8+ Acne Studios Scarf Dupes That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Looking for an affordable Acne Studios scarf dupe to rock this holiday season? You need to see our list of 8+ Acne scarf dupes that have the same vibrant, cozy look as the original for a more budget-friendly price!

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Best Acne Studios Scarf Dupe

If you’re a fashion lover like us, then you’ve probably heard of the gorgeous and ever-so-popular check scarves from Acne Studios! This brand is known for its iconic oversized checkered scarves, as well as its unique and high-quality pieces.

These scarves are so stunning, and they make the perfect colorful accessory for any autumn or winter ensemble. However, since the starting price for an Acne Studios scarf is just under $200, it’s definitely a splurge to snag one.

So if a couple hundred for a scarf isn’t in your budget, don’t worry! You can get the same chic aesthetic from a stunning look-alike for a fraction of the price. 

We’ve compiled a list of Acne Mohair Checked scarf dupes that are just as beautiful as the original, but that won’t break the bank! So scroll down to find your new favorite cold-weather accessory for chic and trendy outfits in 2023. 

Acne Scarf Dupes List

Whether you’re here for pastels, bright shades, or muted tones – there’s an Acne Studios scarf dupe for you in our list below! You’ll find tons of lovely look-alikes that have the same oversized design, plaid print, and fringed edges as the coveted Acne Studios scarves. 

1. Ted Baker Check Scarf

A pink, blue, purple, and green plaid Acne Studios scarf dupe from Ted Baker with fringed ends
image via Ted Baker

First up on our list of Acne scarf dupes is the Ted Baker Check Scarf.

This scarf is a fantastic alternative to the Acne Studios scarf, with a similar oversized design and fringed edges without the high price tag.

Both versions feature a colorful plaid design, although the Ted Baker scarf is made from polyester rather than wool. Still, the Ted Baker Check Scarf is super soft and cozy and only $80 (what a steal!)

We also adore the beautiful, pastel colors Ted Baker uses in this scarf. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to add a pop of bright shades, even in fall or winter. Or you can rock this in early spring when it’s still cold but you’re ready for the vibrant hues that come with this season!

2. Amazon Women’s Scarf

A multi-colored plaid Acne Studios scarf dupe from Amazon with fringed ends
image via Amazon

If you’re looking for a stylish and affordable alternative to the high-end Acne Studios scarf, the Women’s Cashmere Scarf from Amazon should definitely be on your radar. This dupe also has the same iconic look as the Acne Studios Mohair Scarf, but this version costs less than $50.

While the Acne Studios scarf is made from premium fabrics, the Amazon version is made of a more affordable but incredibly soft acrylic blend with the same luxurious feel as cashmere.

Both scarves have a similar size and shape, with a long rectangular design that makes them versatile enough to wear in so many ways. Plus, the Amazon look-alike is available in 16 styles, so you can easily find a palette to match your aesthetic!

And we can’t forget to mention that this Amazon scarf has almost a 5-star rating from hundreds of reviews, with customers raving about its softness, warmth, and beautiful colors!

3. Arket Wool Blend Scarf

A blue, purple, red, and white plaid Acne Studios scarf dupe from Arket with fringed ends
image via Arket

Our next Acne scarf dupe comes from Arket. The Wool Blend Scarf is a stunning accessory with the same tasseled ends and pretty plaid design as the Acne Studios scarves.

While the Arket version is shorter than the Acne Studios option, it is made from a wool and polyester blend that gives the dupe a similar feel to the Acne Studios scarf without the hefty price tag.

Available in three gorgeous designs, this look-alike is a must for anyone who wants a chic, high-quality Acne scarf dupe for a fraction of the price.

Why is Acne Studios scarf so expensive?

Acne Studios is a designer brand and uses high-end fabrics like wool and cashmere to create these stunning scarves, lending to the expensive price tag. These fabrics are ultra-soft and breathable yet still manage to keep you warm on cold days, so it should come as no surprise that these natural fibers are on the pricey side.

These lavish fabric blends paired with the bright, beautiful colors, superior craftsmanship, and the designer label are the reasons why these lovely accessories cost a pretty penny!

4. Madewell Brushed Plaid Scarf

A pink, blue, purple, and orange plaid Acne Studios scarf dupe from Madewell with fringed ends
image via Madewell

If you’ve had your eye on a Acne Studios plaid scarf but can’t bring yourself to drop $300 on a single accessory, the Brushed Plaid Scarf from Madewell is a dupe definitely worth considering!

