12+ Chic Leather Shorts Outfit Ideas (Day & Night Out!)

Wondering how to wear leather shorts or faux leather shorts? You’ll love this style guide filled with leather shorts outfit ideas, including black leather shorts outfit ideas and how to style leather shorts for day and night!

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an up close shot of a woman wearing black leather shorts with a brown sweater vest, chunky gold necklaces and a gold watch and bracelets

Leather Shorts Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

Leather shorts have been one of the latest trends in fashion, and we are here for it! These shorts are a chic and versatile piece that is perfect to add to any women’s wardrobe. We love that you can keep it casual or go all out with sleek leather shorts, making this stylish piece fantastic for adding a bold and edgy feel to everyday looks.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a pair of leather shorts to your closet but don’t know how to style it, don’t stress! We have a perfect style guide on how to build a leather pants outfit.

Whether you’re looking for a laid-back outfit to wear during the day or want to make a statement on a night out, we’ve got you covered.

Chic Black Leather Shorts Outfit Ideas

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best black leather shorts outfit ideas to inspire you – and we have looks for any season!

add a blazer

Black leather shorts can be styled into a chic and sophisticated look like this. A white top and black shorts have a lovely contrast, while a grey blazer adds a refined touch.

Black sandals and a designer purse add another polished feel to this look, and the sandals keep it casual for a day of brunch and going around town.

Finish the look with some simple jewelry, and you’re ready to tackle the day in style!

keep it simple

a woman wearing black leather shorts with a plain white tee, black loafers, and a black crossbody bag

get the look:

This next look is simple but incredibly chic. You can’t go wrong with a classic white tee and elevated loafers, and these basics let the leather shorts be the star of the outfit. 

The black loafers keep this look classy and are also perfect for running errands or grabbing lunch with friends. You can tie a denim jacket around your waist or keep a sweater with you if you’re going out on a chilly day, or wear this outfit as is during the summer. 

What to wear with leather shorts in summer?

You can easily create a cute summer outfit with leather shorts by pairing it with the right pieces. These are some great ways to style leather shorts in the summer:

  • Black pleated leather shorts, a white tee, and chunky sandals or loafers
  • White leather paper bag shorts with a floral summer top, and strappy sandals
  • Brown leather shorts, a linen button-up, and sneakers
  • Black drawstring leather shorts with a simple tank top, and heels

Make sure to go for breathable fabrics – think cotton and linen blends – so you don’t get too hot. And despite what you may think, genuine leather is also breathable, making it perfect to wear on sunny days!

dad sandals + a denim shirt

a woman wearing black leather shorts with a blue denim button-up, black dad sandals, and a plaid tote bag

get the look:

This gorgeous outfit is perfect for grabbing an iced matcha and doing some retail therapy. The light blue denim shirt adds a vibrant pop of color when paired with black leather shorts, and the dad sandals add a chill but stylish vibe that we adore.

You can definitely rock this outfit on a breezy spring day or in early fall before it gets too cold. Or wear it in the summer and add a white tank top underneath in case it gets too hot.

Can I wear leather shorts in the fall?

Leather shorts are so versatile, and you can definitely sport these trendy shorts in the fall! Pair leather shorts with cool weather pieces such as blazers, sweaters, black stockings, boots, and cozy jackets or the ultimate chic fall look. Here are some perfect leather shorts outfit ideas for the fall:

  • Black leather shorts, a white button-up, sheer stockings, and ankle boots
  • Drawstring leather shorts with a tank top, denim jacket, and chunky sneakers
  • Black leather shorts with a fine knit beige sweater, and tall black boots
  • White leather shorts, a classic tee, a black blazer, and heeled boots

fall ready

a woman wearing brown leather shorts with a white tee, a tan blazer, and white booties

get the look:

This leather shorts outfit is oh-so-chic and a perfect look for fall!

The warm brown tone of the leather shorts screams autumn, and the plaid blazer is also very fitting for the season. This outfit is a great choice for grabbing a pumpkin spice latte and chatting with your friends for an afternoon. We love the ankle booties here, but you could also go for tall heeled boots as well.

a trench coat + tall boots

a woman wearing black leather shorts with black stockings, a long-sleeved white and black striped top, a trench coat, and tall black boots

get the look:

We have the perfect example of a cool-weather outfit with leather shorts right here!

There are so many pieces here that make this outfit fall friendly – from the sheer tights to the tall boots and trench coat. We love the combo of a simple long-sleeved shirt with these black leather shorts. It’s the perfect base to have and you can take off the trench coat if it gets too hot. 

The combo of neutral colors help makes all these pieces work together, although you can add a bit of color with a vibrant shirt or a colorful handbag. 

How do you wear leather shorts in the winter? 

