15+ Stores Like Mango for Chic & Modern Euro-inspired Apparel

Do you adore the gorgeous designs you find while shopping at Mango? Check out this list of 15+ stores similar to Mango that offer incredibly chic apparel!

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Let’s Talk: Stores Like Mango

We are head-over-heels with Mango here at Style Your Occasion. The minimal and chic designs, clothing in a great selection of high-quality fabrics including linen, wool, and cotton, and the affordable price point. 

If you want to look expensive on a budget, Mango is a great option to achieve a designer-inspired style without spending thousands. Not to mention the brand also carries super cute options for kids, and a fantastic selection of accessories. 

If you are a big fan of Mango too, you might wonder where else you can shop for similar styles and the same vibe. Read on to learn more and check out our list of Mango alternatives! 

Our Top Mango Picks:

What type of store is Mango?

Mango is a fashion retailer that creates modern clothing, shoes, and accessories. This company is all about classic and luxurious apparel for men, women, and children at an affordable price. The designer look for less!

Mango also focuses its efforts on using sustainable fabrics and processes to create clothing. We love the feminine silhouettes and playful details in their designs.

Along with clothing, Mango carries trendy shoes, handbags, and jewelry that will elevate any outfit.

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What Stores are similar to Mango?

There are a ton of stores that are similar to Mango with the same modern, European-inspired vibe. They include H&M, Sézane, Zara, & Other Stories, Massimo Dutti, COS, Oak & Fort, and more! 

Read on to learn about each and why we love them! 

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1. H&M

The first on the list of stores like Mango is H&M, a Swedish clothing company that sells the best in fashion trends at a great price. This brand sells anything from classy basics to gorgeous statement pieces. 

You can shop here to find flirty dresses, edgy streetwear, and unique accessories. Their comfortable and versatile apparel has a youthful and fun-loving vibe that you can’t beat.

Our Top H&M Picks:

2. Missguided

Based in the UK, Missguided has quickly gained international popularity. And it’s easy to see why. 

This fashion retailer sells the latest trends in apparel and accessories. Missguided designs each piece with vibrant colors and patterns to put zest into your wardrobe.

Their clothing is alluring and promotes confidence and beauty!

This French brand creates clothing that is a wearable work of art. Founded in Paris, Sézane provides women with high-quality and luxurious apparel.

Their clothing is on the expensive side, but their timeless designs and made-to-last quality makes them worth it. Sézane creates vintage-style pieces that flatter the female shape.

Their graceful designs feature delicate embroidery, ruffled hems, and floral patterns.

Our Top Sézane Picks:

4. Zara

Zara sells contemporary clothing items and accessories for men, women, and children. This brand designs clothing with a high-end feel that’s sold at a fair price. 

You can find beautiful and elegant staples to fill out your closet, along with bold fashion to wear on a night out. 

Is Mango the Same as Zara?

Mango and Zara are different companies. These two brands are based in the same region and are competitors within the fashion industry. 

Both carry modern, European-inspired styles and are great for those on the search for budget-friendly pieces that look expensive. 

Both brands carry styles that mimic luxury designer brands, and both Zara and Mango are always in-step with the latest trends. 


Next on the list of shops like Mango is a store that offers a unique shopping experience to its customers. 

& Other Stories is a fashion brand that designs its clothing in three different cities: Los Angeles, Paris, and Stockholm. These designs have a cohesive look but feature subtle details that evoke the style of the city it comes from. 

You can find a variety of styles at & Other Stories, from business chic to stunning dresses. And their commitment to circular fashion is just another reason we worship them. 

Our Top Stories Picks:

6. Pixie Market

Pixie Market designs superior quality clothing that is refined, chic, and charming. While they sell their clothing at a higher price point, we find their high-quality pieces merit the cost. 

We honestly can’t get over the versatility of their apparel. You can wear their clothing while running errands, for a day at the park, and during a work meeting.

Pixie Market also has a gorgeous selection of blazers and coats that pair well with any look. 

