Best Toteme Dupe: 12+ Look Alikes I Can’t Get Over for 2024!

Love the elegant designs from Toteme but can’t get past the price tag? Well, I’m here to help you find the best Toteme dupe in 2024! My list of look-alikes includes Toteme scarf jacket dupes, Toteme striped sweater dupes, and more!

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The Best Toteme Dupe List

I’ve been a huge fan of Toteme since the brand came across my radar last year. If you’re a fan of Toteme like me, you are likely already very familiar with the brands most iconic pieces. But you probably are also aware that they come with a high price tag! 

I love the elevated designs from this Swedish brand, but I know that spending several hundred on one sweater isn’t an option for most people. Luckily, there are lots of beautiful Toteme dupes and look-alikes that I’ve found, so you can create effortless outfits without breaking the bank.

And with cold weather getting closer every day, I’ve found the best Toteme dupes and look-alikes for the iconic scarf jacket, striped sweater, and more!

Toteme Striped Sweater Dupe Options

The Toteme striped sweater is another iconic piece from the brand that is easy to dress up or dress down. I love the extra cozy feel that this sweater has, so I made sure to find incredible Toteme striped sweater dupe options that have the same comfy yet chic look. 

1. Lily Studio Striped Turtleneck Sweater

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A toteme white and black striped sweater dupe from lily studio

Stripes will always be in style, and you can’t go wrong with a classic striped sweater like this. And at only $100, this Lily Studio Striped Turtleneck Sweater is a great way to elevate your style without going over budget!

I love that this Toteme striped sweater dupe is made from a blend of cotton and wool and has that relaxed fit we all love. Plus, since it’s available in black and cream, you can find the best sweater to match your style!

Oh, and because I am just to grateful for all of my readers – Lily Studio has given me a special discount code “STYLEYOUROCCASION20” so you can get 20% off your purchase – you can thank me later! 

2. Chicwish Striped Oversized Sweater

The next Toteme striped sweater dupe I found comes from Chicwish! This Striped Oversized Sweater is a great look-alike for the Toteme sweater. Plus, it’s also one of the most affordable options on my list.

One difference is that the Chicwish version is made from an acrylic blend instead of wool, like the Toteme version. But this dupe still has a soft and cozy feel that I want in any sweater, and the oversized fit is great for layering with your favorite button-up or coat.

You can grab it in black or opt for the white version, but either way, you’ll have a gorgeous new sweater that you’ll be reaching for all winter long!

3. Moon River Striped Turtleneck

woman wearing a black and white striped oversized turtleneck

I found this latest addition to the list at Shopbop and it is a great contender when it comes to Toteme dupes.

The Moon River striped turtleneck top has a very similar overall look to the Toteme striped sweater with the white border at the bottom and sleeves. And, this lovely wool-blend sweater is a great price at just $115.

I’ll be adding it to my cart ASAP!

4. H&M Striped Mock Neck Sweater

Christal wearing a striped Toteme dupe turtleneck sweater at H&M with jeans and sneakers

On a recent trip to H&M I tried on this Striped Mock Neck Sweater as it instantly gave me Toteme vibes when I saw it on the rack. It is very comfortable, lightweight, and has a similar silhouette as the Toteme striped turtleneck sweater. 

The main difference is the fabric composition (this one is a blend of Rayon, Polyester, and Polyamide) and the fact that this sweater is has mock neck versus a turtleneck. But for just under $60, this budget-friendly sweater is comfortable and can definitely give you the look for less! 

5. H&M Ribbed Knit Turtleneck Sweater

image of a white and black striped turtleneck sweater that is a lookalike of the Toteme sweater

I added this H&M sweater to the list in January 2024. It’s a very affordable option with a similar look to the lighter Toteme striped knit. 

The sweater has a 4-star rating and over 90 reviews, so it’s a popular option! I you want to stay on budget and get the look, this lovely little sweater is worth a try! 

Toteme Scarf Jacket Dupe Options

If you’ve had your eye on the stunning, cozy scarf jacket from Toteme (which I just recently added to my wardrobe), you’ll be happy to see my top Toteme scarf jacket dupe picks below. 

1. Quince Double-Faced Wool Scarf Jacket *Top Pick!*

image of a woman wearing a grey wool scarf jacket with white contrast stitching details that is a dupe of the Toteme scarf jacket

Leave it to Quince to make the perfect alternative to the Toteme scarf jacket! I absolutely love the Quince brand and have wrote about the great Jenni Kayne dupes by this affordable luxury label as well. 