The key to rocking sleek leather shorts in the winter is adding layers to keep yourself warm. A pair of sheer black stockings and a long wool coat will keep you warm in the chilly air. Here are some perfect leather shorts outfit ideas for winter:

  • Black leather shorts, a long-sleeved knit, and a wool coat with knee-high boots
  • Tan leather paper bag shorts with a black sweater, thick black stockings + black booties
  • Black leather shorts with a sweater, cropped puffer jacket, black tights, and combat boots
  • Brown leather shorts with a long-sleeved blouse, wool coat, sheer black stockings, and tall heeled boots

neutral tones

a woman wearing black leather shorts with a beige sweater and tall black boots

get the look:

This is another excellent way to style leather shorts for cold days, especially the transitional weather in early fall or late winter. The beige sweater and tall black boots are perfect for cool weather, while the leather shorts add a chic touch. 

We love how this outfit is simple to put together but still looks polished, and the neutral colors give this look effortless style. This outfit would be great for exploring some new hot spots in the city on a crisp day.

Night Out Leather Shorts Outfit Ideas

If you’re looking to add a daring and eye-catching touch to your girl’s night looks, these night out leather shorts outfit ideas below are for you!

add a statement top

a woman wearing black leather shorts with black stockings, black heels, and a black and metallic long-sleeved shirt

get the look:

An elegant and feminine blouse is perfect with these bold and edgy black leather shorts, and the ankle strap pumps add chic touch to the look. 

This eye-catching outfit is a must for the next time you hit up happy hour with the girls. Add some statement earrings to complete this look, and you’ll be stealing the attention all night.

leather bermuda shorts

a woman wearing black leather shorts with a black crewneck tank, strappy black heels, and a black handbag

get the look:

Longer leather shorts are having a moment right now, and make for a stunning black leather shorts outfit for a night out. Paired with sleek black pieces and strappy heels, this is another outfit that’s easy to put together but definitely makes a statement. 

We love the all-black look, but you can absolutely add some gorgeous color if that’s more your style. Try adding a pop of color with your shoes or purse, or choose a colorful top to pair with these black leather shorts. 

faux leather bike shorts

a woman wearing black leather biking shorts with a black top, a denim jacket, and ankle wrap black leather

get the look:

Biker shorts have been a hot trend in the fashion scene over the last few years, so you can add a stylish touch to any outfit by going with faux leather biker shorts.

This outfit has a laid-back vibe that we love but is still fashionable enough to wear during a night on the town. Strappy black heels elevate this look, and the denim jacket is perfect for chilly nights, so you can stay comfortable and stylish while hitting up your favorite bar or club.

vibrant shades

a woman wearing brown snakeskin leather shorts with a blue sweater vest, orange heels, and a blue handbag

get the look:

When you’re going out for the night, it’s never a bad idea to wear some gorgeous and vivid shades. Leather shorts are bold and eye-catching, so you can quickly create an alluring outfit by pairing these shorts with bright blue or hot pink.

We love the combo of brown leather and blue pieces; these shades complement each other so well and have a gorgeous contrast that immediately draws attention. You can also use black leather shorts for a look like this and pair those with your favorite shade.

Either way, all eyes will be on you everywhere you go!

metallic leather

a woman wearing silver leather shorts with a black top, a brown suede jacket, and black strappy heels

get the look:

Metallic leather shorts are another way to add an eye-catching touch to your outfit. These shimmering silver shorts are edgy and playful, and you can easily add neutral tones to the outfit to balance out your look. 

The brown suede jacket makes this outfit ideal for fall, or you can keep it simple with the black tank top in the summertime. We love the statement necklace to help balance the metallic tones throughout the outfit, and strappy heels keep this look chic and feminine. 

go for a matching leather set

a woman wearing black leather shorts with a matching black leather cropped top with long sleeves, strappy silver heels, and a black leather handbag with crystal embellishments

get the look:

A matching set is an easy go-to for a stunning and effortless black leather shorts outfit. This set is perfect for a girl’s night out, it’s simple but bold and stylish, and we love the silver and crystal accents for a glamorous touch.

If you don’t have a matching set, you can always pair your leather shorts with a leather crop top or leather jacket for a similar look. Nonetheless, this outfit has a sexy and feminine feel that will have you turning heads all night!

What can you wear with leather shorts?

As you’ve seen, leather shorts can be styled in countless ways; it just depends on the vibe you’re going for. These are some of the best pieces to pair with leather shorts:

  • Button-up shirt
  • Sweater vest
  • Tank top or classic tee
  • Statement top
  • Blazer
  • Denim jacket
  • Trench coat or wool coat
  • Heeled sandals or pumps
  • Heeled boots
  • Ankle booties
  • Dad sandals or slide sandals
  • Chunky trainers
  • Loafers

Leather shorts are perfect for a chic and daring look, so adding a pair of these to your closet is always a good idea. Whether you prefer classic black leather shorts, brown shorts, or a metallic pair, this piece can be worn day and night for a trendy and effortless aesthetic!


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