Our Top Pixie Picks:

Based in Barcelona, Massimo Dutti has a unique way of designing clothes. They create modern and minimalist styles that have a distinct look.

This high-end fashion brand sells comfortable dresses, tops, and pants that you can wear anywhere. Whether you are looking for something to wear to brunch or a wedding, Massimo Dutti will have it. 

Our Top Massimo Picks:

Evernew is an Australian company that creates simple and classic designs for women. We truly can’t get enough of their timeless style. 

At Evernew you can find dresses, blouses, and trousers for everyday wear. They also carry a variety of stylish workwear, as well as special occasion dresses.

Their stunning dresses will surely liven up your look at the next wedding or party you attend. 

Our Top Evernew Picks:

9. Express

Express is a beloved clothing brand for both men and women. They sell anything from rompers to sleepwear and activewear. You can also find specifics like maternity clothes and wedding outfits. 

It’s understandable why they are such a popular fashion store. Express designs spirited clothing, and you can always find apparel with rich colors, flattering silhouettes, and gorgeous patterns. 

Our Top Express Picks:

The name of this brand gives it away. Their clothing is dynamite! We’re in awe of the amazing variety of apparel they sell, all at an affordable price.

Dynamite sells a huge selection of women’s clothing. They have casual and comfortable clothes like flannels, joggers, and tees. But you can also find gorgeous and dainty dresses, rompers, and blouses. Dynamite has something for everyone. 

Our Top Dynamite Picks:

11. Oak & Fort

Oak and Fort design cozy and minimalist fashion for everyday use. Featuring neutral tones and pastel shades, their clothing is practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

You can choose from their wide range of styles such as swimwear, loungewear, and dresses. Their handbags, jewelry, and other accessories also feature simple and clean designs.  

Founded in British Columbia in 1984, Aritzia has since become a top fashion label for women.

This company features a wide variety of activewear, business wear, and everyday clothing. Aritzia apparel has clean and simple designs that add elegance to any outfit.

This clothing store is a perfect place to find stylish and sophisticated work attire. 

image of a woman in a beige cotton cardigan and black pants holding a leather clutch

13. COS

Another brand with a contemporary and minimal vibe is COS. This company creates high-quality clothing for men and women. 

They have many simple and classic styled dresses, pants, and tops. You can also easily find business chic attire to add to your closet. COS designs apparel with rich colors and bold, stunning patterns. 

COS is a great option for both beautiful wardrobe staples as well as statement pieces. 

Our Top COS Picks:

14. Monki

Monki is a women’s clothing brand that sells classic silhouettes in trendy styles. Their clothing can be used for casual or professional wear, and each piece has a fresh and energized feel to it. 

Monki uses exciting colors to give its apparel a fun and youthful vibe. They also have a wide range of accessories that will add personality to your outfit. 

Our Top Monki Picks:

This fashion label is well-known for the high-class look and feel of its apparel. Reformation is a brand for women that sells stunning pieces which are made to last. 

Reformation uses comfortable and breathable fabrics like silk and linen in their clothing. They have gorgeous floral prints and lush colors that are hard to resist.

This brand is at a higher price point than Mango but has a similar style and amazing quality.

Our Top Reformation Picks:

Last on the list of stores like Mango is Everlane. This sustainable brand also carries an excellent selection of modern and minimal apparel. 

The prices range from low to moderate and you can find items similar to Mango, and some at a higher price point. With Everlane you definitely pay for great quality, timeless pieces that will last for years to come. 

Our Top Everlane Picks:

Is MNG the Same as Mango?

No, Mango and MNG are not exactly the same. MNG is a line of Mango apparel that has pieces with similar designs in modern styles, but at a lower price point.

You can find the MNG products online and in-store at Mango, similarly to the “Divided” line you’ll find at H&M.  

Where can I shop instead of Mango?

There are so many shops like Mango that have great quality and trendy clothing at a terrific price. H&M, Zara, Massimo Dutti, & Other Stories, Evernew, Monki, and Dynamite are just some of the options.

Be sure to give these stores a look and you’re sure to find pieces that you will love for years to come!



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