Bottega Veneta Dupe: 5+ Look-alikes You Need To See

Looking for a stellar Bottega Veneta dupe? You have to see these five incredible look-alikes for the padded cassette bag, sandals, pouch, and more!

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The Search for The Best Bottega Veneta Dupe

Bottega Veneta is a super popular and trendy designer brand and it’s no wonder the world is in love with this luxury Italian fashion house.

The bags, shoes, and accessories by Bottega Veneta are made with outstanding craftsmanship and have an unmistakably luxurious feel to them. For most people, owning a BV item is just a dream as they come with hefty a designer price tag, but don’t fret, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve scoured the fashion world for high quality Bottega Veneta dupes, and have come up with five fantastic options that are definitely more budget-friendly if the real thing just isn’t doable for you right now.

The Bottega Veneta Dupe List:

On this list you’ll find a variety of items that are some of Bottega Veneta’s most popular styles as well as boots and sandals. While none of these dupes look exactly the same (some come incredibly close!), they do have a very similar look and the overall Bottega Veneta vibe.


Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag Dupe

One of the most iconic pieces from Bottega Veneta is the Padded Cassette bag. It has been seen on celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Rosie Huntington Whiteley and is highly sought after. Coming in at a price tag around $3,500 (or more), it’s deinfitley an investment.

The dupe is from Australian brand Belle & Bloom, and it looks shockingly similar with the same woven construction and triangle-shape buckle. It is made from genuine leather but comes in at just $150! It is available in black and light pink.

Aside from this dupe, there are also several dupes that can be found on Etsy, and other similar look-alikes from H&M.


Bottega Veneta Pouch Dupe

The next dupe on the list is the Pouch bag dupe. In fact, there’s a few to choose from! The pouch comes in multiple sizes and different styles as a flat leather or a woven leather, seen below.

It is a gorgeous, iconic bag that is super versatile, but costs around $3,000 or more. The pouch bag dupe above is from an incredible Etsy store, Diamondandrust, that makes handmade genuine leather goods in the US. The store has over 1,400 five-star ratings, and has multiple pouch bags around $300 that look almost exactly like the Bottega Veneta pouches.

Above is another one of the Bottega Veneta pouch dupes from the same Etsy store, in the woven genuine leather and it comes in multiple colors including this bright, beautiful red, just like the BV original.

Even if you love neutral colors best, you’ll definitely be drawn to this bright red bag as it’s such a perfect statement piece and can instantly add character to any classy neutral look.

image of the bottega veneta mini pouch bag compared to a look alike brown pouch bag

A recent addition to this list is the Marjorie leather crossbody pouch bag from Goodnight Macaroon that is an almost spitting image of the Bottega Veneta mini pouch bag in camel. 

In a warm light brown tone it’s a cute little pouch bag made with genuine leather. In short, it’s a great bang for your buck. It’s also almost exactly the same size, with the Bottega Veneta being about 2 cm larger. For this one, Bottega fans will definitely do a double-take.

Bottega Jodie Bag Dupe


Next on the list is this really fantastic Bottega Veneta Jodie bag dupe from the same Etsy store, Diamondandrust. The Jodie bag comes in three different sizes, the mini, teen, and regular size hobo bag, and the dupe here is most similar to the mini size.

It has the same woven style, is made from high-quality genuine leather, and it has that unmistakeable knot on the handle. You’ll definitely have to do a double-take with this one!

The dupe also comes in multiple colors similar to the Bottega Veneta Jodie bag originals. There are also other dupes available on Etsy that look similar as well, but don’t have the same number of ratings as the dupe from Diamondandrust.


Bottega Veneta Shoe Dupes:

Aside from seriously gorgeous bags, Bottega Veneta also makes amazing shoes. We’ve rounded up several really fantastic dupes for the Lido sandals and the Lug boots we think you’ll love!

Bottega Veneta Sandals Dupe

Above and below are the Lido Sandals by Bottega Veneta with the beautiful woven leather detailing and square toe. These sandals make a statement and cost around $1,250 a pair. They are worth saving up for as most Bottega Veneta items can be easily consigned after you’ve gently worn them and are ready to move on.

The dupe, by Vince Camuto, is the Brelani Sandal and it comes in multiple colors. It has the same woven detailing, is made from genuine leather, and has the same square toe style. At just under $100 a pair, these are a serious steal!


Bottega Veneta Lug Boots Dupe

The Bottega Veneta Lug boots and Tire boots come in multiple heights and colors and I’ve come across a few fantastic dupes. Not pictured below are the Alias Mae Pixie Boots which are almost an exact replica of the Bottega Veneta Tire Boots.

Below are three versions of the lug boots and the dupes that are really incredible.

The classic black lug boots are slightly taller in height than the lug boots dupes from Nine West. But they have the same overall look and style. The dupe comes in at just $139, versus the original which is over $1,000. Also notable, are the Brooklyn Lug Boots from Jenni Kayne, which come in at a higher price tag, but have a similar look.


Above are the same boots in a cream color, and the dupes from Nine West in a similar color tone. The contrast on these lug boots is fantastic and the white really pops against the black making a statement.

This chunky style of boots is super trendy right now and can be easily dressed up or down.

Lastly, are the Bottega Veneta lug boots in the shorter height and a great color called “Cane Sugar”. They are made from 100% calfskin with a micro rubber sole. The dupes are the Balin Booties by Franco Sarto and come in at 1/10th of the price!

The dupes are crafted from leather, have the same beige color tone and overall style, and make a fantastic budget-friendly substitute.


There you have it! A handful of incredible Bottega Veneta dupe look-alikes that will definitely make you feel chic and classy, even if you can’t get your hands on a true Bottega…yet!

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