This scarf jacket is made with high-quality merino wool, has an almost identical appearance to the Toteme scarf jacket, and comes in grey, black, and camel. At just under $190-, I think this wool jacket is an incredible price for the quality (I’m always impressed by the construction and material of Quince pieces!)

If you have been dying to get the Toteme scarf jacket but don’t want to spend so much, this is by far the best affordable alternative!

2. Naadam Contrast Stitch Scarf Jacket

image of a woman wearing a black constrast stitch scarf jacket with white fringe that's a dupe of the Toteme scarf jacket

I recently came upon this newest addition to the list and I decided to place it first in the scarf jacket dupes section. Not only is Naadam a great, high-quality brand, but they make beautiful knitwear that will last for years. 

The Cashmino Contrast Stitch Scarf Jacket is very similar to the Toteme Scarf Jacket in style and appearance, but has distinct differences as well. It is made from 90% wool and 10% cashmere and is on the pricier side at $429. 

That being said, it is still 1/3 of the price of the Toteme scarf jacket and worth the investment if you have a slightly bigger budget! 

3. 4th & Reckless Contrast Stitch Coat

image of a woman wearing a black coat with a white contrast stitch detail on the trim - a look-alike of the Toteme scarf Jacket

I was so excited to find this new season piece from 4th & Reckless as it has the same beautiful contrast stitch detailing on the trim as the Toteme scarf jacket! While this coat does not have a scarf attached, and the silhouette is somewhat different, it does have the same overall vibe. 

It boasts an oversized yet elegant fit, has the beautiful stitching, and is priced very well at just $120. I’d highly recommend trying this one if you are looking for a similar style that isn’t an exact replica (and want to be certain about the quality!)

4. Helsa Embroidered Blanket Coat

I’ve had my eye on the Helsa brand ever since it made its debut at Revolve. And this cozy Helsa Blanket Coat is the perfect dupe for the ever-popular Toteme scarf jacket and for a more affordable price! While it is still an investment, this swedish-made coat is about 1/2 the price. 

The Helsa coat offers the same oversized, relaxed design as the Toteme coat and features an embroidered trim that the Toteme is well-known for. Plus, the wool-blend blanket material is perfect for adding extra warmth on those chilly fall and winter days.

One difference is that the Helsa coat doesn’t have the attached scarf, although this dupe does have a waist tie-belt that will add a chic touch to any outfit.

5. Lily Studio Padded Artist Jacket

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I love the modern look of the Toteme Padded Scarf Jacket, and this Padded Artist Jacket from Lily Studio is a perfect dupe for this piece!

Its plush, padded design makes this jacket an excellent choice for outerwear on cold winter days. Plus, the oversized fit and attached scarf make this an amazing Toteme look-alike.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that this alternative is about a third of the cost, so you’ll definitely want to hop on this deal. Plus, if you use my discount code you’ll get 20% off!

Toteme Sweater Dupe Cable Knit

The Cable Knit Sweater from Toteme is perfect for a chic, comfy sweater to rock in winter. So, of course, I’ve included a dupe for this one as well!

1. Cable Knit Cashmere Sweater

Use code “STYLEYOUROCCASION20” for 20% off at checkout

A toteme white cable knit sweater dupe from lily studio

Lily Studio has come through for us yet again with this Cable Knit Cashmere Sweater. It’s an excellent dupe of the Toteme Crewneck Sweater for a fraction of the price.

Both sweaters are made from high-quality, soft, 100% cashmere. Not only does cashmere feel oh-so-luxurious, but it’s also very durable. And they both have that classic cable knit design with an oversized fit.

So while the Toteme Cable Knit Sweater is a beautiful piece, the Lily Studio Cable Knit Cashmere Sweater is an incredible sweater that you’ll be reaching for time and time again.

P.S. I highly recommend you use my code to get the discount for this one!

Toteme Shearling Jacket Dupe

image of an ivory shearling coat with black buttons that is a dupe of the Toteme shearling coat

I’m so excited to announce that Mango restocked it’s perfect Toteme shearling jacket dupe this season! This coat was a huge hit last year as everyone was amazed that they could find a beautiful coat with the same look as the Toteme teddy shearling clasp jacket, for a small fraction of the price. 

Of course, this dupe coat is made with faux shearling, but the overall look is very, very similar. I actually purchased this one myself from Mango last year and ended up returning it only because it was too big. Before I could get a new one, the coat had sold out! 

It can attest that it’s definitely worth the (small) splurge!

Final Words

Toteme sweaters are so chic and timeless. But you don’t have to break the bank to get that effortless, classic style! I hope you’ve found this list of Toteme dupes helpful and have a new favorite sweater or jacket to show off this fall and winter.


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