This scarf has a similar look and feel to the pink and lilac Mohair Checkered Scarf from Acne Studios. And this beautiful blend of colors is perfect for adding a gorgeous feminine flair to your outfits.

While the Madewell scarf is an acrylic and nylon blend, reviewers still love how plush and cozy it is. And at only $65, this Madewell scarf is an fantastic deal compared to the beautiful but expensive Acne Studios scarf.

5. ASOS Plaid Fringe Scarf

A pink, blue, and peach plaid Acne Studios scarf dupe from ASOS with fringed ends
image via ASOS

This stunning Plaid Fringe Scarf from ASOS is another great dupe for an Acne Studios scarf. 

Both versions are a blanket scarf with fringed ends and a lovely plaid pattern. And we love the mix of colors in the ASOS look-alike. Pink and peach are so pretty, while the dark blue adds some gorgeous and alluring contrast. 

One main difference here is the fabric used. Of course, the Acne Studios scarf is made from a luxurious wool blend, while the ASOS version is made from acrylic. But this acrylic blend still has a soft and lavish feel, plus it’s much more affordable so the ASOS version only costs $24 (yes, you read that right!)

While the Acne Studios scarf may be made from higher quality materials, this ASOS version is an incredible budget-friendly option for those who love the look of the oversized check scarf but don’t want to splurge on a designer version.

6. Etsy Mohair Plaid Scarf

A multi-colored plaid Acne Studios scarf dupe from Etsy with fringed ends
image via Etsy

Etsy is one of our favorite places to find designer dupes, and they definitely came through this time! 

This Mohair Plaid Scarf is a fantastic look-alike for the Acne Studios scarf, and it comes from a highly-rated Etsy shop. This dupe is handmade with mohair wool, making it just as soft and plushy as the Acne Studios scarf. And that also means this dupe is perfect for staying warm on breezy winter days without being too heavy. 

You can grab it in a green or yellow plaid, pastel checkered print, or go for the vibrant rainbow scarf. And since this gorgeous scarf is only $40, you can grab one (or two) for yourself without going over your budget!

7. Etsy Plaid Scarf

A green, brown, yellow, and beige plaid Acne Studios scarf dupe from Etsy with fringed ends
image via Etsy

Etsy has given us another stylish alternative to the Acne Studios scarf – the Mohair Green Plaid Scarf!

This is another scarf that’s handmade from mohair, giving it the soft and fluffy texture we want. It also has the same oversized design that the Acne Studios version is known for.

And, of course, this scarf also has the iconic plaid pattern, featuring beautiful muted earthy tones like brown and green with bright pops of yellow. This color combo gives the scarf serious fall vibes, making it perfect for elevating your autumn outfits.

While the Acne Studios Mohair scarf retails for over $300, this Mohair Green Plaid Scarf from Etsy costs just $40. Despite the price difference, this look-alike is an excellent quality scarf that will keep you warm and on-trend all season.

8. Etsy Multicolor Plaid Scarf

An orange, pink, green, and blue plaid Acne Studios scarf dupe from Etsy with fringed ends
image via Etsy

Last on our list of Acne scarf dupes is this lovely Multicolor Plaid Scarf.

This scarf is a perfect look-alike for the Acne Studios version, with the same oversized shape and tasseled ends. And at only $30, this Acne Studios scarf dupe is a steal! Plus, the Multicolor Plaid Scarf is vegan, unlike the Acne Studios scarf.

We love that this scarf comes in a variety of whimsically named color palettes, like Autumn, Holidays, and Forest. You can choose the design that matches your vibe, or grab one for fall and winter…and maybe one for spring too! Either way, you’ll have the perfect blanket scarf to wrap yourself up and you’ll look fabulous while doing it.

Are Acne Studios scarves soft?

Acne Studios scarves are incredibly soft! That’s one of the reasons why this accessory is so popular. Most Acne Studios scarves are made from superior-quality wool and wool blends. And in case you didn’t know, premium wool is one of the softest fabrics there is.

This fashion brand also uses other super soft natural fabrics like cashmere and silk. So no matter which scarf design you choose, you’ll be getting a plush and cozy accessory that you won’t want to take off!

There’s absolutely no doubt that Acne Studios scarves are so beautiful. But you can still get the same gorgeous look without dropping a couple hundred dollars on a designer scarf! These Acne scarf dupes and look-alikes are just as lovely and soft and will make the perfect accessory for any outfit this fall and winter.


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