning high-end look as the Chanel slide sandals. 

They are comfy and non-slip, so you can wear these stylish shoes poolside, at a restaurant, or anywhere in between. And while the black has the closest look to the iconic Chanel sandals, you can also grab a pair of these platform sandals in white or beige for a neutral-toned shoe with a brighter aesthetic. 

How much are the Chanel dad shoes?

The Chanel Dad Sandals are the perfect blend of fashion and function, with a trendy design and very comfortable fit. So it only makes sense that these shoes have been all the rage since their release. But how much do these designer sandals cost?

These chunky, vintage-inspired sandals come in a variety of styles – and with that, a variety of prices. The cost of Chanel Dad Sandals starts at about $1,200 and can go upwards of $2,000, depending on the design, where you buy it, and whether it’s a limited edition. 


The Chanel Dad Sandals are stunning, but you can definitely get the same designer look for a lower price. We hope this list of Chanel dad sandals dupe options and look-alikes has been helpful and that you’ve found a stylish and affordable new pair of shoes (or two) to add to your collection!


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